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NEW KARTRA FEATURES – Released in October 2023

by Matthew Carter | Last Updated: February 12, 2024
NEW KARTRA FEATURES – Released in October 2023

Kartra updates seem to be coming in thick and fast. The improvements to the platform over the last couple of years have helped secure Kartra as high quality, robust digital solution.

It’s become an all-in-one marketing platform of choice for coaches, creators, and experts to create membership site platforms and host webinars to grow their online presence and increase sales.

October 2023 welcomes the release of three NEW features. In this blog post, we take a look at the new Kartra features and improvements and how they can make a difference to your online business.

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1. Real-time Funnel Analytics

This new funnel analytics tool is set to differentiate Kartra from Funnelytics and the rest of the pack.

Real-Time analytics is now available within Kartra funnel mapper. 

Using the Real-Time funnel analytics tool, you can:

Visualize all your assets and campaigns in the one spot using UTM parameters.

Simulate and extrapolate performance using Kartra funnel simulator.

Get real-time data to support quick decisions.

kartra funnel mapper in action

The analytics tool is simple to setup because you don’t need any:

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additional coding
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Google tag manager

Learn how to configure the analytics tool, so that you can view all your campaigns in one funnel map. Go to our Kartra tutorial covering everything you need know on how to include social media UTMs and other website assets.

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2. Collaboration and Account Protection

Powerful collaboration features are the next big focus of the October 2023 release.

Allowing team members to work simultaneously is critical for efficiency and speed and is already part of the Kartra features. However, the new improvements will help make team working even easier.

Recycle Bin

The recycle bin acts as a safety net for any content or file that has been previously deleted.

kartra recycle bin recovery process step 1

The recycle bin gives you peace of mind that “delete” can be undone! Deleted assets appear in a table showing the name, category, and date of deletion. Roll back your assets with the click of a button.

kartra recycle bin recovery process step 2

A few simple clicks can easily restore an asset:

Click the trash icon to open the recycle bin.
kartra recycle bin recovery process step 3
Choose the asset you want to restore.
Click the restore icon to restore the asset.
kartra recycle bin recovery process step 4
Click Exit Bin in the top right corner and view the restored asset in your site.

Pro Tip: The recycle bin has some limitations:

  • Assets are only stored in the recycle bin for 30 days.
  • Analytics are fully restored along with the asset.
  • Restoring a deleted campaign restores everything associated with that campaign.
  • Not every asset type can be restored.
  • The recycle bin feature cannot restore individual components of an asset, such as a page block, helpdesk ticket, sequence step, membership post, etc.

Team Member Activity Log

See team activity with the new team member log. The log captures the type of action or event that was performed, a description of any changes, and a timestamp for each action taken.

This activity trail can be used in lots of ways:

Maintain oversight of any teamwork without having to ask for a status update.
Identify errors that may require retraining.
Pickup urgent work when there are team members off sick.

Team Online Indicators

See which colleagues are logged in at any time. An online indicator bar on the dashboard page updates in real-time to show which team member is logged in. 

kartra team online indicator demo

You will also see your team inside the assets they’re viewing or working on. When more than one user enters the same asset, an alert bar shows at the bottom of the screen to prevent an editing conflict or overwrite errors.

kartra team alert exampleWant to try Kartra for Free? Read More Here
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3. Campaign Marketplace Enhancements

The Kartra Marketplace is where you can buy and sell pre-built campaigns. In this update there are improvements to encourage high-quality content submission and better accessibility for buyers.

The features include:

Keyword properties for improved campaign listings, and enhanced search and filtering functionality making content easier to find.
Funnel user ratings
Refined approval process to ensure high quality in Marketplace campaigns.
kartra market place campaigns

Wrap Up

The 3 new Kartra features are offering greater precision and better collaboration.

Kartra has continued to develop and evolve its offering, you can read an overview of the 12 New Features released last year as it continues to go from strength to strength in the online marketing and sales world.  

In this post I’ve introduced the new Kartra tools released in October 2023 and explained how they can help your digital business:

Make better decisions using the analytics tool.
Stay in sync with your team with the new collaboration tools.
Refined approval process to ensure high quality in Marketplace campaigns.

If you’re using Kartra to sell digital materials, physical products, offer training or coaching or to run a membership site, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy these new features!

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Matt Carter

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What is the cost of Kartra?

Kartra is available on 3 membership plans:

  1. Starter Plan at $119/month or $99/month when billed annually.
  2. Growth Plan at $229/month or $189/month when billed annually.
  3. Professional Plan at $549/month or $429/month when billed annually.

You can also opt for a Kartra free trial. Read our Kartra pricing article for more information.

Is there a good alternative to Kartra?

The best alternative to Kartra is ClickFunnels. Both are all-in-one marketing platforms. They offer similar pricing plans and similar features.

The main difference is that Kartra has a better front-end experience. It also has more modern template options (as standard) so you can create more visually exciting pages and funnels.

ClickFunnels 2.0 also allows you to create an entire website. So, there is no need for a separate website builder and platform. Check out more details on ClickFunnels 2.0.

Other digital marketing platforms tend to be more limiting and aren’t true end-to-end platforms. However, I recommend you take a look at

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