Income School's Project 24 Review: The Ultimate Affiliate Course?

Income School's Project 24 Review: Want the ULTIMATE lowdown on Jim Harmer and Rick Kessler's affiliate course? We break down EVERYTHING you need to know...

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Income School's Project 24 is a deceptively simple, but effective way to make high quality affiliate sites that will last the test of time


Project 24 gives you everything you need to start your first affiliate site


At only $449 its a steal of a deal

Ease Of Use

You don't require any additional software to start


The forum is a great place to get help and Jim and Ricky are always there

Project 24 Pros

  • Perfect for beginners
  • No additional software needed
  • Simple to understand
  • Awesome step by step blueprint
  • Constantly updated

Project 24 Cons

  • Not great for competitive niches
  • Requires a lot of patience

Updated January 10, 2020: Do you want to start a full-time career online, but have no idea where to start? Many self-proclaimed experts on the internet promise to help you start a profitable online business. Unfortunately, most of them turn out to be scammers.

It can be difficult finding legitimate experts who can teach you the ins and outs of building a successful online career. That’s where Income School’s Project 24 comes in. Project 24 is a tested and proven online-business training course.

Project 24 promises to teach you all that it takes to make money online. The question is then, does it? Is Income School’s Project 24 the ultimate affiliate course—or just a waste of time and money? We’ll be taking an in-depth look at what Project 24 has to offer in an effort to help you determine just that.

What is Income School’s Project 24?

picture of income school project 24 course creators

Founded by two online entrepreneurs, Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer, Income School is a business that offers comprehensive training courses to individuals looking to attain financial independence by making money online. Whether you want to learn email marketing, content marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, or e-commerce among others, Income School claims to have you covered.

Project 24 is one of the training programs that Income School offers. If you are looking to generate income online through blogging or creating passive niche/authority sites, this is the right course for you.  The course is designed to walk you through every step of creating two major types of sites to help you build a full-time online business in as little as 24 months:

  • A niche site
  • An authority site

The program consists of 60-steps laid out in 123 lessons. The lessons are geared to teach you the following:

  • How to become an online entrepreneur
  • How to choose a niche for your online business
  • How to build a WordPress website
  • How to create search engine optimized content that ranks on the first page of the search engine results
  • How to drive traffic to your site and convert it into an income
  • How to select affiliate programs and offers relevant to your niche

The course is easy to follow. Everything is simple and straightforward, and by the end of the program, you should grow from being an absolute greenhorn to a refined, full-time online entrepreneur earning a decent income from blogging and affiliate marketing.

My Experience With Project 24: My First Website

I was a little skeptical with Income School Project 24 at first. But with my background in SEO, and the way Google is going with punishing blackhat behaviour, I wanted to see if building a pure whitehat website was possible.

Now don't get me wrong, I still think that links are very important. But I also believe that Google is moving away from valuing links because they can be manipulated and purchased so easily - to a way of ranking sites based on user behaviour.

That means serving up Google and users what it wants, high quality information. This is what Project 24 is all about creating.

So I started my first Project 24 to see if Income School was full of shit or actually legit and here are the stats:

  • Date Started: November, 2018
  • Total Posts Published: 38
  • Number of Posts Outsourced: 38
  •  Money Spent: approx. $3500 ($700 per month)

Here are the number of views so far as of April 2019:

income school project results

Are these mind-blowing stats?

Not really

Am I happy with it so far?

You bet! I love I don't have to shop are for links, or worry about getting penalized and I can focus all my efforts on creating content instead of anything else.

My Latest Results with Income School in 2020

Ok so it's been a while since I updated this post, but I have been getting a lot of questions about my Project 24 site.

I have to be honest, after September I really haven't been focused on this site at all. So I might have posted 2-3 articles since then.

But the traffic to the site has grown quite a bit since I gave you my last update:

income school 2020 results

As you can tell traffic was growing steadily up until October and then it dipped slightly.

I was able to get enough traffic to be accepted on Ezoic, so starting in August I was able to monetize the site with ads.

However ads only make around $40 per month, so I would need to scale it to much more traffic to get a descent income.

