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15 Best Domain Name Generators - Find Awesome Affiliate Site Names

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: August 5, 2022
15 Best Domain Name Generators - Find Awesome Affiliate Site Names

Your domain name is crucial when attempting to convey your business ethos to the public at large. It can make or break you, and when making a new affiliate website you want your name to be catchy and memorable, but also to communicate the essence of your business.

For those that have writer’s block or find it tricky to dream up great business names, fear not, help is at hand. Fortunately, to address this exact problem there are a growing number of domain name generators available that will assist you in your search for the perfect domain name.

Just enter in a couple of keywords and the generator will spit out a whole host of variations and permutations for you to choose your perfect name from. Here are some of the best domain name generators for you to use for your affiliate site or any website:


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A popular domain name generator that has been around a while is LeanDomainSearch. It has the usual search engine bar and as soon as you hit enter it returns lots and lots of options for you. It even shows you just beneath the search bar how fast the results were returned. (Mine was 0.714 seconds. Pretty impressive!)

Though it gives a huge number of options it can seem a bit overwhelming to the untrained eye having to scroll down pages and pages of domain names. Similar to Nameboy the suggested website domains are not categorized in any specific order.

However, on closer inspection users will notice that there is a list filter on the right-hand side of the website pages. This gives the ability to sort the results into alphabetical order, by length or into names that start or end with the search term which is quite useful.


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Just enter one or 2 keywords in the search bar and hit enter. You will be greeted by whole selection of possible names for your online business. Namemesh has been doing this for a while and offers possibly one of the most comprehensive and thorough domain name searches for your business.

Namemesh groups the search results into various categories for you including TLDs – top level domains like .com or .net, new domain names like .blog or .app and even divides into fun, short and premium names. There’s a lot of options to go at for the beginner but it certainly gives you a massive number of choices.


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This is a nice simple tool that tries not to over complicate your name search too much. Just like the other engines, you will enter your name or key phrases and DomainWheel will return suggestions. On the search bar you can filter your returned suggestions by your preferred domain name suffix .com, .info etc.

You will be given around 20 variances of your name to select from. If none of these are suitable then DomainWheel offers up some random suggestions of its own and a nice feature is the ‘sounds like’ section that suggests domain names with a similar sound or that rhymes with your chosen name.


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Nameboy has a really nice clean looking and simple to use interface. This is a no frills but powerful domain name generator, and its fast. As soon as you put your domain name into the search engine Nameboy returns hundreds of options within a second.

Scroll down through the pages to see the suggested results with an array of suffixes, prefixes and suggested variations.

The names are not categorized by any specific criteria or divided into sections so you will have to scroll through, but it offers good and plentiful options. There are also a few nice information sections for new users on how to pick a good domain name or start a website.


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When it comes to domain names GoDaddy is, well, the Daddy! They have a solid internet presence having been around since 1997 and at the last count in 2018 had over 18.5 million customers. You don’t have those kinds of numbers without knowing a thing or two.

GoDaddy’s business name generator isn’t quite as versatile as others on the market but its solid options and ease of use make it helpful for absolute beginners. Just type your chosen domain name into the search engine and GoDaddy will tell you if it is available or not.

If your name has already been taken then you will be presented with alternatives that have mainly different suffixes like .agency or .info. If you are a total newbie then this is a good place to start.


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InstantDomainSearch takes a slightly different approach to the other generators on this list. Most of the engines create your domain name after you have entered the search term or keywords and hit enter. InstantDomainSearch offers domain name choices with a bit of a twist.

It performs a sort of live search where names are suggested as soon as you type in a letter to the search bar. As you continue to type the names constantly update and filter based upon your entries.

It is a nice feature as halfway through typing you may see a suggested name that you hadn’t thought of previously. Other than that the suggested names are returned in a simple no list form and you can choose which one to purchase from there.


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This is another domain name generator that offers its own twist. Namestory asks that you enter a comma separated list of your keywords then presents you with synonyms for each word that you can select or not, as you choose.

Once you have selected names and any synonyms you wish, the engine provides a list of suitable domain names filtered by your criteria. Click on any of the names you are interested in to check on availability and price.


