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Helium 10 Review 2024

Jessica Clark Hustle Life
by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: January 11, 2024
Helium 10 review 2022

Helium 10 is the swiss army knife of Amazon FBA tools which includes powerful integrated tools like Black Box and Cerebro to help propel your Amazon FBA business. Experienced users wonder how they sold on Amazon without it.

Try Helium 10 for Free

Helium 10 suite of tools makes it a must-have for sellers.


Helium 10’s platinum plan is a great value for most people.

Ease Of Use

The interface is easy to use after a few days.


Support is responsive, most questions will be answered within 24 hours.

What I Liked...
Accuracy – The keyword and product research tools are accurate and help sellers make data-driven decisions
User-Friendly – We found Helium 10 to be user-friendly, but you have to commit time to training. The Helium 10 Academy training videos are exceptional.
Range of Tools – The software covers all bases and has a comprehensive set of integrated tools to support you through all aspects Amazon FBA
New Tools Added – Helium 10 continues to add new tools and enhance existing ones. Helping users to stay ahead of the algorithm, or market changes.
What I Didn't Like...
A Few Bugs With New Tools – Helium 10’s tools can sometimes be buggy.  User feedback suggests that the software developers need to be snappier at fixing the bugs.
Price – Even though there is a free plan, it isn’t until you upgrade to a platinum plan that the software really becomes useful.
Overlapping Tools - It can sometimes feel like there are too many tools and some duplication. Could the developers have streamlined the software a bit to make it easier to use?

Helium 10 Review 

Helium 10 is the all-in-one Amazon FBA platform that touts itself to be (drum roll please) “THE Ultimate Amazon FBA tool!"  A serious claim, given the array of other tools out there such as Jungle Scout and AMZScout.

So, in this Helium 10 review, I will be putting the platform through its paces and answering the important questions so you can really weigh up the Helium 10 pros and cons and decide how this Amazon FBA tool can help your business.

That having been said, I won’t hide the fact that I really do like this software. Aside from a couple of average features and a bit of overlap between tools (which I’ll explain more about later on) this is an impressive tool kit that comes at a competitive price.

But, before we get into it, you’re probably asking yourself. What is Helium 10 used for? Why do I need to use an Amazon FBA Tool? Or, Can I make money on Amazon without using Helium 10?

To answer those very good questions, we should first take a step back and consider 'Why Amazon FBA?'

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Can You Still Make Money from Amazon FBA?

We know already that Amazon is THE heavyweight champion of all-time champions when it comes to eCommerce.

With 300 million active customers and Amazon revenue set to exceed $700 billion in 2024, you don’t need to be a math genius to figure out why so many online sellers choose Amazon FBA as their marketplace of choice.


BUT, because the Amazon stats are so damn big, there are literally over 9 million sellers all armed with pitchforks in hand to fight for and defend their piece of that yummy pie!

Whilst that hefty competition might be a deterrent for some, the truly seasoned and successful Amazon sellers understand that knowledge is power and that utilizing the right suite of tools is a universal truth and game-changer:

hustlelife important symbol

Trying to be a successful Amazon seller without Amazon FBA tools means that YOU have to do all the heavy lifting and more concerningly, you will be indulging in risky guesswork to find products to scale.

hustlelife important symbol

Whilst there is no shortage of tools available to help, the choice of FBA tools out there can be confusing. And picking the wrong one for your business and goals can be a frustrating waste of valuable time and money!

But don’t throw in the towel just yet. We’ve been there and bought the T-shirt, so to speak, and if you do nothing else today, you should pat yourself on the back for doing one good thing for your business by looking at this comprehensive Helium 10 review.

So, let’s dive right into the review!

how to find trending items on amazon

What is Helium 10?

Most people who sell on Amazon have heard of Helium 10.

This end-to-end software has been around a little while and is used by over 2 million Amazon sellers generating over $6 Billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) EVERY MONTH! But just in case you haven’t heard of the Helium 10 Amazon seller tools, this section will get up to speed.

Helium 10 for amazon sellers

Turning a product idea into a real way to make money online isn’t as easy as everyone makes it sound.

The challenge of creating a successful eCommerce business has become more competitive and complex over time, and having a product idea isn’t necessarily a golden path to riches.

That’s why more and more sellers are turning to software tools to help with some of the grunt work and guesswork to help them build a successful eCommerce business.

Helium 10 is the industry’s first All-In-One Amazon Seller Software.  Meaning that the creators are providing an end-to-end tool kit to help manage your Amazon-based business.

All up there are around 35 ‘power tools’ bundled together to help Amazon FBA merchants manage their business.

what is helium 10 amazon seller software

Helium 10 tools help the best Amazon sellers:

Find product ideas for new stuff to sell.
Create high-ranking product listings.
Track success using ranking tools.
Evaluate the competition.
Stay in touch with customers.
Manage Operations.
Track Finances.
And More!

Everything is accessed from the convenience of the Helium 10 dashboard. Plus, there are a bunch of other nifty bonus features such as the Helium 10 Extension for Google Chrome, Amazon FBA Calculator, and access to a thriving FB community.

helium 10 member facebook group

Whilst in our opinion, the true value of Helium 10 is to take an already OK Amazon FBA store to the next level and build a serious Amazon brand, it’s also ideal for absolute beginners.

If you’re starting out, there are components of the software that aren’t needed to achieve your immediate goals. But if you’re planning to be an Amazon seller and you’re in it for the long run, then the software will set you up to become an Amazon power seller and create a scalable business from the ground up.

So now that we’ve given a bird's eye view as to what is Helium 10. You’re probably thinking that for a platform stuffed full of so many features, the quick summary just doesn’t cut it and you really need to know more.

