AMZScout Review [2020]: Everything You NEED to Know

June 9, 2020

Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce industries. By leveraging product research tools such as AMZScout to make decisions on your business, this AMZScout will help you gain more sales.This AMZScout review explains how you can grow your Amazon venture with the AMZScout tools.

amzscout review

The e-commerce industry has taken an enormous boom in recent years. People now rely on buying and selling online. Everything that you would want and need seemed to be offered online nowadays.

Customers can browse on their mobile phones, laptops, or tablets and buy anything from home appliances, car accessories, kitchen utensils, party supplies, health and beauty products, and many more.

Thus, it’s no longer surprising for online entrepreneurs to seek product research tools such as AMZScout to help them find the right market for Amazon Product research.

Amazon remains to be the largest e-commerce site in the world, with more than 150 million people visiting to purchase products offered there. If you’d like to take part in the growing business venture, you can be an Amazon seller or an affiliate partner.

And while it sounds pretty exciting, you have to consider vital factors to launch a product into the market. You have to find metrics to show your product niche, competitor date, search volume, reviews, keywords, and costs.

One of the top-rated tools to get you all the stats you need is the AMZScout, and it is considered as one of the Top Amazon Product Research Tools. According to AMZScout Review, it has incredible features at incredibly low price plans.

The tool can give FBA calculators, sales estimators, and keyword tracker, which helps merchants generate sales in a short time. Read on to know more about AMZScout and on how you can benefit from this fantastic tool.





Ease Of Use




What I liked

  • Helps you look into niches with viable sales, so you earn more and hit your target product sales
  • Provide you with metrics and graphics so you can pin-point the Amazon product categories that are trending in the market

What I didn't like

  • Lacks a feature that would help sellers launch new items on Amazon
  • Very Limited Trial Period

What is AMZScout?

amz scout homepage

AMZ Scout is used by Amazon resellers to conduct market research for products that consumers are searching for. This Product Research Tool for Amazon is a web application and program extension that is very easy to utilize and understand.

AMZScout will provide you with the most beneficial offerings on Amazon so that you can use them effectively for your affiliate site.

With this tool, each product is examined on page with a quick browse through limited-time items and provides you the result in quick turnaround time.

Several years back, e-commerce was not as trendy as it is now. Back then, there was a lot of hassle and no product research tool to start an online store or get products to sell through web pages.

But today, everything is effortless. Still, you need to know the intricacies of online business and understand its functions. With the help of AMZScout, you’d be able to see the interest that an item generates, including the buying patterns for it.

And all of these data can be easily accessed through a Web App and a Chrome Extension.

For your online venture to work out, you should look into innovative tools, and market research over old insights. The internet is an ever-changing landscape; thus, what might have worked before is obsolete after a few years.

Amazon is a stable e-commerce site that has stood the test of time. But it does not mean that the site has been complacent amidst changes, upgrades, and new technologies. If you are an affiliate, then you should also be proactive with your tools.

Amazon has a “Business Rank: and it can help you understand how to pick up practical items and sort out its volume in the market.

If you sell on Amazon or would like to participate as an Amazon affiliate, you should know all the best products to help you out – and AMZ Scout is a reliable partner to consider.

Is AMZScout free?

AMZScout Pro is a product research tool that offers free trials so you can try out their product for a specific period.

You may also access their free tools such as:

  • FBA Fees Calculator
  • Amazon to eBay Compare which is useful if you have an Amazon business or for Amazon sellers
  • Stock Stats
  • Sales Estimator

Other features can also be used for free trials such as the AMZScout Keyword Tracker and the AMZScout Quick View Chrome Extension.

Once you’ve tried out these amazing product research tools, you have the option to purchase this tool for a monthly fee or a lifetime use.

AMZScout Pros

The AMZScout has empowered many sellers and YouTubers by providing them with excellent references, quality products to feature, and a chance to monitor competitors.

Here are the features of AMZScout that users found extra advantageous for their online ventures.

Finding and Evaluating Business Niche

With AMZScout, it is easy for you to find items that match your niche and help you improve sales. You can pick out high-margin products as soon as you start using this efficient product tracker.

  • Category Browsing

AMZScout will help you look into niches with viable sales, so you earn more and hit your target product sales.

It is essential to be wise with your business decisions and avoid joining the bandwagon of high search volume categories because there are also thousands of competitors that are already well established in the field.