I have run into a few problems with this site that I didn't foresee when I initially made it:

  • The site is in the travel niche which makes it VERY competitive to rank for keywords that bring a lot of money
  • I have several other big projects that are already profitable and don't require the same amount of time to upkeep
  • Had a few good writers go MIA, and it takes quite a bit of time to find good writers and have them make consistently good material

One of the biggest things I realized last year is that to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to focus on what is working and double down on that.

That is why I have decided to not put any more time and effort into growing the site, until I have more free time to grow it.

So what does this mean for you? Project 24 works, but make sure you have enough time and bandwidth to invest in your site. I know if I continued with the amount of content I previously published, I could easily get this site to 30k+ visitors/month this year.

Is Project 24 Right for You?

Income School’s Project 24 is perfect for people who are just starting with affiliate marketing, and even for people who have made a bunch of affiliate sites, but are just tired of the same old strategies....


If you are looking to build an online business from scratch but have no idea where and how to start, or if you’ve already started one and don’t know how to take it to the next level, then Project 24 is ideal for you.

Project 24 is designed to walk you through a step-by-step process of getting started with online business and propelling it to success. Some of the things you’ll learn from the course include:

  • Buying a domain name
  • Choosing the right web hosting service
  • Building your WordPress website
  • Creating content, both text and video
  • Search engine optimization

Those Struggling with Making Their Business Profitable

If you've been running your online business for a while, but nothing worthwhile seems to come out of your efforts, Project 24 can help you turn things around and make your business profitable.

You can start as a newbie and go through the step-by-step training. Then, you can implement the things that you were not doing right before. You can also seek advice and feedback in the forum as you implement the tricks and strategies that you learn from the course.

Experienced Internet Marketers

There is always something to learn. With Project 24, even experienced internet marketers can learn some new tricks and strategies that could take their business to the next level.

Is Project 24 Worth Purchasing?

There are several reasons Project 24 is a perfect course for individuals looking to make money online through blogging or creating niche/authority sites. The primary reasons include:

High-quality Content

Income School's Project 24 produces impressively good content. The video production is top-notch. The audio and visual quality is fantastic.

Moreover, the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  You get updated information on what you need to do at every step in the process. There’s also lots of comprehensive content, and they are always adding fresh content.

Straightforward Teachers

Let's be honest, the kind of people that teach a lot of affiliate marketing courses aren't always the highest calibre.

But Ricky and Jim are totally different. They are like the nextdoor neighbours that you wish you had, always ready to lend a helping hand.

They are committed to ensuring their students succeed, and always update and upgrade content based on students’ feedback.

Ease of Use

The course is crafted in an easy to follow manner making it perfect for both beginners and skilled learners. Project 24 lay things out step-by-step, giving you an easy time learning the ropes of making money online.

Regular Updates

Jim and Ricky are continually adding fresh content to the course. Whenever they discover new and more effective tricks and strategies, they make sure you get them if you have signed up for Project 24 program.

They also engage actively in the forums, sharing more knowledge with their students.

Exclusive Content

If you’re an Income School student signed up for Project 24, you get exclusive access to Vlog, Podcast, and inside information that other

Income School audience don't have access to. You also get the opportunity to ask the teachers direct questions about your website. They do their best to answer all questions.

Awesome Community

Project 24 has a great community that is helpful when it comes to inspiration and advice. The community is a great place to learn from other online business owners, join hands in overcoming various challenges, and help one another grow.

I just wouldn't post your website in the forums in case one of the less honourable members tries to copy you.

Project 24 Course Content

Project 24 Course Content

The course is composed of twelve main courses, which are primarily done in video tutorials and screencast videos. Let’s take a look at each of the courses and what they have to offer.

Module One: 60 Steps to a Successful Website

image of website

Course one is one of the most critical courses in Project 24—which I suppose is why it’s the first course. It is composed of a 60-step action that will walk you through the process of creating a website, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and website promotion.

Course one is divided into the following main topics:

  • How to select a good niche site
  • How to set up a WordPress site
  • Everything you need to know about SEO
  • Keyword research skills
  • How to craft articles that drive traffic
  • How to create well-written and search engine optimized posts
  • How to promote your online business on various social media platforms
  • How to create valuable resource pages
  • How to record screencast videos
  • How to create YouTube videos
  • How to generate revenue through your website
  • How to set up Amazon Associates on your site

These topics may sound simple, but the course is solid and detailed. Nonetheless, everything is straightforward and easy to follow.