Our Helium 10 review must go deeper to understand Helium 10 what is it used for and to explain all the key benefits and features of the software.

helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool

What’s included in Helium 10?

Whilst the package started out with 10 tools (hence the name Helium 10), the suite now has around 25 tools and counting. So, I suggest you take a breath because we’re going to break it down.

To help you organize this jumbo package into a workable solution, I have created a Helium 10 Quick Guide, so you can see for yourself how I use Helium 10. Because we love being helpful to our Hustle Life readers, I have shared my workflow and list of essential Helium 10 tools later in this article. It is a go-to guide to help make sense of this comprehensive tool kit.

The Helium 10 guys have also helped us out a bit by splitting the suite into several categories. The categories are:

  • Product Research,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Listing Optimization,
  • Operations,
  • Analytics,
  • Marketing,
  • and Finance.

In each category, you have access to tools that do a specific job:

Product Research Tools will help you to quickly find viable products to build your business.

  • Black Box - search a database of over 450 million product ASINs in seconds.
  • Helium 10 Chrome Extension Tools:
    • X-Ray
    • Supplier Finder (NEW) – Sourcing products from Alibaba
    • Demand Analyzer - View historical search volumes
    • ASIN Grabber - In-depth product research
    • Inventory Levels - Competitor Stock Levels
    • Profitability Calculator - Estimate a product’s profitability

Review Insights - Quickly aggregate customer reviews

how to find best selling products on Amazon

Keyword Research Tools will help you rank higher in searches and beat your competitors:

Cerebro – Reverse ASIN tool. Uncover your competitor’s keyword strategy.
Magnet - Find thousands of high-ranking product keywords using just a seed keyword as a starting point.
Misspellinator - In the 2023 version of the Helium 10 software this tool is no longer available.
amazon keyword tracker

Listing Optimization Tools help you craft high-quality, converting listings:

Frankenstein – Organizes and sorts your keyword lists.
Amazon Listing Builder NEW feature (formerly Scribbles) – Tracks the keywords you have used so you never miss an important keyword.
Listing Analyzer – Provides an assessment of your listing to identify weak areas.
helium 10 amazon listing software

Operations Tools help you run your business by automating tasks and sending reminders:

Refund Genie – Flags Amazon refunds owed to you.
Inventory Management - Protect your inventory by controlling order volume.
Alerts - Get alerted to any suspicious Amazon hijacking activity on your account.
Follow-Up – Build a brand and customer loyalty using email marketing.
Seller Assistant – Automate request reviews to create credibility amongst buyers.

Analytics Tools takes the guesswork out of your decisions, by providing you with accurate data:

Keyword Tracker - Maintain your sales by tracking your keyword rankings and more.
Market Tracker - Understand your specific market including trends, keywords, and new sellers.
Market Tracker 360 – Gain market share with advanced competitor intelligence and real-time data.
Profits - Understand your real-time financial health. This tool was updated in 2023 to include a heatmap showing sales trends across your ASINs.

Marketing Tools help you get out in front of your competition with direct traffic targeting and powerful ad campaigns:  

Adtomic – Get Amazon PPC data and insights, keyword suggestions, and manage multiple PPC campaigns. 
amazon ppc optimization options

While this list is impressive and certainly ticks the boxes in terms of scope and quantity, sometimes it's quality that matters most.

We often get asked, ‘Can Helium 10 really do it all?’  If you’re after a simple answer, then the answer is ‘Yes’. The longer answer is ‘Yes, but some of the tools are better, more essential, and more useful than others.

A more complicated answer is that there are tools out there that do a much better job of some of the tasks. See our Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 quick comparison below.

So maybe Helium 10 isn’t the best at everything, but in total it does do an impressive job at helping you manage your FBA business from end to end at a reasonable price.

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Helium 10 Features - A Suite of Powerful Amazon Seller Tools!

All the tools and features we discuss below are easily accessible via the Helium 10 website and the centralized dashboard.

So, let’s take a look at some of the key features that I use and understand. I will also be talking through not just WHAT they do, but more importantly HOW they can power up your Amazon FBA business and propel you to the next level.

1. Black Box: Discover Top Selling Items on Amazon

amazon best sellers

Finding a winning product to sell on Amazon is one of the most daunting challenges newer Amazon sellers have to deal with.

Helium 10 Black Box is amongst the best Amazon product research tools. It provides insights that can help you discover potential bestselling products in untapped niches with low competition.

The Helium Black Box tool has tabs for “products”, “keywords”, “competitors”, “marketplace,” “product targeting” and “niche” which allows you to search for products using different parameters.

Let me show you how.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Black Box Products Tab

Inside the Black Box Products tab, it’s easy to use filters to find products that meet your criteria. Tweak the filters and watch as Black Box shows up to 200 product ideas.

our helium 10 black box test results

In a test run using Black Box for this Helium 10 review, in just a few clicks of a button, I was able to find 3 products in the baby niche showing some potential. You can see in the screenshot that all products show strong sales performance.

If I run these products through the Listing Analyzer, I can see that they have poor-quality product descriptions, less than 4-star ratings, and few product images.

helium 10 black box product testing results

However, despite the poor-quality listings, they are making sales. Surely If I were to compete with a similar product but with a better-quality listing, I can outperform the current sellers?

Uncovering these opportunities is what the Black Box Products tab does best!

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Black Box Keywords Tab

Most people will rely on the Products tab to identify potential products or niches. But I also suggest using the “keywords” tab to find high-volume keywords.


Because high keyword demand strongly indicates customer demand for a product.

If you want to see a demo, then watch Helium 10’s Pro training video on how to use Black Box in Helium 10 to identify some great products and niche opportunities. 

