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Helium 10 Black Box: Discover Top Amazon Products to Sell!

by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: January 11, 2024
Helium 10 Black Box: Discover Top Amazon Products to Sell!
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Finding a good product to sell on Amazon isn’t just a matter of finding the most sold items on Amazon or the most popular products on Amazon. There are lots of other things to consider.

In fact, Amazon product research is one of the most challenging things for new Amazon sellers to have to deal with.

In this article, we take a look at Black Box. One of Helium 10’s product research tools. In this Helium 10 Black Box article I will go through:

What is Black Box?
How to find items that sell the most on Amazon.
Some specific user tests with screenshots.
How to use the filters to find low competition products with opportunities to make money.
Pros and Cons of Black Box.
Helium 10 Black Box Price.
And more.

So, let’s get into it!

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

What is Helium 10 Black Box?

Helium 10 Black Box is the best Amazon product research tool. It provides insights that can help you discover top items that sell on Amazon or untapped niches with low competition. Any easy and clear path to making good decisions about what can I sell on Amazon to make money, gets a thumbs up from me.

Black Box is essentially a database of over 450+ million products. You can literally do Amazon product research on average monthly sales volume, competition, pricing, product reviews, and more, all in a matter of seconds.

Instead of spending hours or days trawling through manual research, you just click on a few smart filters and the software will do the job in the blink of an eye.

helium 10 black box review

The Helium 10 Black Box tool has tabs for “products”, “keywords”, “competitors”, “marketplace,” “product targeting” and “niche” which allows you to search using different filters but also assess results against several key parameters in one hit.

how to find trending items on amazon

Helium 10 Black Box – Using the Products Tab

The Products tab is a good place to start your Amazon product research journey.

start here to find top things sold on amazon

Using the Products tab, you can adjust the filters for finding what to sell on Amazon. You Can even use advanced filters, to drill down and be very specific about the types of products that you’re interested in.

See the screenshot below where I’ve made some filter selections:

hustlelife think about it symbol

Number of Sellers between 1 and 5. I don’t want too much competition!

hustlelife think about it symbol

Monthly Revenue of more than $4000. You will know what revenue you’re targeting.

hustlelife think about it symbol

Average Price between $15 and $40. I am aiming to find products that are affordable. This is a good range that avoids cheaper products with low-profit margins requiring very high volume to make money. I’m also avoiding expensive products because that will require large capital investment.

hustlelife think about it symbol

Review Count for less than 100. A high review count is also more likely to be an established product/seller.

hustlelife think about it symbol

Review Rating of less than 4. This means there is an opportunity to improve on current products being sold. If a product opportunity exists with a low review rating, then I could sell a better-quality product and instantly be more attractive to buyers.

my filter settings to find best selling goods on amazon

These are examples only. But in summary, I am selecting filters for products with less competition and at a price point that is affordable.

When I run the Black Box Amazon product research, I will see a specific list of top selling items on Amazon that meet these criteria.

I can browse the results and see if there is anything that I want to take into further product research.

Pro Tip: Black Box will show a maximum of 200 product results. If you’re filters are set too broad, then too many products will get listed in the search results. If you have close to 200 results, then you need to amend your filters.
helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool

Helium 10 Black Box – Using the Keywords Tab

Keyword research and listing optimization is an important part of any successful Amazon seller’s strategy. But it can also be a viable way of finding a product to sell.

While most people will rely on the Products tab to identify potential products or niches, I encourage you to also do product research using the Keywords tab.

The Keywords tab in Black Box allows us to see the most in demand items on Amazon by keyword search volume. It’s a smart way to get insights into what customers are actually trying to find on Amazon! After all, if there is high keyword demand, that strongly indicates customer demand for a product.

In the example search below, I am using the Black Box Keywords tab with filters to find low-competition products with opportunities.

helium10 blackbox keyword results

In a matter of just a few minutes, I’ve selected a set of criteria so that Black Box can search the database for matching results.

The below screenshot displays the list of the results that have been generated from the above filter settings.

black box amazon seller keyword results

The keyword result shows that there are 5,776 searches per month for webcam stand. The volume of searches (along with my other filters) indicates this to be a potentially viable product for further advanced Amazon product research.

If you want to see this in action for yourself, then watch Helium 10’s very own Bradley Sutton use Black Box to identify some great products and niche opportunities.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Black Box - Other Search Tabs

hustle life making a point symbol

Black Box Competitors Tab

The Competitor tab is useful if you already have a product idea in mind. This tab is where you can do Amazon seller competitor analysis and see who the main players for a product are.

You can start the Competitors tab search with an ASIN and then use the filters to set your criteria.

amazon competitor analysis with black box on helium 10

Amazon seller competitor analysis is an important factor before selecting a product to sell:

  • If you have strong and established competitors you’re going to struggle as a new seller.
  • But if your competitors are green or are making mistakes (e.g., bad customer reviews, incomplete listings, poor quality images) then you have the opportunity to rank better and make some money.

