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Helium 10 Pricing Plans – Inclusions, Free Trial, Pros & Cons

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: November 10, 2023
Helium 10 Pricing Plans – Inclusions, Free Trial, Pros & Cons

In this article we look at the Helium 10 pricing plans. This is a detailed review covering the following topics:

Helium 10 pricing plan options
The pros and cons of each plan.
The cost of Helium 10
The Helium 10 FREE trial plan
Helium 10 Add-Ons and Enterprise Plans
How to get a Helium 10 discount
The Free Helium 10 Chrome Extension
Which Plan to Choose
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Helium 10: An All-In-One Amazon Seller Suite of Tools

What is Helium 10? Helium 10 is like a superhero selection-box for people selling on Amazon.

It's a complete bundle of powerful tools all in one place, helping sellers boost their Amazon game. Helium 10 does it all:

Find products to sell on Amazon,
Amazon keyword research tool,
Spy on competitors,
Fine-tuning product listings,
Managing inventory,
Run ads,
And more!

What is Helium 10 used for? It is the go-to for serious Amazon sellers, providing essential data and tools to be competitive in the world of Amazon FBA. Eager to find out more? Then read my Helium 10 review article.

how to find trending items on amazon

Why Use Helium 10?

Before considering Helium 10, you might be asking yourself, "Is Helium 10 Worth It?"

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Do you want to sell on Amazon?
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Do you want to find best-selling Amazon products?
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Do you want to rank and sell more?
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Are you serious about growing your Amazon business?
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Are you juggling to manage orders, product listings, customer reviews, returns, inventory and finances?

If you need help to grow or automate your Amazon business, then Helium 10 can help you. As to whether it’s worth it then you need to consider everything that Helium 10 can do to support your Amazon business.

amazon seller third party tools

Here’s the entire list of activities it supports:

Product Research
Keyword Research
Profits and Financial Tracking
Listing Optimization
Automated Marketing (e.g., follow-up with customers)
Operational Tasks (e.g., alerts to fraud, managing refunds and inventory)
Amazon Ad Management
Competitor Intelligence
Amazon Sellers Training (Freedom Ticket course)
helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool

Helium 10 Pricing – How Much is Helium 10 Per Month?

The standard Helium 10 pricing plans are:

  • Starter Plan at $39/month or $29/month when billed annually.
  • Platinum Plan at $99/month or $79/month when billed annually.
  • Diamond Plan at $279/month or $229/month when billed annually.

If you want to cut the cost of Helium 10 then there is also a Helium 10 free trial plan that I discuss later in this article.

helium10 pricing

Helium 10 Starter Plan

Is Helium 10 Starter worth it?

The first of the Helium 10 plans is the Starter Plan at $39 per month.

This is a great plan for getting your feet wet without taking on a hefty software subscription.

The Helium 10 price for the Starter Plan is $39/month. Making this initial software investment affordable and it gives you a leg up to start selling on Amazon.

Helium 10 Starter Plan Features

Helium 10 Starter Plan – Important Tools Included

Xray for product research
Profits for financial tracking
Review Insights
Listings Optimization (limited)
Xray for keyword research (limited)
Inventory and Helium 10 Alerts (limited)
Market Tracker for competitor research
Freedom Ticket Amazon Seller Training
Helium 10 - amazon listing software

The important features that are not included in the basic Helium 10 Plan are:

There are several tools that are not included in the Starter Pan. However, I think the following is a list of tools that could be useful to a new seller.

  • Dashboard Access – Centralized view of your important metrics (revenue, sales, profits, refunds, top products etc)
  • Keyword Tracker – helps to simplify your product rankings based on winning keywords.
  • Follow-up – automated email marketing and communications
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What are the Pros Helium 10 Starter Plan?

Unbeatable Value: This base-level plan is a great way to test the software at a low entry cost. It’s a month-by-month subscription, so you have no long-term commitment to ongoing and expensive software costs.

Access To a Range of Tools: Even though some of the tools are limited access, you get access to a broad range of tools to cover multiple important tasks. As a beginner you need to focus on finding winning products, getting ranked and beating competitors. The Start Plan tools will help you achieve this trifecta.

