Kajabi is an online marketing platform that lets everyone sell content online. But is it everything it claims to be, or are there some serious flaws?

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Kajabi is a solid online course creation platform that is a bit pricey, but worth it if you want one tool without extra headaches



Ease Of Use


Kajabi Pros

  • Very educational 
  • Services and tools are tailored to course selling
  • Easy to learn

Kajabi Cons

  • Pricing isn't cheap
  • There are newer, similar programs out there  

Kajabi Overview

When it comes to finding the best course creation software, it can be a little overwhelming.

Being a course creator should be simple, but finding the right solution is not.

Fortunately in the past couple of years there has been numerous web based software services that have made course creation simple.

Kajabi competes with several other big players such as Udemy and Skillshare as the go to platform for course creators.

In this Kajabi review we are going to break down all the things we loved with Kajabi, the things we hate and how it compares to it's competition.

Introducing Kajabi

kajabi course builder review

The closest example I have in mind when comparing this service would be Podia, which is also an online digital website that people can use to market and sell their information to those interested.

Another example I have would be Udemy and Skillshare; both are online databases where individuals can share their knowledge and with individuals.

Both Kajabi, Podia, and other websites like it are ideal for people who want to create a platform where they can forge a community and distribute their knowledge, ideas, and expertise with others around the world.

What is Kajabi Exactly?

Now, talking about vague and positive-sounding motives about Kajabi might work for some articles and essay pieces, but giving out the facts and talking about them is far more vital and essential when talking about such a topic.

As such, I would like to take some time to go over the many features and abilities that Kajabi offers to the men and women who are interested in such a service, and see what it is all about and why some people might gravitate to such a program.

So, by saying all of that, how about we start getting into those features and talking at length about them, my friends.

Kajabi Features and Benefits

The User AI And Interface

To begin this section off right, how about we first talk a bit about the user AI and interface? Now, I know this sounds incredibly dull, boring, and not worth any time or effort, trust me on that.

However, I do think it is a subject worth briefly crossing over if nothing else to be thorough while detailing the issue of Kajabi, and what it is they offer to both those who are interested in the software, and to those who are subscribed to the content.

The user interface is rather simple and easy to understand and follow, with a standard slick white background, with four sections on the main desktop that presents you with information on the following subjects.

  • The program contains an Opt-in Form Building toolset for people to use.
  • The number of sales you have been able to make in the last thirty days.
  • The number of comments that people have left for you in in the last thirty days.
  • And lastly, the number of members you have acquired in the last thirty days.

Additionally, to the left-hand side of the main desktop, you have several more options to choose from when on this particular screen. These options being the following.

  • Website.
  • Products.
  • Marketing.
  • And people.

This entire user AI, and the interface is designed to make the process of people selling and distributing their information as simple and effective as possible.

It has a clean, slick, and easy to understand interface, and, additionally, if you would like to learn more about the interface and how it works, please consider consulting this

Opt-In Form Builder

Since I had mentioned that little feature of theirs in the previous section, I feel it is prudent to make a section detailing more on what it is, what it does, and why would people using Kajabi consider using this feature?

Not to mention what is the point in there even being such a feature in this comprehensive program, to begin with? Well, let me explain a bit more about the function and try to answer the hypothetical question I posed.

Now, most people know what a forum or online catalog is, most websites, both commercially available and private, have some form of method to communicate and collect data from their user base.

That is essentially what this feature is from Kajabi, especially for individuals who want something that can help tie in with the marketing app on the site.

Essentially, it allows content creators to gather information and data from their audience. Now, this type of feature is not needed anymore as it once was since there are far and away from numerous other methods available for content creators to talk too and receive data from their customers.

However, setting up an opt-in form on Kajabi is not only simple and straightforward, but it can also take less than a few minutes to fully complete, so there is no real harm in setting this up.

Lastly, before moving onto the next subject of this article, I mentioned above on why some people would even bother using a feature like this when there are many other ways to stay informed on the happenings of your community, and what it is they may or may not want to see from you in the coming future.

Now, I can never speak for other people, only myself, but I know if I were using this service, I would use this opt-in feature of theirs to help better understand my audience.

To let them know that they can and will hear from me periodically from not just the content I have to share with them, but through email and exclusive sales and programs via the forms.

I can assume that is the same for a lot of other companies and organisations at the same time.

Additionally, this feature is optional, and I am sure some works on the platform and choose not to engage with it for their reasons and motivation, and that is very much okay at the same time.

It is there to be a handy feature for those who are inclined to use it, or not, it does not matter except to the content creator in question, and to his or her audience additionally.

