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3 Best Sales Funnel Software Programs + Buyers Guide 2024

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: January 31, 2024
Great page builder for advanced marketers
  • Comprehensive integrations
  • Video and course hosting
  • Updated constantly
  • Intuitive page building
  • Advanced features like email for basic plan
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Best-overall sales funnel builder for beginners
  • Flexible tool for beginners and experienced marketers
  • Easy to duplicate funnels
  • Great community
  • Sharefunnels
  • A/B Testing
  • Fantastic on-boarding
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Great for agencies
  • Great templates
  • Awesome editor
  • Great value for price
  • Ability to save elements
  • Quick customer service
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Have you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your online marketing strategy and greatly increased your web traffic, but you still don’t see your sales figures rising?

A sales funnel software platform can help you convert those visitors into purchasing customers, but which one is right for you?

My goal is to save you all of the time and effort you’re currently putting into picking a sales funnel software program. There’s no need to shop around because I’ve found the top five already.

The less time you spend looking for something that will work for you is more time filling your funnel with qualified leads and getting the conversions you need. If you pick the right sales funnel software, it will pay for itself and then some before you can even say “cold call.”

I won’t keep you waiting – here are my five favorite sales funnel software programs from 2020.

Top 3 Sales Funnel Programs

These sales funnel programs have been carefully curated since I started in affiliate marketing back in 2016. Most of these sales funnels were not available back then, and landing page builders have really improved since then.

Whether you are a local business or affiliate marketer, having a sales funnel has become something that you can’t really live without. That’s why I have tried so many.

Now you can take my years of research and find the best solution for you.

#1 Best Sales Funnel Software for Beginners: Clickfunnels

clickfunnels top sales funnel program beginners

Even if you’re new to this whole “sales” thing, ClickFunnels is a great place to start. ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool for those who are still learning the ropes because it’s easy to set up and use.

Whether you own your own company and you wear all the hats or you’re a sales rep working for someone who hasn’t implemented all of the tools for success yet, you’ll be able to use ClickFunnels without much of a learning curve.

ClickFunnels is a cloud-based sales funnel software created in 2014. Its core functionality is building sales funnels, and that’s why we’re all here. We need to build sales funnels to power our businesses.

However, it’s also packed with features like A/B testing, analytics, form creation, SEO management tools, templates, funnel template blueprints, drag and drop editor, and more. ClickFunnels’ 24/7 support department has help documentation and live webinars to help you out.

You can use it to build landing pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, webinars, and sales funnels with upsells, downsells, and order bumps. You can start your own affiliate programs or replace your email service. You can market and sell your products online without the high cost of a development team. Click here to learn more about Clickfunnels pros and cons.

Benefits of ClickFunnels

The primary benefit of ClickFunnels is that their funnel template blueprints make the process easy for people who don’t have any experience creating sales funnels. When I didn’t know what in the world I was doing, I was still able to figure out how to create event funnels, lead capture funnels, and sales page funnels.

A good drag-and-drop editor will save you a ton of time, and ClickFunnels has a great one. You can customize every page in your funnel by yourself, without the help of a designer. The tool isn’t the most flexible and there are better solutions for software editors out there, but you can still pretty easily get to the designs you need. It’s definitely intuitive.

The best benefit to ClickFunnels is its affiliate program. Every referral you make pays 40% recurring commissions, plus you can win prizes like $500 towards a car after you get 100 active referrals. They also offer 5% two-tier commissions if you refer your friends back to the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

One of the many benefits of designing a sales funnel is customizing your pages to make them as effective as possible. ClickFunnels provides widgets that allow you the flexibility to create the pages you need. There’s a huge variety of widgets to choose from over and above the basics. Sure, you can create headlines, buttons, and images, but you can also create surveys, pricing tables, progress bars, countdown timers, and so much more.


ClickFunnels isn’t the most affordable solution on the market, but with prices starting at $97 a month, you get a robust tool that has everything you need. For all of the sales funnel newbies out there, this tool gets you exactly what you need and is well worth the price.

The pricing is fairly straightforward with only two plans to choose from, the cheapest of which is $97. Fortunately, you still get access to all of the funnel creation features ClickFunnels has to offer. The bad part is that you can only create 20 funnels before needing an upgrade. You’re also limited to 100 pages and 20,000 visitors.

