iWriter Review – Can You REALLY Make Money Writing Articles?

Are you a freelance content writer and you’re looking for a platform that connects you with content writing jobs so you can earn hundreds of dollars per month?

There are numerous paying content writing opportunities for you to succeed as a content writer.

But hold on a sec, why does your job as a content writer matter?

Needless to say, Content is the bloodline of every online business.

Every online business owner needs to strive hard to keep up with the demand for new, super content for their website.

Realistically speaking, it was through content writing that I got you reading this post and even hooked up till this point.

Now, you can see why they say Content is King!

Getting new, fresh content is really daunting especially when one doesn’t have the knack or luxury of time to punch words together and create a publish-worthy piece.

You will require the services of a content writer to take care of your writing needs.

However, you can’t just hire any content writer because the rates are super affordable.

You need to be extra careful while hiring a content writer for your business or else, your business would crash and you’ll end up losing credibility in the face of your audience when you publish subpar content repeatedly.

It is extremely important you hire content writers that are well grounded and knowledgeable in the same niche as you and they must also suit your needs as well.

You can’t have a weight loss blog and hire a content writer who knows nothing about losing weight but understands pretty much how Facebook Ads work.

You will end up receiving poor, not-so-good content which won’t be healthy for your blog especially if it’s an authority one.

Time, resources, money and credibility, all gone and wasted!

So you see why the role of a content writer is extremely important in the internet marketing world?

Now, the question remains: How can you as a content writer get connected to the client of your dream and secure high paying quality content writing jobs in your niche?

There are dozens of websites that offer content writing services for varying costs.

All you have to do is search content writer or copywriter or content marketing writer website and you will get thousands of those.

However, the platform I’m about to reveal to you now connects you with content writing jobs.

Let me introduce you to iWriter…

iwriter review

About – iWriter Review

iWriter is a content marketplace for content writers and content marketers.

The platform was created by Brad Callen and serves as a middle man between a content writer and his prospective client (website owner) and helps facilitate the business of content writing between them.

It was primarily designed for helping content writers get paid for writing articles of about 300-1000 words in length around highly targeted specific keyword as provided by the article requester (client).

If you’re looking to augment your online income as a content writer, iWriter is a good place to be.

Once you’re signed in to iWriter, you can choose your preferred niche so clients who need content writers in your niche can find you easily.

Meanwhile, You can only search for jobs in your selected niche and this ensures that you get the right jobs that best fit your knowledge and experience.

Getting Started – iWriter Review

iwriter homepage

Scroll on to the iWriter Homepage and sign up for an account.

Sign up is free and you just need to enter your name, email address, and a password, and accept the iWriter client’s agreement form for your account to be accepted.

On the iWriter dashboard, Click on “Write Content” in the menu on top and you’ll be shown a list of articles that you can start working on immediately.

Included in every article request is the price and Instructions on what the client wants you to write.

Once you hit the plus button, you can start writing the article.

As a new writer, you’re automatically a standard writer and there is a limit to your earning potential.

You can be upgraded to the next level (premium writer) once you have gotten at least 30 reviews from clients.

If you’re gonna wait till you accrue over 30 reviews to get promoted would be, you’re almost going to wait for an eternity before your level and earning improves.

iWriter has a solution to this. They offer a fast-tracking program to premium and elite writer level.

This process isn’t free but would cost you $147.

With the fast track process, you will be given 3 articles to write and then iWriter would judge the articles and rate them. Then, the average rating would then be used to facilitate your promotion.

iWriter Payments

Now, let’s look at how much you get paid for content writing and also, how you can get paid with iWriter.

Just like every other paid writing gigs, writers on iWriter get paid based on word count.

The higher the number of words you can churn out, the more money you make.

There is a level system in iWriter with 4 levels.

#1: Standard Writers

This is the lowest rank of writers on the iWriter platform.

As a new writer signed up to the iWriter platform, you’re automatically a standard writer and you’ll be paid $1.40 for every 150 words you write.

#2: Premium Writers

This is the next level after standard writers.

Once you’ve been upgraded to the premium writer level, You’ll earn double the amount of a standard writer. That’s like $3.00 for every 150 words you write.

#3: Elite Writers

As an elite writer on the iWriter platform, you’re paid a lot more and can earn large bucks.

You’ll be paid $4.70 per 150 words in this level.

#4: Elite Plus Writers

This is the ‘head honcho’ level on the iWriter platform.

There are not a lot of content writing jobs on this level but the ones you get would make you a fortune.

The elite plus writers are paid the most and earn $13 for every 150 words.

NOTE: The above payments rates are MINIMUM payouts and you can earn much more if you’re a fantastic writer.

Pros of iWriter

#1: Pretty easy to get started.

Once you sign up to the iWriter platform, you can start writing immediately. It’s very easy to get started with and earn money online quickly by writing quality articles that your clients are satisfied with.

#2: Quick Payment

You don’t need to worry about not get your earnings because the iWriter staffs are duly committed to getting your payments across to you at the set time.

They never miss a payment and don’t even delay.

Once you’ve written articles that have been approved by the client, you’re surely smiling to your PayPal account.

You just need to set your payment frequency (whether weekly or bi-weekly), you’ll receive your payment into your PayPal account following that schedule.

#3: Daily Flood of Article Requesters

A lot of freelance content writers complain about is a low turnout of jobs but with iWriter is like an exception.

