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Commission Hero Review 2023

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: October 19, 2023

Comission Hero Review: Is Robby Blanchard’s Course Legit or is there a better affiliate marketing course?

Learn about Commission Hero

Step by step training on how to do affiliate PPC


Tons of value for newbies and advanced marketers

Ease Of Use

The interface is clean and videos are easy to follow


Email and Facebook group support

What I Liked
  • Easy Understand Training
  • Can Generate Immediate ROI
  • Newbie-Friendly
  • Behind the scenes look at ad sets
  • Twelve Month Success Guarantee
What I Didn't Like
  • Some advice is outdated
  • Not passive
  • Risk of burning Facebook accounts

So, you are thinking of going into business for yourself, are you? Maybe, you would like to get into affiliate marketing. Have you heard of this type of online marketing business? It is a fantastic concept.

Affiliate marketers are those who sell all kinds of products on behalf of online retailers.

It is a natural process, or so one might think it should be. Affiliate marketers send traffic to websites and make a commission from sales they generated.

Commission Hero aids those looking to get into affiliate marketing. It is a series of ten videos that help beginners learn to make $1,000 a day as an affiliate marketer.

What is Commission Hero?

You may have seen advertisements from ClickBank stating you can make thousands of dollars a day with online affiliate marketing. They say you can make this kind of money regardless of your experience level in affiliate marketing.

Many of you have seen these adverts and signed up for ClickBank to become an affiliate marketer. Despite their claims, you may not have yet found the successes that ClickBank raves about...

This is where Robbie Blanchard comes in. He is the number one affiliate marketer for ClickBank. Due to this ClickBank site has asked him to create a tutorial video on his success.

Now, with these tutorial videos, others can latch onto the success of Robbie Blanchard. Commission Hero will take you through all of the steps necessary for you to become a successful ClickBank affiliate. There is nothing Robby leaves out of the learning program.

He takes you through his success story step by step, and if you follow his instructions in Commission Hero, you too can become a ClickBank success story.

Of course, this is if you are not already an experienced marketer who has their ways set in stone. The program should work for anyone.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Many followers of the online marketing world are already familiar with Blanchard and follow him. Robby is ClickBanks’ top affiliate marketer. Among ClickBank affiliate marketers, Blanchard has a cult following.

Robby takes his success in stride. He is the sole creator of Commission Hero. It is a program offering potential Click Bank affiliates an opportunity to know how Blanchard is thriving as an affiliate marketer. He wants others to achieve the same amount of success that he has.

Blanchard has boasted profits of between $30 and $50 thousand a day. He is definitely one to listen to if you are aiming for high-level success. With passive income profits like that, is it any wonder he is considered a ClickBank success story?

Robby also has a huge following generally in the online affiliate marketing community. These folks use his tutorials to branch off his success. Many have found similar success stories they have shared on the Facebook Commission Hero page.

Many online affiliate marketing courses focus solely on success. These courses obviously expect followers to mirror those successes. On the other hand, while making the videos and writing the articles for Commission Hero, Blanchard decided to focus more on his failures. He found it best to let others know what he did wrong while he was climbing the ladder to success. Instead of concentrating on success and having his students follow in his footsteps, he wants them to avoid making those same mistakes he made.

While he is taking the approach of giving the students of Commission Hero all the failures they can encounter, he expects them to know the ropes after watching the tutorials. Blanchard’s Commission Hero seems to be a list of articles and video tutorials that sets up anyone, especially a newbie, for success in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a tricky game of cat and mouse. There are loopholes in the system. Robby tries to assist those entering the field to avoid those loopholes. He cannot stress enough how easily one can lose all their savings with a simple mistake. Through his articles and video tutorials, he has created for Commission Hero; he tries to get learners to understand the emphasis on the field.

Robby is an affiliate marketing success story. He is a man who wanted to pass his success on to newcomers in the field of affiliate marketing. There is no one sure way to market affiliate links. Robby learned this the hard way. His tutorials will show you exactly how he makes $1,000 or more per day.

Things to Consider Before Buying Commission Hero

Commission Hero is a program that claims its users can make up to $1,000 per day with online affiliate marketing. Some skeptics are concerned about buying the course created by Robby Blanchard. It seems that Commission Hero is not for everyone. So, who is it for, then?

The program is mostly for beginners in online marketing. Many experienced online marketers will purchase Commission Hero and become frustrated by its teachings. These are experienced marketers who have their ways of doing their marketing. Experienced marketer’s approaches will conflict with the teachings of Commission Hero.

But on the other side, there are many posting their success stories online. These are folks who are beginners in online marketing. Since they do not already have specific ways of doing their marketing, they can concentrate on the course teachings of Commission Hero. These beginners taking the course are those who are making up to $1,000 per day with their marketing.

Before investing in a program like Commission Hero, you should ask yourself some or all of the following questions. How serious are you about affiliate marketing? Do you have many years of experience, or are you a beginner? What do you expect to get from the program? Is the program a good fit for you or someone you know? If it is, is the cost going to be equal to the benefits you receive from Commission Hero? If you answer some of these questions before you invest, it could save you time and headache.

See Commission Hero Success Stories

What Do You Get in Commission Hero?