  • Learn More of the Latest Trends

AMZScout will provide you with metrics and graphics so you can pin-point the Amazon product categories that are trending in the market.

With this tool, you can do your research work on trending products with ease and use them on your website even before the competition begins.

  • Monitor Sellers

An excellent advantage of using AMZScout is that you can look into the seller’s data like sales, product tracker, product database, categories, rankings, prices, and deals. It is possible with the tools that come with their premium plans.

  • Check FBA Fees and profits

This fantastic product tool also made it easier for sellers to calculate fees, benefits, and taxes. You don’t need to be a math whiz to do this because AMZScout will do everything for you.

  • Available in 9 Countries

It is hassle-free to use this tool in 9 countries, including the US, Canada, Spain, UK, India, Mexico, France, and Italy.

AMZScout Cons

  • Very Limited Free Trial Period

One of the things that people did not like about AMZ Scout is the minimal trial period for the use of its features.

For instance, the Web App is only free to use for a week, and you can only use the Pro Extension for 15 times until you have to begin paying which I will discuss how much the cost is after the free trial period further into this article.

  • No Feature for Product Launch

AMZ Scout lacks a feature that would help sellers launch new items on Amazon.

  • No Tutorials for Advanced Users

AMZ has a lot of helpful information on the use of their tools, but it’s mainly for beginners. Advanced users want an expansion of their tutorials to include information that will be more useful for them.

AMZScout Features

Here are the features that you can explore when you subscribe to the AMZ Scout Premium account.

Amazon Keyword Tracker

This feature is a crucial tool for sellers who want to make it big on their Amazon business.

It ideally allows sellers to monitor data such as searches, keyword use, and title tags, and to make changes necessary for improving their rankings on Amazon search engine.

This Chrome extension tool can be used for free for a month to help you decide on taking the full AMZScout Premium subscription.

One month is ample time for you to the benefits of using this tool and the potential benefits that you can use for the long-term.

AMZScout Quick View

This tool allows you to get data on specific product pages and choose items to sell. You can use it as a browser Chrome extension, and you may also compare lists of various products on Amazon.

All you have to do is to enter the niche or details of the product on your search bar and get results instantly. It will yield top outcomes, price details, keywords, FBA fees, weight, size, quality, and deals.

Sales Estimator

amz scout sales estimator

This tool will make your work more comfortable as you browse thousands of products online. Many people have used the AMZScout Estimator and considered this to be one of the best tools for sales, product tracker, and product database.

It can give you average monthly sales by analyzing products in the market. It also gives you rankings based on categories like electronics, appliances, computers, sports, fashion, and more.

Amazon Inventory Spy

amzscout inventory spy

If you like to check on competitor products, then this tool is perfect for you. The AMZScout Amazon Inventory Spy will help look into your competitors on a specific niche and their status.

You can do this through a browser extension, whether you use Chrome extension, Mozilla, or others. It allows you to estimate the number of units they have in stock.

Amazon to eBay Price Compare

There are many tools online offered for sellers and online entrepreneurs to help them make more sales, but it is hard to choose which will help you out.

Amongst AMZScout tools, one that truly stands out is the Amazon to eBay Price Comparator. It compares the prices of similar products sold on Amazon and eBay so you can choose the best ones available.

FBA Fee Calculator

amzscout fba calculator

FBA fees vary according to several factors, and it can be challenging for sellers to calculate this among the various things that have to be considered.

Fortunately, AMZ Scout also has a tool to lighten the calculations load with their FBA Fee calculator.

This tool will give you an estimated shipping cost, referral commissions, taxes, FBA fees, returns, advertising, and more.

How Much Does AMZScout Cost?

amzscout rpicing

AMZ Scout comes with different pricing offers based on your needs. After your free trial period, you have the option to take a basic, start, or premium subscription. You can also opt to have the browser extension or go for the web app.

For the Web App plans, price starts at $29 monthly for a basic, $39 for a start, and $59 for premium. If you take an annual plan, you get as much as 50% off the monthly prices.

Likewise, for the Browser Extension, you can get a monthly subscription plan at $44.99 per month, or get a lifetime use at only $199!

Final Thoughts

AMZScout is a top-rated tool among Amazon sellers and affiliates, and it is easy to see why. There are lots of features, and it can help you succeed in your online ventures without too much hassle. You can use their free trials and assess if these tools can benefit YOUR business in the long run.

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