Luca De Stefani's Self Publishing Revolution Review

Updated: June 25, 2018:  If your reading this Self Publishing Revolution review right now you probably pretty skeptical about if you can really make money with Kindle Publishing. If you are like me you were probably binge watching Youtube on how to make money online and you came across a boisterous, over the top guy named Luca De Stefani telling you how easy it is to make money on Kindle and that you are missing out. 

While I made good money from it for a while, there are some caveats you should know about before jumping in. So keep reading!

My Self Publishing Revolution Review – Does it Match the Hype?

The short answer is – Yes you can make a good amount of money with Kindle Publishing. I had months where I made more money than some people made in a year.

Ya – I know, crazy right?

Good and Bad – This is my 100% honest review

I am going to share my real thoughts and feelings about Self-Publishing Revolution (SPR), and with Kindle Publishing in general. These are thought I previously only shared with my close friends – so stay tuned!

What Is Big Luca’s Course All About?

The basic premise of Luca De Stefani’s course is to start an online e-book business using the Amazon Kindle platform. To scale up quickly, you will learn different ways to outsource the most difficult parts of publishing books.

publish on kindle

If you have dabbled with K Money Mastery (KMM) this all this probably sounds familiar. Self-Publishing Revolution is basically an offshoot of the K Money Mastery course, but one that far surpasses it in terms of strategy and technique.

SPR shows people how to start their own self-publishing business primarily using the Amazon Kindle platform. Big Luca also, extends his strategies to physical books using Createspace and audiobooks using ACX. As many successful publishers know, only a small part of their income will come from Kindle itself compared to physical and audio books.

How Much Does It Cost?

SPR comes in two versions. The first is the life-time version which has a one-time fee of $399 with no upsells and lifetime access to the Facebook mastermind group. You can get the best price for the lifetime version here:

If $399 sounds like a lot, there is a monthly option that is $67/month. The only issue with this option is that if you join for a month and then cancel your membership, you will lose access to the Facebook group which is an invaluable tool for beginners. You can access the monthly version here:

K Money Mastery 2.0 Vs Self-Publishing Revolution

k money mastery vs SPR

I first started my publishing business with KMM 2.0. It was a good course, and I learned a lot from it. But I felt like the really powerful nuggets of information was hidden behind upsells and coaching. Then again the base price was only $67 so it had a lot of value for the sticker price.

SPR on the other hand, gives you everything you need to know upfront without any need for coaching or upsells. Then again the price of the course is much higher – $399 or $67/month – so you would expect to have much more valuable information.

Before I bought Luca’s De Stefani’s course I was publishing for about 3 months and it felt like I was blind. Releasing a bunch of books just to see what would stick. There was no real strategy behind what I was doing at the time and it was very time-consuming

After going through the course I literally felt like the wool was lifted off my eyes and I could see clearly. Literally, my income doubled each month for the next 3 months:

Although I believe that SPR is the superior course, I do think people will find value with KMM 2.0 because it really breaks everything down in an easy to understand step-by-step format. I think learning this way helped me appreciate what I learned in Self-publishing revolution even more.

If you haven’t published before and start with Luca De Stefani’s course, it is kind of like learning how to drive in a Ferrari.


What’s Inside?

luca de stefani author revolution

Luca De Stefan’s course has over 30 video lessons with about 6 hours of content. Each video builds on the previous one so you have to start at the beginning and not skip anything. The good thing about the way it is presented is that there is really no fluff, everything that is mentioned in the videos you need to know.

So you can get through the entire course in about a day and get started right away.

There is also an active Facebook group you get access to where other self-authors ask questions and swap ideas – this is actually one of the best things about the course.

authors revolution facebook


What To Expect From Big Luca

Luca De Stefani teaches the basics such as where to outsource to get your book made all the way to the complex such as how to get your book to rank on Amazon’s search engine, but here are the main topics:

  • How To Find A Profitable Keyword
  • How to Choose A Cover
  • Where To Find VAs
  • How To Get Reviews and How Many You Need
  • Book Launching Strategy
  • How To Use Createspace
  • Optimal Createspace Pricing Strategy
  • How To Use ACX
  • How To Scale Up Fast
  • Profitable Keyword Criteria
  • Assessing The Competition
  • Organic Review Strategy (new)

Big Luca also shows you how to turn one product (E-Book) into multiple streams of income by turning it into a paperback using Createspace and an audiobook using ACX.

my author review

The Good

One of the most powerful lessons Luca De Stefani gives is on how to find a profitable niche, he gives clear criteria you need to look for to tell whether a niche is profitable or if it is too competitive to launch a book in. This alone will save you countless hours and heartbreaks.

The other eye-opening lesson in the book launching process. It gives you the exact formula you need in order to get your book to rank high in the Amazon search algorithm. Knowing these two things is where the course really drops some deep knowledge on you and it is something that is rare to find in an internet marketing product.

Self-Publishing Revolution also gives you a pricing strategy for selling your books. Apparently, Luca has done a lot of A/B split testing to figure this out, and I have to say – it works!

The Bad

author revolution blackhat

The single biggest issue with SPR is that it relies heavily on a blackhat method to gather reviews, which is review swapping.

This is where you pay a VA a certain amount of money to go out and get you fake reviews. This is done to provide social proof to your books and to trick the Amazon algorithm into thinking your book is popular.

To follow this course exactly, you need to be ok with doing this and it’s something that some people might struggle with. But this is the same thing big publishers do when they release their books for free to people in exchange for reviews.

