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Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout Which Is Better?

by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: March 19, 2024
Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout Which Is Better?

Amazon FBA sellers wanting to compare Helium 10 with Jungle Scout need to look no further.

The common question asked; is Jungle Scout better than Helium 10? So, let’s get into this Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout review.

How To Decide Between Jungle Scout and Helium 10

If you’re deciding between the two FBA tools, then do yourself a favor and don’t compare Helium 10 pricing with Jungle Scout pricing. The pricing structures don’t match up, and the two tools don’t do the same job.

So, instead. Ask yourself:

Which tool can help you achieve your goals.
What problem do you have that needs solving?
What stage are you at in your business?
Which tool has longer term usage throughout your product lifecycle?
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What Can Jungle Scout Do Better Than Helium 10?

Here is a list of the main advantages of Jungle Scout Vs Helium 10:


The main advantage Jungle Scout has over Helium 10 is that the database is more powerful, and the search results are more accurate.

Jungle Scout has run several tests to ‘prove’ that their data is better. I don’t dispute their claim, but I am careful to consider that they are likely choosing favorable parameters to confirm their claim.

Regardless, data accuracy is important for both product research and keyword research. For example, if you are doing keyword research then having the best keywords for your product listing or PPC campaigns will get you ahead of your competition!

Helium 10 Profits Tool

Another benefit that Jungle Scout has is the AI Assist feature. Helium 10 also uses AI, for example, to build listings and to help automate PPC campaigns. But Jungle Scout has integrated AI across multiple Jungle Scout tools. 

The AI Assist tool can help:

  • Write product listings.
  • Review your financials and suggest ways to be more profitable.
  • Analyze customer reviews to find ways to improve a product.
  • Answer your questions. Like ChatGPT but for Amazon FBA.

The Product Tracker Feature: You can keep an eye on any product. You can use Jungle Scout to create a selling strategy that includes inventory status, revenue for the product sold, and daily sales targets. Helium 10 also has product tracking, but you have to do your own analysis.


Supplier Database: In our opinion, most sellers will find this resource very valuable. You can find sellers based on your criteria. So, if you’re having supplier issues, this tool is the solution to your woes. Helium 10 also helps you source suppliers, but it only connects through to Alibaba.

Helium 10 Profits Tool

Jungle Scout customer service is also top-rated. 94% of users say they are likely to recommend the product to Amazon sellers! And, this makes sense, given that many Jungle Scout employees are hands-on Amazon sellers either through their own businesses or through the Jungle Scout Million Dollar Case Study. Helium 10 also gets a good wrap when it comes to customer service, but Jungle Scout does rank higher.

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What Can Helium 10 Do Better Than Jungle Scout?

Once you’ve created your account and logged in, you’ll get access to all the modules.

Here is a list of the main advantages of Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout:


Helium 10 Listing Builder is more flexible and allows you to load up extra keywords into the Amazon back-end. Listing builder also keeps track of the keywords you’ve used so you can make the most of your keywords. Together with Frankenstein I believe that this feature outperforms the Jungle Scout tool. 


Keyword Tracker is essential for managing your keywords and PPC campaigns and monitoring your competitor's keywords. This tool is superior to the equivalent Jungle Scout Rank Tracker which doesn’t monitor the data to the same level of detail.


The Profits tool is a way to view all your financial data in one place for all your products. Jungle Scout has a Sales Analytics tool, but it’s more top-level offering a simplified financial tool.

Helium 10 Profits Tool

Index Checker is a way to confirm what Amazon has indexed your product / ASIN and that your product is being shown to customers searching for your target keywords. There is no equivalent tool available in Jungle Scout.


Portals is where you can do off-Amazon marketing strategies. Aside from having a professional landing page, you can start to establish your Amazon business as a brand. This tool is a huge advantage to private label and branded products. If you have an Amazon exit strategy, then you’ll find Portals super useful! Jungle Scout doesn’t have an equivalent tool.

helium 10 refund genie dashboard

Refund Genie can help you reclaim hundreds or thousands of unpaid reimbursements. This tool automates the reconciliation process for lost and damaged inventory so you can request a refund from Amazon. Jungle Scout doesn’t have an equivalent tool.


Adtomic is a unique Amazon PPC tool to help manage and automate your PPC campaigns. The tool sits in a neat dashboard that analyses your campaigns and makes suggestions for optimizing your campaigns. You can also switch the tool to automated campaigns, and the software will make changes based on your preset parameters.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Jungle Scout Price

The current Jungle Scout pricing is in 3 tiers (plus an enterprise solution).

  • Basic Plan is $49 / month
  • Suite Plan is $69 / month
  • Professional Plan is $129 / month
Jungle Scout pricing

Helium 10 Price

The current Helium 10 pricing is in 3 tiers (plus add-on tools).

  • Free Plan (limited searches and limited access)
  • Starter Plan $39 a month
  • The Platinum Plan is $99 a month
  • The Diamond Plan is: $279 a month
helium 10 pricing plans 2023

Is Jungle Scout better than Helium 10?

Not really! Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout do a variety of FBA tasks and I believe that either will help propel your FBA business to new levels.

Our Hustle Life verdict is that each has a place and with so many Amazon sellers, there’s plenty of room in the marketplace for both.

Above, I have highlighted the key functionality differences. The tools and analytics are what matter most in this decision. But there are also other differences.

In the image below, I've done the hard work for you and picked out what I believe are the key considerations and defining points to help you pick the right tool:

Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout Comparison Table

The dashboards and reporting front end are also different. Helium 10 provides more in-depth information. Jungle Scout data is summarized into easy-to-use charts.

This will simply come down to your personal preference. In the end, whichever platform you choose, you’ll need to do training to get the most out of the platform.

Helium 10 - amazon listing software

Final Summary

In this Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout article, I’ve teased out the main differences in product features and other areas of contrast.

These unique points of difference between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout may be important to you. So, you should select software based on your needs now and where you plan on taking your business.

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