Best In Class Training: You also get access to Freedom Ticket. This is Kevin King’s step-by-step course for Amazon sellers. I think that this training alone is worth the $39/month! Even if you don’t intend on using Helium 10, I would recommend a new seller sign up to the Starter Plan just to do this course!

helium 10 freedom ticket
Learn From The Best With This JAM PACKED Course By Helium 10
Lifetime Access Including All Updates

Main Cons of Helium 10 Starter Plan

Limited AMZ Keyword Research: If you want to drive traffic to your product listings then you need ranking keywords. The limitations of the Starter Plan make it so you can only use the keyword tools sparingly.

For example, you get 5 uses on Xray which means you have to be very targeted in your research.

If you only have one or two products then you probably won’t miss these tools, but as you grow your business, you’ll need to consider more automated management. These tools are available but at an extra cost. You’ll need to Plan Up!

how to find trending items on amazon

Helium 10 Platinum Plan

Helium 10 Platinum Plan is it worth it?

The Helium 10 cost for this plan is $99 per month. For this price, you get access to most of the tools even though there are still a few restrictions.

This plan is suited to a growing Amazon business with multiple products.  

Helium 10 Cyber Monday deal

Helium 10 Platinum Plan Features

Helium 10 Platinum Plan – Important Tools Included

Keyword Research:
Black Box
Review Insights
Keyword Tracker (limited use)
Market Tracker for competitor research
Profits for financial tracking
Keyword Research:
Listings Optimization:
Frankenstein for keyword processing
Scribbles for powerful listings
Listings Analyzer (limited use)
Helium 10 Alerts (20 Products)
Follow-up (limited customer emails)
Inventory Management (limited)
Dashboard Insights & Tracking (20 Products)
Walmart Seller Tools
Freedom Ticket Amazon Seller Training

What are the Pros Helium 10 Platinum Plan?

Still Good Value: For $99 per month, most the key Helium 10 features have been included. Meaning this is a complete end-to-end Amazon seller experience with no other paid tools needed.

Access to Helium 10 Dashboard Insights: This is the ultimate seller’s data control center. With this tool, you have oversight of up to 20 product listings for sales analytics, and performance metrics.

The Dashboard gives you real-time access to the status and health of your Amazon business. Access to this Amazon seller tool is an important addition to the Platinum Plan and will help you fortify your Amazon business.

helium 10 dashboard

Walmart Seller Tools: If you want to expand and sell on the marketplace then you can make use of the Helium 10 Walmart tools. These are included in the Platinum Plan!

Manage 20 Products: This plan allows you to effectively manage 20 products! If you have 20 products, then your Amazon business is really ramping up and that’s a decent size portfolio being maintained under an affordable mid-tier plan.

Learn More About Helium 10 Plans

Main Cons of Helium 10 Platinum Plan

No Refund Genie: In theory, if you have 20 products and a strong Amazon business, then you will be dealing with a certain volume of refunds and other "issues".

For example, occasionally Amazon FBA gets it wrong and may miscalculate freight costs or damage your goods. They don’t always automatically refund for these mistakes. Instead (a lot of the time) sellers need to make a request.

Refund Genie takes care of the tracking of these issues, so you can extract a report and send it to Amazon for a refund. It is a time-saving and money-saving tool.  

Helium 10 Diamond Plan

Helium 10 Diamond Plan is it worth it?

If your Amazon business has become a force of nature and you’re making a substantial online income, then the Helium 10 Diamond Plan is the right package.

The Helium 10 price per month is $279. This is a decent ongoing investment. So, let’s take a look at what you get!

Helium 10 Diamond Plan – Important Tools Included

You get all the tools in the Platinum Plan, with fewer limitations (it's possible to manage 1000 products).
Extra Key Features
• Multi-user Access
• Connect 5 Amazon Accounts

PLUS, these additional advanced user tools:
• Advanced Competitor Analytics
• Refund Genie
• AI Listings Builder
• Business Valuation

Advanced Seller Training:

• Advanced PPC Training
Exit Strategy Training

Main Pros of Helium 10 Diamond Plan

Fewer Restrictions: Under the Diamond Plan you get access to ALL the tools with usage limits up to 1000 products!

