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Kartra Pricing Plans 2023 – Features, Free Trials, Pros & Cons

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: November 9, 2023
Kartra Pricing Plans 2023 – Features, Free Trials, Pros & Cons
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In this article we take a closer look at the new Kartra pricing plans that have just been released in October 2023. I will share an in-depth analysis and details of:

How the Kartra pricing plans have changed
The pros and cons of each plan
Which plans are suitable for different online business models
The latest EXCLUSIVE 40% Kartra discount for the Pro tier

So, if you’re looking for an unbelievable Kartra bonus offer and/or you’re undecided about which Kartra pricing plan is right for your online business, then continue reading!

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Kartra: A Comprehensive All-In-One Marketing Platform

What is Kartra? Kartra is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform to help you sell online. It’s great for physical products and digital products. There’s even a Kartra course builder for course content creators.  Want to understand what does Kartra do and what is Kartra used for? Then read my Kartra review article.

What is Katra

Why Use Kartra?

Before considering Kartra, you might be asking yourself, "Is Kartra Worth It?"

Do you want to grow your customer email list, increase sales, manage customer relationships, and increase retention and upsells?
Are you an online course creator, have a digital or a physical product to sell?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then Kartra can help you. As to whether it’s worth it then you need to consider everything that Kartra can do to support your business.

karta features

Here’s the entire list of features:

Email marketing campaigns
Build and automate your sales and marketing funnels
Page builder (landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, etc)
Membership site
Shopping carts (including integrated payment gateways)
Online forms
Split testing
Calendar and appointment scheduling
Customer helpdesk and live chat tools
Video and file hosting
Affiliate program portal
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Kartra Competitors – What Does Kartra Replace?

Because Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform you can replace several Kartra competitor tools and just use the one integrated Kartra tool.

kartra vs kajabi

For example, the following tools only do specific jobs, meaning you have to bolt on other tools to create your own end-to-end solution:

  • Teachable – Create online courses.
  • ConvertKit / Mailchimp / Keap- - Email marketing
  • Deadline Funnel / Kajabi – Funnel building
  • Leadpages / Kajabi – Page building
  • Samcart / Woocommerce / Shopify - Shopping cart
  • Calendly / Acuity – Calendars
  • And more!

Even though all these other tools work well and individually are great solutions. The main problem I have is trying to get each of the different softwares to link and sync with one another.

The time wasted on software integration issues makes me want to cry! Saving time and frustrations is probably my number one reason for recommending an all-in-one sales tool like Kartra.

The other additional benefit of one tool is the cost. Kartra is just $119 per month, which is significantly less than having to patch together several individual tools. My estimations for a small starter business total a savings of $200 every month!!

Even if you compare a like-for-like tool, like ClickFunnels. Kartra Starter is still a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels Basic Plan.

30day kartra trial

Kartra Pricing – How Much is Kartra Per Month?

There are 3 Kartra pricing plans. The 3 plans up to October 2023 were:

Starter Plan at $119/month or $99/month when billed annually.
Silver Plan at $229/month or $189/month when billed annually.
Platinum Plan at $549/month or $429/month when billed annually.
Kartra Pricing Plan Changes

There also used to be a Kartra Gold Plan, but that is now an obsolete Kartra pricing plan.

What Does Kartra Cost 2023?

kartra payment plans 2023

The recently released Kartra plans and pricing are now:

Starter Plan at $119/month or $99/month when billed annually.
Growth Plan at $229/month or $189/month when billed annually.
Professional Plan at $549/month or $429/month when billed annually.
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Kartra Starter Plan

Kartra Starter Plan is it worth it?

The first of the Kartra plans is the Starter Plan at $119 per month.

The Kartra Starter Plan is great for getting your online pages, products, funnels, email marketing and checkout up and running! You can make money online using Kartra funnel building strategies and get a taste for online marketing.

This plan just got a huge boost during the October 2023 updates. See below for more details on the changes.

The important Kartra features included in the Starter Plan are:

Kartra Starter Plan Inclusions (and October 2023 Changes)

2,500 contacts

1 custom domain

15,000 emails /month

50 GB bandwidth NOW Unlimited

100 pages NOW Unlimited

50 videos NOW Unlimited

20 products

2 membership sites NOW Unlimited

1 additional team member

1 helpdesk NOW Unlimited

Funnel Mapper

Kartra Starter Plan Changes and How They Help Your Business

The new unlimited inclusions make it possible for more digital entrepreneurs to start out on this plan and get your feet wet.  

