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Amazon SEO Listing Optimization – Getting Indexed and Ranked on Amazon

by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: December 6, 2023
Amazon SEO Listing Optimization – Getting Indexed and Ranked on Amazon

If you are thinking about how to launch a product on Amazon then keep reading. When you are preparing to launch a product on Amazon, there are two main things that will get sales as quickly as possible:


Amazon listing optimization to get indexed and ranked.


An airtight PPC campaign.

In this article, I am focusing on Amazon SEO tools and how to properly optimize a product listing. I will share what I do to my Amazon listings to get indexed and ranked as quickly as possible. These strategies are also useful if you already have a listing on Amazon that needs optimizing.

First Things First

Before we can get into the listing optimization strategies for an Amazon product launch, you need to do keyword research.

If you’re looking for Amazon listing keywords or a viral launch keyword research strategy, then I recommend you look at these two articles:

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Helium 10 Magnet: Find Keywords to Rank on Amazon & Walmart

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Helium 10 Cerebro: 8 Amazon Keyword Research Strategies

use helium 10 magnet for amazon keyword ranking

Once you have your list of priority keyword phrases (around 15-25) and secondary Amazon listing keywords (could be 100+), then you can start thinking about your listing and optimizing with the following Amazon SEO strategies!

helium 10 chrome extension free download

Strategy 1: Use Review Insights

This is a cool way to see exactly what information customers need in Amazon listings. Choose any competitor product on Amazon, open the Chrome Extension, and run Review Insights.

Using the Review Insights All Questions tab you can find potential customers’ questions or issues. Usually, if there is a question, then it means that the listing has not properly answered the question.

If you can resolve important customer questions IN YOUR AMAZON LISTINGS, then customers will find it easier to make a buying decision. In theory, it should mean you get better conversions, more sales, and ultimately a better Amazon BSR.

process showing how review insights helps improve amazon bsr

Review Insights is a super useful tool and can help in multiple ways for Amazon listing optimization. Learn more about this in my article: 5 Strategies to Improve Amazon BSR using Helium 10 Review Insights.

how to find trending items on amazon

Strategy 2: Using Keywords Vs Phrases

The next strategy is a clever hack that is important to understand so you can get indexed for as many keywords and phrases in your listings as possible.

An Amazon product listing usually includes between 15-25 keyword phrases. These are your priority keyword phrases. After that, the listing becomes spammy and loses customer focus.

The issue we have here is that when we run Helium 10 Cerebro or Magnet we might find a couple hundred additional keyword phrases of interest that we want to be searchable for.

The solution is to look for the repetitive WORDS that reoccur in these additional keyword phrases.

Pro Tip: Even if you do not use the keyword phrase in its full and natural form, you have a fair chance of being matched against a search! This is a KEY point to understand and could make all the difference to your keyword density.

Here is how I use Helium 10 to do this:

Step 1.

Using Helium 10 Frankenstein, I paste in all my additional (non-priority) keyword phrases.

Step 2.

Now I ask Frankenstein to show me the repetitive single WORDS being used in these phrases.

Step 3.

I can also sort these repetitive WORDS into frequency.

Step 4.

The high-frequency repetitive words can be added to my listing.

helium 10 frankenstein

In the example screenshot above, you can see that instead of having to squeeze 420 words into my listing, I am left with only 87 words. I can narrow this down further if I sort and focus on the higher-frequency words.

Helium 10 Frankenstein is a practical solution to having too many Amazon listing keywords. It is an effortless way to process your keywords and help organize them so that you can save them for future use to build an Amazon product listing.

helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool

Step 3: Nested Keywords

Another clever way to use as many keywords as possible in your listing is to nest keywords.

This is where you combine several keywords and keyword phrases in a nested format.

For example. I have 4 keyword phrases that I need to include in my listing: Dog, Small Dog, Dog Harness, and Small Dog Harness. Using just the phrase ‘Small Dog Harness’ in my listing, I am using all 4 keyword phrases in one hit. The kicker is that Amazon will index the listing for all 4 keyword phrases!

