Cryptosuite Review - Scam or Legit?


From beginners to advanced crypto traders this software has the potential to help all


Monthly costs can add up, but the features can help you make profitable trades - so it is well worth the $$

Ease Of Use

Website has a beautiful layout, but it can be a little buggy.


You get access to a VIP Facebook group filled with out traders which can help you in many ways

What I Like

  • Easy to understand training and a active Facebook group
  • Promises to gives you arbitrage opportunities to profit from
  • 30-Day Money back Guarantee
  • Suggested trades that can help you find trade opportunities

What I Don't Like

  • Website can be buggy
  • Some of the key features have not been fully completed

2018/04/14 Update: The Early Bird discount is over, but my readers can still get it by entering promo code: CSluck to get $2 off per month!

In the past couple of years, Cryptocurrency has garnered a lot of attention throughout the world. This phenomenon has led to a tremendous increase in investments, trade, and exchange using cryptocurrency.

As a result, a lot of applications have also popped up, claiming to help the cryptocurrency enthusiasts by assisting them in the whole money-making process. Try Cryptosuite here!

However, not a lot of them could make a lasting impression on the market due to the complexities involved in the crypto ecosystem. In fact, most of these apps that claim to help make money through cryptocurrency have been completely fraudulent.  

But now, there’s this software application called Cryptosuite that has been doing rounds in the market. It is designed by none other than the famed online money-making expert, Luke Maguire.

And today, we’re going to give you a full Cryptosuite review – and see it’s really worth all the hype.

a look inside crypto suite

What is Cryptosuite?

Usually, the traders of cryptocurrency use a lot of applications in order to keep track of trends and trade them accordingly to make a profit. This was time-consuming and often created a lot of fuss.

Cryptosuite is a one of a kind software that’s designed in a way to totally automate many a task that crypto traders would otherwise do manually. The software is said to have been brought out into the market after more than 12 months of active research by Luke Maguire.

As I mentioned above, the software automates everything, and then notifies you about the value of the coins – if they are going crazy high, or dropping down, or anything for that matter! Cryptosuite also comes with an arbitrary dashboard where you can purchase and sell bitcoins on multiple exchanges to gain a profit.

Is Cryptosuite Worth it?

Unlike many other crypto-based software applications, Cryptosuite has been designed after in-depth research and training. Luke Maguire’s tips and tricks will help you further in using the software efficiently.

Cryptosuite provides you with all the latest updates on digital currencies, including the top contenders, the gainers, and losers, suggesting you the best ones to invest in at a particular point of time.

Making good money is all about knowing what to buy and sell, and at which time. With this software, you don’t have to worry about all that hassle.

The software also has an exclusive database of the world currencies along with all the valuable information about each one of these currencies. This will help you make informed decisions about your investments.

In addition to these, Cryptosuite comes with a number of other advantages that I’m going to list below:

Picks the winning cryptocurrencies every single day

As a crypto trader or enthusiast, I am sure you would want to know about the coins that are growing the fastest in the market. Cryptosuite comes to your rescue here by taking a guess of all the top contenders and informing you about their stats time-to-time!

You can always have a look at a list of CryptoCoins that are gaining and losing for the day on the application and make your investments accordingly. 

Trends updated every 60 seconds

All the changes in the trends, the rise and fall of currency values and all the other updates are updated every 60 seconds and are informed to you in real time. These notifications will be shown on your application dashboards or can be sent to your email, desktop, or phone – whatever is convenient for you.

Gives you live notification suggesting investments

In addition to notifying you about the trends of the currencies, the app can also inform you about the boom in a specific coin or predict if a certain currency is going to go crazy so that you can get into the race early. Cryptosuite can also alert you even before the currency can go viral, thus enabling you to get in the way before the others.

Individual cryptocurrency alerts

Are you a follower of one particular or a few specific CryptoCoins? No problem! Cryptosuite has got you covered! The app will give you ‘individual coin alerts’ for all the crypto assets and tokens in your priority list. It also notifies you as to when to Buy and Sell your coins to make maximum profit.

Arbitrage With Cryptosuite

I’ve already mentioned about this way earlier in the article. Cryptosuite has this well-designed arbitrage dashboard where you can check all the crypto values, buy coins on ONE exchange and sell it on ANOTHER exchange for a potential profit. 

This is one key feature that has be excited because you can start profiting with Cryptosuite right away by looking at opportunities to make money trading between exchanges!


The app comes along with an individual user portfolio, which allows you to keep track of the profits you’ve made and where exactly your portfolio stands in the market. You can just enter the information of your current trades, or the ones you are planning on selling or buying and your live profit updates and keep them all in one place.

Crypto Training Videos

An absolute newbie to the crypto space? No need to worry. Cryptosuite gives its users a complete A-Z training series, which includes videos that tell you about what cryptocurrency is, how you could get in, open a wallet, buy or sell your coins, and make a profit by picking the right ones. All of this at absolutely no extra cost.

Ultra-quick support desk

If you have any issue, you can just contact Cryptosuite’s support desk, and they cater to your problem within the least turnout time possible.