For some small online businesses (selling eBooks, online course creators, or a small eCommerce range of physical products) or even if you’re a startup with big ideas for the future, this plan gives you all the inclusions needed to test out your ideas.

30day kartra trial

The features that are missing from the Kartra Starter Plan are:

hustlelife thinking emoji
Funnel Simulator – run simulations of cost and revenue.
hustlelife think about it symbol
Kartra Webinars – organize and run webinars.
hustlelife think about it symbol
Kartra agency – for digital agencies to manage multiple client accounts.
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What are the Pros and Cons of Kartra Starter Plan?

So, let's look at the pros and cons of the Kartra Starter Plan:

Main Pros of Kartra Starter Plan

Excellent Value: For an all-in-one marketing platform solution, the $119 per month is EXCELLENT value compared with having to pay for several pieces of software. There is no way that you can duct-tape together everything for a similar price.
Unlimited video content can now be hosted and exchanged between yourself and your customers because you also get unlimited Kartra bandwidth. The Kartra course builder is also included, so that online course creators, can also begin on this starter plan, without having to step up to the more expensive growth plan.

The Kartra Membership Platform Includes UNLIMITED Membership Sites: Everyone is chasing recurring income. Using a membership site platform is a clever way to secure a long-term reliable source of money from your online business. If you have a business that can be monetized in this way, then you can manage your membership sites under this plan.

kartra membership templates

Main Cons of Kartra Starter Plan

No Webinars: If you’re a course creator, coach, or trainer, then one of the most effective marketing tactics to get conversions from warm leads is to run a webinar. The Starter Plan is missing this function, so you’ll need to either upgrade or add an integration.
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Kartra silver Plan / Growth Plan

Kartra silver Plan / Growth Plan is it worth it?

The Silver Plan is now called the Kartra Growth Plan and is $229 per month. For this price most of the restrictions have been lifted and you get access to a ton of unlimited inclusions. 

Kartra Growth Plan Features

Kartra Growth Plan Inclusions

12,500 contacts

3 custom domains

Unlimited emails

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited pages

Unlimited videos

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites

Unlimited team members

Unlimited helpdesks

Funnel Mapper

Funnel Simulator

Kartra Webinars

Kartra agency

What are the Pros and Cons of Kartra Growth Plan?

Let's look at the pros and cons of the Kartra Growth Plan:

Main Pros of Kartra Growth Plan

Still Good Value: For $229 per month, ALL the Kartra features have been included. Meaning this is a complete end-to-end digital marketing experience with no other paid tools needed.

3 Domains: There are many benefits of owning multiple domains and this is an important inclusion, especially for a growing business.

Webinars: The webinar meeting hosting tool, is an inclusion in the Growth Plan. Get all our tips and learn how to Host A Webinar In Kartra from our latest webinar guide.

kartra for webinars

The webinar tool includes flexible features to make your webinars engaging and interactive. There are also built-in Kartra automations for scheduling and post meeting follow up. If you’re hosting webinars, then this fully integrated tool will be well worth the upgraded package.

Kartra 30 day free trial

Main Cons of Kartra Growth Plan

Contact Restrictions: The Growth Plan restricts the number of customers in your email list. For an established business this may be problematic. It’s not a deal breaker, but it will mean you may have to integrate a separate paid tool to manage your contacts.
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Kartra Professional Plan / Professional Plan

Kartra Professional Plan / Professional Plan is it worth it?

If your digital or eCommerce business has become a powerhouse and you’re making a significant online income, then the Kartra Platinum Plan (now called the Professional Plan) will have you covered.

The Kartra Professional Plan is $549 per month. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Kartra Professional Plan Features

50,000 contacts

10 custom domains

Unlimited emails

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited pages

Unlimited videos

Unlimited products

Unlimited membership sites

Unlimited team members

Unlimited helpdesks

Funnel Mapper

Funnel Simulator

Kartra Webinars

Kartra agency


Kartra Professional Plan Changes and How They Help Your Business

The Professional Plan is THE all-inclusive package. It has end-to-end capabilities, higher limits, and fewer restrictions. AND you get real-time funnel analytics right inside the funnel map! See below for more details on this new feature.

Kartra Pro CTA

Main Pros of Kartra Professional Plan

Fewer Restrictions: The Professional Plan only has limits for number of contacts and custom domains. None of the limits should be restrictive to your business. If they are, then you can request a specific plan arrangement directly with Kartra.

