Authority Hacker Review – Is It The Best Course For Building Affiliate Sites?

Authority Hacker Pro is the white-hat way to build affiliate sites - and it may be one of the most impressive courses I have seen

Authority Hacker Pro is a course by affiliate marketing wizards Gael Breton and Mark Webster. If you like the Authority Hacker website, you will know the course will be high quality.

But does their white hat methods give you real, actionable advice? Or is it general info you can find elsewhere for free?

Check out their free webinar here or:


If your looking to build affiliate sites that last long term, this is a great place to start


Gives you all the information you need to get an affiliate site up and running

Ease Of Use

One of the most beautifully designed courses around


Support is available through a pretty active Facebook group

What I liked

  • Beautifully designed layout
  • Course creators are clear and professional
  • Gives real actionable white-hat advice
  • No black-hat techniques taught
  • A active Facebook community

What I didn't like

  • The base course (authority hacker system) is limited to building stage 1 affiliate sites
  • Up-sells are pricey
  • Tools they recommend can be expensive

Making money online through building authority websites has never been easier with the wealth of information available. The last time I checked global eCommerce is expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021. Back when I started I with Kindle Publishing I eventually tried my hand at affiliate marketing.

The problem was that the course I took to help me get started was pretty sh*tty. It didn't really focus on building things the right way and actually taught terrible spammy techniques!

I guess that's what got me started down the path of gray-hat affiliate marketing. Truth be told, before Authority Hacker I always thought that every affiliate site had at least some gray hat SEO techniques (like building PBNs). I didn't know there was really a way to build something totally white hat. 

black hat gif

That's why I wish I had taken Authority Hacker sytem when I first started.

What Authority Hacker teaches are actionable techniques that real websites use to gain backlinks and grow their audience.

The appealing thing with gray-hat SEO is that the techniques are effective and are fairly easy to replicate for other people. Whereas with white-hat SEO the techniques are usually very vague and are limited to unhelpful advice such as "build the best piece of content and Google will reward you".

Anyone who has ever built a website before knows that this is simply not true.

Authority Hacker changes this by giving you real examples of how to make content that other people will want to link to. It also gives you real examples of outreach templates and follow-ups to show you how to earn links the white-hat way.

Authority Hacker essentially takes the gray-hat SEO approach of systematizing link-building in a way that is easily replicable for the masses.

What is Authority Hacker?

I am guessing if you are reading this you probably already know a bit about Authority Hacker either from their great website or excellent podcast. 

Authority Hacker was founded Mark Webster and Gael Breton in 2014 as a way to help people build an online business in a white-hat ethical way.

Like myself, Mark and Gael dabbled in gray-hat SEO but got hit by Google penalty during the penguin update. After that they decided that doing thing the gray hat way was too risky and decided to do things completely white hat.

One of the way they found success was by creating 'authority' sites which are large websites that are trusted by people and in turn, loves by Google.

By using their previous experience with building gray-hat affiliate sites and from running their own internet marketing agency, they created a large authority site called ​Health Ambition. 

Health Ambition is a huge health website that gets over 500,000 visitors per month. Their success wasn't an accident.

They created processes or SOP's (standard operating procedures) to help that site grow in a super competitive niche. Using those skills, they decided to open another site in an ultra competitive niche (online marketing) to share their insights in creating authority websites by launching Authority Hacker.

​According to Gael and Mark authority websites can be broken down into 3 stages.

A stage 1 authority site is generally a site that is getting traction and is making between $1k to $5k per month. This is what the base Authority Hacker course teaches - which is called the Authority Site System.

After that there are two upsells: Authority Hacker Pro and the Authority Hacker Pro Platinum. These cover building stage 2 and 3 sites which are sites that make $5k per month all the way up to $100k+ per month.

In this Authority Hacker review, I am going to focus on the base course the Authority Site System.

authority site system start

How Much Does Authority Hacker Cost?

The base version of Authority Hacker aka the Authority Site System cost $997.