The Etison Suite plan gives you everything ClickFunnels has to offer, but it will cost you $297 a month. You get unlimited funnels, pages, and visitors, so you’ll have no worries there as you scale your sales processes or your business.

Here’s a secret you may not know: ClickFunnels also has a Share Funnel plan. If you want to test the software out on a budget, you can do it for just $19 a month. You can only create 3 funnels and 10 pages, but this plan offers an affordable way for freelancers and small businesses to test out the functions of the platform.

  • Great for affiliate marketers
  • Plenty of integrations with third party vendors
  • Easy drag and drop page builder
  • Great for indivduals and small business
  • Great onboarding process
  • Most expensive option
  • Limited number of funnels, pages and visitors on cheaper plan
  • Not as much flexibility to edit landing pages
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Best Sales Funnel Software for Advanced Users: Kartra

kartra sales funnel software

If you’re a developer or you’re more tech savvy and you want to have more control over your digital storefront, this may be the solution for you.

Kartra is like an all-inclusive resort: you pay one fee and get all of the amenities you need the entire time you decide to stay. The company hasn’t been around for long, but it was started by professionals who have plenty of experience developing online tools for businesses.

Kartra offers email marketing, web hosting, webinars, video, cart checkouts, A/B testing, and a lot of other tools that are designed to integrate seamlessly. The cool thing about Kartra is that not only do you get access to all of these tools, but they also provide pre-made funnels from none other than Frank Kern, the developer of ClickFunnels.

You get the benefits of great funnels from a proven tool like ClickFunnels (without having to pay for them, by the way) with all of the other hosting and cart checkout tools like Podia. It’s like the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Kartra

Setting up something as robust as Kartra can be difficult when you’re trying to run a business, but their onboarding is a beneficial asset to you during the process. They send a welcome video right away with step-by-step instructions for getting started. It’s just enough to be helpful and not so much that it’s overwhelming.

If you’re not an onboarding video type of person, there’s a sidebar checklist guiding you through what you should do first to get set up. It’s suggestive but not pushy, which is nice for those of you who don’t want to be told what to do.

Kartra has a great page builder because it offers templates for those who are tech savvy but don’t have great design ideas. You can choose from home pages, blog feeds, squeeze pages, and sales pages. The available old school and modern layouts are pleasing to the eye and just customizable enough to suit your needs.

For those who want to start their design from scratch, that’s an option, too. You really can have it all. If you’re overly critical of page builders because you’ve used some really terrible ones in the past, join the club. Kartra’s point and click page builder is super easy to use, but it is a little rigid.

Kartra really prides itself on being an all-in-one solution, so the integrations offered are truly a benefit to the user. You can easily drag and drop videos on the page from your library without any external hosting. There’s a pop-up add-on included, too. This type of plug-and-play action makes this page builder so much cooler than other solutions.

The built-in shopping cart promises a lot of benefits that I wasn’t sure it could deliver. However, it proved me wrong. You have the ability to create upsell, downsell, and main products. The setup process walks you through how to add things like product pricing, payment gateways, trial structures (Hello, SaaS platforms!), cart abandonment tools, and so much more.

The technology that lets you create so many customizable options won’t hold you back either. You can create complex offers and stackable designs without limitation. If you need a membership module, Kartra has you covered. Once again, the integrations are a fantastic benefit to this platform.

There is an affiliate portal and a referral program to boot. Honestly, after using Kartra, you’ll have very little patience for other shopping cart solutions that don’t offer half of the tools you need.

Other benefits include email marketing to replace your MailChimp subscription, marketing campaigns, support tools, and far more moving parts than I could ever cover in a review this short. However, you should see by now how comprehensive this tool is.