Check out my step-by-step process and some great filter settings in my dedicated Black Box post, where you will quickly learn how to easily find top Amazon products to sell!

Before we leave this topic, another great product research tool by Helium 10 is the Amazon Chrome Extension featuring the Xray tool. With Xray, you can continue your research and dig deeper into product and competitor analysis.

In a tough marketplace doing Advanced Amazon product research is a task that can’t be bypassed. Having this kind of data at your fingertips is what will give you the edge over your competition, improve your Best Sellers Rank (BSR), and help drive sales to your Amazon products.

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Cerebro For Amazon Keyword Research

Let me first say that if you don’t do thorough Amazon keyword research then you won’t be using powerful Amazon backend keywords in your product titles or product descriptions.

Guessing at buyer keywords isn’t an option for any serious Amazon seller.

Another important factor (which seems obvious but is worth clarifying) is that Amazon keyword research must be based on the Amazon search results and data. Using keyword research tools like Google Planner, SEMRUSH and AHREFS is just not that relevant because they are based on Google searches.

Whilst Helium 10 has several Amazon keyword tools, the most popular and useful is Helium 10 Cerebro. Cerebro is a best-in-class Amazon keyword research tool that gives you direct access to the keywords that are driving your competitors’ performance.  

This reverse ASIN Keyword tool is quick to use, and the filters make it easy to target and narrow down your search results.

keyword search optimization on amazon using filters

With Helium 10 Cerebro you can:

Do reverse ASIN keyword search (using up to 10 ASINs at a time) to search competitor keywords.
Find the most searched terms on Amazon.
Delete rows you don't need.
See historical search data (to identify trends and seasonal variations).
Get additional data such as Amazon keyword ranking (Amazon recommended ranking ARR).
Track and export keywords to optimize your product listings for more sales!

To learn how to do Amazon competitor analysis and find top Amazon keywords, then read my Helium 10 Cerebro Tutorial: 8 Keyword Research Strategies to Rank on Amazon!

See Cerebro in action in this practical screen share video:

Magnet: The Helium 10 Keyword Database

Using better keywords is how you can organically move your product ranking onto page one of the Amazon search results. Helium 10 Magnet helps you search Amazon keywords to find the best keywords to help your products rank.

Unlike Cerebro, you start a search in Magnet using an Amazon generic keyword or seed keywords. Magnet then serves up all the associated or related keywords.

helium 10 magnet amazon listing keyword tool

The associated or related keywords can often be a list of thousands of Amazon keywords. To find the most searched terms on Amazon, you can use filters and other criteria to prioritize the Magnet keywords.

P.S. If it still isn’t obvious why you need two keyword research tools and I haven’t done a great job of explaining the differences between Cerebro and Magnet, then jump down to our FAQ section.

Using just these 3 tools above I spent only a few hours doing my research and came up with some great products to sell on Amazon. I've backed up my ideas using these tools, see my 15 Top Amazon Products to Sell in 2024.

how to find trending items on amazon

Helium 10 Product Listing Optimization Tools

Helium 10 has several Amazon seller listing tools to facilitate Amazon listing optimization:

  • Frankenstein.
  • Product Listing Builder / Scribbles.
  • Amazon Index Checker.
  • Listing Analyzer.

Together these tools are a solution for doing effective Amazon SEO. Using these tools, you can implement the 6 strategies for Amazon product listing optimization.

1. Frankenstein: Clean up keyword research and remove duplicates.

When you do Amazon keyword research using Helium 10 Cerebro and Magnet, they tend to generate A TON of keyword phrases including repeats and some strange or unrelated keywords.

While some people love trawling through lines of data to sort everything manually, it’s just not something I personally have any time or passion for.

That’s when I like to roll out the red carpet for Helium 10’s Frankenstein!

Frankenstein takes care of the keyword clean-up.

In a test run I did a quick import of over 2000 keywords (from Helium 10 Magnet) and ran them through Frankenstein. Using Frankenstein’s sorting and processing power, I was able to reduce the list to 410 keywords. I then removed duplicate and single-letter words to reduce the list down further to just 87 keywords!

helium 10 frankenstein

Shoehorning 87 keywords into a product listing is a much easier (and achievable) task than 2000 words!

The other incredibly good news is that Frankenstein is 100% compatible with Scribbles (Listing Builder). Which I will talk about next.

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2. Helium 10 Listing Builder (Scribbles). Create and Optimize Product Listings

Amazon listing Builder tool (Formerly Scribbles) was the birth child of Helium 10. A tool designed to help create optimized Amazon product listings.

Unfortunately, many newbie sellers don’t think enough about their product listings. Take my advice: listing optimization is a BIG DEAL.

Using a patented Helium 10 algorithm, the tool scours Amazon, analyzing competitor listings and sources information from them.

With Helium 10 Listing Builder, sellers can:

Import Amazon keywords from the Helium keyword research tools, Cerebro, Magnet, and/or Frankenstein.
Sort your keywords into high-volume important keywords down to low-volume options.
Create an optimized listing using the highest volume search terms that best represent what you’re trying to sell on Amazon.
Check keyword density, i.e., the right number of times the keywords appear.
Retrieve previously used Amazon listings and import them into the listing account.
helium 10 amazon listing software

Listing Builder / Scribbles automates many minor tasks, AND if your frontal cortex is firing blanks, then you can connect to Chat GPT for an AI written listing.

3. Helium 10 Listing Analyzer

The Listing Analyzer tool isn’t just useful for finding gaps in your competitor listings (like I demonstrated in the above section on the Black Box Products Tab).  It is also a great tool to check your own ASINs.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

4. Helium 10 Index Checker

Your products just won’t show up in the search results if the Amazon algorithm hasn’t indexed your products properly against your keywords. So, no indexing means zero sales!