If you just happened to be interested in finding out how this function works more directly, I recommend watching this Youtube video that explains more about the service and its spot in Kajabi. 

Various Application Integration

Probably one of the neat features when it comes to Kajabi (at least in my opinion), is a simple fact that the developers of Kajabi have integrated several different email marketing platforms into the service itself.

Thus, making it super easy and convenient for people to communicate and send messages to each other without the hassle of needing everyone to be on a specific platform or communication model to write, send and receive emails and notifications.

Another neat thing I found out about the way Kajabi handles third-party software applications is, well, rather forward-thinking and positive for both the content creators and their audiences.

While other companies might shun away from the idea of using or allowing third-party conglomerates to access and integrate their software with another company’s software, Kajabi is here saying “you want your stuff to talk to our stuff? Okay.”

One of the decisions to come from that mantra is the inclusion of Google Analytics, one of the most common and universally accepted methods of checking how you are doing when it comes to your funnel analytics.

Now, while I do not use Google Analytics all too often myself, it is awesome that Kajabi is willing to include such a feature for the content creators, and I am sure that those that use Google Analytics appreciate the gesture.

Now, again, I am sure the inclusion of Google Analytics is small for some users, especially users who get their payments from another method like PayPal and Stripe, (which Kajabi also supports openly, so Stripe and PayPal users, you are in luck with this system here).

This addition might not be all that important to some content creators, but I am sure that it is essential for others, and that is all that matters to them at the end of the day.

Additionally, not only does the site have Google Analytics grafted onto it for its users, but it also has other third-party applications as well, like Click Funnel and Facebook Ad Tracker Pixel.

Not to mention this additional fact on top of everything else; but there are, from what I hear, dozens of other apps and third-party programs that are available for its content creators to use thanks in large part to Zapier and Segment.

The two entities worked with Kajabi to form the digital connections needed to make third-party applications integrate and work with each other; which again, is fantastic for those that need/wants to use such apps. 

What Others Think of Kajabi

Now that we have gone over many of the core features of Kajabi, how about we see what others have to say about the website and its tools?

Also, lastly this review.

Can do pretty much everything you ask of it.

Chris G.

Kajobi User

Kajabi User

The possibility to easily upgrade the contents of a course.

Alessandro F.

Kajabi User

I am excited about the tremendous potential Kajabi offers my business, and I plan on sticking around after my trial period ends.

Loolwa Khazzoom


Kajabi is far better at creating a membership area for online courses than Rainmaker


Kajabi User

Things to Consider Before Buying Course Software

Now, let me first start this section by saying that software like Kajabi are a service that can solve many problems for people.

Issues such as gaining a unique and engaging online platform to work from, a centralised place to manage your business, the knowledge that sites like this are there to assist you in reaching your goals, and so much, much more.

This is more than enough of a reason why someone interested in online marketing and selling their ideas and knowledge to people would gravitate to sites like Kajabi and Podia.

If someone were to ask me who should pay for a membership to Kajabi? I would say that person should be someone who has an interest in online marketing, business, and salesmanship.

This is for someone who has ideas and knowledge that they would like to share with other people over the internet for a price.

This is for people who would also like to become their boss, to be able to do what they love while also getting to make a living from working over the internet.

However, this is not ideal for someone who enjoys the comfort of having a stable job/lifestyle, just like freelancing, financial stability can be hard to achieve.

Additionally, this is not for people who think they will get rich fast, I am sorry, but it does not work that way.

The truth is… online marketing and salesmanship is a harsh industry to break into even with experience and assistance, and it requires the right mindset and attitude to get your foot through the door. 

However, if you are still keen on getting into this industry but you fit either of these two moulds (or any others I may have missed), might I suggest starting something like a YouTube channel?

Yes, I am serious. Starting up a YouTube channel can be a great alternative to spending money on a monthly subscription to Kajabi (or any other applicable online marketing service), as it can help you to get your foot through the door without having to break open your bank.

Much less dedicate an enormous amount of time researching and trying t get affiliated partners right off the bat.

These are just one of a few of the possibilities you should think about before subscribing to Kajabi.

In my opinion, you should consider cost, timing, requirements, what it is asking of you, and whether you can see yourself doing this in the next five-years.

Alternatives to Kajabi

Though, despite all that, Kajabi is not the only online digital marketplace where people can gather and sell their thoughts and ideas to other people for a cost.

Here are two alternatives to Kajabi that both teachers and audiences can consider.