Kartra is much more expensive than the other products I’ve reviewed here so far, but keep in mind all of the features you’re paying for. If you truly need all of these integrations and you want them to work together seamlessly, then it’s well worth the price. The Starter plan is $99 a month and includes 2,500 contacts, 100 pages, 15,000 emails a month, 100 automations, and 20 products. The Silver plan is $199 a month and includes 12,500 contacts, unlimited pages, unlimited products, unlimited automations, and 125,000 emails. Bigger businesses can take advantage of the Gold plan for $299 a month or the Diamond plan for $699 a month. They come with very large email lists if you need more than what’s offered in the smaller plans. You can also take advantage of a FREE 30-day trial, plus significant discounts if you prepay for an entire year. A two-year plan affords even more of a discount.
  • Flexible page builder
  • New features added all the time
  • E-mail integration included at the base level
  • Video and course hosting
  • E-Commerce features included
  • Interface can be clunky at times
  • Learning curve can be steep
  • Not good for those with shiny object syndrome
Learn more about Kartra

Best Sales Funnel for Coaches: Unbounce

top sales page software unbounce

Unbounce is a conversion platform. Everything it does supports your efforts to convert users. Creating landing pages is fast, your site is optimized right out of the gate, and you can easily create pop-ups or sticky bars to increase engagement.

Unbounce is so easy to use that it’s the ideal solution for coaches who make their living helping others set up landing pages. It’s super seamless without the need for JavaScript, HTML, or PHP knowledge.

The primary reason people use Unbounce is to create landing pages. After you’ve convinced people to visit your page via an ad, you still need to convince them to stick around, which is where Unbounce comes in. You can easily create landing pages that prompt some sort of action like making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter.

Benefits of Unbounce

One of the many benefits of Unbounce is the endless supply of templates to choose from. They’re already designed and optimized, so you just have to add text. Plenty of the templates are industry specific, which makes it that much easier to pick the right one.

Unbounce has already put in all of the effort of optimizing these pages to increase your conversions. They’ve done a ton of historical analysis on over 64,000 landing pages and 74 million visitors to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You will benefit from the company’s hard work when you use Unbounce.

Sure, you get access to templates, but you also get creative control, which is more than I can say for a lot of these platforms that offer template after template with no real way to customize them. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to move elements where you want them. You can create calls to action, add text, and upload your own images. What you see is what you get, so you won’t have to switch back and forth from the design view to the live view to make sure it renders correctly after creation. It has the same look and feel you would expect from your design page.

Customize your logo or color palette to match your branding and choose from over 800 fonts – you aren’t limited to standard offerings like Arial or Helvetica. Benefit from embedded videos, custom backgrounds, and widgets.

While Unbounce makes everything easy with templates, you can still always create your own and start from scratch if you have the know-how. When you’re done, publish it. It’s as easy as that.

Another benefit to Unbounce, aside from not needing to understand code, is the fact that you don’t have to know how to publish SSL encrypted pages because the platform does it for you. This is required by browsers like Google Chrome, and you can easily build trust with your users right away.

You can set up forms, redirects, and confirmation messages, along with any other actionable items you want your users to perform. You can include light boxes and declutter your landing pages with plenty of stackable options. Keep focus on your landing page with these beneficial features.

Integrations, mobile-friendly pages, and A/B testing are all pretty commonplace in tools like this, but the truly unique benefit to Unbounce is the fact that they provide agency tools to help you manage multiple clients, which is why it’s the best solution for coaches.

With a single account, you can manage permissions for each user, duplicate landing pages, and save a ton of time. You can organize your leads and your clients with the Unbounce CRM tool, too.

Course Price:

The Essential plan costs $79 a month and gives you 75 landing pages, 8 sticky bars, and 8 pop-ups.

Premium is $159 a month and offers 150 landing pages, 16 sticky bars, and 16 pop-ups.

The Enterprise plan is $399 a month and gives you 375 landing pages, 40 sticky bars, and 40 pop-ups.

  • Most advanced landing page builder
  • Can get very creative with your pages
  • Standard templates, third-party templates, or built-from-scratch pages
  • Easily manage multiple clients from a single account
  • Create A/B tests in just a few clicks
  • No grids when designing pages
  • Doesn’t integrate with many analytics tools
  • Steep learning curve for beginners
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Sales Funnel Software - Hounourable Mentions

This area is for sales funnel software that are good, but didn’t quite make the Top 3. These are solid choices, but I would only recommend them in certain circumstances.

Best Sales Funnel for Ecommerce and Price: Leadpages

leadpages best sales funnel software ecommerce

For you less tech-savvy readers who don’t feel comfortable creating your pages from scratch, Leadpages offers a little extra help. No, it doesn’t have all of the fancy integrations that Kartra has, but what it does, it does really well.

Click here for our in-depth Leadpages review.

