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5 Reasons to Choose Kartra for Hosting Your Online Course

by Matthew Carter | Last Updated: October 30, 2023
5 Reasons to Choose Kartra for Hosting Your Online Course


Are you looking for a flexible, user-friendly platform to host your online course? With its robust features and easy interface, Kartra offers much more than just hosting.

In this blog post, we will explore five compelling reasons why Kartra is the top choice for online course creators.

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All-in-One Solution for Marketing and Sales

Kartra goes beyond traditional online course platforms by providing a complete ecosystem for marketing and sales.

Traditional course hosting services did just that. But it's not just about hosting your Kartra course; it's about a complete sales funnel:

Capturing leads and email contact information using engaging landing pages
Creating attractive and professional sales pages
Connecting everything to email sequences for a targeted campaign.
You can even create a webinar funnel to promote and sell online courses from your own website

Say goodbye to the hassle of integrating multiple software solutions and streamlining your marketing efforts.

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Saves Time and Eliminates Tech Headaches

One of the biggest advantages of using Kartra is the time it saves. Instead of piecing together different software tools, Kartra offers all the necessary functionalities in one place.

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No more juggling between Leadpages, Convertkit, and using Zapier for multiple integrations.

Kartra simplifies your tech stack and allows you to focus on what you do best – creating and delivering valuable content to your students.

Flexible and Customizable Course Design

With Kartra, you have complete control over the design of your course.

The Kartra platform offers a wide range of course templates and options for designing your course area.

Some course hosting services offer a cookie-cutter look and feel. If you want to set yourself apart and create a sustainable brand, then you need to personalize your content.

Kartra’s course templates are customizable so you can make a statement with your personal branding.

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In addition, the lesson builder in Kartra allows you to:

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Add various elements like images, videos, buttons, and different types of blocks.

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Organize your content into modules.

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Drip feed content

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Track User Progress

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Advanced Kartra Features to Enhance Your Course

Kartra doesn't stop at basic course hosting. All courses can be hosted inside of the Kartra membership site area which has some additional distinctive features:

Password Protection: Lock your content behind a password-protected gateway.
Membership Options: Give students the option for different levels of membership. Creating different pricing structures allows you to create a low-level and affordable entry tier course.
Kartra help desk Area: Students can contact you through the Kartra help desk. Tickets are organized and assigned to their member ID, and all stored in the portal. You can even activate the Kartra live chat and create wiki help pages with FAQs.
Members Comments: Kartra membership site comment section allows easy interaction to answer questions and get important feedback.
Kartra Membership Site Analytics: The native Kartra analytics software can provide important data to help you make improvements to your course funnel.
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Easy Setup and Seamless Integration

And last, but not least. Getting started with Kartra is a breeze.

With seamless integration and a user-friendly interface, Kartra ensures that you can focus on creating and delivering an exceptional learning experience for your students.


In this blog, I’ve shared my 5 reasons why Kartra is one of the best online course platforms.

In conclusion, Kartra online course hosting is a platform that offers more! With its all-in-one solution, time-saving features, customizable design options, and easy setup process, Kartra provides everything you need to host and deliver a successful online course.

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