Unlimited Users: With an online business that requires the Kartra Professional Plan there is no way you can manage every moving part by yourself. A large successful business needs a team and the right software for that team to work efficiently.

Singular access and singular workflow could put a strangle hold around your business. Having an all-in-one platform with multi-user access and the ability for each user to perform tasks at the same time is absolutely critical!!!

NEW - Real-Time Funnel Analytics: With Kartra analytics, real-time data reporting is made easy. Instead of looking at lines of data and excel sheets, you can see your analytics in your funnel map.

kartra real time funnel analytics

The analytics can be customized using simple filters and you can drill down into the data.

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With Kartra real-time funnel analytics you can:

Visually track campaigns across all domains, channels, and other platforms in one map
Optimize lead-flows and funnels for better results
Maximize earnings and target high-value leads
Try Kartra - 30 Day Free Trial

Main Cons of Kartra Professional Plan

Similar Features to Growth Plan: The only new inclusion is Real-Time Funnel Analytics. All other features are the same as for the Growth Plan.
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How to Get a Kartra Discount

There are a few ways to get a good deal on Kartra.


The normal price of the Kartra Professional Plan is $549 per month, but right now, there is an outrageous 40% off Kartra discount. This is Kartra’s “ultimate deal of the year”.

!!Use this Kartra discount code: PROSAVE40 and sign up through our Kartra link!!

Get Kartra Professional Plan for just $329 per month for a full 12 months. That’s a savings of over $2,600!!

Pro Tip: TO get 40% Off, you must use our exclusive link and discount code: PROSAVE40. Write it down, take a picture or bookmark this page so that you can enter the code when you sign up!
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2. Kartra FREE Trial

Kartra is available as a free trial. The Kartra 14-day trial is often available. Occasionally we also get access to Kartra 30-day free trial.  You can read more right here to learn: How to get Kartra for FREE

Pro Tip: If you decide to get the Kartra free trial, you’ll still get 40% off the Pro Plan as a Kartra bonus, if you decide to subscribe before the offer times out.
Kartra 30 day free trial

3. Pay for an Annual Subscription

The best way to get even bigger discounts is to pay for an annual membership upfront.

Kartra pricing plans

Kartra Starter Plan

Billed Monthly: $119

Billed Annually*: $99

Kartra silver / Growth Plan

Billed Monthly: $229

Billed Annually*: $189

Kartra Platinum / Professional Plan

Billed Monthly: $549

Billed Annually*: $429

*Equivalent Monthly Cost when billed annually

If you opt to pay annually, the discounts are huge! But my advice is only to pay annually if you are truly satisfied with the product, and you know that you’ll be needing the software for a full 12 months.

kartra pro discount

Even if you pay for Kartra Pro on the annual payment plan you’re still eligible for the 40% Kartra pro discount. The discount is over $2,000.

Kartra Pricing Plans: What’s the Best Deal?

best kartra plan

The three Kartra plans are designed to suit different businesses.

If you’re a new online business, or have a simple business model, then the Starter Plan on a month-by-month payment structure is a great option. You can try it for free and cancel anytime (no contracts).

If the Starter Plan is too limiting and you are confident that Kartra is the right choice for you, then you can easily step up to the Growth Plan.

Once you're converting customers like clockwork and have a money-making machine, then the Kartra Pro Plan is your ideal choice. If you’re at that point now, then take action now to claim the Kartra bonus 40% offer.

In this article, we've reviewed the new 2023 Kartra prices and plans and given you an in-depth breakdown of the features of each plan, so you can decide which Kartra tier is best for your business. We’ve also discussed the best ways to help you save money on your Kartra subscription.

30day kartra trial

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How Can I Try Kartra Free for Longer Than 14 Days?

Occasionally we see free Kartra 30 day trial offers. If we become aware, we share Kartra offers on this site.  

Does Kartra Offer A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

Yes absolutely. Kartra comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. It’s easy to request a refund using the help desk or by sending a message to [email protected]

How Do I Upgrade Starter Kartra to Kartra Growth or Pro?

If you want to upgrade your Kartra account, it’s simple. Kartra offers a monthly subscription model so you can change your subscription at any time in the billing self-service portal.
The same applies if you want to downgrade your Kartra account. Moving to a lower price tier is also done within the billing self-service portal.

Can I Create a Blog with Kartra?

You might be wondering, “can you make a website with Kartra?”  You can create a simple website in Kartra, but blogging with Kartra won’t perform well for SEO purposes.  


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