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Our Pick of the 5 Best Free Amazon FBA Course Options

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: January 29, 2024
Our Pick of the 5 Best Free Amazon FBA Course Options

How To Become an Amazon Seller

Becoming an Amazon seller or selling on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) can be a lucrative way to earn money online. In fact, it’s easy to find MANY legitimate success stories of regular people who have replaced their day jobs by becoming an Amazon seller.   

But like with most things in life, it isn’t as easy as it might appear.

With any new venture, setup costs can start to mount up quickly. So, in this article I’m sharing my pick of the 5 Best Free Amazon FBA Courses, to help you get started!

Training for Amazon Sellers – Is it Necessary?

Even if you’re already familiar with eCommerce, selling on Amazon just isn’t the same as any other marketplace or platform. The best Amazon sellers and most successful sellers haven’t landed on their feet through pure luck. There’s a seriousness to Amazon selling that requires commitment and investment in both time and money:

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Commitment: Amazon isn’t a reliable way to make a quick buck. It is a complex system where you can make costly mistakes.

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Time: For training and setup activities

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Money: For sourcing, buying, and transporting stock, setting up private labeling, insurance, and Amazon fees.

How to Find the Best Amazon Training Course

All the best Amazon FBA training courses offer comprehensive education for launching, maintaining, and scaling a successful Amazon FBA business.

You should expect to learn about the practicalities of the Amazon ecosystem AND strategies and tactics to compete successfully against experienced sellers. A top Amazon FBA course would usually include:

Product and niches research.
Product sourcing and supplier management.
Importing and shipping.
Optimization of product listings and how to rank.
Advertising and marketing strategies.
Amazon policies and procedures.
Legalities and compliance training videos and everything in between the steps we listed above.
Financial management.
And more!

My Pick of The Best Free Amazon FBA Course

There are several great options for a new Amazon seller looking for a free course on Amazon FBA.

Here’s my pick of the 5 Best Free Amazon FBA Courses:

1. Freedom Ticket by Kevin King

Kevin King is a genuine Amazon FBA seller who has generated millions in sales and has many decades of eCommerce experience. If anyone has the right to be teaching an Amazon FBA course, then it must be Kevin King. Naturally, we’ve given this Amazon FBA course the top spot!

freedom ticket course by kevin king

This is an Amazon FBA private label course and doesn’t cover other types of selling. I’ve completed the Freedom Ticket course and can attest that it’s a comprehensive course with legitimate content.

Main Pros

Here are the main reasons I like this course:

The course is split into 11 weeks of training that covers EVERY aspect of Amazon FBA selling.
It includes a module on selling on
The flow of the modules is organized, and the content is professional.
Several experts contribute to the content so that you’re getting best in field advice.
There are printable / downloadable notes.
Main Cons

Here my main complaints about this course:

The course is mostly given by Kevin King. While he is an engaging speaker, and his content is valuable, it can get a bit boring after watching back to back modules.
There’s no opportunity to interact or ask questions.

So, if you are a steady and committed learner, then Freedom Ticket is a genuine course that will set you on the right track for selling on Amazon.

If you prefer a more interactive style of learning, then you’ll find this course a bit of a slog.

How to Get Freedom Ticket for Free

You can get Freedom Ticket FREE if you sign up for Helium 10. The Helium Starter Plan is only $39 a month, and it can be canceled at any time.

2. Amazon Seller University

Amazon seller university free FBA course

Amazon Seller University is offered by Amazon as a set of free FBA training videos to help you learn how to sell on Amazon.

Main Pros

Here are the main reasons I like this course:

The course is organized and structured into topic areas.
Each video is short and together the content covers all the essential topics for how to become an Amazon seller.
You can watch the videos on YouTube without having to create an Amazon seller account.
Main Cons

Here my main complaints about this course:

This is strictly an Amazon course. Meaning it mainly focuses on the Amazon ecosystem and practicalities rather than seller strategies or other Amazon FBA seller activities such as product research, sourcing, suppliers, competitors, and advertising.
There’s no opportunity to interact or ask questions.

3. Project X by Helium 10

Project X by Helium 10 is presented by Bradley Sutton (Helium 10 Director of Training) and Tim Jordan (founder of Private Label Legion).

Project X Helium 10 Amazon FBA Case Study

This Amazon FBA course is a case study that goes step by from sourcing to launching a product on

Main Pros

Here are the main reasons I like this course:

The two main presenters bring two different perspectives and expertise. The training modules are conversational, and they often give real-life examples to help contextualize what they are teaching.
The training is practical based, and they show exactly how to do product research, source products and share their strategy for a successful launch.
They screenshare while using the Helium 10 software to support their journey, so you also get a chance to see how this software helps you find products and do Amazon keyword research.
The full course can be completed in under 8 hours.
You can watch the Amazon training videos on YouTube for FREE without having to create a Helium 10 account.
Main Cons

Here my main complaints about this course:

The course only takes the learning journey through to product launch. There’s no follow-up that documents if Project X was a success.
There’s no opportunity to interact or ask questions.

4. Amazon Small Business Academy

The Amazon Small Business Academy is designed for entrepreneurs who are at the start or launch phase of their business.

Amazon small business academy FBA course

This free Amazon FBA training resource gives users access to:

  • Online courses developed with industry experts.
  • Live & on-demand webinars.
  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Although it’s targeted at educating Amazon sellers, the training also covers non-Amazon and other eCommerce topics for selling online.

Main Pros

Here are the main reasons I like this course:

You can take a self-assessment that will create a tailored learning path for you with recommended modules, podcasts, webinars, and other training materials.
The training is a mix of live and on-demand resources. You can participate in Our live webinars and events or watch pre-recorded lessons and podcasts.
You can interact and join the ‘Ask an Expert’ sessions where you can get your burning questions answered.
Main Cons

Here my main complaints about this course:

This free Amazon course draws upon a variety of sources, which are combined into a learning track. So, you’re jumping around a little to find resources.
The flow of the content is less organized than a traditional course. You must be attentive to potential learning gaps.

5. YouTube Courses

There are several Amazon FBA sellers who offer support and training to new sellers through YouTube channels.

But be cautious. Not all YouTubers are true experts. One of the best (and I feel deserves to make the list of top 5 Amazon FBA courses offered for free) is a guy called Paul Savage.

Paul Savage YouTube FBA Courses

Paul Savage has posted a ton of YouTube videos that document his Amazon FBA seller journey spanning more than 5 years!

Main Pros

Here are the main reasons I like this course:

Paul Savage is a genuine seller. He communicates well and it’s easy to listen to and learn from his training videos.
He is transparent about his products and sales revenue.
He shares the highs and lows. It’s interesting to learn from the mistakes he openly admits to making.
Main Cons

Here my main complaints about this course:

The is no structure as such. Some of the YouTube videos are organized into playlists, but otherwise you must pick the videos to watch.
Because it isn’t a structured course, you need to pay attention to content gaps.

Final Thoughts

In my list of top Amazon FBA courses for FREE, I’ve deliberately chosen a variety of learning experiences and methods.

Any of these Amazon courses offer you the opportunity to learn Amazon best practices for making a success of your Amazon business. If you’re interested, we also share our pick of the top paid-for Amazon FBA courses.

If you’re a serious seller, then investing time in your Amazon FBA training is non-negotiable. Many good free courses offer valuable and genuine resources and content. Now all you have to do is choose one and start your learning journey!

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