Affiliate Lab Review [2020]

November 26, 2020

The Affiliate Lab Review: Is Matt Diggity’s course the best affiliate marketing course you can buy?


affiliate lab review

Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab is one of the most complete affiliate courses currently on the market.

Whether you are new to building affiliate sites, or have been doing it for a few yours, you won’t be disappointed with this course.



This is one of the best courses to learning how to scale quickly



Provides a wide range of topics that allows you to grow efficiently

Ease Of Use


The course is well designed, but some videos are long



The Affiliate Lab Facebook group is active and helpful

What I liked

What I didn't like

When I started going through The Affiliate Lab (TAL), I kept thinking: “man, I really wish I had read this stuff before!”

This is coming from someone who has been doing it for the past three years…

When it comes down to it, affiliate marketing isn’t all that difficult. But one of the toughest thing about affiliate marketing is getting good information.

If you have tried your hand with an affiliate site before, you will know what I am talking about.

You put together a bunch of articles, maybe earn a couple links – but your site just sites there and does nothing. You are told to wait 6-8 months – but you can’t help wondering: am I doing enough?

With Affiliate Lab, Matt Diggity and guests really gives you a wide range of good information that will show you how he ranks and banks his affiliate sites.

What is The Affiliate lab and who is matt diggity?

Affiliate Lab is made by the popular Matt Diggity who is a very well-known SEO behind the great Diggity Marketing blog and started the Chang Mai SEO Conference.

I had a small personal connection with Matt Diggity, back when I started affiliate marketing back in 2016 – I paid $600 for a personal consultation on a website which would eventually become Hustle Life.

This was back when I had completely no idea what I was doing, so the advice he gave me was very basic when I look back on it – but it was solid.

Here were the main take-aways I got that might help if you’re just starting out:

  • Focus on one specific niche and create content all about that one specific niche before talking about another subject
  • Having a keyword in your domain name is going to help you rank a lot more than not having one
  • Publish often to keep your site alive in Google’s eyes
Affiliate Lab - Best Affiliate Marketer Training For Advanced Users

At the time of the consultation, Affiliate Labs wasn’t around 0 and the only information I could find about building affiliate sites were from listening to Lion Zeal podcasts and trying out shitty affiliate courses on Udemy and Clickbank – Damn you Dan Brock ‘s Deadbeat Superaffiliate!

One thing about Matt Diggity that is different from other popular affiliate courses is his “no-hat” way of ranking sites. He isn’t married to one specific technique to rank on Google. So his way of ranking is hypothetically quicker than if you were to just do outreach as in Authority Hacker or didn’t build any links at all like in Income School.

the affiliate lab homepage

How Much Does The affiliate Lab Cost?

The Affiliate Lab currently costs a one time fee of $997. This gives you full access to the course and all of the bonuses, plus access to the affiliate lab Facebook group.

There is also an option to split payments into $597 for the first two months.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Affiliate Marketing Course

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing – there are some things in a course that you want to make sure it has before you purchase.

After all, this isn’t college – we get into affiliate marketing  because we want to learn something that will actually help us make money later on in life!

But before you buy any affiliate course, you have to make sure that you have the right mind-set. 

Let’s take a look at the type of person Affiliate Labs ISN’T for:

  • Don’t have time / work too many jobs
  • Looking to get rich quick
  • Don’t have some disposable income to invest
  • Can’t wait 6 months for results
  • Get discouraged easily
  • Doesn’t have some WordPress background

If you are reading this article, you probably are sophisticated enough to know that building successful affiliate sites doesn’t happen overnight.

That is why, the first thing I tell someone when they ask me how they can start in affiliate marketing is “are you ready to turn this into a business?” because that is the mindset you need to have to be successful.

Here are 5 things you should think about when deciding what affiliate marketing course to purchase:

1. On-Page SEO

Having good on-page SEO is crucial to the success of any website. This includes keyword research, keyword density and internal linking.

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is what is essential a plan for building links to your website.

Matt Diggity describes on-page SEO as a car engine and off-page SEO as the gasoline.

You need to have both to really make a website move. That is  why finding a course that teaches both of these things is important.

3. Content Creation

Content creation can really affect your on-page and off-page SEO. If you have some shitty content you throw up on a website, people are going to read it a bit and than jump off your site – most likely eventually causing it to tank and lose rankings.

So having good content that is optimized for both on-page SEO and conversions is super important.

4. What Else Do You Need To Buy?

Before you buy a course, it’s important to know the total costs ahead of time.

Most people that run affiliate websites will require software such as SEMRush and Ahrefs to do keyword research, and analyze competitors so keep  that in mind.

5. Social Media?

From my experience, having a big social media presence doesn’t hurt your website. However that doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in it either. So if  a course covers some social media stuff, it’s a bonus in my opinion.

6. Community

Having access to a great community could be worth the price of admission in some cases. Good affiliate marketing course creator’s take pride in their work will be in their communities constantly to answer questions and keep the community going.

More often than not, if a course doesn’t have an active community – it is a very bad sign.

affiliate lab review

What Does The affiliate lab Give You?

The Affiliate Lab gives you the actual Affiliate Lab course itself, but it also gives you five other mini-courses that I will get into later.

The nice thing about The Affiliate Lab is that there are no up-sells, the base course is a little pricer than its competition. But they really give you the kitchen sink in terms of information in this course.

The goal with Affiliate Lab is to show you how to build a profitable, long term website that you can later flip for a $100,000 sale. Sound crazy?

Believe me, it is not. Just take a look at Empire Flippers and see how much affiliate sites are going for these days.

Even with this recession, affiliate sites are still trading at 20-30x multiples – meaning if you could get an affiliate site to around $5000 per month – you could sell it for $100,000!



affiliate lab review features
Poll taken from inside Affiliate Lab's Facebook group

What are the Key Features of Affiliate lab?