The major shortcoming of this course is that it doesn’t cover anything about Google Analytics, which is an integral component of search engine optimization in today’s competitive online market.

Module Two: Search Analysis

image of search analysis

This course focuses on teaching you useful tricks and strategies for finding topics for your articles. Search Analysis is a revolutionary methodology for generating a hit list of topics for your website content.

Course two is divided into the following major topics:

  • Brand planning
  • Ideation
  • How to select keywords
  • How to create an effective hit list

Module Three: Choosing Profitable Niches

image of picking profitable niches

Choosing the right niche can be a daunting task. You may think what you have in mind is a profitable niche, but once you research it and evaluate its merits and demerits, you may realize it has little chance of delivering a decent return on investment.

In this 50-minute long video tutorial, you will get powerful tips for choosing a good niche for your website depending on your individual goals and preferences. You’ll also be given an Excel spreadsheet with at least 350 niche ideas. These niche sites are ranked from the most promising to the least promising.

This list is designed to inspire you on choosing the right niche for your online business so you can get started on a solid foundation.

Module Four: No-Nonsense SEO

image of no nonsense seo

For the uninitiated, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing the online visibility of a website or page in organic search engine results. Organic results refer to results that have not been paid for. They’ve been earned naturally.

The No-Nonsense SEO course is designed in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. That doesn’t mean it is a basic course, though.  It contains lots of information that you’ll never get from those numerous courses that are available on the web for free.

It provides you with exactly what you need to know about search engine optimization to build a successful online business. In the 50-minute long video tutorial, you'll get valuable ideas on how to improve your ranking in search results and drive traffic to your websites.

The course instructors take their time to explain SEO tactics that would be effective regardless of future changes in Google’s Algorithm which determines how a given website will rank. Once you understand how the tactics work, you can easily put them into practice on your site.

You should realize that Project 24 does not offer any training about underhanded black-hat SEO tactics. If that’s what you are looking for, then this is not your course. Jim and Ricky are committed to teaching you only white-hat tricks, so you don’t end up being penalized by search engines for all your hard work to go up in smoke.

Module Five: Web Traffic Snowball

You can invest lots of time, money, and effort promoting your website on various social media platforms. That doesn’t guarantee the expected results. It boils down to the strategy you employ.

That’s where Project 24 comes in. In this course, you will learn the best strategies to promote your site on social media, and how to build traffic quickly and steadily without wasting time on social media channels that have little chance of delivering the expected return on investment.

Module Six: Email Marketing 101

image of email marketing

This course focuses on teaching you why and how you should build an email list for your online business. E-marketing 101 covers the following main topics:

  • Why you might or might not want to build an email list
  • Starting with a free email list and scaling up from there
  • Using an email list to engage your audience and converting them into buying customers

Module Seven: Myth-busting

image of myth busting

In this course, you will learn about the keyword golden ratio (KGR), and its significance in online business. The course covers virtually everything you need to know about KGR.  You can easily understand the ideas, test them, and see if they can work for you.

Module Eight: How to Find and Train Writers

image of find and train writers

Content would be an integral component of your online business. However, you may not always have time to craft high-quality and well-researched blogs posts. You will most likely need to hire a helping hand at some point.

The writer you hire may not deliver exactly what you would want to give your audience. In fact, you may hire and fire several writers before you finally find the one that captures your thoughts in a style that you like. You can waste a lot of time in the process.

This five-part course can save you from all that stress. It will teach you how to find the right writers and train them about various types of posts. In the course, you’ll also learn to teach your writers the basics of logging in and posting in WordPress.

Moreover, the course instructors will share with you some of the resources they use for recruiting writers and working with them in a resourceful manner. You’ll learn how to draw contracts with your writers. You’ll also get some ideas on valuable tools, plugins, and job boards.

One of the major challenges beginners face is determining reliable content writers while weeding out the bad apples. Unfortunately, Project 24 doesn’t say anything about it. That is perhaps the major disadvantage of this course eight.

Module Nine: Professional Photography

image of professional photography

If you are looking to get into internet marketing, photography would be one of the most important skills to have. Course Nine of Project 24 focuses on teaching you how to take awesome photos for your website.

