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Helium 10 Magnet: Find Keywords to Rank on Amazon & Walmart

by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: November 28, 2023
Helium 10 Magnet: Find Keywords to Rank on Amazon & Walmart

Magnet in Helium 10 is an Amazon keyword research tool that you can use to get insights about your product keywords.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can use Helium 10 Magnet to do direct keyword research using seed keywords. In this blog post I’ll be explaining the following:

What is Helium 10 Magnet
Helium 10 Magnet Vs Cerebro for keyword research
How to do an Amazon keyword search using Magnet in Helium 10 to find top Amazon keywords
Finding PPC keywords
Amazon competitor analysis - My favorite keyword hack!
Magnet for Walmart keyword research
How to organize keywords
Helium 10 Magnet Price
And more!
Helium 10 - amazon listing software

What is Helium 10 Magnet

Magnet is the tool you can use to search the Helium 10 keyword database. You can find the most searched keywords on Amazon, AND so much more!

Magnet follows Helium 10’s tradition of wacky naming schemes. The Helium 10 keyword research tool has little to do with the power of attraction and more to do with fetching powerful top Amazon keywords from its database to help you generate more organic traffic and increase sales! Sounds to me like a receipe for success.

You can use Magnet AFTER you’ve done research in Black Box. Black Box is the Helium 10 software to find best selling items on Amazon and where you can do Amazon product analytics. Magnet keyword research will trigger a broad search for related and relevant keywords. The results you get from Magnet could be several thousand keywords and suggestions to help you create powerful listings so customers can find your products.

Helium 10 Magnet Vs Cerebro for Keyword Research

I’ve previously shared a blog post on how to use Cerebro in Helium 10. Cerebro is an Amazon competitor research tool using reverse ASIN searches to uncover keywords that help your competitors to rank.

search optimization on amazon using filters

Magnet is the Helium 10 keyword research tool that will give you instant insights into your product keywords and it’s the place where you can round off keyword research after using Cerebro. Magnet is useful when you have an Amazon generic keyword or starter seed keywords to generate broad keyword ideas.

helium 10 magnet amazon listing keyword tool
Pro Tip: You can think of starter seed keywords as general ways to describe your product. For example: dog bed, dog harness, dog collar. These are generic Amazon keywords for a broad search. You can either think of relevant seed keywords OR use your research results from Cerebro.

Otherwise, the tools function in a similar way. In both Cerebro and Helium 10 Magnet, you can use filters to narrow a search and organize and export your results in the same way.

how to find trending items on amazon

How to Use Helium 10 Magnet

In this next section, I’ll explain how to use Helium 10 for Amazon keyword research.

Using the Magnet Find Suggestions tab, just simply type in a keyword or phrase e.g., ‘Dog Harness’, and set some filters according to your criteria.

amazon keyword search suggestion tool

Magnet will crawl the Amazon marketplace database (of your choice) to generate the following intel:

hustlelife think about it symbol

Related or associated keywords (matching your seed keyword and filters).

hustlelife think about it symbol

High Amazon search volume keywords.

hustlelife think about it symbol

Low competition keywords (using Magnet IQ Score which shows the ratio of Search Volume to Competing Products. High IQ normally means less competitive).

hustlelife think about it symbol

Amazon trending keywords.

hustlelife think about it symbol

Historical data to find seasonal variations or unusual spikes.

hustlelife think about it symbol

How many products need to be sold for a particular keyword (CPR) to get that product on page one of the results.

hustlelife think about it symbol

Keywords to use in your title to rank on page one. What keywords appear in the title for products on page one.

The results you get are based on Amazon search terms used over the last 7 days! So, you can make decisions and act based on the very latest customer behavior.

Whilst the tool is relevant, efficient, and thorough, this does mean you can end up with a list of several thousand keywords. You can focus the keyword list in a few ways:

Set ‘tighter’ filters.

Exclude non-relevant keywords.

Manually select relevant keywords.

Pro Tip: Keyword relevancy is important!! It’s your job to think about and understand your products and customers. You need to identify relevant keywords that customers are using as genuine Amazon search terms. It’s fine to also include some more unusual keywords, but if your keywords aren’t relevant, then your listing won’t rank well.
helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool

Magnet Data Sources – Using the Match Filter

The Match filter is where you can focus your keyword research for 3 different sources of keywords: Organic keywords, Smart Complete keywords, or Amazon Recommended (PPC) keywords.

Organic Keywords

Helium 10 is searching the database to find the top products that match your seed keyword search. Magnet will search the database to find products using this keyword. The results you see are the additional Amazon keywords that these products are ranking for.

organic amazon keyword search

Smart Complete

Autocomplete is when you start typing a search and the search box will show additional keywords to add onto the end of your initial word(s). E.g., enter “dog” and it may show “dog bed”, “dog toy”, “dog harness” etc.

Smart Complete is different. It’s taking the word that you enter and suggesting keyword phrases or variations in any form, based on your original keyword. E.g., enter “dog” and it may show “bed for dogs”, “small dog toy”, “agility dog harness” etc.

Making Smart Complete is a more thorough keyword suggestion tool than auto-complete.

Amazon Recommended – PPC Keywords

Amazon has a list of keywords that it would suggest or recommend you use in your PPC campaigns. Helium 10 is the only software that has an algorithm to extract this data and it’s the closest we get to having an Amazon keyword ranking tool for PPC ads. If you’re running PPC campaigns, then you need to do Amazon PPC keyword research.

