Get Virtually UNLIMITED High Quality Domains With Estibot And Bluechip Backlinks

[2018 Update: Please note that I no longer use this method as it is very time consuming and I would rather spend my money on auction domains instead]

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Bradley Shaw says April 8, 2017

Nice read and some good tips for picking up gems. Although a little sticker shock at the tool prices.

    Hustle Life says April 8, 2017

    Thanks Bradley, it is a little expensive but BB comes with lots of training which is useful for people like me that are just starting in SEO. Do you have any other suggestion for a good expired domain scraper?

anatoliy says April 9, 2017

Thank you. In p.5 (only for mac users) – why do we need this script? If I PC user can I still do this resrarch?

    Hustle Life says April 10, 2017

    The script anyone can use, it’s just the steps that are done using a Mac.

santosh kadpewad says July 26, 2017

Can you send me the all deleted high authority PBN links Exel shit..

    Hustle Life says July 31, 2017

    They won’t be good to anyone now.

Praveen Kumar Dubey says August 23, 2017

Wow! it’s really good idea to fast rank our sites, this PBN method is amazing. Thank you for explaining how to use PBN method. Today I got something new and interesting for my SEO knowledge.

    Hustle Life says September 8, 2017

    your welcome 😉

Rob @ The Profit Fans says September 28, 2017

Thanks for this great post Lazy Plumber. I was looking for refresher info like this. I’m just getting back into the game after a two-year break and it’s nice to see things are pretty much the same as far as expired domains are concerned. Search, do extensive due diligence, buy good domains, rank, rinse and repeat.

    Hustle Life says October 3, 2017

    Glad you enjoyed Rob!

Demos says October 20, 2017

Have you had success in building a PBN network with the dropped domains you have picked up using this method?

Have you linked to affiliate sites that are now making money from this method?

    Hustle Life says October 23, 2017

    Hi Demos,

    At first I was using this method as my primary means of getting links, but now I am using auctioned domains from a few service providers. It saves me a lot more time – I was thinking of writing an article about this soon.

      Demos says October 23, 2017

      That would be great if you could and also the way you use your pbns in order to protect yourself from google sandboxing and withstanding a google manual review. I have read some guides like on Lionzeal and so on but would love to see a guide from you on that and also getting new pbns.


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