The Best Instagram Affiliate Programs [2019]

top instagram affiliate programs

With a billion active users every single month Instagram is the 3rd most popular social media site. It ranks just behind Facebook and YouTube and over half a billion of its total users log in every day. A high proportion of those users are under 35 and over 70% of them are located outside of the USA.

As a business platform, Instagram outperforms many other social media channels and over 70% of US-based businesses have a presence on the social media giants platform.  There are over 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram and businesses are viewing it as a great way to connect with their audience and customers.

Many people discover new brands and products by using Instagram and you can leverage that by promoting your own items and successfully marketing your affiliate products.

So what are the best Affiliate Marketing programs to use with Instagram? Read on to find out.

Amazon Associates

image of amazon associates

When looking for a good affiliate marketing program many marketers need to look no further than Amazon Associates. There are hundreds and thousands of products available for resale on the Amazon platform and with the trusted name of the company and good commission rates, this program is a go-to for many that operate an Affiliate Marketing business.

If you have a good amount of users on your Instagram account that will help you to be successful with your affiliate marketing efforts. You should also keep an eye on different product categories and any special rates on Amazon product lines that you can take advantage of and earn yourself higher commission rates.

There are some stipulations, not least that Amazon requires any Instagram promotion to be conducted via a business account and that there must be a minimum of 500 organic users. In addition, Amazon will allow 180 days to make your first sale, if none is forthcoming then your affiliate account will be closed.

CJ Affiliates

image of CJ Affiliates

This well established Affiliate Marketing program has been around for quite some time. Based on its longevity this marketing partner has made connections with some huge brand names and product lines and while traditionally CJ Affiliates has partnered with websites and blogs this may be an option for you to use with your social media channels too.

After the application process, CJ affiliates will connect you with a centralized hub where you then select the brands and business for which you would like to promote products and services. Everything is approved by being individually reviewed so the criteria may be a bit more stringent than somewhere like Amazon Affiliates but once accepted you will have the ability to pick and choose from their partner network.

While commission rates may be a little lower than some of the other popular Affiliate Marketing platforms, with CJ Affiliates there is no minimum level of monthly sales that need to be fulfilled. However, you will need to earn in excess of $50 to get a commission payout.

Share A Sale

image of Share A Sale

Share a Sale is an extremely large affiliate network and is a hugely popular choice among marketers. There is a very wide and varied product selection and varying commission levels based on product and category.

It is relatively easy to become approved as an Affiliate Marketing Partner with Share a Sale but you will need to have your own website to meet their selection standards and the organization will want to know what kind of promotional methods and outlets that you are intending to use for their products.

There are a couple of restrictions with Share a Sale, one of their requirements is that you will permanently maintain a minimum balance in your account. Failure to comply with this will result in being charged monthly fees so you will want to make sure you are maintaining the balance limits.

Commissions vary by manufacturer and product but for many Affiliate Marketers Share A Sale is their ‘go to ‘ platforms and it is a solid performer within the industry.

Flex Offers

image of Flex Offers

Flex Offers is another solid Affiliate Marketing network that provides its associates with many tools to assist with their promotions and marketing efforts. They connect with marketers and brands across all types of products and business sizes, small, medium and large. Their product range in massive and divided into categories and subcategories. This is useful in aiding with product selection for your niche.

Flex Offers also included the addition of their own affiliate referral program which sets it apart from some of the other networks. Partners can refer other associates then receive commissions on the new associate’s sales which is a nice bonus. This is a nice way to add to your profits and is a useful addition to have which some other affiliate programs do not offer.


image of Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the oldest affiliate marketing players out there and has a wide range of tools and features that other platforms do not offer. These tools are all created to assist their associates and help them to be more successful when marketing for Rakuten’s products and advertiser.

A nice feature of their platform that instead of manually picking products to promote, users can add some code to their website and it generates a rotating product display that offers multiple versions.

Unfortunately, even with the extra assistance and nice addition of marketing tools Rakuten’s partner network is a bit limited. They only have relationships with around a thousand advertisers where some of the other popular Affiliate Marketing Networks have made relationships with literally tens of thousands of brands and businesses.

Their commission payments can also be erratic which may not suit some marketers due to the unpredictable nature. However, if their product line suits your needs Rakuten’s enhanced marketing, deep linking ability, and customized marketing tools may suit your needs perfectly for your Instagram marketing and product promotion needs.


image of Awin

If you have a website or product audience that is primarily based in the UK or Europe then AWIN may be a viable option for you. It focuses all of its energy on users based in these countries and make its partnerships with mainly British and European advertisers.