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Panabee offers an almost cartoon-like and simple to operate interface for its users. From their search bar you can search for domain names, app names, and company names. When you search for your desired name or phrase Panabee returns around 50 results that all end with .com.

From the drop-down menu, you have the option of selecting and viewing additional extensions. Click on this a Panabee gives a massive choice of domain extensions to select from. So if you can’t find your name as a .com or a .net and you simply have to have it, then chances are you can easily locate it as a .social or a .cool. (Yes, that’s really on there!)


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This search engine focuses on providing you the exact name you want and attaches it to every single available extension. So rather than generating a name or alternatives from the text you enter it will strive to keep your exact name and provide you with hundreds of options.

IWantMyname will list the results in a scroll down the page that takes a while to get to but has every conceivable suffix for your chosen domain. Extensions by country name, industry, and a host of other options are all available for you to select from.

This is another useful engine if there is a name that you absolutely have to have and you are not too concerned about the extension that it comes with.


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Domainsbot takes domain name searching to a whole new level. It offers domain name search tools in 11 different languages and depending on your location will determine if your website name is GDPR compliant. It offers several options for power users or people that make their living from the domain selling market.

There are several packages that offer insightful analytics, highlight domain name trends over time, and provide market and competitor analysis. Their name generator tool is straightforward but offers some nice filters by which to refine your name search.


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This is a nice search tool that requests that you enter several keywords related to your business. From there Namesmith will present you with its list of suggested domain names for you to choose from.  The nice thing about this engine is that it offers a series of name permutations based on rhyming names, similarities, exact match, blended match, and various other forms.

If you are really stuck for ideas this is the search engine for you. It even comes up with pre and post fixes for your domain names and gives some variations not found on the other search sites. Overall this is a nice tool if you are really stuck for ideas.


Enter your associated domain keywords in to the search box, as many as you want. Drop down below the box and check off the extensions that you wish to view. Then click on ‘easy’, ‘advanced’ or ‘magic’ to begin your search.

DomainPuzzler will return a list of domains and highlight whether each is available for purchase. Easy is just a straightforward name suggestion tool. Advanced asks you to enter additional words then returns suggestions based on combinations of those words, and Magic takes words suggested by the search engine and combines it with your own words.

A nice feature of Domain Puzzler is the ‘Page Rank’ tool. Once you have a handful of possible names you can then compare them to each other using the tool.


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Bust A Name has a progressive style search box. The main screen is divided in to 3 windows and starting with the left you enter 2 or 3 related terms for your domain name. The center screen offers suggested names as you type and add keywords. In the right hand screen there are favorite names that you have selected which is handy for easy reference.

There are some nice sort and filter tools that can be used, including the ability to select which domain extensions you would like to be returned in results. There is also a drop down showing which domain seller the domain is available for purchase from along with the price.


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The domain name generator with a difference. This engine focuses more on the prefixes, suffixes and additions to your chosen name than the actual name itself. In the search box enter your business name then using the series of drop down menus you can selected various additions.

Impossibility gives you the choice of selecting verbs, nouns, adjectives or a mix of all 3 to add to you name, in words of 4, 5 or 6 letters. There is also an option for choosing where to place the added words; at the start or end of your search term.

This serves to produce some quiet original and unusual ideas for your domain name and is a good tool if you are looking to generate a name that is a bit different from the norm.


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Namestall gives a few alternate ideas for your domain name search. Instead of returning the usual search results with alternate endings or extensions Namestall uses word groupings to attempt to find you the perfect name.

Simply enter one main keyword in the search box then using the drop-down menu to the right you can select from all kinds of variations. Popular last words, combinations of numbers and words, smart misspells, adjectives, conjunctions, nouns – the list goes on.

As there are so many options you will have to make multiple searches in Namestall and examine the results. But if you have a bit of time to invest its worth playing around to see the kinds of results you will be delivered. It will certainly provide some alternative name options for your domain.


Your choice of domain or business name can have a huge impact. It can make or break your online presence so it’s important that you start with a memorable, brandable name. This is true in any business, but it is especially true in affiliate marketing.

Think about what you want your name to say and convey in terms of brand and image, it’s important for your business and your website visitors that you have the correct name, so think carefully before you choose.

Have you used a domain name generator that you would like to see added to this list?


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