Journey to 10K: Month 2 Update

April 28, 2020

hustle life journey to 10k

What a crazy month! My wife and I went to Ireland and England for two weeks. Talk about bad timing – I just started to document my journey and then I go screw off on vacation for 14 days. Nice job Jeremy!

But seriously the vacation was awesome. Ireland was beautiful and the people were friendly and England was incredible in its history and architecture. I would go back to both places in a heartbeat.

But I felt like I couldn’t fully enjoy it because my mind kept wandering to this website!

I just didn’t get to put up as much content as I wanted to and once again I was getting pulled off to other projects and bullshit at work.

But hey, that’s the usual stuff that everyone has to deal with right?

If this you first time reading the blog, be sure to check out my first post, and my last post you’ll know where I started and what I have been doing.

So let’s get started on how I am doing so far….

So where are the Stats?

I have decided to break down all of my numbers a little more just to give a more granular look at all the different aspects of both the site, and its connected properties – such as my email list, Youtube and Quora.

September Site Traffic: 2200 Visitors, +700 more than August

Hustle Life is showing a steady increase in monthly traffic. This is definitely not because I am adding any additional content (which I should be doing to target more low competition traffic).

I think the increase is coming from the domain aging a bit and more trust signals coming to the site through the use of referral traffic from Quora, Youtube and Google.

I am slowly going through older content and upgrading the quality myself so that users stay on the page longer.

I also think that some links that were gained have been starting to show an effect. Most links have taken 1-2 months to really make a noticeable difference, so hopefully next month will show an even bigger jump in organic traffic through Google.

So where is all the traffic coming from?

This is a comparison of where traffic was coming from last month (left) vs this month (right).Once again, the majority of the traffic is coming from organic search. This is not too surprising as I haven’t done as much as I would like with other social media channels like Quora and Youtube.

One thing that is surprising (and cool) is that the amount of direct traffic has increase. That means that there is more people typing into their browser to get to the site.

My first thought was that most of those were probably from me from different locations in England and Ireland LOL. But it could also be the Youtube effect starting to kick in – maybe people are typing in the URL instead of clicking directly over to the blog.

Let’s take a look at what social media properties are sending over the most traffic.

Social Media Traffic: 329 Visitors + 33 more than August

Not much of a change in the amount of traffic I got from social media surprisingly. Last month I was running some Facebook ads to my landing page to gather more emails. But I stopped that completely, and I am still getting quite a bit of traffic from it.

Youtube: +3 Videos 393 Subscribers

I started ramping up my Youtube channel over the past month. I only put up 4 videos, but one got taken down by Youtube 🙁

I only have 3 videos up right now and they are ranking pretty well for their target keywords.

The goal for these videos is both to build an audience on Youtube and get more organic traffic to and get them onto my mailing list.

The surprisingly successful video was the on on Link Providers it drove about 40 subscribers in two days and lots of positive feed back. It is a unique and actually useful video, so I won’t be surprised if it stays in the #1 or #2 position for a long time.

However the video cost me hundreds of dollars in testing and months of waiting. So it’s not a type of video I can make often.

Quora: 29 Answers - 30K Views

I didn’t keep track of how many questions I answered on Quora, but my answers have been getting some good traffic.

Right now I am not using Quora to directly send traffic to my website, besides a link on my author page. I am currently using it for another purpose that I will be sharing in newsletter and members area. So it is not surprising that I am not getting more organic traffic to my website.

Email List: 220 Subscribers

A new and important metric that I will be keeping track of in these updates are the number of email subscribers.

I have been adding on average of 3-4 subscribers per day which is pretty good. Having a good, focused email list is important in getting this site to 10,000 visitors per month.

Unfortunately I have been slacking on this end as well, but I will try to be putting out more good content on my emails as well as totally revamping the member area and adding some really great exclusive conent.


Now that September is winding down, I am ready to really step things up in October with more videos, more articles and a better membership area. 

So make sure to sign up to my newsletter for more updates and insights on my way to 10K visitors!

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