They offer a wide range of products but specialize mainly in categories of Travel, Beauty, Sports, and Fashion. AWIN does charge a fee for new marketers that wish to join their network but it is returned once your account is approved.

Although they do focus on the European and UK markets their program is available worldwide should you wish to use it elsewhere. With their massive bank of around 13,000 advertisers, you should have no shortage of products to choose from.


image of Skimlinks

Skimlinks has a vast range of advertisers and product lines that you can make your selections from. They partner with over 20,000 different companies to give you a rich and varied product range to promote on your own website or social media channels.

A nice feature of their platform is that they will convert any existing links to their product links with the addition of a piece of code. That’s something many of the other platforms do not offer.

Skimlinks is geared primarily to websites and blogs but can work for Instagram marketers too. Their payout policy is a little bit variable depending on products and seasonal factors and while using their platform is completely free they will take a 25% cut from your profits before payout.

In addition, it can also take a little while to receive your money in many cases taking a couple of months or more.


image of clickbank

If you have had any issues signing up or maintaining an account with any of the other Affiliate Marketing Partners that are listed then Clickbank could be the answer to your problems. They have a somewhat relaxed approach to approving their associates meaning that almost anyone can sign up and use their platform.

Clickbank only supplies digital products, not physical items but if this happens to be your niche then this may be a partner that works well for you. A nice feature is that Clickbank will allow you to select products to promote based on commission levels.

This means that by some strategic selection, marketers may be able to swell their commission dollars substantially. Due to their relaxed policies, some of Clickbanks products may appear a little substandard but depending on what niche you are targeting you might be happy with their range. For others, it is worth carefully screening your product selections.

ShopStyle Collective

image of ShopStyleCollective

ShopStyle Collective has created their entire platform around helping their associates promote products primarily through social media channels. They offer tools and features that help marketers design eye-catching images that can be purchased directly rather than redirecting the user to an external website to complete sales.

ShopStyle Collective tries to target actual influencers to partner with, but their sign up process is relatively easy. It can take up to two weeks to receive approval then you will have access to all their monetization tools.

That said this Affiliate Marketer does perform some checks and verification steps before approving your account. They are trying to partner with people that have a good number of followers so if you are just starting out in the Affiliate Marketing world this is probably not the platform for you.

The standard is a bit higher for Shopstyle Collective than on most of the other Affiliate Networks so if you are a beginner then one of the other platforms listed in this article may be a better fit for you. Commissions are earned by a cost per acquisition rate that varies depending on the retailer selected.


image of udemy

This is an affiliate program that often gets overlooked. A large number of marketers focus on physical products, with non-physical products usually falling into the realm of tech services; domain names, website hosting and things of that nature.

However, there is a large and ever-growing market for education and self-improvement, which is where Udemy comes in. As affiliate marketing goes Udemy’s product line differs quite a bit with its offerings of online courses and learning tools. But if your marketing efforts are geared to helping people upskill or learn a new talent then Udemy is a great choice,

Their affiliate marketing program has only recently been launched so it may experience some growing pains or changes. But it is a solid and recognized player in the education field and could be a good monetization option for you.


image of MaxBounty

This Canadian based Affiliate Marketing Network has been around for quite some time and is a very well established player in the field. MaxBounty pays associates on a cost per acquisition basis for tasks performs. This could be a simple form sign up or something more complex.

If you have a good number of followers and can find offers that will appeal to your users then this can be a slightly easier income earning method than selling physical products.MaxBounty gas hundreds of items to select from and you can tailor offerings nicely to your own audience.

Commission rates are not massive, but the trade off is that they can often be much easier to earn by using this method. The platform offers a nice easy to navigate user interface so it works well for beginners, and they have a solid commission payout schedule so there are no surprises.

Unlike other Affiliate Platforms, MaxBounty also offers much in the way of support which is helpful for newer users. Educational resources are readily available and they have a team that is ready to help you succeed.

While this is a nice and easy to navigate platform it does have stricter signup requirements than some of the others on this list, especially if you do not have a website. They are also prone to banning accounts quite quickly for spam or bad traffic.


If starting out in the world of Affiliate Marketing this list will provide you with some of the most tried and tested partner networks currently available. Commission earned will be variable but with the right product lines and a bit of trial and error Affiliate Marketing can be a very lucrative monetization option for your Instagram account.


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