The purpose of Leadpages is to help you make landing pages without any coding or design experience. You can prompt your customers to provide information like email so you can start tracking visitors and marketing to them effectively.

The program is pretty easy to use and the templates allow for customization of details so you can make it your own. Upgraded tools also allow you to make use of lead generation tools to enhance your marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Leadpages:

Among the benefits of using Leadpages is the landing page creator that features the drag-and-drop functionality you need if you’re not as experienced at creating websites. There are more than 100 templates from which you can choose, and sorting them by conversion rate is a useful tool. Now you can select something that you know will work instead of taking a shot in the dark.

Plenty of things affect your conversion rate, so customizing a template with a low conversion rate simply because you like the layout or the design may help increase the page’s effectiveness once you drop your elements in. Some of these templates are from third-party designers, so you have to pay more to use them, but hey, hosting is included in your subscription!

On top of that, A/B testing will help you figure out which landing pages work best for you. You can evaluate their performance using the analytics that is built into Leadpages or hook your account up to your Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel analytics.

All templates are also mobile responsive, so you won’t have to worry about optimizing your pages for mobile devices, which is one of the most important things you can do with your website today.

Leadboxes are an added benefit to your landing page, offering pop-up boxes that trigger based on any conditions you want. While these pop-ups can be annoying, they can also increase conversions if done right. Just drag and drop in the editor to create these just like your landing pages. Once again, you can analyze performance over time with built-in analytics.

Other benefits like Leadlinks and Leaddigits let you add links to your emails or allow your users to opt into messaging via text so you can build a text list for users who prefer to do everything on mobile devices.


You can subscribe to Leadpages at several different levels, and the length of your subscription can get you some hefty discounts, as with most other providers.

The Standard plan is only $25 a month and is a great option for startups. It offers unlimited pages, unlimited pop ups, free hosting with a custom domain, 160 free templates, 40 integrations, Facebook ad builder, and weekly coaching calls.

The Pro plan is $48 per month and offers unlimited A/B testing, online sales and payments, 1-click signup links, email trigger links, and 10 opt-in text campaigns. However, unless you really need the online sales and payments, the Standard plan is definitely the most cost effective.

The Advanced plan is $199 a month and offers some bigger business solutions like advanced integrations, 5 pro sub accounts, 50 opt-in text campaigns, and Leadpages virtual workshops. This and the Pro plan are also the only plans that offer Leadlinks and Leaddigits.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy integrations
  • 160+ templates
  • Good for beginners
  • Leadboxes: pop-up boxes
  • Interface and templates feel dated
  • No A/B testing for base version
Check out Leadpages

Best Sales Funnel Software for Creating Online Courses: Podia

podia sales page software

Podia is aptly named – it’s the plural of “podium” – because it gives you a platform to be seen and heard by your audience. This digital storefront solves all, or at least most, of your ecommerce needs. You can offer digital downloads, memberships, and online courses to your customers.

The downside to Podia is that it doesn’t help you create your digital content or online courses. However, once you create them, it provides great tools for you to generate income from marketing and selling your wares.

One of the huge benefits to Podia is that it’s so creator-friendly. Other digital storefronts make it hard for you to get instant transfers without all of the fees. Podia, however, has instant payouts from your sales and no transaction fees. This is a major selling point when compared to other options.

With its comprehensive tools and intuitive design, the platform is easy to use. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, part of your struggle is figuring out how to get your products to market, but with all of the tools you need, Podia can handle the logistics so you can put your time and energy into creating the products you love. Read my full Podia review here.

Benefits of Podia

One of the many benefits of Podia is that it allows you to run a lean website without paying for all of the things you don’t need. If your business is growing rapidly and creating a lot of web traffic on a server that can’t handle it, you’ll compromise functionality.

On the flip side, if you are paying for a website that has way too many features for your small business and you are tired of paying for things you don’t use, Podia can help. It scales with you and it has comprehensive features without the huge price tag or all of the complicated things you don’t need.

If you’re hosting your content on one selling platform and managing your members on another site, Podia will consolidate those products for you so you can keep it all in one place. There’s almost no other platform that allows you to do both. The streamlined checkout process makes it easy on your customers and can increase conversions for guests.


To start, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the 14-day free trial. There’s no commitment, and this makes it easy to see if Podia is right for you, because there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sales funnel software.

