Convertri Review: Deep Dive [2020]

Does Convertri really compete with the big boys?

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In this Convertri review we dive deep into all of its features it turns out to be a well price landing page builder that is a great alternative to bigger more expensive brands.


As a pure land page builder software, Convertri does everything well


Convertri's speed and advanced features make building landing pages great

Ease Of Use

If you used a drag and drop page builder before, Convertri is a breeze


Support is done through email, no 24/7 live chat

What I Like

  • Great price
  • Fast performance
  • Sizeable selection of landing page and funnel page templates
  • Advanced features for PPC
  • Easy page and funnel page building

What I Don't Like

  • Available templates limited on base plan
  • Limited features compared to full sales funnel builders
  • Need to insert your credit card for a free trial

Selling anything online whether it may be a service, product, or even generating leads, needs to be done via a sales page or squeeze page as it is called.

Unknown to many people, there is such a thing has having a bad sales page. Many websites can’t convert because their sales pages aren’t conversion optimized and they often question “why things aren’t working?”.

Convertri helps build sales pages that claim to have some of the highest conversion rates. It is touted as one of the fastest funnel building software available today, and we’ll put that claim to the test in our complete Convertri review.

What Is Convertri?

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Created by Andy Fletcher, a professional software developer, and renowned internet marketer, Convertri is a sales funnel and landing page building software.

A customer/user can churn out conversion-focused sales pages faster than using any other system. What’s more, is the fact that Convertri also optimizes landing pages so that they have a smaller footprint and consequently load faster.

However, that’s just one of the many other interesting features that Convertri’s Accelerated Page technology has to offer. As you’ll soon learn in our Convertri review, there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Top Convertri Features 

When working on this Convertri review, it wasn’t hard to see that the program included everything but the kitchen sink, so the question was what it didn’t include?

 Thankfully only a few things which we’ve highlighted in the pros and cons section of this review. However, our concern was that by doing this (offering all these features), would it overly complicate the process of creating a landing page or sales funnel?

 We were also interested in running through the process of creating a landing page that used all these features as a newbie internet marketer would and see if it was, in fact, as Convertri claimed “easy.”

Accelerated Page Technology

Internet marketing gurus agree that one of the ways to improve conversions is to make sure that your landing pages load fast.

The faster a page loads, the higher your chance of seeing a conversion, and Convertri has users covered with the use of AMP. Any page you build using Convertri is pre-optimized.

In our experience, the final render of our landing page with all the bells and whistles loaded in under 3 seconds, which is one of the fastest we’ve seen to date.

Convertri AMP makes faster load times possible with their own CDN, which is hooked up to a network of diverse and fast servers. javascript and HTML are shrunk to their smallest sizes to optimize delivery. 

However, on a regular site, either a specialized plugin will need to be used or perhaps more expensive dedicated hosting on a super-fast server.

The good news is that Convertri takes care of the hosting with images, compressed and stored remotely, after which they are auto-scaled prior to transmission.

Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder

We were quickly able to drag and drop during the process of laying out our test landing page using Convertri.

Unlike other page builders, we tried, Convertri makes dragging, and dropping smooth. We found that the whole process of adding text, media files, moving buttons around was intuitive and straightforward for the most part.

Most newbie internet marketers who use Convertri will appreciate the fact that the software is saving them literally hundreds of dollars, which would otherwise be spent on developing these pages. Plus, they don’t need to learn a new set of skills to build their own pages.

However, Convertri limits you to a specific framework within which you can work. You can still try out new layouts, but it is still within that framework, so for instance, if you want to add a floating clock that disappeared as soon as the user scrolled up, it can’t’ be done. That said, the Convertri framework is more than adequate for 99% of people who use it.

The easiest way not to get carried away is to make a lit of all the elements you want on the page, then drag and drop them. Later position them with your mouse. All minor errors and changes can easily be reversed via the ‘undo’ button.

convertri templates

New Selection of Templates

Most people will be able to find at least one stand-alone sales page or funnel template that meets 80% of their needs. The templates are free to use with Convertri and can be customized further.

All Convertri templates are conversion-driven and loaded extremely fast during our testing. However, you will still need to customize the images, texts, and a bunch of other stuff, but it’s something most people will be able to do within an hour.

The only problem with the templates is that the amount of templates you can choose from on the basic plan are very limited, so you will either have to make your landing page from scratch or heavily edit from the limited templates.

Mobile Specific Landing and Squeeze Pages  

We tested Convertri’s mobile version or specific landing pages for this review because, with some other similar software, it is more of a gimmick than anything else. However, this was one part of the Convertri review, which is going to impress people who are looking to improve conversions from visitors who come in from mobile platforms.