Skillshare vs Kajabi

Skillshare differs wildly from Kajabi on the base fact that Skillshare is not about affiliate links or setting up an online marketing presence (not directly)

Create helpful and instructional videos and guides on a multitude of subjects like writing, filming, business, gaming, culinary arts, crafts, game design, and illustration.

Differences Between Skillshare and Kajabi

  • Skillshare is cheaper: costing 99-dollars every year, which can be a tempting price for people in comparison to Kajabi’s 103-dollar Basic Plan package tier.
  • Additionally, that makes it far more attractive to teachers and audiences alike because they know they are getting everything with that money, where Kajabi still has two other pricing tiers available, both of which are rather expensive, especially in comparison to Skillshare.
  • Skillshare also gives its user base access to every video and series currently available on the platform. People have to pay per class/program on Kajabi.
  • Lastly, Skillshare is the kind of platform for people who prefer that Netflix/Youtube-style of content, where there will always be something to watch and consume. While on the other hand, it is a convenient place for content creators and teachers to, well, teach.

Udemy vs Kajabi

Lastly, we have Udemy. Udemy, like Skillshare, is an online digital website where teachers and content creators can post educational content for men and women to watch and consume regularly. 

However, unlike Skillshare where all you need to do is pay for the monthly subscription, Udemy acts in a similar nature to Kajabi where people can pay and subscribe for individual courses.

Differences between Udemy and Kajabi

  • Udemy contains a vibrant and ever-growing catalogue of courses and programs for people to watch and consume whenever they need it. Kajabi, on the other hand, is just not that kind of service.
  • Udemy is like Kajabi, in a sense, people are paying money directly to someone else for their knowledge, but Udemy is far more streamlined and easier to understand for audiences.
  • Also, while Udemy teachers and content creators can charge money for their courses, some teachers do this out of passion and charge very little (if anything), for their knowledge.  Not to mention anything people do buy, and download is theirs forever.
  • Lastly, Udemy is the type of place for people who want more curated content, a position where people can find a specific topic or program and buy it (if it costs anything, that is), Kajabi is again, just not that, and that is completely fine.

Both of these are fantastic alternatives to Kajabi, and if you or anyone you know is looking for something a bit more straight-forward and casual, perhaps consider giving either of these options a look over and see for yourselves.

Summarizing Everything Up 

Lastly, let me take a minute to summarize this entire article up for everyone before leaving it off from here.

First, let me mention that Kajabi is a product made for men and women to share and profit from their ideas, experience, expertise, and knowledge, while also being partnered with affiliate programs and partners, that is what Kajabi is intended to be used for.

Secondly, let me give Kajabi a swift product rating under a few different categories.

Value for Money

 You do get a lot out of Kajabi for even the basic subscription model. Even the basic tier packaging gives you access to the entire site and program, save for one or two features.

Ease of Comfortability

Kajabi is designed around being straightforward for users alike. As such, getting comfortable with its mechanics, while it can take some time, will become like second nature eventually.

Thirdly, let me mention the pros and cons swiftly. The pros of being an educational environment for men and women alike, while also containing compressive tools and services, while also being relatively easy to get started once figuring out how the application works.

Now for the cons. The service is another monthly service, a very costly monthly service if you go with anything that is not the Basic Plan.

It can be overwhelming for people at the start, especially for newcomers alike, so please be aware of that pitfall.

While it is not as new as something like Skillshare and Udemy, it is still one of the newest programs in the eyes of the internet and those who are interested in this line of work.

Fourthly, I feel it is essential to summarize the reviews that we mentioned above.

The reviews that we found by both casual and experts alike all agreed that Kajabi, while it has its problems and shortcomings, the product is far more significant as an overall package then the few faults in the foundation that it still has.

Fifthly, let me say this about Kajabi, it is a fantastic service for those who need and want to use it.

The tools it has available far surpasses many other similar services out there on the internet, and most people have argued that it is one of the best in the industry that it chooses to station itself in. 

That is partly why I wanted to write about this topic because Kajabi is just that interesting of a topic to cover.

Lastly, the cost of admission. As I mentioned above, there are more than just one tier that Kajabi offers its users. No, no, instead it provides three packages in total, all increasing in cost as you go up.

Just as a reminder, these prices are for annual billing and are subject to change if they choose to change it.

  • The Basic Tier: 120-dollars With Annual Billing.
  • The Growth Tier: 160-dollars With Annual Billing.
  • The Pro Tier: 320-dollars With Annual Billing.

With that said, we have come to an end. Thank you all for your time; please have a beautiful day.

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