What is Tai Lopez’s Net Worth? + 30 Mind-blowing Facts About Him [2019]

Tai Lopez’s story is a classic “rags to riches” tale. Although his beginnings were somewhat bleak, he picked himself up slowly, but surely. He cultivated his life and financial management skills meticulously, and now, at 41 years old, he has a mass following and several successful businesses.

So, what is Tai Lopez’s net worth? Currently, Tai Lopez’s approximate net worth as of March 15, 2019 is $60 million. This takes into consideration his ownership of multiple companies and this estimate is directly from a certified CPA.

He was able to almost double his net worth by investing properly, performing daily “edutainment,” maintaining all his social media platforms, collaborating with brands, companies, and other businessmen and investors, and following his own mentorship programs and lifestyle advice.

If you haven’t heard of him yet or you’re simply looking to share or follow in his success by learning his life story and philosophies, read on to find our list of 30 incredible facts about Tai Lopez!

tai lopez net worth

What is Tai Lopez’s Net Worth in 2019?

Tai Lopez has built his fortune on several programs (67 Steps, a course on udemy.com: “Knowledge that made me Millions of Dollars a Year”), products (subscriptions, etc.), brand collaborations, and counseling/ mentoring his clients.

As a result of having ownership in multiple companies and the value of his own brand, it is estimated his net worth to be $60 million dollars. This estimate was verified from Tai Lopez’ personal Certified Public Accountant.

This is his “recipe” for making a profit as an influencer on social media. Tai says that you need at least 5,000 followers on Instagram, Snapchat, podcast, or email; 10, 000 followers on Facebook, 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 2,000 followers on Twitter. However, he warns that these followers must all be high-quality accounts that actually pay attention to what you are posting and saying. He calls these “highly targeted niche followers.”

For example, if you’re trying to build a following for an Instagram beauty account, it’s much better to have a thousand dedicated followers who are truly interested in the account rather than 10,000 followers who you gained through “follow for follow” campaigns and the like.

After you’ve reached the magic numbers stated above, Tai claims that you can then monetize your content! He recommends starting off with Amazon Affiliates, where you get a commission (5 – 10%) each time someone buys a product through a link you provide. If you’re smart and you back a great product, and you have a dedicated following, you stand to easily and quickly make money.

As your following grows larger and remains high-quality, you can then start looking for sponsorships or find companies that are looking for social media influencers to represent their brand. For example, if you’re a sneaker-head, then you could try reaching out to popular sneaker brands and companies to see if they would be interested in paying you for sponsored content or ads or simply to wear their gear. 

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Early Life

His first “job” was selling cherry tomatoes with his mother at six years old. When he figured out that this wasn’t a very lucrative business, he started selling lemonade instead to earn a better profit. Certainly, when life gives you lemons, you don’t make tomatoes—you make lemonade!

During his childhood, his father was incarcerated, so he was surrounded by female role models like his grandmother (100 years old) and mother. It just goes to show—always listen to mom!

His love for books was sparked after his grandfather sent him a bunch of personally selected books to help Tai achieve his goals. Shortly after reading through these he knew that his ultimate objective was to reach “The Good Life,” which strikes a perfect balance between Health, Love, Wealth, and Happiness. He then started to seek books on his own, and reading has since become one of the most important aspects of his personal life and entrepreneurial success.

Prior to this, he and his grandfather had been writing letters to each other, in which Tai had asked him for counseling and advice.


Like a lot of other successful entrepreneurs, Tai Lopez dropped out of college! Just goes to show you that you don’t need to go to an Ivy League college to be successful. Instead, he traveled around the world. He’s visited 51 countries to date and has even spent some time in a leper colony and two and a half years in an Amish settlement!

Real world experiences and in-person, physical learning opportunities can prepare you just as well for your future careers and life. He warns against thinking “micro” thoughts like “I need to pass my marketing exam,” and advises people to get out of the “man-made,” “artificial bubble.” After all, how many people can say that they helped create a grass-fed farm?

When he was first starting out, he sought out five mentors (all multi-millionaires) to learn how to start investing in other companies, as well as starting his own business ventures.

He’s a Mensa member! For those of you who don’t know, Mensa is a high IQ community with members from over 100 countries. You can only join Mensa if you score in the upper 98th percentile on an intelligence test.

He believes that higher education institutions should offer a refund policy. He quotes Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize winning economist, in claiming that the current no-refund policies classify these institutions as scams.

Tai Lopez Youtube and Social Media

Tai has 6.3 million fans on Facebook, 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 711 thousand followers on Twitter, and 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. His Ted Talk has more than 8 million views.

He’s been named a “Top Tech and Business Influencer” by Forbes, and his Ted Talk has over 10 million views.


He escaped the “bubble” of higher education himself and even though he ended up on his mom’s couch temporarily, he still made every effort to seek out an industry professional in the fields he was most interested in.

Soon, he was hired by GE Capital as a certified financial manager. He started marketing his online business mentorships, and now he’s a huge success! He owns Elite Global Dating and manages several other “side projects” as well.

He began cultivating his viral personality and following after posting a video to YouTube in which he praised the virtues of books over Lamborghinis. For added effect, he piled a bunch of his favorite books on top of his own Lamborghini!