This 22-lesson professional photography course covers everything you need to know about taking photos that resonate with your target audience and communicate your thoughts perfectly. Some of the major topics in this course include:

  • Close-up photography
  • Lighting landscapes
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO

Module Ten: Website Reviews

image of website review

In course ten, course instructors will review and give feedback for sites created by Project 24 students. These reviews usually are 12 to 16 minutes long. You can learn a lot of stuff and get inspired by people's failures and accomplishments. 

Then you can implement some of the effective strategies you learn from those reviews on your websites. You should realize, however, that some strategies may not work for you depending on your kind of business. 

Module Eleven: How to Improve Your Writing Skills and Speed

Image of How to Improve Your Writing Skills and Speed

Course Eleven is designed to walk you through every step of improving and speeding up your writing. It gets into the details of some of the things covered in course one. In the nine-lesson course, you will learn to choose the right topic from your article list.

You’ll also learn how to craft a high-quality article for the chosen topic. The course will introduce you to a post structure that is geared to help you increase your writing speed. The structure is simple and easy to follow.

Module Twelve: Monetizing Your Website with Advertisements

image of Monetizing Your Website with Advertise

It is not always a good idea to monetize a website early. You may end up paying more attention to the money aspect rather than focusing on creating quality content to give your website a solid foundation first. With this Project 24 course, however, you can learn how to monetize your site early without putting other important aspects of the website in jeopardy.

In this three-part course, you will learn how to use ads tactfully to monetize your website pages without the need to push products. In fact, early monetization may turn out to be the only motivation you need to keep pushing your online business to greater heights.

The course instructors will teach you how to use ads effectively. They will teach you how to get the most effective ads on your website and optimize them. The tactics you’ll learn are geared to help you generate the most revenue without compromising your site’s user experience.

Module Thirteen: The Success Mindset

image of The Success Mindset

Course thirteen is not actually a course, but a reminder that success is not automatic. Not everyone is successful. You have to work for it.

The course presents you a video recording of a talk Jim presented at the summit in Boise, Idaho, in October 2018. You can learn a lot of things from the video regard building and growing a successful online business.

Brand-New Module: How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

I wrote Income school review back in April, and it was due for a refresh because the course is constantly getting updated.

Rick and Jim are doing a great job with really making Project 24 an all in-one affiliate marketing course.

Today on August 15 they just released a brand new (and very much requsted) Pinterest module that details exactly how to drive Pinterest traffic to your blog.

Why is this important? Because unlike Facebook these days (which is pay to play), Pinterest is one of the last social media sources where you can drive free traffic to your website.

So having a good Pinterest account can really boost the amount of visitors you blog gets and this module not only shows you how to do that for your blog, but they also give you 5 interviews with other bloggers that detail how they get TONS of traffic from Pinterest.

How Much Does Project 24 Cost?

Project 24 will cost you $449 in the first year. This is the price as of the first day of 2019. Once the year ends, you will need to pay $199 for every additional year that you will be a member.

It is worth noting that the initial price of the course was $349 in 2018. According to Jim and Ricky, the initial price of Project 24 will keep on rising as the course evolves for the better. Fortunately, the price changes won’t affect you if you’ve already bought the course once.

Therefore, if you have not bought the course already, and intend to do so, it is advisable to it now at $449. Then you can maintain your membership for only $119 for every subsequent year regardless of the initial cost of Project 24—even if it rises to $1,500.

Some people prefer monthly plans as it can be quite convenient, especially if you are on a tight budget. Unfortunately, Project 24 doesn’t offer a monthly subscription. If you want the course, you have to pay the current $449 annual fee upfront.

You don’t have to remain a member once you’re done with your training. After you’ve accomplished all the courses, and you feel like you no longer need access to the private forum, various updates on the 60-step action plan, and the new content that is regularly added to the course, you can simply terminate your membership. You can do so at any time you want, without conditions.

Bottom Line

Income School’s Project is the best online business training program you can get if you are looking to build a successful online business. The course is 100-percent legitimate and your answer to starting and growing your own niche site.

If you follow every step in this course, implement the tricks and strategies provided, and ask the right questions in the course of your training, you will soon be able to give up your boring 9-5 job and get into making money online on a full-time basis.