Another useful aspect of the Black Box Competitor tab is that you can plug in ASINs for your own products, and it will find similar products (and associated ASINs) being sold by your competitors. By grabbing these ASINs you can do further competitor research using the Helium 10 Market Tracker tool.

Learn More About Helium 10 Black Box!
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Black Box Niche Tab

The Niche tab allows you to run a search using a keyword phrase to help you find interesting niches.

This tab is actually a lot of fun because it throws up so many random products from many niches!

Whilst I find it a bit too broad for a starting point, I do think It’s a great way to find a product line extension to add to an existing current range of products.

how to find trending items on amazon
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Black Box Product Targeting

The primary purpose of the Product Targeting tab is to perform research on Amazon-sponsored ads.  

If you already have a product that you want to run PPC ads for, then you can use this tool to help target your PPC campaigns.

target popular items sold on amazon

One way to do this is to find Frequently Bought Together products. Let me show you how:


Use a competitor’s product ASIN to start your Black Box Amazon product research. (This should be a product similar to your own that is selling a higher volume than your own product).


Using the Source filter choose Frequently Bought Together


Black Box will now show you all the Frequently Bought Together items for the ASIN you entered.


Now you know exactly which other products are being bought at the same time (customers are adding to the basket in one purchase)!


The strategy is to now run your PPC campaigns against these products because the data is showing you that the two products are being bought together. It’s a more reliable way to target your PPC advertising.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Pros and Cons of Black Box

Do I recommend Helium 10 Black Box? Yes! It’s the premier software for Amazon product research.  But even so, I still have a list of pros and cons.

What I like:

The Helium 10 Black Box database is robust and reliable.

It’s a great way to find in demand products on Amazon that meet your criteria. It’s extremely useful at finding ideas that you would never have thought of.

The tool is simple and quick to use. The filters can be easily edited to narrow down a search and the results view can be modified to exclude columns.  

Black Box allows you to do Amazon product research from multiple angles, so you get to see a holistic picture.

You can switch between different Amazon markets (countries) so when it’s time to scale and expand you can make smart data driven decisions.

how to find trending items on amazon

What I don’t like:

Sometimes using Black Box can generate more questions than answers. The data can be overwhelming.

The filters need to be used with care. There are no definitive filter settings.

The Black Box Amazon product research process is a product ideas finder. You need to take the data and do advanced Amazon product research before you decide on an actual product to sell.

Pro Tip: The best way to validate your product ideas is to do advanced Amazon product research. I recommend following the process and strategies in Freedom Ticket. This training comes free with the Helium 10 plan and is an absolute MUST-DO course for any new seller.

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Course

Helium 10 Black Box Price

Black Box is part of a software suite so there is no separate Helium 10 Black Box price.

The software plans start at $29 / Month (billed annually). But you can get a discount using our exclusive Helium 10 coupon codes. We post all our latest discounts in our Helium 10 Pricing article.

The Starter Plan has limited Black Box uses, but it’s enough for a small or new seller. It’s also a good plan to use whilst you’re covering off the Freedom Ticket training.

Helium10 pricing plans

Wrap Up

I started off by saying that Amazon product research is one of the most challenging things for new Amazon sellers to have to deal with. The decisions you make during product research will either make or break your Amazon seller career!

The solution to this dilemma is to use Amazon Black Box in Helium 10. This is how serious sellers stake their claim and occupy the high ground without doing any guesswork.

In this article, I’ve shown you the power of Black Box and demonstrated how to find product ideas and top items sold on Amazon using simple filters and search criteria. Whilst Black Box won’t give you all the answers, it’s a great starting point for generating product ideas with strong supporting data. If you’re not already using Helium 10, then you can start today. Try it for free!

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

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Jessica Clark has a passion for all things eCommerce. She’s always learning and adapting to find efficiencies and to stay competitive in a fast-paced sector.


What is Ungated vs. Gated Categories?

Amazon restricts sellers in some of its product categories (gated categories). Due to the challenges of getting approvals to sell gated products, most sellers only sell in ungated categories.

What is BSR and Why is it Important?

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Amazon Black Box shows BSR in the filters and results. If you’re targeting competitors, then you should pay attention to their BSR.

What is the Buy Box and Why is it Important?

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Can I Use Black Box to Find Products for Other Amazon Markets or Walmart?

Black Box can be used for many Amazon countries and regions. If you are an Amazon seller in the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, UK, then you can use Black Box!

However, for product research on, you have to use the Helium 10 Xray Chrome Extension. An alternative to Helium 10 is the WallySmarter tool which has a 150 million product ID database, and can quickly help you assess your product ideas for

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