Many internet marketers complain that their conversions from mobile platforms aren’t as good as it should be. That’s because they don’t have a mobile-specific version of the landing or squeeze page. Using Convertri’s out of the box solution helps a great deal because now your visitors will not have a poor experience when visiting your website.

Not only are the pages highly mobile responsive, but they are designed for the mobile platform. Consider the fact that mobile screens are significantly smaller, as compared to laptops and desktop screens. So, the page needs to fit nicely, look good, and lead a prospect through the sales process.

Convertri’s mobile feature quickly converts your desktop landing page into its mobile version with the click of a button. However, you don’t have to like the automatically generated page as it can be further tweaked exactly the way you want it. Our only pointer here for users is to go easy on the graphics and keep the texts short for mobile visitors.

Sticky Headers and Pop up Boxes on the Fly

If you want to draw more attention to your special offers, drive up the chances of an up-sell, or just generally increase conversions on your page, the use of pop-ups and sticky headers are mandatory.

Popups and sticky bars will become visible to users when certain conditions are met. For instance, if someone clicked on the “Learn more about the free cooking handbook,” a popup can appear, which reads “Enter your name and email address to get the free cooking handbook.” Doing this will help your page instantly generate leads.

In our experience, sticky headers and popups aren’t all that common in page building software but are conveniently a part of Convertri. Those that do have these features often limit them to a couple of expert users who can navigate their way around a maze of menus.

However, in Convertri’s case, it's very easy to use and so it takes just a minute to add and customize.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic test replacement isn’t a feature that’s unique to Convertri. However, before we even thought about writing a review for this software, we had some experience using Ubounce and Instapage, both of which offer the same dynamic text replacement feature as Convertri.

We remember thinking to ourselves that this is arguably the single most used feature for internet marketers who rely heavily on PPC to generate sales. That said, there is a difference.

Convertri has a much implementation of the Dynamic Text Replacement feature. Since we have used similar types of software in the past, we asked a few other people to give us their 2 cents on the matter.

Interestingly, most people said that they found using the Dynamic Text Replacement feature straightforward compared to other similar implementations of it.

In Convertri, the feature works by essentially gearing certain parts of the page to visitors that land on it by clicking PPC advertising. For instance, if the PPC advertising a user clicks on reads “Get a 10% discount on all orders”, the dynamic text will automatically read “Make a purchase today and get a 10% discount” with additional information. So, essentially the feature allows you to adjust the page copy based on what ads bring a visitor to your page.

Convertri helps maximize your PPC ROI and reduces bounce rate while ensuring that you don’t have to lose potential customers/clients again.

Split Testing

Being able to test two different versions of a page using Convertri helps many internet marketers find what works best for them.

It is by far the most effective way of improving conversions using Convertri, and to us, no page builder is complete without this feature. The good news is that Convertri makes comparing (split testing) or testing two different versions of the same page very easy. Not only that but it will show you which of the two or more pages are most popular with your audience.

Convertri integrates with tracking software like Snowplow to offer better tracking with more accurate data. So, you can make sense of the numbers and fine-tune your approach accordingly.

Free SSL

A Convertri customer also gets free SSL regardless of if they are using their own domain or using the free Convertri domain. In our experience using the free SSL was easy. All websites, services, and brands should have SSL installed as a standard security measure.

WordPress Plugin

Convertri has a WordPress plugin just like all other self-respecting, page building software out there. Using the plugin is easy, but installing it required a bit of extra work.

Unlike other page building plugins, you can’t install it via WordPress’s built-in plugin library, but instead, you’d have to head on over to Convertri’s website, download the zip and then upload it to your WordPress website from where it is installed.

Once the plugin is installed, you can display all Convertri pages on your WordPress website. Apart from the slight detour required to install the plugin, everything else is easy to understand and use.


Admittedly most people won’t have any use for sub-accounts, but its also a feature that’s limited to the Convertri Agency Plan. The feature allows you to assign integrations to other people like partners or employees.

Using the sub-account, you can easily offer the system to your clients as a business or just a freelancer.

All you have to do to use the feature is to create a sub-account, then create a page with that account and give access to your clients. They (your clients) can then edit the page further or choose to publish it.

Convertri Integrations

The best thing about using Convertri is its ability to integrate with all leading and popular platforms. Convertri also boasts of HTML and API integrations for a myriad of software, which is either already part of your online business or will soon become a part of it.

Convertri can easily be linked to your shopping cart, webinar software, payment processor, email marketing solution, or any other automation tool for that matter.

Import/Recreate Pages

Let’s say you created a couple of pages using another squeeze page builder but now wanted to switch over to Convertri? Well, the best way to do it is to use Convertri’s import/recreate feature.