There are upgrades for Authority Hacker, but the upgrades aren't needed right away because it teaches you everything you need to know to get to a site to be making $1k to $5k per month.

The first upgrade,Authority Hacker Pro, costs $797 or 6 monthly payments of $179.

The second upgrade, Authority Hacker Pro Platinum, costs $1797 or 12 monthly payments of $179. I have not personally purchased these upgrades, so my commentary on them will be limited. But I plan to purchase Platinum Pro in the future.

Why Becoming an Authority Online isn’t Easy

There’s so much competition online these days, it’s harder now to get seen than it was even a year ago. If you don’t have the right knowledge and skill, you will have a hard time getting your content read by anyone. 

During my time in the world of SEO and affiliate marketing, it took me months of hard research to make any progress at all. I succeeded eventually, but back then there were no courses (at least that I know of) that included everything you need to know about making an authority site. Especially a white-hat authority site.

When I started I got sucked into the gray hat world of SEO and affiliate marketing. This allowed me to bypass making great content, because I could rank my sites with sh*tty material and still get links.

The Authority Hacker course really opened by eyes to the shortcuts I was taking, and made me focus on making good material first – and then focusing on everything else second.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Affiliate Marketing Course

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing - you want a course that covers all the bases and will give you at least enough knowledge so you can make your money back.

This isn't college - we are here because we want to learn something that will actually help us make money!

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing ANY affiliate marketing course.


Because I have purchased MANY and most simply rehash things from other courses, or they don’t go in-depth enough with real actionable advice that allows you to get real results.

First let’s take a look at the type of person this course ISN’T for:

  • Looking to get rich quick
  • Don’t have some disposable income to invest
  • Don’t have time / work too many jobs
  • Get discouraged easily
  • Hates to problem solve

Unfortunately because affiliate marketing is sometime made to sound super easy to do, it attracts the wrong type of person.

However, if you understand that affiliate marketing is a real business and your willing to put in the time and effort into growing it then keep reading. Here are the things to look out for:

1. Basic SEO

If you are starting any website, it’s important to have a basic understanding of SEO. This includes setting up a website, creating pages, on-page optimization and keyword research.

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is what is essential link-building. Getting other links to your website is still a huge ranking factor in Google so a good affiliate marketing course will give you lots of tactics for building links to your site.

The things to keep in mind is what type of link building do they suggest. Is it gray hat, which is riskier, but give you quicker wins? Or is it white hat, which is better long term, but can take a longer time?

3. Content Creation

Google is getting better at detecting gray hat link building, so focusing on creating quality content is becoming more important.

Most affiliate marketing courses skip this part altogether and focus mostly on link building., which can hurt you later on.

4. What Tools Are Included / What Do You Need To Buy?

Before you drop big bucks on a course, it’s important to know your costs ahead of time. Does the course come with all the tools you need, or are you going to have to dish out additional money every month for various subscription fees?

picture of social media

5. Social Media Marketing

The days where you could just rank a website and watch the cash roll in are coming to an end. While it is still very possible to do this, you could be leaving cash on the table by not having things such as en email list, or facebook group set up so that people engage with your site even when they are not on it.

6. Community

Having access to a great community could be worth the price of admission alone. Course creator’s that take pride in their work will be in their communities constantly try to drive engagement.

Some things to consider when choosing an affiliate marketing course are: Is the community active? Do experts help out, or is it a bunch of newbies that pretend they’re experts? Do the course creator(s) interact regularly?

One sure sign of a bad course is seeing no engagement in the community.

picture of authority hacker logo

What Does Authority Hacker Site System Give You?

Authority Hacker Site System makes no claims regarding how much money you’ll make. The goal of the course is to give you the tools you need to achieve your monetary ambitions through building authority websites.

The base course gives you everything you need to know to make a stage 1 white hat affiliate site that makes between $1k to $5k per month. 

The goal is to show you how to build a profitable, long term website that you can be proud about. Not some crappy piece of sh*t site that has un-engaging content that no one wants to read, but that ranks for a whole bunch of terms.