5 Users: With an Amazon business that requires the Helium 10 Diamond Plan you will likely have a small team or at the very least a VA to help with routine tasks.

Singular access and singular workflow are too restrictive and could end up costing you money.  Having multi-user access is a winning feature!

Advanced Seller Training: PPC training is essential for all advanced Amazon sellers. These additional Helium 10 benefits are included in the Diamond Plan, so you get access to step-by-step training to understand how large brands maximize ROAS on Amazon.

Refund Genie: If you have a large Amazon business then tracking your refunds can become overwhelming. Fortunately, the Helium 10 suite includes Refund Genie to help you identify the refunds due to you. Many users claim that this functionality alone is worth the Helium 10 subscription since it can help them reclaim thousands in ‘lost’ refunds.

helium 10 refund genie

Main Cons of Helium 10 Diamond Plan

Limited Alerts: The Alerts tool is limited to 200 products. Given that you can effectively manage 1000 products under this plan, this limit seems overly restrictive.

Helium 10 Cyber Monday deal

Is Helium 10 FREE?

Want to know how to find best-selling products on amazon for free?

The Helium 10 team offers a free plan with limited access to give new users a taste of things to come.

You can use many of the features but for limited uses. This is a perfect place to see if the Helium 10 Amazon keyword research and product research tools are right for you.

Pro Tip: Helium 10 doesn't openly advertise their FREE ACCOUNT, so click on our link below and make sure to scroll to the very bottom of their page to sign up for a free account.
Get Free Access To Helium 10

Helium 10 Add-Ons and Enterprise Plans

There are several add-ons as well and custom enterprise solutions for large brands and agencies:


You can manually bolt-on features to your current package. This can be done at the time of starting your Helium 10 subscription or at any time after. Add features such as:

Helium 10 Elite, an exclusive seller training & networking group.

Automate PPC campaigns with the Adtomic

Track your competitors using Market Tracker 360.

Custom Enterprise Solutions:

‘Contact Sales’ to Supercharge your brand with advanced and elite software options.

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How to Get a Helium 10 Discount

There are a few ways to get a good deal on Helium 10.

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1. Helium 10 FREE Plan

The Helium 10 Free Trial Plan is a good way to get started for Free.

Pro Tip: You can use this free plan while you go through the Helium 10 Academy Training. The academy videos show you how to use Helium 10 which will take around 50-60 hrs to complete. This is the Helium 10 for Beginners course.  So, it’s a good idea to save some money and make use of the free plan while you’re learning the ropes.

helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool
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2. Get the Free Amazon Chrome Extension

The Free Helium 10 Chrome Extension offers an array of AMZ tools for your product and keyword research AND can help you source an Alibaba supplier.

Want to know how to find trending products on Amazon? Use the Chrome extension! It’s one of the best AMZ tools and it’s free. You can do initial research using the tool but for some of the search types, you’ll only be able to run a limited number of queries.

See the example search (in the image below) where I searched for ‘dash cams’ and found 22 products and verified Alibaba suppliers:

helium 10 chrome extension

This was all at the click of a few buttons. There is no way I could do this kind of product and supplier research on my own!

See what other features the Helium 10 Free Chrome extension has to offer, as well as a couple small limitations.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software
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3. Pay for an Annual Subscription

The best way to get even bigger discounts is to pay upfront on an annual billing cycle.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Billed Monthly

Billed Annually

Helium 10 Starter Plan
$29* /month 

(SAVE $120 /year)
Helium 10 Platinum Plan
$79* /month

(SAVE $240 /year)
Helium 10 Diamond Plan
$229* /month

(SAVE $600 /year)
*Equivalent Monthly Cost

If you opt to pay annually, you get treated to huge discounts of up to 25%!

But remember! Only pay annually if you are confident that you are sticking with the product for the next 12 months.

helium 10 pricing plans comparison
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4. Use one of our exclusive Helium 10 coupons for a discount:


Get 10% off for life! Upgrade your plan for this special discount (limited-time offer). Use our exclusive Helium 10 coupon code at checkout: THEHUSTLELIFE10


Get 20% off any plan for the first 6 months (limited-time offer). Use our exclusive Helium 10 coupon code at checkout: THEHUSTLELIFE6M20

Get A Helium 10 Discount

How to Use the Hustle Life Discount Coupons


Click on the button above.