You can literally type each of your keywords into the Amazon search bar and manually check if your product is listed in the catalog! But, even if you’re a chronic insomniac, the idea of manually checking the Amazon keyword indexing doesn't sound appealing.

The solution is the Helium 10 Amazon Index Checker tool that verifies if your products have been Amazon indexed.

identify Amazon keyword indexing issues usning index checker

Using the feature is straightforward. Just upload your keywords and the tool will list what has or hasn’t been indexed.

Amazon keyword indexing issues can be fixed up in your listing.

Pro Tip: When you’re creating a product listing you can add additional backend keywords to the Search Terms area of the Amazon listing. Amazon back end Search Terms can be useful for squeezing in ‘unusual’ keywords that you want to get indexed for.

The tool is also useful for checking your competitor’s keywords against your own ASIN! Anything that isn’t indexed in your listing could be a valuable keyword for you to add.

They say the devil is in the detail. The 4 core Amazon listing optimization tools hold true to this idiom. But I also think these tools have helped me avoid hours (probably days) of manual work. This is valuable time I’ve been able to spend focused on other aspects of my Amazon FBA business. Reaping rewards in other ways.

Try Helium 10 today  - Free Account

Adtomic: Create Amazon Ads and Improve ROI

Helium 10 Adtomic

Adtomic is the revamped version of Helium 10 Ads.

If you’ve been an Amazon seller for a while, you’ll know that you can quickly chew through 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars. If you’re getting a decent ROI (ROAS) from your advertising spend then this isn’t a problem. But if you have a low ROI, then all your hard work is in vain.

Adtomic is the Amazon advertising platform that will help you create Amazon ads, decide which keywords to target, analyze the results of your campaigns, and help you understand how to increase your ROI.

This is a big topic so we've decided to cover everything from the lingo, features, some great strategies, and analysis in Amazon Advertising Explained.

And, if you want to get your head around a great approach to Amazon PPC advertising and learn some of the pitfalls (with SOLUTIONS); then my guess is you'd be very interested in seeing some Common PPC Mistakes to Avoid!

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Portals: Helium 10 - Off Platform Landing Page Builder

Before we start looking at some of the analytics tools, I want to shine a spotlight on Portals which is one of Helium 10’s newer features.

Portals helps us manage our off-AMZ platform marketing strategies. Remember Amazon limits our on-platform customer interactions, which makes it difficult for us to promote our business to existing customers.

Going off platform allows FBA sellers to navigate around this Amazon restriction.

Helium 10 Portals Tool

With Portals you can BUILD A BRAND using these features:

Import your Amazon listings directly into Portals to create professional eCommerce product landing pages.
Drive traffic from social media, paid ads, and email marketing directly to your product landing pages. This is particularly useful for Tik Tok Shop that only allows a single link in your bio.
Track clicks, using attribution links to analyze off platform advertising.
Create QR Codes, product inserts and coupons.
Collect customer emails for subsequent campaigns.
Integrate with Zapier to automate email marketing campaigns.
Pro Tip: The benefits of off platform email marketing to connect with your customers might not be immediately tangible. However, the key to unlocking long term customer loyalty and expontential growth, is baked into this marketing strategy.

There are several important benefits to using Portals. Aside from having a professional landing page, you’ll start to shift from having individual items being sold on Amazon to establishing your Amazon business as a brand.

Keyword Tracker: A must have tool to stay ahead of the competition

Keyword Tracker Dashboard

With so many Amazon sellers out there all hungry for more sales, keeping a close eye on your competition has to be high on your priority list. This is what makes Keyword Tracker a must-have and must-use part of the tool kit.  

If you really want to maintain your product sales and momentum and to help avoid getting your market share sliced up, then this tool is going to help you do just that.

With Keyword Tracker you can track:

product URL
specific keywords of interest that are relevant to your products,
search volume,
competing products and ranking,
data relating to sponsored PPC campaigns

I’ve built Keyword Tracker into my normal workflow for my important high-value products that are the cornerstone of my mini FBA empire. These are my cash cow products and I want to aggressively defend my market share.

If you want to see when and how I use this and other tools then take a look at my quick go-to guide below.

Market Tracker: Create and Track Amazon Market Trends

Helium 10 Market Tracker

The Market Tracker tool is another newer tool useful for existing FBA sellers who want to get a more complete picture of the marketplace or markets relevant to your products.

With the tool you can:

create ‘markets’ into a centralized command center to get a good overview of product spaces that you sell in.
organize your ‘markets’ by choosing which products to track and which to ignore.
analyzing your market to gain insights to help you spot trends and gain market share.
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Profits Tool for Financial Reporting

Helium 10 Profits Tool Dashboard

Want to know how much money your actually making on Amazon?  Of course you do!

The Profits tool is a full financial reporting tool that gathers and collates important financial data into one convenient dashboard.  

It’s a live portal so data is refreshed every 30 minutes (or every 5 minutes for Elite Plan members) meaning you can use the data to make (near) real-time decisions.

If you want to see detailed data on product profitability, inventory levels, advertising ROI (ROAS), and other expenses, then this is your go-to tool.  

Pro Tip: A word of warning; in reality, if you’ve just launched the product, with only a few sales, the tool will not present an accurate picture. So, don’t go making rash decisions before the data has a chance to detect genuine trends.

Alerts to Detect Amazon Listing Hijacking

Amazon listing and ranking hijacking happen all the time. If you’re a successful seller, then you’ve probably been targeted at some time.

