Clickfunnels Actionetics | Overpriced Hype? FULL Review [2019]

Are you sick of logging in to two or more different platforms just to successfully send emails to your online visitors?

Have been experiencing an inflow of visitors to your website, but you only have a few of them coming through as faithful customers.

You may need is a tool that can help you manage your transactions professionally, understand customers and visitors’ behavior, so that you can develop a unique relationship with each customer. That is what Clickfunnel’s Actionetics hopes to achieve.

What is Clickfunnels Actionetics? Clickfunnels Actionetics is a seamless tool that is integrated with a business’ sales funnels and helps to manage online business services in a professional and modern way, using tools and innovative techniques.

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Actionetics is a tool that has transformed many online businesses and simplified tasks for online business owners. In this article, you will be able to understand what Actionetics is, how it works, it’s basic features, and how it can help your business. If you want to learn more about Clickfunnels itself, please visit my Clickfunnels Review or Click here for the best Clickfunnels Actionetics Plan

Actionetics Review – What Is It?

Actionetics is a marketing automation tool that is coherently integrated with your sales funnel. It helps to perform a series of automation actions which, ordinarily, would employ the use of two or three other tools.

I consider this tool a smart one because, though it is an auto-responder, it intelligently groups actions to obtain optimal results. See the section: “Basic Features of Actionetics” in this article for more details about how Actionetics works.

Why Should You Consider Using Actionetics?

Even though Actionetics seems to be a more recent innovation compared to many other email automation tools that have been used in the past, and are still being used, one cannot overlook its functionality as well as its benefits. The following are reasons you should consider using Clickfunnels Actionetics. 

It Helps To Save Time And Resources

Imagine the trouble it takes to send emails using 3rd party email automation tools. You may have to, on your own, sort out the customers’ email addresses from your website, then further sort them into different lists.

Thereafter, you may need to log in to an automation tool you have subscribed to in order to upload the list and send the message. If you are lucky to use an email service that has its own templates, you may be spared of logging in to another platform. Clickfunnels Actionetics integrates all these into one.

Actionetics Has A Friendly User-Interface

You don’t have to be tech savvy or a computer guru to be able to use this tool effectively. It is very simple to use with practical guides while using it.

Though simple, it can be used to set up complex Action Funnels. If you get stuck somewhere while using it, then you can use the “chat support”. Actionetics’ support team are always available to provide help.

All-in-one Solution

It is now conventional for companies to charge the public for using their tools and services. This is the same for Actionetics. However, Clickfunnels Actionetics is more concerned about satisfying you with quality services than any other thing else.

Subscription for Clickfunnels alone is $97, but a premium subscription for Actionetics and Clickfunnels amounts to $297 (Note that these prices are as at the time this article was written).

Actionetics Is An Automation Platform That Can Be Personalized

Like many other email automation tools, Actionetics also performs a number of automated actions. This implies that it plays by the rule of some instructions it has been programmed to follow.

Much more than this, it can also be personalized. For example, you can set up a list based on customers who responded to a broadcast message, or customers who bought a particular product of yours, or customers who have a prominent presence on social media. With Actionetics, you can be on top of your game.

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What Are The Basic Features Of Actionetics?

There is a number of basic, useful and necessary tools that Actionetics possesses as an automation tool. Pay attention to the following paragraphs so as to have a handle on what the primary features of Actionetics are.


A contact feature is an option that helps you to manage your contact list. With this feature, you can see those who signed up on your sales funnels. Upon clicking the contact feature, you will be able to see the total number of “lifetime contacts” you have, the “new contacts” and those who have “unsubscribed” from your products and services.

Through this feature, you can also import your preexisting contact list, from any platform to Actionetics. Furthermore, you can download the contact list to your computer devices in .csv format.

This feature also helps you to view specific sets of information about each of your contacts. These pieces of information include Age, Social Media Score, Gender, Shipping Address, and so on. This will help you study their behaviors and to also develop effective strategies in getting them to become regular and devoted customers.

You can also edit your contacts’ personal details and information such as full name, phone number, shipping address, and so on.

Adding Tags To Your Contacts

This feature usually serves as a filter. It helps you classify your contact list, rather than generalize all of them as though they were a single person. With the tag feature, you can create a tag, assign a name to it, and add a contact list to it.

For example, let’s assume you create a tag and name it “Regular buyers,” you can then perform specific action funnels to them by using their tag as a filter to sort them out from the other lists. This amazing feature can simplify your work, and minimize the time spent in manually sorting out lists.

Action Score

The Action Score feature helps to automatically arrive at a score for your customers and online visitors. It is usually very conspicuous at the top right corner of a contact’s page. It puts into consideration factors like a person’s recency, frequency, Monetary value, and social scores.

The major function of the Action Score is that it helps you to evaluate your website visitors and score them to their potential benefits to you.

Email List

Actionetics has you covered on this. You can create any list you desire. There are no restrictions in any way. In fact, you can create lists for any purpose. This feature allows you to send targeted emails creatively and conveniently.

Just go ahead to create an email list, and upload your contacts in .csv format to the newly created email list. Interestingly, you can have the same contact appear in different lists.


With the broadcast feature, you can send unique messages to the different lists you have. Not only does this feature make sending emails simplified, but it also allows you to be flexible with the time you wish to send the emails — immediately or at a later time.

In addition to sending broadcasts, the feature also helps you to track how many of your messages were successfully sent, the number that was clicked, and the conversion rate.

In creating an email broadcast, enter the email subject line, choose a template that suits your message (Actionetics is full of attractive templates). You can also add texts, videos, images, and so on.

When your email broadcast is ready, you can send test emails to see what your message looks like to the recipients. Using Actionetics for your email broadcasts is super-simple.

Action Funnels

This is a very important feature in Actionetics. It helps to simplify your work by grouping them under specific actions. Most of the automation work is done with this feature. In case you are wondering how it works, pay attention.

On your Clickfunnels Actionetics site, navigate through to “Create New Action Funnels.” Thereafter, assign the new Action Funnel a name.

The next thing to do is to create steps. Navigate through to “Add New Steps.” Now sit back, your automation is ready! These custom actions will help you do all the work at the time you schedule it to. However, don’t forget to update your settings from “paused” to “live.”

These are but a few to mention, of the amazing features of Clickfunnels Actionetics. For more details on the basic features of Actionetics

How Can Actionetics Help My Business?

From the above points, it is quite obvious that Actionetics is set to revolutionize your online business. Think of it this way: The way you will build your relationship with different customers if you owned a large supermarket, is the same role that Actionetics helps you to play in the online marketplace

The key benefit is that it helps to boost your earnings steadily, and it also helps you to organize your business for more success strides.

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