But even if you’re not advertising it’s still useful to understand which keywords your competitors are using to drive sales.

My Favorite Hack: Amazon Seller Competitor Analysis

I’ve already said that Cerebro is where you can do competitor keyword research. But my favorite keyword hack uses both Cerebro in the Chrome Extension and Magnet in Helium 10 to do Amazon competitor analysis and find high-ranking keywords.

Here are the exact steps so you can find keywords your competitors are using to sell more:


Using the Helium 10 Chrome Extension in Amazon. Choose a competitor’s product and select ‘Run on Cerebro’


Now using the Cerebro filters identify the top ranking keywords and copy to your clipboard


Open Helium 10 Magnet


Go to the Analyze Keywords tab


Paste the competitor keywords into Magnet and run a search.

For example; In my pet niche, I have competitors supplying dog harnesses. Using the steps above, I have found a competitor ASIN (see screenshot below) and I can pull up their keywords using ‘Run on Cerebro’.

Amazon Keyword Research - Run on Helium 10 Cerebro
Pro Tip: Magnet has a limit of 200 seed keywords. So, you need to find high ranking keywords by filtering on Search Volume (minimum 1000) and Organic Rank (1-10).
settings to search competitor keywords

Using some filters, I target keywords with a search volume over 1000 AND that rank no more than 10 (show up on page one). The Magnet data results now show me average and combined insights into the competitor’s keywords.

One of the most important results I am looking for is the Total Search Volume.

Helium 10 Magnet Keyword summary example

In my example search, I can see that (using the keywords extracted in step 2 above) there are more than 200,000 people per month seeing my competitor’s product in their search results!

Now if I run the exact same analysis on my own product ASIN, I can compare my keyword performance with my competitors. If I find a competitor that is outperforming me, then I know I have uncovered some valuable competitor keywords.

The idea is that if you’re finding strong top keywords (most searched keywords on Amazon for a competitor product) then you know these are important keywords to include in your listing. It’s that simple!

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Magnet for Walmart

For sellers exploring the opportunities on Walmart, you’ll be interested to know that Helium 10 Magnet is also compatible with

You can use Magnet to research keywords and search keyword volume on Walmart in the same way that you search on Amazon.

There are some differences to note:

hustlelife important symbol

You must select the com marketplace from the drop-down menu.

hustlelife important symbol

There is an additional filter button to select keywords from products with the Walmart Best Seller Badge.

hustlelife important symbol

The results will show both Walmart AND Amazon search volume.

hustlelife important symbol

You’ll often see lots of keywords with 0 or 1 sponsored ads. This isn’t a mistake. 3rd party Walmart advertising isn’t as competitive as Amazon, so there’s more opportunity.

keyword research results using Helium 10 Magnet for Walmart
hustlelife important symbol

Walmart customers tend to use general keywords and then filter using product attributes. So, you’ll find long tail keywords often have very low search volume. Try using more broad/general seed keywords.

Pro Tip: Because Walmart customers like using product attributes to find a product, it’s highly recommended to also set up attributes in your Walmart product listings.

If you’re selling on both Walmart and Amazon, then it’s important to do specific research on each marketplace.

How to Organize Your Magnet Keywords

Magnet might generate hundreds or thousands of keywords. It’s not possible to use all the keywords, so you must reduce the keywords by filtering and then also targeting:

High Volume keywords.
Relevant keywords.
Associated ‘unusual’ keywords that can generate extra traffic.
Competitors' organic ranking keywords.
Competitor PPC keywords.
amazon keyword tracker

Each time you search Amazon keywords, you should save the keywords. There are multiple ways to organize your keywords. In Cerebro and Magnet you can do the following:

  • Using ‘My List’ means you can keep doing your research and adding to your list. You basically create a folder (give it a name) and keep adding keywords to your list. You can use this list as an Amazon keyword planner.
  • Export keywords to Excel so you can sort, organize, and process your keywords using Excel functionality. I talk more about this in my article: 8 Amazon Keyword Research Strategies to Rank Using Helium 10 Cerebro.
  • Select and add keywords to Helium 10 Frankenstein to create your product listings.
example of how i organise my keywords in excel

Keyword research can be time-consuming and confusing. An Amazon keyword tool saves you time, but you still need to stay organized.

Learn More About Helium 10 Magnet!

Helium 10 Magnet Price

Magnet is part of the Helium 10 software suite.

There is no separate Helium 10 Magnet price. Instead, there are 3 standard Helium 10 pricing plans.

The software plans start at $39 / Month (billed monthly) or $29 / Month (billed annually).  For a comprehensive rundown on the plans, the pros & cons of each, and exactly what you get for your money (PLUS BONUS HELIUM 10 DISCOUNT CODES) visit our Helium 10 Pricing Plans.

The Starter Plan limits the number of Magnet searches you can run, but it’s enough for a small seller. It’s also a useful plan to use whilst you’re running through the Freedom Ticket training.

how to find trending items on amazon

Wrap Up

Amazon keyword research is one of the research steps all Amazon sellers need to take seriously.

Finding top Amazon keywords. Then sorting, prioritizing, organizing, and using those keywords in your listings (and PPC campaigns) is how you rank your products!

The tool that helps you do all this is called Helium 10 Magnet.

In this article, I’ve shown you the scope of Magnet and demonstrated how to find top keywords on Amazon to help rank your products using simple filters and search criteria. If you’re not already using Helium 10, then find out more in my Helium 10 article. Or you can try Helium 10 for free and start today!

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

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