To get a good feel for what Authority Hacker is all about, check out their free webinarby joining you will also have a chance to get a 40% discount!


  • Long-term approach to site building
  • Easy to watch videos
  • Actionable white hack link building tips
  • Focus on quality content/user experience
  • Great content templates
  • Actionable social media strategies
  • Active Facebook group


  • White-hat link building can take a while to get results 
  • Not cheap
picture of authority hacker logo 1

What are the Key Features of Authority Hacker?

  • More than 70 video tutorials
  • HIgh quality content templates.
  • All white hat link-building strategies

There are other courses, such as Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, and SEO Affiliate Domination, which are other good affiliate marketing courses. But they teach completely different ways to build websites.

authority site system features

Features & Benefits

Authority Hacker is all about building an affiliate site the right way. The strategies they teach are evergreen, meaning that you won't have to worry about your site getting penalized by Google in a year or two and losing everything.

Also by creating an 'authority' site, you will be creating a passive stream of income that you can use to help pay for the lifestyle you want. Or you could sell the site later on for a 30x-40x month multiple.

70+ Video Lessons

Authority Hacker provides its lessons primarily through video lessons. The lessons are engaging and to the point. There are no 30 minute videos that drag on forever.

But take note that there are three different membership levels, which will unlock further video lessons.

Different Packages for Novices and Experts

The basic course will teach you how to build authority websites and establish the beginnings of your efforts to build a “stage 1” affiliate site.

A stage 1 affiliate site is what the base version of Affiliate Hacker focuses on. A stage 1 affiliate site is a website that is making $1k to $5k per month.

The second upgrade level is known as Authority Hacker Pro. By upgrading, students gain access to 18 different blueprints that can be implemented to take your website to a stage 2 or stage 3 affiliate site, which should be making $5k+ per month.

Finally there is Authority Hacker Pro Platinum, which focuses on taking your affiliate site to stage 3 where it is bringing anywhere from $10k to $100k+ per month.

authority site system examples

Real Life Case Studies

A great feature of Authority Hacker is  access to real-life case studies. These are important because not only do they demonstrate that this system works, but they also offer an insight into how other people have done it.

Whether it’s about inspiration or learning more about the system, these real-life case studies could be the fuel you need to succeed.

And as well as the real-life case studies posted by other students, the main feature within the course itself is the founders show behind the scenes what they do with their own successful authority site.

Throughout the course, they constantly refer back to this example and you can see how an authority site is built and monetized from start to finish.

This is great because it shows you the exact process and demonstrates the common obstacles you may face.

templates for authority hacker

Copy/Paste Templates

Building an authority website doesn’t require you to be a designer or developer. Authority Hacker will give you access to 18 different blueprints (at this time) for getting your site up and going.

These templates can be a real game changer because they allow you to both see and make high quality content that other authority websites use.

This can increase the value of your website by having engaging content that converts better than typical low quality content.

These blueprints range from content creation, to link building to website designing.

facebook group for authority site system

An Active Community

Feeling alone when taking a courses can be frustrating. You might have questions that are specific to your business or that are not covered by the video lessons or blueprints.

Authority Hacker provides access to a private Facebook group to all of its students (800+). The community consists of both novices and veterans.The cool thing is that the founders of Authority Hacker are also active in this Facebook group and answer direct questions from students pretty regularly.

trello boards for authority hacker

Systemized Training

You can tell the course creators really want to go above and beyond to make the course easily accessible and practical for you.

On top of the website, they also have a Trello board to help guide you step-by-step of everything you need to do when starting an affiliate site.

Q&A Webinars (Pro Platinum Only)

Students who upgrade to the Pro Platinum membership gain access to one of the most useful features offered by Authority Hacker.

Q&A webinars are managed live and, as of this writing, there have been 30 editions. Students at this level are able to ask questions and have them answered live by the experts behind Authority Hacker.