Here is a quick an dirty overview of what you can expect to get in Commision Hero:

  • Landing Pages That are Ready for you to Copy and Paste
  • A File of ads That Have Worked for Blanchard
  • Training for Your Facebook ads
  • Private Access to the Commission Hero Coaching Group
  • More Than Twenty Images Blanchard has Used to Make Millions
  • Live Training With Robby
  • Exclusive Commission Offers
  • The How to Create Multiple ads Accounts

Getting Started

Many who are just getting started with affiliate marketing think that it should be easy. They get their feet wet, only to find out it is more of a pain in the neck than they first thought.

Robby understands that. He takes you through the first steps from video one. Blanchard shows his students how to do affiliate marketing, well.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Offers

One of the biggest challenges in affiliate marketing is knowing what offers to promote. With Commission Hero, you can choose the products and services you offer with ease. 

Robby takes you through picking the products. When you finish this part of the lesson, you will have a better knowledge of what products sell.

High Converting Images

The images you use as an online seller can make or break a sale. Commission Hero goes through a tutorial that explains how to choose the best images for your marketing campaigns.

Robby Blanchard knows some of the best designers in the industry. He will connect you with them through the program.

Building Great Landing Pages

A high converting landing page is crucial in PPC affiliate marketing.

Blanchard will take you through how to build a landing page that potential customers will not navigate back off. There will be templates in the Commission Hero package.

Creating Your Social Presence

Social media is an essential aspect of many people’s daily lives. That is especially true for entrepreneurs.

Robby will take you through not only how to build a Facebook fan page but also on how to utilize it daily successfully. You can use your Facebook page to launch effective ad campaigns.

Scaling Up Your Earnings

Getting ROI is everything when it comes to affiliate marketing. Robby will take you through a course on how to read and analyze the analytics of your campaigns.

He will give you some insight into the deep secrets of analytics. When you complete this part of the Commission Hero course, you will be one step closer to becoming an expert affiliate marketer.

Snapchat Secrets

Many already know to use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their affiliate marketing campaigns. But what about Snapchat? It is just as essential to use as the above mentioned. Many are venturing into the Snapchat use for business. Robby will take you through the basics of how to do so.

Email Marketing

Robby Blanchard thinks all successful affiliate marketer should take advantage email marketing (whoops – this is where I struggle). He incorporates a lot of training to email marketing during his course.

Robby not only encourages the students to make up an email campaign or two, but he also emphasizes its importance.

Blanchard will guide you on how to create an email campaign that will grab the recipient’s attention. He will let you know which aspects of an email campaign should and should not be in the email campaign. The key is to grab and hold the reader’s attention.

Extra Coaching

Some people don’t learn by just watching videos. That is why Robby Blanchard offers one-on-one training for those who think they need more.

These one-on-one training sessions are with Robby; he will go through the training sessions via video chat. However there is an additional fee for the individual training sessions. It seems that many who have paid the extra fee have found these training sessions to be worthwhile. Blanchard will answer any questions you have. He will also walk you through the program and having those $1,000 days Commission Hero claims you can make.

Commission Hero Alternatives

Commission Hero is one of many affiliate marketing courses out there. So how does it stack up to the competition? Let’s take a look…

Commission Hero vs Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a popular course and one you probably already heard about.

Commission Hero is much more different than Wealthy Affiliate as it focuses on driving traffic from paid ads, while Wealthy Affiliate is all about making niche sites and generating free traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate is not just an affiliate marketing training course, but it is also a web hosting service which is why it costs around $49 per month – or less if you buy it for the full year.

Starting a niche site can take a long time, especially if you follow the Wealthy Affiliate way which focuses on content and not link building. However, many people swear by it so if it interests you, take a look at my updated Wealthy Affiliate review.

Commission Hero vs Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker has three different courses, but its most popular one is The Authority Site System (TASS) which is what I will be talking about here.

Authority Hacker’s TASS is similar to Wealthy Affiliate in that it focuses on creating websites and driving free organic traffic through search engines such as Google and Bing. With Commission Hero, it teaches you to have to drive traffic mainly through different ad providers such as Facebook, Snapchat and Google.

So theoretically you can earn money much quicker with Commission Hero since you can start driving traffic right away. However, with Commission Hero you aren’t really building a digital asset outside of a possible email list you are building.

If you are looking to get cash flow right away, Commission Hero might be a good choice. If you are interested in building long term assets, you can read my Authority Hacker 2020 review.

Commission Hero vs Income School Project 24

Income School’s Project 24 course is a great course for beginners looking to dabble in affiliate marketing. Like the other courses I mentioned above, it is focused on making websites to generate income.

Project 24 isn’t so much concerned about making affiliate sales as it is about generating a lot of traffic to drive ad revenue.

The downside to this is that it can take months of creating high-quality content before you start generating any income. However, once you do start making money, it becomes very consistent as you don’t have to create as much content or compete with more advanced affiliate marketers. Read my Income School review here.

With Commission Hero, you can start making money immediately if you choose the right product and have the right ad targeting.

Final Thought on Commission Hero

Commission Hero is a very different way to do affiliate marketing than what I am used to do, which is creating websites and ranking them in Google.

I like that everything is laid out in Commission Hero in an easy-to-understand way and that his techniques are not difficult to do.

Running paid ads and PPC is definitely not a passive way to earn income and you do run the risk of losing money, but you can earn money much quicker than you could by building a niche website. So if generating income is something that you are trying to do, I recommend checking it out.


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