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Jeremy Harrison

Digital Marketer, SEO Specialist, CEO Of Hustle Life

I first started my journey to financial freedom back in 2005 when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and realized I needed to make passive income in order to reach financial freedom. Then years later I read Tim Ferris excellent 4 Hour Work Week and realized that if I wanted to reach the lifestyle goals I needed to somehow make money online.

However, this seemed like a huge undertaking and for years and years, I did nothing except think about it.

My Story

I first started with making money online the same way most people do. Searching on Youtube and Google. After a month of searching, I finally decided on what I wanted to do. Amazon FBA.

So I went on Alibaba, looked at high ticket products that were light to ship cheaply but also had a large enough margin to make money. I enthusiastically contacted hundreds of potential suppliers and began getting sample products to see if I could resell them on a small scale.

So I purchased Bamboo pillows, Athletic KT tape, and Instant heat packs.

The Bamboo pillows came back and smelt like a mixture of horse and a stale basement. The KT Tape came in boxes that looked like they were printed off a home computer, and the instant heat packs… well I still use them today.

At first, I tried selling them on Ebay, but I quickly realized that I would get beat by established sellers. Also because I had the same products as the Chinese sellers, the margins were too thin.

I knew that there was a lot I needed to learn and didn’t know where to turn. I thought I could learn everything I needed on Youtube.

That was my first mistake.

Instead of finding a reputable course on how to do Amazon FBA, I just watch a bunch of videos and thought they were telling me everything I needed to know.

What I didn’t realize was that those videos were a “sales funnel” in which marketers give you a lot of valuable information up front so that you trust them. This is in the hopes that you will join their course, or buy their product. That’s usually when they will give you the real information you need to succeed.

But of course some products are complete crap and they don’t teach you anything at all.

Eventually, I came across a Youtube channel of a guy by the name of David Koziel. I liked him immediately because he was kind of awkward and not professional at all.

I liked him because he was a bit like me.

He was a guy that was just trying to figure out a way to make money online. He was on a journey like I was to make a better life for himself and his family.

The Beginning

That’s when I came across K Money Mastery. David did an interview with the creator of the course Stefan Pylarinos. He showed screenshots of consistent monthly income growth. I got excited.

I got excited.

So I joined the course and devoured the material. I immediately started putting what I learned into action. Here’s one of my first book covers:

picture of my first book

Pretty cool, huh?

Obviously, I had no idea what I was doing. But I kept trying and eventually saw some success.

It was exciting. I remember getting my first .99 sale, it was incredible. Up until that point, I never made a cent online.

So it seemed unreal that it was actually possible.

The next step

After a few months, I was making money but wasn’t close to breaking even. I knew that I was missing something but didn’t know what.

So I turned to the place I always go when looking for advice. Youtube.

I came across an abrasive personality a few months earlier. I was turned off by him almost immediately and didn’t pay attention.

But I started watching his videos and what he was saying rang true. So I bought his course and was blown away by what I learned.

It finally felt like I had all the answers.

I put (almost) all of his teachings into my books and suddenly they took off. My earnings started to double every month and I couldn’t believe it.

I finally had the money to take chances and learn everything I could.

However, that didn’t last forever.

The problem was I didn’t build my business properly and took too many shortcuts. So I saw the writing on the wall and walked away.

During this time I became involved in affiliate marketing and was actually pretty successful even though I had NO CLUE what I was doing

Once I put a pause on Kindle Publishing I dove head first into SEO.

I spent A LOT OF MONEY on courses and services that were – and I’ll put it mildly here – less than satisfactory.

I even got “coaching” from a well-known SEO who went on to steal my money.

In spite of this, I went on to launch several successful websites and share everything I learn about content creation, SEO and affiliate marketing here.

If you want to connect, reach me on Facebook just be sure to send me a message and let me know you’re not a Russian bot!