It happens when lazy sellers decide to piggyback off your listing and click on ‘sell one like this’. This immediately allows them to use your listing to make sales AND they have the chance to win the Buy Box! Worse still, if you have a nefarious competitor then they can alter your listing to wreak havoc on your business.

how to spot an Amazon listing hijacking

If you’re not familiar with hijacking and the damage it can cause to your FBA business, then I have explained more in this article: 5 Ways to Fix Amazon Listing Hijacking.

The best way to manage a listing hijacking is to act fast to contain the situation.

The Helium 10 Alerts won’t necessarily stop a listing hijacking, but it does provide 24/7 listing protection, so you can quickly do damage control.

To start, you need to connect the Alerts tool to your Amazon seller account to start tracking your listings. The tool can be switched on and off to monitor specific ASINs.

Helium 10 Alerts Dashboard

Helium 10 Alerts checks for:

hustlelife important symbol

A change in the listing’s title as well as when it took place.

hustlelife important symbol

Changes to the description.

hustlelife important symbol

Changes to product photograph(s).

hustlelife important symbol

Lost or missing buy button/box.

hustlelife important symbol

And several other parameters.

Helium 10 Alerts:

Sends notifications via SMS or email or through the Helium 10 portal.
Captures daily screenshots of your active listings so you can easily do visual checks and rectify changes to your listings.
Provides reporting templates so you can quickly report a listing hijacking incident to Amazon.

Without Alerts you may get hijacked and not even know for several hours or days. So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this tool has the potential to save your Amazon business.

Trial Helium 10

Inventory Protector

helium 10 inventory protector

Come Black Friday or Christmas, most sellers take advantage of high-volume sales by offering competitive discounts and promos.  

Instead of being able to build up your brand and customer base and potentially create upsells, a nefarious competitor or astute/greedy buyer could wipe out your entire stock of heavily discounted products in one hit.

Worse still this could lead to an Amazon listing hijacking once you adjust your price back to normal.

The inventory protector tool helps avoid the issue by setting the maximum amount of a particular item per sale.

Many sellers wish an inventory protector-type feature could be baked into Amazon Seller Central, but it isn’t. 

What’s more, Inventory Protector is very easy to use and manage. A brief look at the inventory protector feature is all you need to figure out how to use it.

helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool

Refund Genie

As an Amazon seller, you know that every now and then Amazon tends to damage or lose your stuff, which means you’re potentially losing stock which means you’re losing money.  

While Amazon usually notifies you through Amazon Seller Central when a refund is due, sometimes things fall through the cracks, and you may be entitled to a refund and not realize it.

helium 10 refund genie dashboard

When you’ve been around the traps a little, you’ll start to hear horror stories where sellers have thousands of dollars in refunds that have gone unnoticed for several weeks or more.

Refund Genie works by using Amazon’s API, tracking refund information, and recording instances where a refund is due.

Pro Tip: Sometimes Amazon overcharges you for shipping costs. This can happen when your parcel dimensions are incorrect. If you set up Helium 10 Alerts you can be alerted to any changes to your parcel dimensions. You can also request a refund for this type of overcharging error.

Helium 10 Refund Genie tool also provides you with:

  • Instructions on how to manage your refunds.
  • A template support request that you can copy and paste and send to Amazon.
  • Excel summary files.
  • Text files (with relevant information) that can be attached to the support request.
helium 10 refund genie support request  example

Using Refund Genie is a neat solution to semi-automate what is otherwise a mundane reconciliation task that could take hours.

Follow-Up To Create a Customer Base and Collect Reviews

Automated email follow-up in eCommerce, when done well can create a memorable customer experience, generate repeat business, and help build your brand. 

Helium 10 Follow-Up is a super useful email automation tool, allowing you to create customizable email templates that get triggered at specific events.  This is the on AMZ platform solution versus the Portals tool which is the off platform solution, offering more flexibility.

Helium 10 Follow Up Automations

With it, you can:

Thank customers for their purchase.
Gain more reviews.
Create added value and build a relationship with shoppers.
Promote other products from your Amazon business.

The tool is customizable, well-designed, easy to set up, and includes automation!

Although it’s easy to use, don’t be fooled into thinking this part of your Amazon business will be a breeze. Amazon has strict rules about when and how you can contact their customers.

Helium 10 Followup Automation Rules
Pro Tip: If there’s one thing you must be vigilant for, it’s understanding and maintaining compliance with the Amazon rules. This is ESPECIALLY true if you plan on cashing out and selling your Amazon business at some point. Investors and Aggregators will avoid Amazon stores with a shoddy history.

To help maintain compliance, Follow-Up has some built-in checks to prevent you from inadvertently breaching Amazon rules. If you need more advanced email marketing then use the Helium 10 Portals tool. 

Download Helium 10 Chrome Extension - it's FREE

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

The Helium 10 Chrome Extension is a tool that you can use while you are browsing Amazon or Alibaba.

The Amazon extension for Chrome is an additional suite of tools that is separate from the Helium 10 dashboard. Use the Amazon Chrome Extension to help:

Fine-tune your product research by validating your product ideas.
Estimate profits using an Amazon FBA calculator.
Do competitor research on sales history, Amazon seller rank, and keywords.
Access bulk reviews.
Find verified Alibaba suppliers.
And more!