  • More than 180 videos
  • Facebook group filled with successful affiliates (see above)
  • Built for Beginners and Advanced Marketers
  • LOTS of Golden Nuggets of Info
  • Matt Diggity’s Outreach Masterclass
  • Website Flipping Masterclass
  • Tons of Blueprints and SOPs

There are other courses, such as Authority Hacker and Income School which are other good affiliate marketing courses. But they teach completely different ways to build websites than Affiliate Lab.

Matt Diggity’s “no-hat” approach to affiliate websites can give you an advantage over other affiliates that don’t focus on building links to your website or only show you white-hat methods.

180+ Video Lessons

Affiliate Lab has over 180 lessons that covers the whole gambit of what it takes to grow an affiliate site, from building links to content creations all the way to buying and selling websites for 6-figures. 

Some lessons are must-see TV, while others (like sleep hacking) are nice to have but definitely not necessary.

look at affiliate lab beginners

Built For Both Beginners and Advanced Marketers

One thing that I was pleasantly surprised about was how broad of a range of topics Affiliate Lab talks about.

The course has a whole mini-course for beginners that haven’t started their own website.

This is a nice touch because one of the biggest hurdles for beginners is just getting their head around the technical side of setting WordPress up and know which themes to install.

TONS Of Actionable Advice

One thing that I really like about Matt Diggity’s blog was that he would offer so much actionable advice. Most “influencers”, especially SEO influences keep all their little secrets tightly guarded.

However, going through his course you will pick up so many more golden nuggets of information that it makes the course relevant to even more advanced affiliate marketers. For example, he has a genius way to build authority to your site by pitching real influencers and creating a win-win opportunity. 

Don’t be surprised if you see me using this tactic here soon 🙂

Outreach Masterclass

When I first started back in 2016, Matt Diggity was all about using PBN’s and even had his own company that specialized in building and selling links. However, as times has changed so has his methods.

These days, you can’t rely on 100% PBN’s to rank sites – thats why you need real quality links as well.

The Affiliate Lab’s Outreach Masterclass is a bonus module, and could really be it’s own course on its own. It is a MASSIVE 65 videos of pure value and teaches just about every white-hat outreach technique there is. 

website flipping course module

Website Flipping Masterclass

Building an affiliate site to $1000 per month is a great accomplishment. However, flipping that website can mean life-changing money to anyone.

Matt Diggity runs an company called Leadspring where he teams up with other affiliate marketers and partners with them to flip websites for some major cash.

So he is well versed in the art of buying and selling websites and drops some great tips on how you should set up your business from the start to make for an easy sale later on.

Tons of Blueprints and SOPs

The main section of the Affiliate Lab comes with blueprints that you can download and either use for yourself or give to a VA.

These blueprints are based off of Matt’s own processes, so you are literally copying his businesses blueprints and using them as your own.

best affiliate course

What Do Students Think of affiliate lab?

One of the reasons why I was so interested in look at Affiliate Lab was from this poll from Niche Affiliate Empire Facebook group. To me when I looked through all the Affiliate Marketing courses I could, Authority Hacker’s The Authority Site System (TASS 2.0) was a clear winner.

However, after seeing this poll I was interested to see if the Affiliate Lab was really better than TASS 2.0…

Needless to say, there are a lot of very happy students that took the Affiliate Lab and after going through the course I can definitely see why.

affiliate lab alternatives?

Before you purchase TAL, you probably want to know how it stacks up to other courses on the market.

But if you want to see exactly why that is, keep reading…

Affiliate Lab vs Authority Hacker Authority Site System 2.0

To begin let’s take a look at how The Affiliate Lab stacks up against TASS 2.0. Both courses are excellent ways for newbies to get introduced to affiliate marketing as they have excellent guides to niche research and creating content.

The biggest difference between the two courses is a fundamental question of whitehat vs greyhat linkbuilding. TASS 2.0 teaches completely whitehat way of building links, that means no use of PBN’s and no paying for links.

However the Affiliate Lab does include both of those methods as part of it’s link building method.

My own take on this is that TAL feels like a more complete course as it gives you the option to know how to build links the grayhat way, where as TASS 2.0 does not.

However, TASS 2.0 is more up to date than TAL as it was just re-released last year.

But what are the other main points you have to be aware of?

  • TASS 2.0 is cheaper, but it has upsells that can end up costing more than TAL
  • TAL has MUCH more content and is a more complete course
  • Both courses really compliment each other

If you want to learn more about Authority Hacker, check out my The Authority Site System Review.

Affiliate Lab vs Income School Project 24

I fell in love with Income School and their Project 24 course when I first took it in 2018. However as time has gone by, their methods have started to look a lot more outdated.

Project 24 is all about creating content sites, so its main focus is on creating a ton of content and waiting for it to rank on Google.

This is all well and good in low competition niches, but if you want to get into niches that are somewhat competitive – your going to have to build links.

What Are The Differences Between TAL And Income School Project 24?

  • TAL is probably is the most efficient way you can rank an affiliate site on Google
  • Project 24 is all about getting traffic to your site through well researched, high quality content
  • Project 24 is good for non-technical people as it doesn’t require any additional tools and only requires good writing
  • However, TAL is better for people who want results in less than 6 months

If you want to learn more about Income School, check out my Project 24 review.

Final Thoughts

I am happy that I took a look at Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab. When I heard about it, I sort of wrote it off without giving it a second look.

But I can see why so many people think it’s the best affiliate marketing course out there. The amount of information you get is insane, and the small tricks you learn can make even the most seasoned affiliate marketer smile.

Whether you brand new to building niche sites or a veteran, TAL is going to be something that you need to have in your arsenal.

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