Once you decide to move forward, there are two plans to choose from. Both plans offer a significant discount for annual subscriptions, but if you still want to go the non-committal route, you can pay per month.

The Mover plan costs $39 per month and offers online courses, digital downloads, email marketing, zero transaction fees, unlimited everything, and 24/7 support. The presence of the “unlimited everything” already makes it better than a lot of other platforms that restrict the number of products you can sell based on your plan.

The Shaker plan costs $79 per month and comes with everything in the Mover plan plus embedded checkout, affiliate marketing, third-party code, and free migration. If you already use an ecommerce site, let Podia migrate your data for you.

Podia certainly isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s affordable considering all of the conveniences it offers. It’s user-friendly and won’t cut into your revenue by taking huge fees with every sale.

  • Very user friendly
  • Created for non-techy people
  • Build beautiful membership sections easily
  • Good value
  • Becoming more like a full fledged sales page builder
  • No storefront customization (but coming soon)
  • Lack of customization
Check out Podia

Things to Consider before Buying Sales Funnel Software

Deciding which Sales Funnel software to buy is a big decision. Each software will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year! Not something you should get buy on a whim after seeing a slick sales video…

Thankfully you are doing your homework by reading this page. So here’s some additional information that may help you decide which sales funnel software program is right for you.

What's the Best Way to Use a Sales Funnel Software Program?

The answer to this question really depends on the needs of your business.

If you are an agency with a lot of clients, you need something with a CRM that will help you manage the work you do for each client and easily recreate pages on the fly, something like Unbounce would be good for that.

However, if you have no technical experience whatsoever and you want to create fantastic landing pages to help you convert customers once you nail down what exactly it is that converts them, a tool like Leadpages is sufficient.

If you’re tired of rigging all of your different tools to work together when they’re not meant to, and you don’t have the seamless operations or online experience you want, then you need a more comprehensive tool like Kartra that will allow you to do everything you need to do in one place. It’s more expensive and the learning curve is a bit higher, but it gives you the tools you need to get it done.

How do I choose the Best Sales Funnel Software Program for me?

Start by analyzing your needs. You really need to have a good grasp on your sales processes and how they work together before you choose the right tool. Again, the needs of your business will help you determine which platform will work best for you.

If you already have great processes in place for driving traffic to your site, but that’s where visitors fall off the grid, you need something that will help you create pages to increase conversions.

However, if you need something that helps you highlight your digital products and assist you in designing product pages, take your users through building a cart, and then help them check out using integrated payments, look for a tool that has all of those features.

No two businesses will have the same needs, so no one can answer this question for you.

What are the Advantages of Sales Funnel Software Programs?

As a whole, sales funnel software assists you and your team to streamline your sales process by giving you CRM tools, page-building tools, and much more. It makes the sales process much less time-consuming, but each software program has its own unique benefits as detailed above.

A sales funnel software program aggregates all of the tools and integrations you need into one dashboard so your sales team can build, test, and improve.

There are a lot of solutions out there, but these are the five that I feel cover the best range of business needs. Keep in mind that if you have a dedicated sales team or development team, your best bet may be to design your own sales process from scratch. However, there are still tools to support your business where you’re at instead of trying to build something brand new.

What should I know before Investing in a Sales Funnel Software Program?

Always remember that if something doesn’t have the tools you need or requires you to pay too much for tools you won’t use, there’s a better solution out there. What works for me won’t always work for you, and vice versa.

Understand your business model and your sales process so you can make better decisions regarding the tools you need. A tool that supports your business and helps you achieve your goals is always worth the cost, but if it’s holding you back, get rid of it and find something else.

So What Sales Funnel Software should you Get?

If you are just starting out with building sales funnels and want something simple and easy to manage, Clickfunnels is a great choice.

However if you are a big more advanced, and want more control over your landing pages than Kartra and Unbounced are both great options and are adding additional features constantly

If price is your main concern, and you’re just want to set up quick and dirty landing pages than Leadpages is a good choice.

But if you want to sell a course, or sell a digital product, Podia is both easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

Is there a software I am missing?

If you think there is a good sales funnel program that isn’t on the list, that should be on here please let me know in the comment section below!

Worst Sales funnel software?

If there is a really shitty course that you're unhappy with, please let me know what it is in the comment section!


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