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Helium 10 Chrome Extension – Free Download

by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: November 15, 2023
Helium 10 Chrome Extension – Free Download


Finding the right products and suppliers can be a challenge for Amazon and Walmart sellers. In this article, we discover how Helium 10's Chrome extension can simplify your product research and sourcing journey.

how to find trending items on amazon

What is the Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

Using the Helium 10 Extension, you can research a product for your eCommerce business and find a supplier with just a few clicks of your mouse.

This powerful tool is specifically designed for sellers on Amazon and With this tool, you can:

Validate Amazon and product ideas.
Do keyword research.
Calculate profitability.
Check inventory levels for current sellers.
Grab bulk ASINs for a searched item.
Get review insights.
Find an (verified) supplier.

It’s one of the best Amazon product research tools available and it’s free to download.

Let’s take a closer look!

helium 10 chrome extension free download

How to Get Started with the Chrome Extension

It’s easy and FREE!

  1. Go to:
  2. Download the Amazon Helium 10 extension.
  3. Open Amazon (or using Google Chrome
  4. Go to your Chrome extension toolbar and activate the Chrome extension (this is how to connect Helium 10 to Amazon).
  5. Type in a product keyword into the Amazon (or search bar and watch the extension go to work!
instructions to connect helium 10 to amazon

Powerful Tools for Product Research: Helium 10 Xray

The Helium 10 Chrome Extension has 2 tools for validating your product ideas.

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1. Use the Product Summary Widget

The Product Summary Widget shows snapshot data on a specific product that you want to research.

If you’re interested in a product idea this widget will help you see your main competitors, the last 30 days of sales, the listing health score, marketplaces the product is sold in, and top keywords.

You can also track your competitors, see their inventory volume and their sales data.

See below a screenshot of the Product Summary widget:

helium 10 seller assistant
hustle life making a point symbol

2. Use the Xray Amazon Product Research Tool

Using the Helium 10 Xray Amazon Product Research tool you get access to more detailed information on all the products that meet your search criteria.  

In the example below I search for ‘dash cam’ and you can see the results of products matching this keyword.

x ray amazon product research

This bulk data can be filtered, sorted, and downloaded. If you have a product in mind, this will help you assess the volume being sold and your competition.

Pro Tip: If you don’t already have a product in mind and you’re still exploring different niches, then Helium 10 Xray will be limiting. You’ll need to use Helium 10 Black Box for a broader search. Click here to learn how to use Helium 10 for free and access Black Box!

Black Box is an alternative product research tool that can be found in the main Helium 10 dashboard.

helium 10 extension chrome
helium 10 chrome extension free download

Effortlessly Source Suppliers

Finding the right supplier is crucial for your business. The Alibaba Supplier Finder feature in the Helium 10 Amazon Chrome Extension simplifies the process.

When you have the Xray Amazon Product Research tool open, select ‘Find Suppliers on Alibaba’.

See the example supplier search below. You can even enter filters to narrow down my results. In my search, I’ve filtered for suppliers with 4-star ratings or above and products up to $25 with minimum orders below 100.

helium 10 seller assistant for amazon product research

With just a few clicks, you can pull up every available supplier for a specific product. Whether you're sourcing electronics, clothing, or any other product, this feature makes it easy to find reliable suppliers.

helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool

Do The Math!

Another feature of this Chrome extension for Amazon sellers is the Profitability Calculator.

With this Amazon FBA calculator, you can assess a product’s potential profitability based on the historical data, AND work out if the margin and ROI meet your profit goals.

Pro Tip: Don’t let a passion project overshadow turning a profit. If your idea doesn’t look profitable then it might be a good time to take a breath. Calculating profitability and ROI is a MUST-DO part of any eCommerce product research.