The platform welcomes tons of active visitors daily who are in need of specific articles and you would most likely not run out of content writing jobs.

 #4: Extra Tip Opportunity

If you’re really good with your articles and meet the client’s quality and turnaround time demand, then you will get extra pay as a tip. Try as much to over deliver on excellent work and you’ll definitely get tips from your clients.

#4: iWriter Mobile App Available

To make application easier, iWriter has a mobile application which you can use to view content writing jobs available for you even when you’re away from your computer.

You can view recent jobs, update your profile account and know when payments are due.

Con’s of writing for iWriter

#1: Limitation to Earnings as New Writer

As a new content writer on iWriter, you are only allowed to write basic articles. That means you can only earn basic payments…lol.

That’s like about $1 to $7 depending on word length and clients price point.

Once you’ve written up to 30 articles and have a star rating of 4 or more, you can unlock higher level which comes with a higher payment.

If you have an average of 4.6 stars rating, you can move into the rank of elite writers and chose articles from all three levels earning much more.

As mentioned earlier, iWriter has a new program called the ‘iWriter Fast Track Program’ which helps you skip the 30 reviews wait time by giving you 3 articles to write around keywords they give you. iWriter will reviews these articles, rate them and boost you up to premium or elite writer level If you get the required average star rating with the average of the three articles.

To apply for the ‘iWriter Fast Track Program requires a one time fee of $147.

This program is good for new, professional and serious writers who want to level up quick. If you’re a writer already on iWriter and have written tons of articles previously with a low average rating, then applying for the ‘iWriter Fast Track Program is of no use because it won’t raise your average.

The ratings of your previously written articles would be added to the 3 fast-tracked article to get an average rating that would determine your promotion.

If you have written no articles yet, the program could be a great way for you to get started on the elite level fast if you have good ratings from the three of them.

#2: Frequent Rejection of Works

You can get rejected by clients on iWriter for silly reasons and there seems to be nothing you would be able to do about that.

Even with the approval rate of every client displayed in their profile, there is still no guarantee that the client would accept your article.

#3: Permanent Ban of Account

If you’re working on iWriter, plagiarism is forbidden.

If you’re rewriting or paraphrasing the content, always to strive to produce original, unique content so your work would not be flagged and your account banned.

If you’re also caught asking for contacts of your clients, using abusive languages on the iWriter platform or even running multiple iWriter accounts, you’ll risk being banned from the platform.

Is iWriter Worth the Effort?

Well, if you can churn out quality articles regularly, then you can actually earn decent cash with iWriter.

The site doesn’t hold your cash for completed jobs so it isn’t a scam.

Once you get signed in and your profile gets approved, you become a standard writer automatically.

As a standard writer, you earn about $1.40 per 150 words which you could consider as crap pay if you really know your onions as a content writer.

You can make a good living from iWriter if you’re living in a country where the local currency is grossly undervalued versus the US Dollar.

On iWriter, You can only apply to content writing jobs in your niche. This is to make sure that content writers get jobs in niches where they are knowledgeable and also to ensure smooth running other the system

A major downside with iWriter is having to deal with buyers rejecting articles after you’ve painstakingly researched and written them.

Upon writing content, you’re to send the client a text image so that they can check the article and request for adjustments if necessary before sending funds over and also to prevent the client from copying the content and then rejecting it on the latter end.

However, there have been several reports of clients actually ripping content writers off their work by stealing the content and not paying.

They actually get the content for free by downloading the image they receive for proofing and previewing, putting it in an image to text converter and boom! They’ve gotten their desired content for free and you get zero pay.

It happens on a minimal rate but be prepared to encounter such cases if you’re keen on signing up.

Final Thoughts on iWriter

If you got the knack for churning out quality content backed up by rigorous research in good turnaround time, then Yeah!

You should probably be on iWriter.

Especially if you’re a beginner and you’re looking to build more relationships and credibility, it is wiser and recommended to write on iWriter. For articles of at least 500 words, you would get paid a decent amount of money.

On the contrary, if you’re a content writing pro and expert, I think you deserve better that iWriter.

The pay is crap and isn’t encouraging at all. You would have to queue alongside other content writing newbies at the standard level dragging writing jobs of $1.40 / 150 words with them.

If you’re a content writing professional, it is advisable you source for clients independently and negotiate better rates with them and don’t allow iWriter subject you to underpayment for your quality.

There are still some other flaws iWriter has which you will not enjoy.

Majority of buyers treat writers like thrash on the platform and make unreasonable demands.

The kind of buyers who you meet on iWriter are usually difficult to work.

They offer ridiculous payment and still reject your work for some silly reasons even when you meet all requirements and follow all instructions.

If you stay in the USA, UK, Canada, and even Australia, then the pennies paid won’t be sufficient to make ends meet.

I think you should be on the iWriter platform if you’re searching desperately for paid writing jobs or staying in a country where the value of a dollar is far more valuable than your local currency.

Like I said earlier, some buyers cheat the system by rejecting articles but downloading the preview of the work and using an image to text converter so they can get the content for free.

This shouldn’t be so but it happens.

However, there are still some good, friendly buyers on the platform who would give you writing jobs and if they see that you’re a fantastic writer, they will mark you as their favorite writer and offer more long-term jobs.

You’ll also receive tips regularly once the buyer is pleased and satisfied with your work.

So now what’s your take?

Would you go with iWriter or nay?

Drop a comment.

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