Installing the Helium 10 extension is FREE and takes only a few minutes to install on your browser. While it’s an included part of the paid plans, you can also access this (using limited searches) on the Free Plan.

helium 10 chrome extension free download

Once installed it will give you access to a few extra tools like:

hustle life making a point symbol

Helium 10 Xray for product research (reverse ASIN tool), keyword research, and access to the Alibaba supplier finder.

helium 10 seller assistant
hustle life making a point symbol

Demand Analyzer (accessed from to find the highest selling items on Amazon for a search term and estimated revenue generated. Helium 10 is the only Amazon seller service that offers this functionality on Alibaba’s website.

helium 10 extension
hustle life making a point symbol

Inventory Levels to see a competitor’s stock levels. It’s a good way to see if a competitor is backing a certain product or gearing up for a big sales campaign.

hustle life making a point symbol

The Profitability tool is essentially an Amazon FBA calculator, which is extremely useful for estimating profit margin based on certain key parameters like product costs, sale price, FBA fees, and cost of shipping.

FBA profitability calculator
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Review Insights (previously known as Review Downloader) you can see reviews in bulk and do analysis to find pain points and gaps in descriptions for your own or competitor ASINs. You can learn more about this simple but effective Helium 10 tool in my article: 5 Strategies to Improve Amazon Best Seller Rank using Review Insights.

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Listing Health Score to help identify gaps in listings where there may be opportunities to improve or optimize a listing.

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ASIN Grabber to select bulk ASINs for further product or keyword research inside the Helium 10 dashboard.

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Helium 10 Chrome Extension Widgets show historical sales volume and pricing fluctuations over time as well as other key data.

Helium 10amazon seller chrome extension widgets

You can only see the widgets when the Amazon Chrome Extension is being used and because it’s layered on top of the listing it means that the data is all displayed on the one screen.

Download Helium 10 Chrome Extension - it's FREEAmazon Keyword Research - Run on Helium 10 Cerebro

I like the easy functionality of the tool is great for quick Amazon product research.  But its real potential is unleashed when combined with the Helium 10 dashboard tools for in-depth product and keyword research.

The two sets of tools are connected so jumping between the Chrome Extension and the Helium 10 dashboard tools is a breeze and data is transferred in just a click of a button!

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Helium 10 for Walmart Marketplace

Walmart marketplace seller tool

During 2023, the Chrome Extension was been updated for Walmart Marketplace compatibility. Xray, Cerebro, Magnet and Profits are functional for Walmart third party sellers and gives you access to millions of Walmart Product IDs to help identify your next successful product, do keyword research and monitor profits.

If you’re both an FBA merchant and a Walmart 3rd party seller then it goes without saying that you’ll be best placed to make the most out of the full suite of Helium 10 apps.

Find out more about how Amazon and Walmart compare AND how they can diversify your AMZ business and make money on both platforms.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Helium 10 Customer Reviews

Myself and my VAs have been using Helium 10 for a while now and even doing this review article has prompted me to rethink about some of my product listings and where I could make improvements to my workflow to help me sell more.

Whilst I feel confident that Helium 10 is helping me to generate more income from my eCommerce business, I wanted to know if other users feel the same way. So, I read some of the Helium 10 reviews on

Helium 10 reviews

So it's fair to say that the Helium 10 reviews are mostly positive and overall rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars. But even so, like with my own product research, I always like to take a closer look at any recent 1 and 2-star ratings.

The three common things I noticed is that users commented on the following:  

  • Being frustrated by the turnaround of bug fixes
  • New users needing to take time for training and to become familiar with everything
  • Users requesting that the developers focus more on the current tools rather than adding more tools to the Helium platform.

As for the users that enjoy the software, they say things like:

"Unequivocally a must-have for starters like myself."

“…..You still need to understand the data and react to it... BUT Helium 10 collects it for you in a fraction of the time. Don't know what we would do without Helium 10.”

“H10 is essential software used daily in managing my business. The customer service team is excellent at resolving technical issues. Always new features released that help us grow and scale our businesses.”

You’ve already seen a concise list of the pros and cons at the top of this article. But further down I’ve also expanded out my top 6 reasons for recommending this tool.

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Helium 10 Academy

Helium 10 Academy is the go-to for Helium 10 Training! You absolutely won’t get the most out of the tools without going through the Academy training videos.

Helium 10 Academy Training

What I like best about Helium 10 Academy is that many of the modules are in video format using the Helium 10 Pro Training lessons.

Many of the video modules are instructed by Helium 10’s very own Director of Training, Bradley Sutton. What makes Bradley’s approach work so well is that he’s not just clicking on buttons and selecting random filters. He uses real-life ‘as seen out in the wild’ examples of how the Helium tools can make a difference to your Amazon business.

Other great features of the Helium 10 training are:

It is FREE!
It’s broken down into separate categories like Product research, Keyword research, Marketing, Listing Optimization, etc so you can easily find the right training to help with specific activities you’re doing.
Within each category, the modules are clearly titled.
There are knowledge checks along the way.
And most importantly, the videos are live demos of the system (not death by PowerPoint)!

We have put together a list of great FREE Amazon courses, some of which may be a great entry point into the Amazon FBA world.

Get Your Free Helium 10 Training

Helium 10 Blog

First, let me mention the Helium 10 Blog. It’s a resource that has proved itself time and again With articles like “How to Make Passive Income on Amazon”, “How to Respond to Negative Feedback on Amazon” and “How to Rank a Product to Number 1 on Amazon”, there’s something useful for everyone.

Secondly, Helium 10 has a comprehensive Knowledge Base that is neatly organized into topic areas and has a useful search function.

Most of the pedestrian-type issues you encounter can be easily resolved by taking some initiative and searching for the right Knowledge Base article.

The Blog is regularly updated with loads of new and relevant articles on a daily basis.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 pricing was last updated in April 2023 along with some changes to its plans inclusions.

Helium 10 is sold in three pricing tiers and each plan gives you access to more functionality as the price increases. There’s also a free plan.