The problem with this technique is that it is against Amazon’s Terms of Service and it can get your account banned, or even worse – get you sued.

luca de stefani kindle geddon

What happened to kindle authors in March 2017


Review swapping has not gone unnoticed by Amazon. Back in March they launched an aggressive attack on fake reviews and many reviews were taken down and publishers were hit with a notice about manipulating reviews.

This affected many publishers and caused many to question the whole business model and re-think a more sustainable approach to Kindle…


Organic Reviews – The Answer?

self author revolution organic reviews

In response to the massive loss of reviews and a decline in author’s fortune, Luca came out with a new method to gain reviews naturally using Facebook ads and an e-mail list.

Of course, this requires much more time and effort but it appears to be a much more sustainable way to be a successful self-publisher long term. I believe that part of the solution is that publishers need to make better quality books so that more people are likely to leave a positive review of their books instead of negative ones.

June 21, 2017 Update: The methods described in this section of the course are very general and lack actionable steps. To get a complete guide on how to generate organic reviews using an E-mail list I recommend checking out my review of Publishing E-Mail Success (this program has been taken down to be improved and updated)

Final Thoughts

SPR was the first course that really worked for me. It made me believe it was possible to make money online passively. It really gives you everything you need to make real money and the course creator constantly interacts with members of the Facebook group and updates the course whenever any big changes happen.

It gives you what you need need to make real money online. Big Luca also constantly interacts with members of the Facebook group and updates the course whenever any big changes happen. 

But to be successful, you must be comfortable with using blackhat techniques which is why I can’t recommend this course anymore

I personally believe that Amazon Kindle is undergoing a great change and with that comes both risk and opportunity. If you are thinking of getting into publishing on Kindle then check out the course and see how you like it.

That is why overall I give SPR 2.5/5.

To learn more visit for lifetime access or for monthly access.

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Gil says June 22, 2017

So besides getting fake reviews, what other blackhat things helped tou sell over 1000 books on createspace?

    Hustle Life says July 10, 2017

    The reviews are the biggest thing, and then choosing good niches with content that readers actually want.

The Troll says June 23, 2017

…still making money bro?

    Hustle Life says July 11, 2017

    Still making a good monthly income bro

Jo says July 26, 2017

Once you pay the $399 lifetime access, how much roughly would you need upfront to invest in the first book(s) to get this off the ground? I’ve only just written some books (children’s) but, I’m trying to get to grips with this keyword malarky and started doing some youtube surfing. I’d never heard of him before but I’ve been watching some of Luca’s video’s today on YT and I really like his Zero Bullshit approach but, right now I’m skint – So, would need to know how much to save for because I’d eventually like to do this guy’s course. Cheers 🙂

    Hustle Life says July 31, 2017

    Hi Jo,

    This is a good question. I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that Amazon and Createspace delay their payments to 2 to 3 months. It also depends on how aggressive you want to be. So if you are ok with just releasing one book a month then a $1-2 thousand should be ok. But this will also mean it will take longer to make your money back. For me it took about 6 months to make my initial investment of about $5k back.

Santz says August 14, 2017

This is an awesome review as I have been tossing over the price but really wanting to try.. its made my decision more clear so i will give it a go..
I too started on KMM and had the same thoughts like something was missing.. thanks for the help

    Hustle Life says August 28, 2017

    Hey Santz,

    That’s great to here, please update me on your progress!

Joshua Guevara says September 26, 2017

Hi, I wanted to know, does the course revolve around ghost writing solely or can you write yourself? Thing is I’m just out of college and cant afford $100-200 per book. I don’t doubt the course is good but from what i understand i basically need to hire ghost writers or its a no go isnt it?

    Hustle Life says October 3, 2017

    Hi Josh,

    You can write books yourself of course, if you have the time and the skill that is probably the way to go especially if you are looking to making this a long term business and build a brand.

Jen says October 4, 2017


I just wanted to know if Luca’s course is applicable to children’s books because I have learned from one of his videos on Youtube that the most profitable niches are from non-fiction books.

Thanks a lot.

    Hustle Life says October 5, 2017

    Hi Jen,

    The course is mostly for non-fiction books, so it wouldn’t be too applicable to children’s books in my opinion. Although some of the strategies could be useful. Its difficult for me to say for sure as I am not in that niche.

Rick says March 13, 2018

Can you give an estimate how much is the approximate investment to create your first ebook and earn from it base on SPR method? I really have limited budget and that’s the reason why I really wanted to try this specially because it works for me because I work at home as a graphic designer. So I can manage the self publishing and my main job. Anyway, yah. Just want to know the initial investment i need to prepare plus the fee for the subscription of Luca’s course.

    Jeremy Harrison says March 13, 2018

    Hi Rick,

    You can really get started with $0, if you write your own book, edit it and then do the graphics for the cover. But I would save an average outsourced book costs between $200-300.

Tina says March 24, 2018

How similar is picking a top keyword and a top niche? And is there a quicker way to identify if a topic area/search term in the best seller’s area has a lot of high ranking items besides clicking through each book and manually looking at the ranking?

    Jeremy Harrison says March 26, 2018

    Hi Tina, not sure if I understand your question… how similar is it to what?

    A quicker way to do research is by using KDSpy as it has all the info you need in one spot.

frando says October 14, 2018

I’ve seen a video of big luca saying he will no longer do kindle publishing and also shutting down his training module for it. Would you have a recommendation where we can still access his program and pay for it accordingly? Thanks!

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