Expert Secrets Review: Still A Must-Read in 2020?

expert secrets book review

Welcome to my Expert Secrets review! When I first got started in online marketing back in 2016, one of the first books I was told I had to read was Dotcom Secrets.

I read that and thought I had it all figured out. But my mentor at the time told me I also had to read Expert Secrets.

"What the heck? I am pretty much a digital marketing master, why do I need to read that!" I thought foolishly.

Fortunately I didn't let the dunning kruger effect get to me and I took in Expert Secrets.

But is it still worth reading four years later? I decided to read through it again and see if it is still worth getting.

The short answer is: YES! Technology has changed a lot since the book was written, but human psychology has not.

So Expert Secrets is still worth reading.

What is Expert Secrets?

expert secrets book

Robert Kiyosaki, the creator of the Rich Dad Company, wrote in the forward to the Expert Secrets book said, 

"Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich."

One of the best tools you'll ever come across for your business, whatever business it is, is the book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson.

Expert Secrets is a step-by-step plan to help you get from where you are now to where you want to go in your business.

Many who read the title of this book assume it is for someone who is an expert, and you may be thinking that's not you.  

But one of the great things about this book is how it teaches you that you are already an expert. It shows you how to take your own expertise and develop it in the right way to be able to help other people.

What Do You Learn in Expert Secrets?

There are five sections in Expert Secrets: creating your mass movement, creating belief, your moral obligation, the funnels, and what’s next?

Here are some highlights from each section:

Creating your mass movement

To create your mass movement, you need to have an attractive character, a cause, and a new opportunity.

Having an attractive character in your business is important because your audience needs to connect with someone. So what do you need in order to become an attractive character? 

Expert Secrets teaches the six rules to follow to become a leader people will follow.

The next thing you need is a cause worth getting behind. 

The cause needs to be focused on the future. What would life look like if they followed you and did what you do? Your cause should be to help your followers get from where they are now to where they want to be.

You also need a new opportunity. We’re not talking about improving, but changing. A new opportunity can be presented as either an opportunity switch or an opportunity stack.

An opportunity switch is where you take them from their old opportunity and give them something new. They switch to your new opportunity.

An opportunity stack is where you stack other products and resources onto the new opportunity they just switched to in order to give them all they need to make the new opportunity successful.

#1 Creating belief

You want to create certain beliefs in the minds of your followers so they’re more receptive to what you offer.

In this section on creating beliefs, you will learn about the one thing to get your followers to believe that will dispell all other doubts and get them to buy. 

You’ll also learn about different scripts that help you use the art of persuasion and gives you a sure way to connect with your audience on a much deeper level. Some of these scripts and techniques are The Epiphany Script, The Heroes Two Journeys, breaking down false belief patterns through story, and more.

This section of the book also talks about the three secrets. Russell Brunson teaches how you can take the three core false beliefs of your potential customers and turn them into the secrets that can resolve those false beliefs.

#2 Your moral obligation

If you know something that could benefit someone else, shouldn’t you share it with them? 

That’s what this section of Expert Secrets is about, sharing your knowledge and expertise because you can’t help others and make the world a better place if you don’t.

And in order to help people, sometimes you need to sell what you’re offering. Sometimes that’s the thing that would be most helpful to them. 

This section talks about making sales. It goes over different scripts and strategies to help you close more people when selling.

#3 The funnels

When someone is confused, they usually don’t buy. Having a funnel takes the confusion out of the equation so the buying process is much smoother and clearer for the potential customer. 

This section goes over the main funnels to help you sell more by incorporating what you've learned about creating an attractive character, a mass movement and to get your message out to the world. 

#4 What’s next?

Now that you have created your funnels to help you share your message, how do you get people into them? 

A message is only worth something if there's someone to hear or read it.

This section of the Expert Secrets book talks about traffic and filling your funnel. 

What’s the Difference Between Expert Secrets vs Dotcom Secrets?

You may be wondering what the difference is between these two books and if you really need them both, or if you can just get one and be good. 

There is a big difference between Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets. They cover different strategies but work together as one major gameplan for businesses. Both are necessary to get an overall picture of the gameplan.

Expert Secrets, as we’ve discussed, teaches how to find your message, get it out to the world and create a following who resonates with your message.

Dotcom Secrets, however, is more about the framework of where to put your message and how to deliver it. It talks about the importance of funnels and how to use them to your advantage in your business.

So don’t just rely on the information of one of these books. Both are essential tools to build, grow and maintain a great business.

Should You Read Expert Secrets or Dotcom Secrets First?

Many marketers have asked what book they should start reading first, Dotcom Secrets or Expert Secrets. Russell Brunson answered this question by saying that, though he wrote Dotcom Secrets first, Expert Secrets is the logical choice to start with.

Why is that?

The reason is the information in these books builds on itself. The first step in creating a successful online or offline business is to create a mass movement, a following, an audience in which you can market to. 

You do this by following the step-by-step actionable plan in Expert Secrets. After you establish connections and show your expertise to the world, you should have a way to market to that audience you have created. Dotcom Secrets teaches how to build out your sales messages, tell your story and create funnels in order to do that.

So it’s recommended to read Expert Secrets first and then Dotcom Secrets.

It’s true that you can create both of these parts of your business simultaneously. But when first learning these techniques and strategies, it’s best to learn them in order. 

What are Expert Secrets Pricing and Upsells?

The great thing about Expert Secrets is it’s absolutely free. You just pay a small fee for shipping. 

One of the order bumps is the Black Box. The Black Box is a great option because it comes with both Expert Secrets AND Dotcom Secrets books. 

The Black Box also has other fun things like an “I Build Funnels” sticker and some cool booklets that can help you in your business. The booklets themselves are filled with helpful information.

The Black Box is $37 and is totally worth it.

The second order bump is Storytelling Secrets, which costs $37. As all selling is best done through storytelling, it’s well worth it. Russell Brunson, a master storyteller, teaches what he knows in this training.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you enjoy listening to your books on the go. The Expert Secrets audiobook is the first upsell for it and is currently only $47. 

But here’s a secret: If you buy the audio of one of the books, you get the audio of BOTH Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets. 

The second upsell for $197 is the Expert Evolution System. The thank you page offers Funnel Builder Secrets. Funnel Builder Secrets has valuable training and gets you ClickFunnels for six months to a year for free. Both are worth considering.

The Expert Secrets funnel is filled with vast amounts of value to help ensure your success if you apply the information. 

Is Expert Secrets Worth It?

Is it worth it to start, grow and run a successful business? What about if you already have a business? Is it worth it to know how to scale it to unbelievable levels? Is it worth it to make a much bigger impact for good in the world?

If so, then yes, Expert Secrets is definitely worth it. It’s a unique book in that it has specific, actionable directions of what exactly to do to get your message out there, build your following the right way, and do your part to change the world.

On the other hand, by not getting the book, you pass up on the information that can change your life and the lives of all those you could have helped. By not getting Expert Secrets, you postpone your progress in your business.

Don’t do that. Get Expert Secrets today!

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