Dotcom Secrets Review: Is It Still Worth Reading in 2020?

dotcom secrets review

Welcome to my Dotcom Secrets review! Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson was one of the first books that were recommended to me when I first started looking to build a business online back in 2016.

But 2016 was a long time ago, and a lot has changed in the past 4 years. Especially when it comes to online marketing.

I like it so much, I added it to my list of  my all time favourite affiliate marketing books.

So is Dotcom Secrets still worth reading today? 

I dusted off my old copy of Dotcom Secrets and took a look to see if it was still relevant.

The short answer is: Yes, it's concepts and teachings are still relevant today because while the technology has changed, the fundamentals haven't.

So What is Dotcom Secrets?

dotcom secrets book review

The late Dan Kennedy, admittedly one of the greatest direct-response copywriters in recent history, wrote the forward to the Dotcom Secrets book. He said in his forward,

“In truth, this is a proven playbook for growing your company with effective lead generation and sales/conversion methods, which can be used online and offline.”

This book is without a doubt one of the best of its kind. Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson is the road map for anyone wanting to start a business or scale their existing business. 

Dotcom secrets is a detailed plan to help you know what building blocks you need to build your business. It’s a book filled with actionable strategies to get your results. 

Looking at the title of the book, many people would assume it’s only for online businesses. On the contrary, it’s for any type of online as well as offline business.

Dotcom Secrets is a necessary tool to have in the arsenal of any serious entrepreneur.

What do you learn from Dotcom Secrets?

Dotcom Secrets has five sections: ladders and funnels, your communication/follow-up funnel, funnelology leading your customers to the sale (over and over again), funnels and scripts, and ClickFunnels.

Here are a few highlights from the five sections:

#1 Ladders and funnels

In the ladders and funnels section of Dotcom Secrets, you learn about the secret formula. The secret formula talks about who your dream client is, where can you find them, what you use to attract them, and the result you want to give them.

You’ll also learn in this section about the value ladder and how you scale your clients to get them to pay you more. 

This section goes over how to find your dream clients and the three types of traffic. 

The three types of traffic are traffic you control, the traffic you don’t control, and traffic you own. 

An example of traffic you control would be paid ads, where you control how much traffic comes your way.

The traffic you don’t control is where you don’t control who comes and goes or how often. For example, SEO is traffic you don’t control.

Lastly, the traffic you own is yours to do with as you please and a good example of it would be an email list. 

This section of the Dotcom Secrets book has valuable building blocks for your business. 

#2 Your communication/follow-up funnel

This section goes into not only the attractive character and its importance but also the communication with your audience. 

The book talks about two different follow-up funnels, or email sequences, that are essential to have as part of that communication: the Soap Opera Sequence and the daily Seinfeld Sequence. 

The Soap Opera Sequence is where you introduce your subscribers to your world and tell your story.

The Seinfeld Sequence is emails of everyday stories and situations you share that apply to what you’re selling. 

Both types of sequences are explained in detail in Dotcom Secrets.

#3 Funnelology leading your customers to the sale (over and over again)

This is the section in Dotcom Secrets that talks about what a funnel is and why it’s one of the best ways to bring people to the sale. It also explains how to do funnel hacking, seeing what works in other funnels and model it in your own funnel.

It also goes into the frontend funnel versus the backend funnel and how to set them up to be as successful as possible. Using the best bait to bring people into your funnel is taught in this section as well. 

To know how to build the best possible funnel to bring in the most profit and impact more people is a skill worth knowing and applying. Dotcom Secrets teaches you just that. 

#4 Funnels and scripts

This section goes over some of the different funnels and scripts that are commonly used to get your message out to the world in the best way possible. Depending on the offer, you may want to use a specific type of funnel or specific script to help make the sale. 

You learn what some of those funnels and scripts are in this section of the book. 

#5 ClickFunnels

This is by far the shortest section of the book with only four pages, this section introduces one of the best tools available for businesses: the funnel software called ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is a drag-and-drop software that allows you to build quality funnels easily. Anyone could use it for any business.

What’s the Difference Between Dotcom Secrets vs Expert Secrets? 

There are vast differences between Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. Though they teach different techniques and strategies, they compliment each other in the overall blueprint of a successful business.

Dotcom Secrets outlines a simple process of how to structure your business. It goes over how to deliver your message and how to more effectively get it out into the world.

Expert Secrets gives examples of scripts in order to find your message. It also teaches how to get that message to the right people and use it to make a difference in the world.

Both books are important for any business and when applied, the information taught in each can help any business become more successful.

Should you read Dotcom Secrets or Expert Secrets first?

When first starting out and getting their hands on these books, so many people ask which one they should read first. According to Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets is where you should start and then Dotcom Secrets.

The information from the books builds on itself, so starting at creating a following to establish your authority is the logical first step. Then you create the message and structure to put that message into.

Of course, the idea is that you use the information from both books simultaneously to help grow your business. 

What are Dotcom Secrets Pricing and Upsells?

The Dotcom Secrets book is free, you just pay for shipping and it comes right to you. 

There are two order bumps on the order page for Dotcom Secrets. The first is the Black Box.

The Black Box costs $37 and is worth every penny. You not only get both Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets books, but you also get various other booklets to help you. 

The second-order bump for the Dotcom Secrets book is the 3 Funnel Bundle, which costs $37. The reason you would want to get the 3 Funnel Bundle is it’s 3 funnel templates that you can import right into your account and use immediately.

The Dotcom Secrets audiobook is the first upsell and costs $47. What’s really cool about getting the audiobook for Dotcom Secrets is you also get the audiobook for Expert Secrets. 

So two audiobooks for only $47? Yes, please!

The second upsell is Traffic Secrets, which costs $297. It’s hours of training on how to get eyes on your offers and sales pages. Traffic, or people coming into your world, is essential to your bottom line. Learning these secrets is a game-changer.

On the thank you page, there is an offer for Funnel Builder Secrets. Funnel Builder Secrets is filled with high-quality training. You also get the ClickFunnels software free for six months to a year, depending on which you choose. 

These order bumps and upsells are gold and can be important assets to your marketing education and overall success.

Is Dotcom Secrets Still Worth it?

Would you say it’s worth it to build your business on proven building blocks, strategies, and techniques? Is it worth it to bring in more profit and help those who follow you at a much higher level?

Is it worth changing your life and leaving a legacy for your family and many, many others?

If you answered yes, then Dotcom Secrets is completely worth it. It’s a must-have book in your library, not to sit on the shelf, but to read over and over again as you apply the principles taught in it. 

It’s your choice. Choose to get Dotcom Secrets, implement what you learn, and have more success in your business. Or don’t get Dotcom Secrets and try to figure everything out yourself.

Choose the former. Get Dotcom Secrets today!

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