News updates

Now, you don’t really have to go through multiple channels to keep track of the different news updates concerned with the crypto space. The app collects all the latest information regarding any kind of news related to the cryptocurrencies from various websites and places it all under one roof for easy access.

Cryptosuite Price?

Cryptosuite is currently $39 per month as part of a launch special, but it is expected to go higher after launch week is complete.

What I didn't Like

So far from what I have seen from the software, some of the key features have not been launched yet. So I am hoping these key features will be ready for launch.

Some of the dashboards and videos were buggy during my testing so working with the software can be a little frustrating at time. This is to be expected as the site is still in beta testing mode, so we will see what it looks like when it comes out!

Cryptosuite Review: The Final Thoughts

Cryptosuite seems like the answer to all your cryptocurrency trading needs. Some of the key features really promise to make it easy for almost anyone to make money with trading cryptocurrencies.

Cyptosuite's key feature is that everything is automated in one place. So users don’t have to go looking around for various things they need – be it top picks, trends, news, alerts, or a whole bunch of other crypto goodies.

So, if you’re someone who has been into crypto trading for a while now or an absolute newbie, it doesn’t matter. Cryptosuite promises to walk by you and help you throughout in making smart investment decisions through crypto trading.

Cryptosuite has a 30-day money back guarantee, also make sure to take advantage of the early bird special $37 per month by using promo code: CSluck

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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Cryptosuite Review – Does It Actually Work Or Is It a Scam? – Hustle Life says March 29, 2018

[…] post Cryptosuite Review – Does It Actually Work Or Is It a Scam? appeared first on The Lazy […]

James says April 4, 2018

Wait – I’m really confused…

Aren’t you supposed to call this a scam, and refer people to “Your #1 Choice”, Wealthy Affiliate?

That’s what they teach inside the members area…why are you not following your training?

(Former WA Member)

    Jeremy H says April 4, 2018

    Haha no James I don’t do that, if you took a look at my WA review you even see I advocate against that sort of thing.

      JAMES says April 8, 2018

      Good for you man, so why not quit WA since you know they pull that type of sh*t so often, and get away with it?


        Jeremy H says April 9, 2018

        What type of shit are you talking about? I haven’t had an issue with them.

        Stefan Vogt says May 12, 2018

        I think there are worse review sites, trying to sell real scam with no value at all. And those are thousands, what do you say to that?
        WA has real value and this is something I recommend as well.

John says April 11, 2018

Thanks for the review, bit If it is to be taken seriously why can’t cryptosuite be purchased in bitcoin ?

    Jeremy H says April 14, 2018

    Hahaha good point!

Kyle says April 17, 2018

First of all thanks for the review. My question is around the Cryptosuite payout approach. How does Cryptosuite put money back into your pockets from the application. What are the withdrawal timelines for this market?

John Sealock says April 23, 2018

I ordered this service and my credit card company flagged it as a fraud. I told the company to pay Cryptosuite and they did. Now I have heard nothing from Cryptosuite. I can find no way to get a hold of Cryptosuite. That seems strange. Any help would be appreciated.

    Jeremy H says April 24, 2018

    There is a contact page on their website, so I find it strange that they haven’t got back to you. Doesn’t make sense

Geoff says April 25, 2018

any more updates on the cryptosuite, Im in Toronto, is it legit or scam just reading comments above

Ex Crypto Suite says May 22, 2018

It is a Scam,
After the first training webinar he gets people pumped up about how he has insider information on cryptos and how he has traveled the world meeting these people.
His knowledge on crypto seems to be at a novice level and I feel that he is preying on people with absolutely no idea of crypto.
He then promises weekly webinars with tasks every week, however the second week is about getting 3 different types of income and the seminar is about door knocking to charge $2k a month to update facebook pages???

Third week was meant to be a is a LIVE interview with some Shopify guru that visits Luke Maguire once a year and he was going to be live on the webinar. It ended up being a 2 plus hour recorded video of a $2500 training program with the good old, take away sell of only 2 spots left scenario.
I found this quite funny that Luke prides him self on full transparency and no upsells, then turns and pulls this crap.

I now look back and laugh after his first webinar he plead to the audience to go to his face book page and leave good comments for him as there was a nasty boy calling him a scammer So Luke wanted our help to give fake facebook reviews after his first webinar which many people did. Well looks like the nasty boy bully was correct in this scenario.

He actually belittled one person on the seminar for questioning why we were not learning about crypto suite? He replied with its not just about crypto suite its about having multiple levels of income and it was basically like it or ump it. Thats when I knew it was all BS. He drags the crypto suite training out so you pay another months subscription.

All the crypto suite info is just pulled from other sites and fed into his. Its not a trading bot, all it is is an information page and the arbitrage section doesnt work and is always showing wrong figures, when it works.

If you want crypto suite for free just visit these pages and thats what you get.

Whala! theres the same info Cryptosuite gives you other than his belittling novice videos!

Oh and John is correct, no one can get intouch with him.

PPS. The money back guarantee does not get honoured


    Jeremy H says May 23, 2018

    Thanks for your input, I’ll leave this up for Luke to reply to.

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