Easy Blog Networks Review: Is It A Safe Solution? (2019)

Easy Blog Networks (EBN) promises many things, but does it actually work or will you get all your PBN's penalized? In this Easy Blog Networks review I will share my full experience with EBN.

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Easy Blog Networks is an all-in-one hosting solution for your blogs. It is a safe and headache free way to host ton of domains all in one spot.


EBN has a boatload of features that makes management easy


Well priced given all of it's support and features

Ease Of Use

No other competitors make setup easier than EBN


Support is very responsive and they usually get back to you within 24 hours

Easy Blog Networks Pros

  • 1 minute WordPress setup
  • Automatic updates and backups
  • 1-Click HTTPS setup
  • Great support
  • Safe hosting solution

Easy Blog Networks Cons

  • No cPanel access
  • Some plugins are blocked

Updated April 16, 2019: If you are thinking of starting your own blog network and are looking for a permanent hosting solution you have come to the right place.

Starting your own private blog network is hard work. Figuring out what the hell SEO is, why backlinks are important, deciding which domain to choose...

Especially if you are just starting out and don't really know what you are doing, you really feel overwhelmed with information

Fortunately one part of starting your own blog network is relatively simple and headache free, and that is with hosting.

I have tried most of the alternatives out there, from Blue Chips Backlinks and Bulk Buy Hosting to manually setting up domains on different hosting accounts using Cloudflare. So my experience is pretty significant

What is Easy Blog Networks?

Easy Blog Networks started out because there was a need for webmasters to have a diverse set of IP addresses. Easy Blog Network uses different A-, B- & C-Block IPs, in different data centers and by different hosting companies.

This is because Google smacked/de-indexed PBN's that were hosted all on the same IP addresses before back in the day's when people used SEO hosting.

SEO hosting was a super cheap way people used to host their PBN's. They were all stored on the same IP address, so it was super easy for Google to find these PBN's and de-index them.

Easy Blog Networks fixes that problem by using a wide variety of hosting companies to host your domains, so that your blogs are hiding in plain sight making them harder for Google to detect and penalize.

Easy Blog Networks Features

What makes Easy Blog Networks, well... easy is that it is super simple to use even for newbies:

  • Wide Variety of Hosting Services: From Amazon AWS to Linoid, EBN uses a wide variety of hosting companies to keep you domains on a diverse set of IP addresses.
  • One Dashboard For Your Sites: Having your blogs hosted on one dashboard saves you a lot of time and cuts down on the headaches that come from managing your PBN's
  • Simple Set-Up: Setting up a FULL WordPress website is super quick and easy with EBN taking less than a minute.  
  • Auto Management:  EBN helps keeps your sites secure by keeping your WordPress updates up to date and backing up your domains automatically.
  • Free Migration: EBN will make moving your domain over easy by doing it for you - free. 
  • Easy SSL Setup: Make your blogs look even more like real sites by adding HTTPS to your sites. EBN makes it easy with a click of one button

Is Easy Blog Networks Safe?

When your deciding on how you should host your PBN's, safety should be your number one concern.

There is nothing more frusturating than getting a site de-indexed by Google. It is money down the drain, and can cause Google to manually review your main site.

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Over the past 2 years I have used EBN I have had over 100 blogs hosted on the network and have only had two domains de-indexed. (Updated: Last week I got approximately 15 domains de-indexed, but after doing much research into it this had nothing to do with EBN and everything to do with my sloppy OBL link pattern.)

One site got de-indexed right away after testing. The other got de-indexed in a very competitive niche for using spun content. So I suspect that both sites got de-indexed due to competitors requesting a manual review and not due to EBN's setup.

There have also been some third-party studies that looked into the safety of EBN and other hosting solutions:

easy blog case studies

Easy Blog Networks Pricing

Easy Blog Networks is competitive when it comes to their pricing plans especially considering it's easy of use and all the features it comes with.

EBN comes in three different pricing options:

  • Basic Hosting (25 Blogs): $69 per month
  • Webmaster Hosting (40 Blogs): $99 per month
  • Webmaster+ Hosting (70 Blogs): $149 per month
easy blog networks pricing

If you are just starting out and only have three or four blogs setup you can get away with cheap shared hosting account and it will be more cost efficent for you.

However, if you have 10+ blogs and plan on growing than EBN will start making sense once you see how easy it is to use.

What I like About EBN

I have been using EBN for 2 years now and it has been the primary way I have hosted my blogs. I have tried other services like Bulk Buy Hosting and Bluechip Backlinks but kept going back to EBN because of how easy it is.

To me, EBN is like the Apple of hosting services. It might be a little pricer than some of it's competitors, but the ease of setup and the automatic updates make running a large network of blogs much easier.

Easy Blog Networks interface gives you a quick overview on the overall health of your sites so you can see if there are any issues and you get metrics such as Trust Flow and Domain Authority all in one area.

EBN also keeps coming out with new features that keeps them ahead of the curve. For example last year they released free one-click SSL setup and this year they are releasing Easy Blog Networks 2.0 which promises a whole bunch of cool new features.

What I Don't Like

While EBN is great, it is not perfect. One of the things I like most about it is the easy setup and automatic updates and security features.

But this easy of use and security comes with the cost of not being able to access the cPanel and various different plugins that can't be enabled.

Most of the time this isn't really an issue, but there are times when this can be annoying, especially if you like having total control over your sites

Easy Blog Networks vs BulkBuyHosting

Easy Blog Networks main competitor is definitley BulkBuyHosting from the SEO circles that I am in. BulkBuyHosting is similar to EBN in that they also use a wide variety of web hosting services to keep your IP addresses varied.

But they offer you full cPanel control which gives you more flexibility when it comes to setting up your blogs.

I have used BulkBuyHosting in the past and definitley think that they are a good alternative, but I find Easy Blog Networks simplicity and ease of use too good to make the switch.

BulkBuyHosting vs Easy Blog Networks Pricing

BulkBuyHosting is cheaper than Easy Blog Networks overall, let's take a look at the comparable price points:

  • Easy Blog Network 25 Blogs: $69 per month vs BulkBuyHosting 25 Blogs: $52 per month
  • Easy Blog Network 40 Blogs: $99 per month vs BulkBuyHosting 50 Blogs: $93 per month

BulkBuyHosting also has a starter plan where you can host 10 blogs for $26 dollars per month.

If you are looking for no-frills hosting, BulkBuyHosting is a good choice and the price reflects that. But if you are looking for headache-free hosting, Easy Blog Networks is the way to go.


Easy Blog Networks offers free one click SSL, automatic updates and backups of your sites and easy WordPress installs.

BulkBuyHosting doesn't offer any of those features at the time of this writing.

Ease Of Use

As mentioned before BulkBuyHosting offer's cPanel access which is good because it lets you run anything you want on each blog.

However setting up blogs is a pain in the ass compared to EBN. With EBN you literally type in a few things, click a few features you want and it sets up WordPress for you in a minute.

Also EBN has automatic maintanance of your blog, so it is backed up often. Also crucial updates are installed by EBN automatically to keep your sites secure.

Should You Try Easy Blog Networks?

If you are looking for a simple hosting solution for your blogs I highly recommend Easy Blog Networks. I have used it for years and have had minimal problems with it.

Any de-indexed sites I have had were probably due to people reporting them manually and not because of EBN.

Easy Blog Networks is super simple and easy to use, making setting up blogs an absolute breeze. Their customer service is also on-point, they always respond within 24 hours even on weekends.

You can try them out with a 7 day free trial and they also come with a 30 day guarantee. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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