It’s super quick to use and the results are clear and easy to understand.

chrome extension helium 10 demonstration of profitability calculator

Get Powerful Keyword Insights

1. Search Expander

Improve your Amazon search experience by using Search Expander. Using this tool helps you find strong, detailed (long-tail) keywords fast. These long tail keywords are often low volume BUT low competition.

helium 10 chrome extension free download

2. Xray Keywords

Using Helium 10 Xray Keywords you can discover top keywords that are driving organic sales to your competitors. See the example search below for my ‘dash cam’ search example.

helium 10 xray chrome extension product search example

These are the keywords that are ranking and performing for dash cam products being sold on Amazon. The Helium Chrome Extension takes away the risk of guessing keywords. I now know exactly the keywords that I need to use in my listings and PPC advertising.

I show you how to do more in-depth keyword analysis using Helium 10's Magnet tool while you learn how to rank on Amazon and Walmart.

If you want to find out more about Helium 10 Cerebro (reverse ASIN tool) and learn my personal strategies, then read my article 8 Amazon Keyword Research Strategies Using Helium 10 Cerebro.

Pro Tip: If you have access to the Helium 10 suite on a Starter, Platinum or Diamond Plan then there are additional keyword research tools to help optimize listings and PPC campaigns.
Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Understand Amazon Customers

Review Insights is another tool that comes with the Helium Extension. It helps you to see trends in reviews and customer feedback.  It’s great for uncovering customer pain points, product weaknesses, and much more.

helium 10 chrome extension review insights

As an example, for my eCommerce site in the pet niche, I use reviews to help understand my customer needs. I write my descriptions to answer their questions and issues.

For example, a common issue arising with pet harnesses, collars, and other apparel is customers ordering the wrong size OR being unable to make a buying decision because sizing charts and information aren’t available. This comes up as a common issue in the reviews and feedback for my competitors. So, I ALWAYS include sizing charts and I source products that are adjustable. It gives my buyers confidence to make a purchase and gives me a winning edge.

See my 5 strategies to improve Amazon BSR using Review Insights.

Customer reviews are a potential gold mine and help you to stand out from your competitors. The Review Insights tool makes the analysis process quicker by bulking reviews and allowing you to sort and filter. You can also download the reviews into a worksheet for convenience.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Chrome Extension

Main Pros

The main benefits of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension are that it is:


Easy to use.

Informative with robust data. It is simply one of the best chrome extensions for Amazon sellers.

Great for a wide range of research.

You can access your historical searches for future reference.

Main Cons

The main problems with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension are:

Even though it is free, there are only limited numbers of uses for each of the tools (to get unlimited access you need to sign up to a Helium 10 paid plan).

Xray (the Helium 10 product research tool within the Chrome extension) isn’t useful for broad product or niche research. You need to have a product idea in mind to start with. For help finding a niche or product, you need to sign up to Helium 10 and use the Black Box tool.

Black Box is amongst the best Amazon product research tools. AND, you can try it for free using a Helium 10 Free account.

Learn how to access Black Box for free!

Final Thoughts

Helium 10 Amazon Chrome Extension is an excellent research tool for Amazon and Walmart sellers. It can help to research products, find keywords, source verified Alibaba suppliers, calculate profitability, and MORE!

The tool is free to download, and you can test it out for a limited number of uses. The Helium 10 Chrome Extension download is free so try it today and start testing your own product ideas.

helium 10 chrome extension free download

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Jessica Clark Amazon FBA Expert

Jessica Clark has a passion for all things eCommerce. She’s always learning and adapting to find efficiencies and to stay competitive in a fast-paced sector.


How much is Helium 10 per month?

There are 3 standard paid plans:

  • Starter Plan at $39/month. A limited but cheap plan for beginners who are learning the ropes.
  • Platinum Plan at $99/month. An affordable plan for growing Amazon businesses with up to 20 products.
  • Diamond Plan at $279/month. A fully loaded suite of tools for larger Amazon FBA sellers with up to 1000 products.

How to use helium 10 to find products?

Want to know how to find best seller on amazon? The best tool that will provide robust supporting data is Helium 10 Black Box. This will allow you to do a broad search with just a few simple criteria. See more on Black Box in our Helium 10 review article.

Otherwise, you can use Amazon’s own bestseller list and then use the Amazon browser extension and Helium 10 Xray tool (as demonstrated above).

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