VidBullet Review: How Does It Compare To Other Video Software? [2019]

Automated video creation software enables you to create short videos for your organization, which can be used to quickly capture your visitors’ attention as well as increase awareness of your brand via your website, social media platform, and more. In fact, short videos have been found to be even more beneficial than traditional marketing videos because they allow you to display your message in a way that is more conducive to the short attention span of today’s consumers, which makes them more engaging and, in turn, helps increase your leads.

There are many different automated video creation software brands, such as VidBullet, which provides faster video creation and requires no editing.

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What is VidBullet?

VidBullet uses your organization’s information to create more engaging short videos in just 3 minutes. In fact, it is the first automated video creation tool of its kind and has been in use for over 10 years, during which time it has been successfully tested and proven to capture more attention and awareness than any other automated video creation tool.

Today, VidBullet is hailed as the fastest automated video creation software, with a creative new format that generates highly stimulating marketing videos to match, and it is even used by various news organizations for viral videos. It is also often used for explainer videos as well as slide shows. Furthermore, where other video creation tools may take in-depth skill and a lot of effort to use, VidBullet makes it as simple as just filling out a form and then submitting it to get started. And unlike many other tools of its type, it also requires no editing.

VidBullet’s attention-grabbing video can be used in many ways to help bring attention to your brand as well as generate sales for your organization, including:

  • It can be used to generate various engaging videos on major video platforms, such as YouTube, which will help create backlinks to your site and increase your Google ranking.
  • It can be used to spotlight each product you offer, which can help increase your sales.
  • It can be used by businesses to create local videos to help generate local customer interest and repeat business.
  • It can be used to quickly generate engaging videos that showcase your expertise to help increase your leads and gain more customers.
  • It can be used to quickly and easily offer any product and in any niche to help you expand into other markets.
  • It can be used to generate engaging video bulletins to help drive traffic to all of your channels to help boost any service or product you offer.
  • It can be used to create business opportunities by enabling you to produce videos that can be sold via various freelance funnels.
  • It can be used to create intriguing viral videos, similar to major news networks, which can be used to get shares, clicks, and likes.

There are many other automated video creation tools available that enable users to create inspiring videos instantly. However, to help ensure you select the right video creation tool for your needs, let’s take a look at some of the key differences between VidBullet and some other automated creation tools available.

VidBullet vs Explaindio

While both VidBullet and Explaindio allow you create engaging, professional-looking videos, slideshows, explainer videos, and more, quickly, Explaindio differs in that it also includes a simple animation option as well as a simple whiteboard sketch option, which can be used to help make your videos more unique.

That being said, using these additional features will also require some editing as well as additional time to incorporate them into your video. Therefore, this program may be best suited for those with basic skills and knowledge in video editing for best results. Explaindio can also be used offline for added convenience.

VidBullet vs Animoto

Animoto is another popular automated video creation tool that enables you to create engaging marketing videos and slideshow videos, which can be used to increase consumer interest in your site, product, or service. And, like many other video creation tools, it also enables users to incorporate a song and a style into their video for greater customization.

You can also include texts, videos, and clips using this program; however, again, using these additional features may require some basic knowledge and skill in video editing for best results. Editing the video may also require additional time, which means your video will not be uploaded as quickly.

VidBullet vs Magisto

Magisto also enables users to create marketing and product videos in just a matter of minutes, which can be used to distribute your videos across various channels, including social media, email, and more. It also provides you with marketing insights into your audiences viewing behavior, which can then be used to track which videos are performing the best as well as analyze which videos your viewers are not watching and why. However, it may be a bit pricier than the VidBullet video creation tool.

In the end, the main difference between VidBullet and other automated creation video programs is that it requires no editing, which saves time on editing, and it doesn’t require prior skills or knowledge of video editing to generate a great-looking video. In fact, VidBullet has been thoroughly tested and proven to generate the most attention-grabbing videos on its own and without editing. Therefore, it is suitable for novices or anyone who is seeking high-quality, effective videos fast.

Related Questions

Can VidBullet be used for Blogging & Content Marketing?

Yes, it can. Using VidBullet enables you to create highly effective videos that are worthy of attention, which can then be used similarly to how major news channels use them to increase views as well as viewer engagement and generate viral traffic. In fact, studies show that over 30% of viewers are more likely to share video content as opposed to text, which can help increase your chance of going viral. Once you have successfully created a short video using VidBullet, simply automate your new video for your social media page, email, website, and more, to increase interest in your content.

How Can VidBullet Improve Your Video Marketing Campaign? 

The whole point of video marketing is to help increase conversion and sales.

As stated earlier, short videos help capture more viewers’ attention and encourage more engagement due to their brief length; hence, it can be used to help increase traffic to your site, which can ultimately lead to increased sales. Furthermore, you can use the tool to develop various high-quality videos that can be used to easily put you ahead of the rest in any niche you’re in, which can help increase your exposure in other markets and generate more leads and increase your sales.

Lastly, search engines such as Google favor video content; therefore, by adding VidBullet’s Video Bulletins to your platforms, it can also help increase your SEO efforts.

Can VidBullet Be used to Create Videos for Paid Advertising?

Yes. In fact, VidBullet can be used to develop loads of intriguing, clickable video ads that you can profit from and in just a matter of minutes. In fact, the more engaging the video, the longer viewers will remain on the page watching the video ad, which increases both the visibility of your brand as well as the likelihood of a sale. VidBullet is uniquely designed to generate the most interesting content that viewers will stick to and in half the time of traditional video creation tools, which can benefit your paid video ads as well.

So there you have it, the ins and outs of automated video creation tools and how they can help benefit your organization by increasing viewer interest in your content, which ultimately helps create awareness of your brand, product, or service, and generates more leads that can result in increased sales.

Automated video creation tools also range in features with some including more advanced options for the seasoned video editor. However, for a creative program that does all the work for you, simply consider a basic program. These programs also range in price, depending, so be sure to check around for the right option for your organization. However, whatever you do, just don’t neglect the power of short videos as part of your marketing campaign. They are utilized by marketers around the globe and might simply amaze you with the results they provide and fast.

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