You will be directed to the Helium 10 Website


Select the discount offer of your choice


You will be taken to a sign-up page.


The pre-selected plan is the Platinum Plan. If you proceed, then the coupon code will be automatically applied.


But if you prefer to choose the Starter or Diamond plan then you can change plans by selecting Return to Pricing Page’. See the screenshot below.

Get A Helium 10 Discountsteps to use coupon code to get the discount on the helium 10 pricing plan you want

At the pricing page you can now manually add the coupon code and select your chosen plan. See the screenshot below:

using the helium 10 discount code

Helium 10 Pricing Plans: What’s the Best Deal?

The Helium 10 plans are designed to suit different businesses. The best deal is the one that suits your business and needs:

Free Helium 10 Plan

Get a taster. A limited-use plan so you can practice while you’re learning to use the software.

Starter Plan

Kick-start your new eCommerce business with the base plan. Get limited access to AMZ tools for product and keyword research and start your learning journey with Freedom Ticket. It’s a cost-effective way to get the ball rolling.

Helium 10 Starter Vs Platinum Plan

If your Amazon business is starting to grow and you’re finding the Starter Plan is too limiting then it’s time to take your next big step with the Platinum Plan. Gain access to powerful research tools, manage multiple products, and streamline operations with automations.

Helium 10 Diamond Vs Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan can only take you so far. If you’ve grown your product portfolio or have fierce competitors, then the Diamond Plan has it all! Not only can it help you create a (semi) automated money machine, but you’ll also reap the benefits of staying ahead of the competition to create sustainable income and a saleable business.

Add-Ons and Enterprise Plans

When you need a more customized set of tools to help skyrocket your business.

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Wrap Up

In this article, I've reviewed the 2023 Helium 10 prices and plans and provided a detailed review of the features of each plan. I’ve also shared how to get free access and the best ways to save money on a Helium 10 subscription. Now all that’s left to do is for you to decide which Helium 10 tier fits your needs!

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

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Jeremy Harrison

Jeremy Harrison started this blog to share his journey and encourage other ambitious solopreneurs. He shares his highs and lows from experience with Amazon KDP, affiliate marketing and eCommerce.


How Long Can You Use Helium 10 For Free?

The Helium 10 free account has no expiry date. However, there are limitations set on the account. Once you’ve used your allowance then you’ll need to upgrade to a Starter or Platinum plan.

Can I Use the Helium 10 Tools for Walmart 3rd Party Selling?

Yes, you can expand beyond Amazon and reach more customers on using the Helium 10 keyword and product research tools.

These extra Helium 10 benefits are available on the Platinum and Diamond plans.

For a more complete end-to-end software solution for Walmart third party sellers consider WallySmarter. If you want to sell online as a Walmart 3rd party seller, then this is the tool that uses a proprietary algorithm with THE most accurate data. Read more about WallySmarter in our article.

How Do I Cancel My Helium 10 Subscription?

Helium 10 offers an unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee. This is applicable to the first charge/payment only.

After the first 7 days, you can cancel your plan and won’t get charged at the next billing cycle.

Can 2 People Use Helium 10?

The Helium 10 Diamond plan comes with multi-user access. Lower tier plans come with one user access log-in. This can be shared but means that only one person can be logged into the account at any one time.

How To Connect Helium 10 to Amazon?

You can connect to Amazon inside the main dashboard OR use the Helium 10 Chrome Extension

  1. Go to:
  2. Download the extension.
  3. Open Amazon and type in a search
  4. Activate the Chrome extension.
  5. If you have a seller account already then you can also click on ‘Connect to Amazon’

How Do I Upgrade Starter Helium 10 to Helium 10 Platinum?

If you want to upgrade your Helium 10 account, it’s simple.

  1. Log in to your Helium 10 account.
  2. Using the menu bar select Plans & Billing
  3. Choose the subscription plan that you want to switch to.
    • Upgrading your subscription plan will take effect immediately.
    • Downgrading your subscription plan will be reflected at the start of the next billing cycle.
Helium 10


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