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5 AMAZING Facts About Kaelin Poulin A.K.A. LadyBoss

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: August 5, 2022
5 AMAZING Facts About Kaelin Poulin A.K.A. LadyBoss

You have heard the name, or maybe you have not, but may have seen her all over the internet… so, who is Kaelin Poulin and what is this fitness madness?!

Kaelin Poulin is a self-described “millennial,” but she is much more than that. Her business and personal story make her into a celebrity of sorts, though her philosophy runs deeper than the average individual.

Founder of LadyBoss and author of “Big Fat Lies,” Kaelin gives inspiration to many people, especially other women to live their best lives.

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Amazing Fact #1:  Kaelin Poulin Started her Own Business, A Rags to Riches Story

Kaelin Poulin ladyboss tv

Before Kaelin Poulin found success in weight loss, she was struggling with it herself. Feeling guilty after eating a pizza, something she even wanted to enjoy and getting to the gym on a regular basis had her feeling depleted, hopeless, and tired. Then, she had an epiphany.

She and her boyfriend met at the time that we're working together. Both were living off of pennies. When the weight loss idea struck her, they dove into their meager savings of around $1000 and started the business, LadyBoss. The two were married just within two years of knowing each other, and by the looks of it, they make a pretty good team.

Her intention in starting the LadyBoss was to help other women through the same transformational journey that she herself had embarked upon. She wants to give more than what other programs give, for less. Not to mention, she shares her secret to weight loss in her program, which has helped over 50,000 women already transform themselves and their lives.

LadyBoss is an e-commerce site, which is a difficult feat to achieve in and of itself. Luckily, Kaelin Poulin already had experience in the field and a handful of solid foundation clients. It especially helped since Kaelin Poulin was her own target customer before she reached out to help others. This made it more intuitive, and a natural direction for her to take since her empathy came first for herself.

LadyBoss became a success because Kaelin Poulin knew herself and her target customers and because she listened to advice and criticism. This gave her more fuel to back her passion, which was to make that constructive criticism into an amazing program. LadyBoss is incredibly aspirational due to the amount of engagement that occurs between women in the program on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Then, in a matter of years, she and her husband were faced with the opportunity to let the business go. It has become such a wide success that there are over 60 people employed to spread the good spirit and healthy habits to the strong women of the world.

Amazing Fact #2: Kaelin Poulin Authored a very Successful Book

Not just an inspirational entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry, but also an author, Kaelin Poulin is an incredible role model for just about anyone. Her strength and passion, and desire to know the truth, ring true in her book, “Big Fat Lies.” It is here that she guides women through the emotional journey and her personal truth in losing weight.

She debunks myths, explains the bigger picture, and seeks to instill in her readers a new sense of confidence and trust in their own abilities. The book is unique in that it comes from the heart. Kaelin Poulin had to do the work herself in order to truly help others, so while the book is informational, it is also authentic.

“Big Fat Lies” was released in 2017 and has since helped thousands of women (mothers, athletes, students, business women, and more) get themselves back. Explaining the true cause of weight loss is a special talent of Kaelin’s, and her book is not only a great reference for women but also an incredible personal feat for herself.

Amazing Fact #3: Kaelin Poulin Looks not just Amazing, but Healthy

ladyboss before and after

The Ladyboss is not one to back away from her past. Rather, she embraces it as part of who she is. Having lost 65 pounds in a short period of time, and keeping it off successfully and stress-free, She emits rays of confidence and health on a daily basis.

The definition of fit is different for each person, but the definition of health rings true to just about everyone. Being able to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, including eating whatever you want to eat, when you want to eat it, is a good sign of being healthy and happy. Kaelin does just that and helps other women be able to do the same.

Through her own transformation, she learned not just the ropes of weight loss, but also the confidence to share it with other women. This is just an added component to the healthy aspect of Kaelin. Confidence goes hand in hand with fitness. Being confident in herself from day one is part of how she got to looking, feeling, and being amazing.

Amazing Fact #4: Kaelin Poulin won the World Record in Receiving her IFBB Pro Card

Kaelin Poulin ifbb

You may be wondering what the heck IFBB means, so let me tell you. IFBB stands for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. It was founded in 1946 by two brothers (Joe and Ben Weider). It is a part of several international organizations, like UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), and the International World Games Association.

Kaelin Poulin won the record for fastest received IFBB Pro Card. This is a big deal, even for those not in the fitness community. Breaking a world record is a major accomplishment regardless of the industry. The IFBB Pro Card is an accomplishment earned after first winning a regional contest weight class. With the Pro Card, the person becomes an IFBB Pro and can then compete at their country’s National Championships.

Kaelin did this faster than anybody before her. Considering her personal story and where she was before her health and fitness transformation, she is truly an inspiration for other women. Breaking through the glass ceiling is one fraught with headaches, but Kaelin has done it on multiple levels.

Amazing Fact #5: Kaelin Poulin has over 180,000 Followers on Instagram

While this may seem like a minor accomplishment, it is something worth noting. The amount of influence that she has across the globe is truly astounding. Not everybody can achieve this, especially in the health and fitness community where so many incredible people fall short of leading the masses.

Kaelin Poulin’s Instagram is not just of women in bikini pictures, which is the typical depiction of fit women, but of regular transformation shots from all sorts of women.

She provides inspired and funny quotes, delicious-looking food and recipes (including desserts), photos of herself and from her own personal life (like her husband), and educational posts about the differences in foods and types of workouts.

With Instagram at the forefront of social media interactions, her spot on the web has to be clean, educational, influential, authentic, and personal, all at the same time, in order to be a success. The 180,000 plus followers on Instagram are certain to have different stories, be from different countries and even generations. Such an achievement goes to show her relatable she is, and that all positive energy can really abound.

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