If you are ready to start your training, you need to purchase the course at $449, which covers the whole year. If you have a limited budget, you may want to subscribe to Income School’s YouTube channel. There’s a lot of stuff to learn there for free. Nonetheless, Project 24 is definitely worth the money.

So, if you are serious about making money through blogging or niche/authority site, but have no idea where or how to start, Income School’s Project 24 is a great resource.

Check out my Income School Project 24 Youtube review:

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Butch Pornebo says July 17, 2019

How much time did they spent on the following modules ?

Module Two: Search Analysis
Module Five: Web Traffic Snowball
Module Twelve: Monetizing Your Website with Advertisements

Can you detail the outline of each module ?

Regards…. Butch

    Jeremy Harrison says August 15, 2019

    Hi Butch,

    Each module is at least an hour (some up to 2 hours!) so it is very detailed.

    Module 2 is huge, it is all about brand planning and how you are going to set up your site. This includes finding keywords (Income School style) which I found very useful. This is essentially finding long tail keywords that show up as 0 search volume on most keyword tools, but they can bring in thousands of visitors per month for just one keyword.

    Module 5 Web Traffic Snowball – is about integrating your blog posts with social media accounts such as pinterest and Youtube video
    Income school is big on pinterest and Youtube which I think is the right combination because Pinterest and Youtube can drive a ton of traffic from these two sources for free

    Module Twelve: Monetizing Your Website with Advertisements – Big module (over 2 hours long), goes over monetizing your website even if you have less than 1000 visitors per month using Google ads. Then they talk about the benefits of Ezoic ads if you are getting at least 3k visitors per month and than adthrive and mediavine for 30k+ visitors per month.

    Hope that helps!

Big Lou says August 9, 2019

I am thinking about it, i want to add an extra source of income to my portfolio. I am hesitant because, i know how to use word press, i am very well versed in SEO and PPC, SEM. I don’t want to write content, so i am debating whether or not i would enjoy having a blog. I am terrible at Grammar and punctuation etc. Can you elaborate more on what someone with experience may have to gain from this course?


    Jeremy Harrison says August 15, 2019

    Hi Big Lou,

    If you don’t want to write content then this might not be the best course for you unless you have a huge budget that you can use to outsource all of the writing tasks for you.

    To get started Income School suggests that you start each website off with 30 articles. Each article will be between 1500 to 5000 words, so lets say on average each article is about 2500 words. And lets say your able to find a writer (or writers) that can produce this content at $2.00 per 100 words, you are looking at spending $3750 for one site if you outsource all the writing yourself.

    For many people this is scary and not doable, which is why Income School recommends you start your first site writing all the content yourself and save money.

Richard says August 19, 2019

Since so much of a websites traffic comes from Google, do you know if this course addresses how to avoid Googles habit of slapping down sites with their weird algorithm changes? One of my sites got hit hard with their Panda and Penguin updates as few years ago…Thanks!

patrick says August 20, 2019

Is there not a module about monetizing with affiliate marketing? I just see the ad module which I am assuming is related to ad networks but nothing about an affiliate marketing module.

    Jeremy Harrison says August 20, 2019

    Hi Patrick,

    Yes they do, and I believe that it is part of the very first module. They touch on it throughout, but the main focus is getting traffic and producing HQ content. They don’t teach you to go after strictly “best of” keywords like most courses.

Michael says October 17, 2019

What video platform does Income School use for their training videos? Is it Teachable, Kajabi, Wistia, or something else?

Hindy Pearson says January 11, 2020

Thanks for your review. I’ve been toying with the idea of signing up, but I already belong to Wealthy Affiliate which costs a lot more per year and is also legit. I’ve been with them since I started my website over 4 years ago, and I have yet to see much income from it. That’s what makes me tempted to try Project 24. I’ve watched a lot of Income School videos and I definitely believe they are legit as is their advice. I guess I’m just tired of wasting money as I search for the help and support I need to succeed.

    Jeremy Harrison says January 11, 2020

    Hi Hindy,

    Although Wealthy Affiliate does have some good training, much of it is WAY outdated. Income School gives a step by step blueprint on how to grow as site, and I am not going to lie – it is a LOT of work. But it works, and I see way more recent success stories in Project 24’s forums than I do in Wealthy Affiliate.

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