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VideoRobot Review – Is It A Scam Or Does It Actually Work Amazing? – Hustle Life says March 10, 2018

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Mark E Yarbrough says March 19, 2018

VideoRobot is buggy beyond belief. I am getting a refund if they don’t try to same me.

    Jeremy Harrison says March 20, 2018

    Thanks for the feedback Mark, there are some bugs like anything else – did you try it from a different browser? Sometimes various plugins can negatively affect cloud-based software applications like Videorobot.

Bill says March 23, 2018

Good Luck in finding the link to obtain a refund! I’m still looking – as they have it well hidden.

    Jeremy Harrison says March 24, 2018

    It’s a JVZoo product so I believe you can go through them for a refund. Let me know how it goes.

Lynn Kull says April 19, 2018

Is it still possible to get this for $27?

    Jeremy Harrison says April 24, 2018

    I believe so.

Pamela says April 28, 2018

I have Video Robot and thinking about getting Video Pal. do you know anything about that?

    Jeremy Harrison says April 28, 2018

    Hi Pamela,

    What do you feel is missing from video robot that you want from video pal?

      Elizabeth says May 9, 2018

      I am very disappointed in this software. Video Robot is not clear that there are several levels that a person can buy and they don’t readily show those options and what each level comes with. I can’t make the type of videos I want with this program because I am looking for avatars that are more kid friendly ( like animals). The pre-made voices are real but if you type in your own words the voices are robotic. This is the kind of video I turn off when I come across them on YouTube.
      Anyway I am disappointed in this software and that I spent $50 dollars on it. There should be a trial for a few days for people to get an idea of what it does. This might help someone but I see it more as a scam, another company that just wants your money no matter what. There should be a clear page telling you what the plans are. Having you buy the main one and have to upgrade at $30-$80 per level is not honest when you aren’t told that from the beginning.

        Jeremy Harrison says May 12, 2018

        Hi Elizabeth, thank you for the feedback on this. Unfortunately, this is a common sales technique that many online sales products engage in once they have made an initial sale, also called an “upsell”. I am not a fan of it either as it is annoying.

rich fallis says May 20, 2018

Just bought it. Can’t download it or find a place to login. Starting to look like a scam.

    Jeremy Harrison says May 20, 2018

    You usually get emailed a place to login, so make sure to check your spam folder

Brad says May 23, 2018

I appreciate your responsiveness on here. Are the text to speech voices really robotic…as alluded to by the reviewer above?

    Jeremy Harrison says May 24, 2018

    I think it depends on what your needs are. If you need something that sounds exactly like a human than its not up to that level. But if you are just doing a video to compliment your website content or just need to get a video done and the audience doesn’t expect perfection then I think it works well.

Duke says August 2, 2018

So grateful I came here before making a purchase. Would have wasted my money.

Denise McLeod says January 15, 2019

Thank you for posting. Not going to buy the program now.

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