This is called keyword nesting. Nesting is a smart way to get indexed for more keywords within the character limitations set by Amazon. When you start writing your listing look for ways to nest keywords.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Step 4: Amazon SEO – Adding Keywords

Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) or Amazon listing optimization is a way to get indexed and ranked in product searches on Amazon.

If you have done your keyword research and followed the steps above, then you are ready to start creating an Amazon optimized product listing.

Finally, we get to turn the spotlight on the tool that brings everything together: Helium 10 Listing Builder.

In Listing Builder, you can start an Amazon listing from scratch or use an existing product listing (for optimization). Either way, you need to add your keywords and phrases to Listing Builder.

If you are using Helium 10 for keyword research, then you can import or copy from Cerebro, Magnet and Frankenstein. Or if you have been organizing your keywords then you can import from the Helium 10 Keyword Manager.

helium 10 keyword tracker

Keywords can be used in the following sections.

Bullet Points
Search Terms (Backend Amazon generic keyword area)
Special Features
Pro Tip: When you are thinking about ranking. You need to put your most relevant and high value priority keywords in the Title and least value keywords in the Special Features. Everything else goes in between.

The neat thing about listing builder is that as you write your Amazon product listing, the software will show you what keywords you are using.

You can see in the screenshot example the keywords that I have used are crossed through. Next to each keyword, there is also a number showing how often I have used a keyword!

helium 10 amazon listing software
Pro Tip: Amazon advises against using the keyword stuffing (using the same keywords again and again). Try and focus on the customer experience rather than just the keyword density.

Strategy 5: Creating a Complete Listing

If I dig further into these top phrases, it’s likely to give me some smart insights into customer reasons or needs when buying this product.

Listing Builder is not just for adding Amazon listing keywords. This is also where you can add all the information about your product including:

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Product Title: Titles should contain the minimal information needed to identify the item. Your main (and relevant) keyword needs to be in the title!

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Product Description: Include information on the brand, size, material, quantity, color, etc.

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Product Key Features: Usually 5 bullet points highlighting the five key features you want your customers to consider. This is where you can use the intel gathered from Review Insights!

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Search Terms: Search Terms are backend keywords. Giving you the chance to squeeze in some extra keywords that you want to get indexed for.

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Product Images: Images must be of good quality and should show the product in use, show various angles, and highlight the features.

Amazon has rules for creating a quality listing. When you’re optimizing a page, you also need to be in compliance with the rules.

how to find trending items on amazon

Strategy 6: A/B Testing Before You Go Live

Before you go live with a listing you can get feedback on your test Amazon listings using Helium 10 Audience.

This is a cost-effective way to get legitimate consumer feedback. It’s like doing A/B testing, but BEFORE you go live with your listing.

Pro Tip: If you launch a product listing on Amazon that isn’t optimized from the get-go, it’s going to take more effort and time to ‘right the ship’. Doing advanced user testing and launching a little later with a fully optimized listing is a better decision.

Using Helium 10 Audience you can test different images, product titles, descriptions, advertising, or even a logo. It is possible to A/B test just about anything that you think could affect customer interaction with your listing.

using helium 10 A/B testing example

Helium 10 Audience uses real people (not AI) to review your listing. Participants need to give written feedback, not just multiple-choice answers.

The feedback could lead to important insights to further enhance your listing.

helium 10 chrome extension free download

Wrap Up

In this article I have focused on Amazon SEO and how you can get products indexed and ranked on Amazon using keywords in the most effective way. These Amazon listing optimization strategies are important steps when launching a new product AND for ongoing listing health.

I use Helium 10 tools to help support my Amazon listing optimization process. If you are not using Helium 10 tools, then you can try it for free.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

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What is sales rank on Amazon?

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How to Increase Sales on Amazon?

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