Some people complain that the Helium 10 price structure is a bit confusing. But the multiple options also mean that there’s something to suit every budget and size of business.

See our Pricing Plans post for a complete run down on what's included in each plan, the pros and cons, and the Helium 10 costs.

We've broken down the Helium 10 subscription costs below.

helium 10 pricing updates 2023

The standard pricing plans are:

  • Free Plan (limited searches and limited access)
  • Starter Plan $39 a month
  • The Platinum Plan is $99 a month
  • The Diamond Plan is: $279 a month

There are also add-on tools that can be included in your subscription at an extra charge. Add-on features are:

  • Helium 10 Elite, an exclusive seller training & networking group.
  • Automate PPC campaigns with the Adtomic.
  • Track your competitors using Market Tracker 360.
helium 10 adtomic bundle plan pricing

If you’re thinking about a paid plan, then the subscription runs monthly, and you can cancel at any time.

Even so, you’ll be asking yourself “is Helium 10 worth it?”. Only you can answer that question. This article can take you some way in deciding if the Helium 10 platform can help your Amazon business. If you think it can, then a better question is probably: which plan offers the best value?

helium 10 plan inclusions 2023

1. The Helium 10 Trial Plan - How to Get Helium 10 for Free

If anything, the Helium 10 Free Plan is reasonably generous and allows you to get your feet wet. Some of the tools are only accessible for a limited time and other tools have a limited number of uses or functionality.

If you’re being frugal, then think about getting free access whilst you go through the Academy training.

It’s not ideal, but a good way to save money until you’re set with some training under your belt.

Pro Tip: Helium 10 doesn't openly advertise their FREE ACCOUNT, so click on our link below and make sure to scroll to the very bottom of their page to sign up for a free account.
Try Helium 10 for Free

2. The Starter Plan

For $39/ Month this is the perfect plan for entry-level users. You get:

  • Full access to Freedom Ticket Amazon business course (a $997 Value)
  • Full access to Xray and Profits
  • Limited access to the Helium 10 software suite

Aside from including many of the core tools, the best thing about this plan (and what I think is its true value) is that it includes access to Freedom Ticket Amazon Sellers Training. Refer to our Hustle Life Freedom Ticket Review if you want to learn more.

3. The Platinum Plan

Helium 10 most popular plan

This is the most popular plan and seems to fit the needs of small to medium-sized Amazon FBA stores.

If you want to jump straight into this plan it’s normally $99/month, but we have an awesome discount code that will give you this package for $49.50 for the first month.

Just use our exclusive discount code: THEHUSTLELIFE50 and of course, you also get access to the Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 course to help you start and grow your business on Amazon.

4. The Diamond Plan

The Helium 10 Diamond Plan is distinctly different from the Platinum Plan in 3 ways:

  • Unlimited access to more tools
  • Multi-user access (useful when you have a team or VAs helping to manage your business)
  • Expands the core tools (XRAY, Cerebro, Magnet, and Profits) for use on the Walmart marketplace.

I haven’t ventured out into the Walmart marketplace, so I can’t talk about that in detail but the guys at Helium 10 think that it’s the next big thing:

" gets over 100,000,000 unique shoppers per month, yet there are only about 100,000 third-party sellers on the platform. Compare that to Amazon’s roughly 10 million sellers and it’s clear this opportunity for big sales and less competition is worth getting excited about!"- Helium 10 

Much like with the core tools, the Helium 10 Walmart tools are designed to help you get more sales and maximize profits.

For those wanting to get serious with a Diamond Plan, then save 10% EVERY month with our exclusive Hustle Life discount code: THEHUSTLELIFE10

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Helium 10 Discounts

One of the great things about being a Hustle Life contributor is that we get access to some sweet deals. Helium 10 coupons and discount codes are out there from time to time, and you should try and grab a deal when you see one.

If the timing is right, and Black Friday happens to be approaching you may be lucky enough to get an awesome deal. 

We're also lucky enough to be able to offer our readers two generous discount codes:

50% OFF Your First Month When You Use Code: THEHUSTLELIFE50

10% OFF Every Month When You Use Code: THEHUSTLELIFE10

Deals come and go but together with the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee it should give you some confidence to at least give the software a test run.

Use Our Exclusive Helium 10 Discount Code

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

jungle scout vs helium 10 what is better

Many people want to compare Helium 10 with Jungle Scout. Of course, if you’re selecting an FBA tool, then you want to make the right decision the first time around.

The common question asked; is Jungle Scout better than Helium 10? 

If you want an industry-leading comprehensive tool to find products and keywords, then you’re probably going to look closely at something like Jungle Scout. But in our opinion, Helium 10 has the edge to take care of your competitor's intelligence, marketing, finances, and customer communications.

We'll go into much more detail in a separate article: Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout Which Is Better? where you can decide for yourself.

The unique points of difference between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout may be important to you. So, you should select software based on your needs now and also where you plan on taking your business.

helium 10 - best amazon keyword research tool

My Top 6 Reasons for Recommending Helium 10

If you haven’t already figured out whether I think Helium 10 is worth it, then allow me to be candid in saying that for my business it 100% is!

Here is my list of the top 6 reasons to use Helium 10:

  1. Time saving: The software will make you more efficient. Even if you just use Helium 10 Xray, Black Box, Magnet, and Cerebro, it will knock days off your product and keyword research.
  2. Accuracy: The package uses up-to-date intel directly from Amazon. With a click of a button you get access to real data for better decisions about:
    • what products you sell,
    • where to source products,
    • what price to sell at,
    • how to create keyword-researched product listings,
    • targeted PPC campaigns,

No more guesswork. Just solid data that leads to good decisions.