What Is Tai Lopez’s Program?

Tai Lopez started a very popular “67 Steps program,” which costs—you guessed it—$67.00 a month. This is his version of a life guru’s self-help or something along the lines of both life coaching and business management / consulting. The 67 steps, or pieces of advice, etc., are his personally curated principles and habits which have brought him to his current success.

He came up with the number 67 because University College London published a study that concluded it takes approximately 67 days to cultivate a habit. He tacked on an extra step for “good luck.” They are an amalgamation of his own personal advice, the words of his mentors, and from his favorite authors, philosophers, and businessmen (like Bill Gates).

The program is designed to get you to “The Good Life.” It also offers his “book of the day” videos, with Tai’s personal critiques and summaries. You will also gain access to free live sessions hosted by the man himself and be able to join a private Facebook community of like-minded peers. The program also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee!

He currently has a podcast, The Tai Lopez Show (available on Apple Podcasts and his website). On the show, he talks about a variety of things, such as what and who he is inspired by, how to surround yourself with people who will support you and be true friends, how to overcome procrastination, what “edutainment” is, and more.

He is a financial advisor to 20+ multi-million-dollar businesses and owns several companies. For example, Mentor Box LLC is a subscription box that delivers books to its members. It is a project that he only spends about one hour of his time per month, is now making approximately $1million per month after only two years in business! It currently has 65,000 subscribers.

He offers a Business Mentorship Program that takes place over 12 weeks and provides you with personalized mentorship from Tai himself! This also comes with a 60-day action-based guarantee. You also have access to online calls with other successful millionaires like Tai, as well as to level 1 of the Online Business School “Accelerator Program,” and more.

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“If you don’t have something to grab a hold of, you better freak out and find something to hold on.” Tai believes that unless you follow your passion and invest it, you will not become an “above-average” person, and unless you do that first, you will not start earning an “above-average” income.

The perfect balance between Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness represent the four pillars of The Good Life. For Tai, these pillars mean you must remain mentally and physically well, get into the habit of investing to create your money into more money, finding a great life partner, and being optimistic about your present and future.

He recommends playing one game of chess and reading one book every day. Learn something new, deepen your understanding, and stimulate the part of your brain that creates and adapts strategies on the go. Constantly stimulating your brain keeps it performing at its peak to better serve you and your ambitions.

This is what he calls “edutainment.” In other words, you should spend a little time every day practicing or dedicating yourself to something that you enjoy and feel passionate about, but also enriches your life, knowledge, and/or skills.

Tai Lopez advocates seeking a mentor in your life. Pro athletes don’t win games and tournaments without their coaches and without practicing every single day. Create and cultivate a team that will help you reach and maintain your goals. The investment will always pay itself off.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to collaborate with others! Sharing your space or platform with others only gives you opportunities to cultivate relationships and networks, as well as to gain more followers and income yourself when it’s time for a little quid pro quo.

Tai advises you to create your own “personal brand.” This means that your investments, habits, schedule, mentors, team, etc., should all be tailored to fit your personal needs, desires, and objectives. No one plan works for every single person—this isn’t a “one size fits all” type of situation.

If you’re looking to build a following for yourself and make money from social media, Tai advises that you start with the platform that you are already the most active and comfortable with. Focus on gaining ground there, and post genuine content that truly speaks to you, your interests, and your character. Once you’ve built a following there, you can then “radiate out” into other platforms and gain more fans from those.

Some of his favorite works are written by Aristotle, Descartes, Confucius, Gandhi, and Freud.

Personal Life

He believes that you should maintain a healthy work-life balance, and no amount of money will make up for missing out on your life’s opportunities and golden moments. In fact, he personally made an effort to decrease his income in 2018 so that he was able to have and enjoy more quality free-time.

At the same time, don’t sacrifice your health and mental, emotional well-being in the name of progress and success. “Make sure you optimize for the day.” After all, it won’t matter that you skipped the gym every single day to make more time for meeting clients if you suffer a heart attack, will it?

More than anything else, Tai advocates for creating and keeping good habits. Also, don’t stretch yourself too thin.

Tai Lopez also reads the finance section of the newspaper regularly (stocks and economy) to stay abreast of the global economic situation and to always improve his investing strategies and instincts.

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Does Tai Lopez Have a Wife?

Tai Lopez does not currently have a wife. However, he has been dating L.A. model Kenna Alastair for the last two years. He has not revealed much about their dating life, but has revealed that the two plan on moving in together in the near future,

Tai Lopez House?

Tai Lopez currently lives in Hollywood Hills, between Katy Perry and Cameron Diaz.

tai lopez's house

Here is a look at his house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjHWWVvrTqk 

What is Tai Lopez Internship?

There are currently no internships offered at Knowledge Society (Tai’s team), but if you are interested in joining the team as an accountant, lawyer, personal assistant, etc., you can apply at tailopez.com/careers.

What is Tai Lopez 300 about?

Tai has a goal to make 300 millionaires through his programs, especially the 67 steps, and his videos. In 2016, he had a Social Media Program where his goal was also to create 300 millionaires or at least 300 people who were making 6 figures.

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