It’s a chance to get personalized answers to specific problems that won’t necessarily be covered by the course.

And students on the Pro Platinum membership can take advantage of exclusive access to all previously recorded webinars at any time.

What Do Current Students Think of Authority Hacker?

You’ve likely read a number of testimonials on the website of Authority Hacker itself, but that’s not enough. So we scoured the Internet to find out more about what current and past students think of the course:

Miles Beckler

Affiliate Superstar

The Authority Hacker team has built the best internet marketing course to learn how to make money online that I’ve ever seen!

David Pedley

AH Student

I have followed The Authority Site System to the letter a couple months ago and my site is now growing and making more money every month. I am very excited about the future of my Authority site and the Facebook community has been incredibly helpful to me!

David Sertillange

AH Student

A few weeks back, I had my very first day with more than 1,000 visitors. Today, I just passed another milestone: more than $1500 in Amazon earnings for March.

2 years ago when I started my website, I would have never thought that this would be possible.

For all of you out there struggling to make money: follow closely what TASS is teaching, this stuff works 100%. It takes a lot of effort and work to get started (I literally spent all my weekends and most of my weeknights working on the site) - but it pays off in the end. I was on vacation for 10 days this month and every day I made between $40 to $100 - passive income feels like magic.

What Alternatives are Available?

Before you decide whether to purchase Authority Hacker, you need to consider some of the other options available today. I inspected some of the main alternatives to Authority Hacker and compared them to see whether they could adequately compete with them.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Authority Hacker

To begin with, is of course the popular Wealthy Affiliate system. This is an affiliate marketing course that has become one of the most popular marketing courses around and also includes website hosting.

Unfortunately, some of the strategies are dated or vague. Also it’s back linking strategies are very basic compared to Authority Hacker.

But what are the main differences you have to be aware of?

  • Wealthy Affiliate offers a seven-day free trial.
  • It is targeted to very beginners, those that never made a website before
  • Wealthy Affiliate has a monthly fee, but also includes website hosting and some web tools for keyword research

Check out Wealthy Affiliate to see if you are a beginner and need website hosting.

Affilorama vs Authority Hacker

Our second alternative product is Affilorama. This course is the launching point for a number of prominent affiliate marketers. However, the issue is that there’s some content that needs updating because it’s simply out of date. But there are still some golden nuggets and it includes web hosting for your new marketing platform.

What are the differences with Affilorama?

  • Affilorama comes with lots of free basic training
  • Also Includes web hosting and other free tools.
  • Affilorama's content is not frequently updated.

If you want to find out more, check out the Affilorama review here

SEO Affiliate Domination vs Authority Hacker

Another product you may not have heard of is SEO Affiliate Domination. SEO Affiliate Domination is good for both beginners that are looking for cash flow. All the content is up to date an relevant today.

But the biggest difference between this course and Authority Hacker is that SEO Affiliate Domination relies primarily on gray hat tactics and doesn't focus on long term asset building.

What other differences does SEO Affiliate Domination bring to the table?

  • Focuses on cash flow - not to building assets
  • Mostly focuses on gray hat techniques
  • Comes with a course creator who makes an effort to offer personalized support.

So if you looking more for making money right away, SEO Affiliate Domination is a good choice. But if you are wary of using gray hat tactics, Authority Hacker is for you.


Final Thoughts

The affiliate marketing course market is filled with a TON of sh*tty products. Authority Hacker is definitely not one of those.

It fills in many of the gaps left by other popular courses and is one of the few courses that offer a full selection of everything you need to know to build an authority site the right way

Regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced affiliate marketer, you are almost guaranteed to learn something that will help you in your affiliate marketing journey. As long as you’re willing to work for it.

I highly recommend this course, and if you are thinking of purchasing I recommend you watch the webinar first as it can offer you 40% off and it will give you a bunch of useful tips that most paid courses don't even teach.

This course has made me re-evaluate how I build affiliate sites and has forced me to focus on quality, not quantity!

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