  1. Helium 10 Alibaba Integration: Being able to browse products and find validated suppliers is a useful feature that makes supplier sourcing a whole lot easier.
  2. Value For Money: Even with the mid-tier Platinum Plan, you can build a successful Amazon business from the ground up. As your business grows you can expand the package out to manage a larger Amazon business.
  3. Walmart expansion: For sellers looking to diversify and generate even more sales, the Walmart tool enhancements are a great addition.
  4. End-to-End Solution: Finally, the most obvious benefit is that this one complete package to handle your Amazon business from training to pre-launch, launch, growth, scaling and exit! 

Before using Helium 10, my tech stack didn’t integrate seamlessly and it was a headache I didn’t need.

All up, having multiple subscriptions was hurting my wallet and I wasn’t getting everything that Helium 10 offers.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Helium 10 Review - Final Verdict

So, let me come clean. You may have noticed that I haven’t covered all of the Helium 10 tools in this article.

Why? Because I don’t use them all! But, I have covered the main tools I use frequently and this review should give you a good idea about WHAT they do and HOW they can be used to fast-track your FBA business growth.

To go one step further, I’ve shared my very own Helium 10 Quick Guide (see below infograph) so you can see for yourself how I use Helium 10 and the essential tools that I use regularly for my own FBA store.

I'm giving you access to this workflow because as a novice user, you might be confused about how to use Helium 10 and implement this mammoth tool kit.

Other users might have a different workflow, so with over 25 tools to choose from, don't be afraid to experiment to find what works best for your business.

My Helium 10 Quick Guide Workflow Approach

how i use helium 10 - my workflow

Final Roundup

So, after what has been a herculean-sized review; I want to keep my final round-up short and sweet.  

I would agree with some of the 1 and 2-star reviews seen above. There are certainly improvements that can be made, and it is a large suite that requires time to train and become familiar with. But, overall, like most people, I would also give the software 4.5 out of 5 stars.

helium 10 ratings

I personally just feel that the time-saving, reliability of the data, and convenience of one insanely powerful integrated package to run my Amazon FBA business, makes the decision to use Helium 10 a no-brainer for me!

Visit Helium 10

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Jessica Clark Amazon FBA Expert

Jessica Clark has a passion for all things eCommerce. She’s always learning and adapting to find efficiencies and to stay competitive in a fast-paced sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Helium 10’s Cerebro and Magnet different?

Cerebro and Magnet are different in that you start your keyword research from either an ASIN (Cerebro) or from a keyword (Magnet).

Cerebro is a competitor keyword research tool and focuses more on the keywords for which a product is already ranking near the top in customer search results. This will give you insights into a competitor’s keyword strategy.

Magnet keyword research will trigger a broad search for related and relevant keywords. The results you get from Magnet could be several thousand keywords and are suggestions to help create powerful listings so customers can find your products.

What are our top 5 reasons to start an Amazon FBA business?

Amazon FBA “Fulfillment By Amazon” is about the closest thing to an off-the-shelf business and in terms of eCommerce, it doesn’t get easier.

Here are 5 golden reasons to use FBA!

  1. You don’t need to have ANY existing customers. From the comfort of your local café (while sipping on a latte), you can tap away on your laptop and access Amazon’s trillion-dollar business infrastructure and 300 million customers! An instant sales funnel that you can intercept and if just a tiny % of customer traffic buys your product, you’ll be able to generate healthy revenue.
  2. You don’t need to build a fancy-ass website or app or even know how to code. Amazon has done the hard work for you and already has a pretty awesome shopping platform with integrated customer account details, shopping cart, and secure payment gateways. All you need to do is create a product listing, throw in a few well-researched keywords and some photos and the platform does the rest.
  3. You don’t need to worry about expensive storage or complicated shipping. FBA is about the simplest that you could possibly hope for.
  4. You don’t need to deal with customer service or returns. Amazon has a 24/7/365 global customer service network.
  5. You don’t even need to master Facebook ads, Google Shopping, email marketing, working with influencers, or worrying about posting on social media!

What is the difference between Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 Academy?

The Freedom Ticket course is a Complete ‘A to Z’ Amazon Seller Education. It’s all about how to sell on Amazon and how to ace the Amazon FBA business. The course is a span of 8 weeks of training (over 40 hours), with videos, review slides, written notes, and of course the fully-featured Helium 10 software.

The course is sold at $997.00. But most people get Freedom Ticket absolutely free when they purchase Helium 10’s Platinum Plan at $99 a month. If you want to learn more about Freedom Ticket then please take a look at our review article.

Helium 10 Academy is focused on the Helium 10 software tools and apps and has tutorial videos and lessons on how to use the software. The training is completely Free!

See what other Free Amazon FBA courses are available and how they rate.

Is Helium 10 customer service any good?

You can raise a ticket directly with Helium 10's help desk. 

In my experience, issues get resolved quicker when I’ve taken the time to write a good description and when I’ve taken screenshots and attached them to my ticket request.

I’ve included a link here in case you need to make contact.

Is Helium 10 Chrome Extension included in the Free plan?

Access is very limited with the Free plan. The Free plan is only to get a taster. All other paid plans (including the Starter plan) give full access to the Chrome Extension. This is great news for both and Walmart sellers.

Do You Need Helium 10 to Sell on Amazon?

Absolutely not! Helium 10 is one of several types of software available to Amazon sellers. You can also choose to use just the dashboard within Amazon Seller Central. The golden rule is that software is meant to serve a purpose. If it can help you, and you can save time, increase sales, improve your products, achieve better customer satisfaction, and build a brand, then software like Helium 10 can be worth it. Otherwise, don’t spend money if you don’t have to.


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