The feature in Convertri is currently compatible with pages created using: Clickfunnels, WordPress, Instapage, Kartra, Leadpages, and Optimize Press. In our experience, migration can be a hassle, and that’s exactly why competing page builders don’t offer a similar feature. It was also why we wanted to give it a shot to see exactly how well it worked for this review.

We tried to recreate an existing WordPress page, and it did 70% of the work. Some things didn’t come out right, and we had to go in there to manually fix it.

However, that is to be expected since all page building software handles things differently. On the other hand, converting an Instapage page was a lot easier, there were fewer mess-ups in the converted file and so very little editing was required. 

On the whole, we would say that the ability to convert and recreate a page that was built using another page builder is a very welcome feature. However, depending on how complex that page was, you will have to spend some time fixing the converted file. Plus, we’d like to see other page builders supported in future updates.

Shopping Cart Integration

Convertri’s shopping cart integration is another excellent feature. Not only does it allow you to collect payment and promote upsells, but it also integrates with a variety of popular shopping cart software.

Even though we know, many page building software offers an integrated cart solution but using it is a little convoluted. However, with Convertri, we were able to use the feature out of the box with no additional tweaking or add-ons. We were able to find our way around to customize existing packages, offer upsells, and all of this pays off in fewer instances of cart abandonment.

It was also easy to make the shopping cart’s page look more in line with our page’s design while listing all the upsells with a short description. To use this feature is remarkably easy to use, but before you do, make sure that Convertri supports the shopping cart software you’re currently using.

Convertri Pricing

Convertri page building software is available with three different pricing plans. Each plan has something different and is geared towards a specific type of individual or business.

Standard Plan

Convertri’s standard plan is their most basic offering at $53 a month. The plan includes 25,000 impressions a month, 50 funnels, and 500 fast landing pages. It consists of A/B split testing and comes with access to 45 plus templates. Buyers also get freebies like SSL and a custom domain.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan costs $58 a month and includes 100,000 impressions each month. Subscribers can build 250 funnels, 25000 fast landing pages 30 custom domains in addition to freebies like A/B testing, SSL, over 200 templates, dynamic text replacement, the page importer feature, and team members.

Agency Plan

The Agency Plan will require paying $166 and offers 400,000 impressions a month, the ability to create 10k fast landing pages, and 1k funnels. It includes all of the features of the above two plans as well as the ability to have sub-accounts.

The above pricing is for Convertri’s annual subscription. Further discounts on Convertri can be had by prepaying for 2 years or even more. However, those who haven’t used the service before can start with a 14-day free trial.


One annoying thing to note about Convertri's free trial is that you are forced to put in your credit card first before you actually get your trial. I am not a big fan of this approach, but it is pretty standard for most sales funnel builders.

Convertri Alternatives

Convertri is up against some big competition. If you have read out favourite sales page builder article you know that it is a very competitive market. We will look at how Convertri stacks up against its biggest competitors. 

Convertri vs ClickFunnels

The all-in-one funnel builder ClickFunnels has been around for a while now and boasts of a great deal of functionality. It has arguably more features than Convertri but also lacks a couple too.

The one significant difference is the built-in membership feature, which is an automation tool and works perfectly for affiliates as a management platform. Convertri, unfortunately, does not have this feature.

The other difference maker with ClickFunnels is the webinar funnel, which makes selling online courses and digital products, in general, a lot easier by simplifying the process.

However, Convertri, in our review and view overshadows ClickFunnels in the speed department, better mobile experience, the page importer feature, and sub-accounts.

Convertri vs Kartra

Marketed as an all-in-one marketing tool used by businesses, Kartra tends to be in a league of its own compared to other page builders. So, when comparing Kartra to Convertri in our personal experience for this review, Convertri is a step behind.

The one standout feature that overshadows the competition is that Kartra’s includes everything businesses will ever need to build marketing pages that grab customers, then follow up pages to retain them and even pages to entertain them.

However, Kartra is also significantly more expensive, and 80% of the features it has to offer most marketers will have no need for which is where Convertri  provides the best of both worlds i.e., price and features.  

Convertri is cheaper than Kartra, offers better loading speed, and just enough tools to keep a budding internet marketer content for a pretty significant time.


During the time it took to draft this Convertri review, we were consistently impressed with the performance of the page builder and not just with its speed but in how fast we could churn out a sales page.

The most significant advantage Convertri has over other page or funnel builders for businesses is that it is user-friendly, and beginner-friendly for the most part. So, beginners who have no experience using page builders or even page layout software will find that pages can be built within an hour or so.

We like the fact that it takes a few extra minutes to create an upsell, bump offers, and OTOs, all of which are done at the same speed.

So the question is, who do we recommend Convertri to? We’d recommend Convertri to a small business owner, PPC agencies or startups on a limited budget. The 14-day trial is an excellent place to start.

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