Kevin David's Amazon FBA (ZON) Ninja Course Review [2020]

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Review: Kevin David is everywhere these days, but is his Amazon FBA course any good? We fully REVEAL what we like about the course and what we don't.

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Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass is one of the better Amazon FBA courses that teaches you how to succeed on Amazon


FBA Ninja has good strategies, but the course isn't updated as often as others


A good value considering the other courses available

Ease Of Use

One of the best parts of the course is the instruction from Kevin David himself


Good support from other users on the Facebook group.

What I Like

  • Kevin David's teach style is engaging and informative
  • The tactics and strategies are legit
  • Step by step instructions keep you from feeling overwhelmed 
  • Good value overall

What I Don't Like

  • Some complaints of refund issues
  • Tools not included
  • No PDFs given

Do you imagine building an online eCommerce brand that sells goods online and you don’t have to be bothered with the exhausting intricacies of building systems for product storage, delivery, shipping, or even the customer services? 

Here’s some good news: you can realize your dream by partnering with Amazon through their third-party seller platform, the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). 

If you have been on Youtube recently, you have more than likely come across Kevin David in some form or another.

Whether it's from his ads or his large Youtube channel, it seems like Kevin David is the new make money guru following in the steps of people like Tai Lopez and Alex Becker.

There are lots of Amazon FBA courses out there, and I know that selling items on Amazon as a third party vendor is a legit way you can earn extra money.

So in this Amazon FBA (Zon) Ninja review we take a deep dive into the course so that you can make an informed decision.

What is FBA Ninja Masterclass?

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The Amazon FBA (ZON) Ninja Masterclass refers to an online program that breaks down the process of selling products on Amazon.

Released in 2017, this Ninja Masterclass is only one of the courses offered by Kevin David, and it focused on the processes that make the Amazon FBA process work.

The course takes you through the entire process of selling on Amazon from finding products, account creation, selling, and account management in the Amazon Seller Central. 

Unfortunately, there has been a bit of controversy about the founder of the course, Kevin which is why we endeavoured to learn a little more about him before we dive deep into the course and the modules offered.

Who is Kevin David?

kevin david who he is

A look at Kevin’s official website reveals that Kevin David is an Oregon entrepreneur who boasts a successful career and good fortune through the Amazon FBA program and system. 

He notes that as a result of his success in the eCommerce world, he founded THATLifestyleNinja. 

This company aims to educate and free people all over from the 9-5 corporate slavery.

Kevin David boasts a huge following online, with over 10,000 followers on Facebook, 80,000+ Instagram followers, and more than 450,000 YouTube subscribers. 

On Kevin’s official site, there are more than 2,300 people who’ve reportedly quit their day (corporate) jobs after the good fortune of the Amazon FBA system and Kevin’s course.

Also, there are more than 500,000 individuals, better known as ninjas, who are currently taking his course.

The Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass is only one of the courses offered by Kevin. The other courses include a ClickFunnels Masterclass that runs on Udemy and even a Shopify Ninja course. 

The Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass 

If you are planning to join the Amazon FBA bandwagon, you should understand that the success of your venture will very much depend on the efforts you put in to make sure that the products you choose to sell on the site actually end up being sold.

In other words, you need to do everything necessary to be on the Amazon search engine’s good side.

We are talking about using the right keywords and watching your product placement strategies. Your product listings should be for high-converting products.

Therefore, you must understand the sourcing processes, product selection, as well as marketing. This masterclass will teach you the essence of third-party selling on Amazon through its numerous modules.

This course is broken down into several bite-size modules that focus on different elements for selling on Amazon. These modules have content available in text and video format, and they are easy to work with. 

What's Inside Amazon FBA Ninja?

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Module 1 – Product Research

Product research is the most important step in the eCommerce world. You cannot wake up and start selling anything you think about. First, you must research, study your market (and competitors), find opportunity gaps in your niche, and also you must learn how to market the products you settle on. Since most people get into business without researching, this course module makes sure that you get started on the right track.

This chapter is easily the most detailed of all the chapters in this masterclass as Kevin takes time to explain the importance of finding the right products. In many ways, this chapter is the most important part of the course. If you are tired of being misguided by your peers or you just don’t want to regret sourcing for products that won’t sell, you most definitely want to make sure that you focus on this module.

Product research also introduces you to the world of product sourcing, identification of the best suppliers, and how to avoid shipping/ sourcing problems.

Besides the general product research, this course also teaches you an alternative strategy for selling online. Besides learning about selling with Amazon FBA, you will also learn more about dropshipping and outsourcing.

Here are the topics covered in module 1:

Module 1 Part 1 – Setting up your Amazon Seller Central Account, the right way

Top Mistakes to steer clear when looking for your Amazon Seller account name. How to set up an Amazon seller account.

Whether you should borrow money to fund or expand the launch of your product

  • The perfect Amazon FBA products (and Explanations)
  • Checking product patents and trademarks
  • The track 999 cart method

In addition to these, there are several other resources provided in this module.

  • Module 1, Part 2 -Advanced Techniques for Product Research (Tutorials)
  • Module 1 Part 3 – What comes after product research?

Module 2 – Suppliers and Shipping

Besides knowing what you want to start selling on Amazon, you also need to know more about suppliers, who the best suppliers are, their shipping terms, whether you can get a product sample first, and if you have an amicable relationship with the suppliers.

In this module, Kevin takes his students through the process of supplier identification and how you can build and maintain a positive relationship with your suppliers. 

This module is particularly helpful if you intend to ship your products in bulk. You will also gain some knowledge of the shipping processes, costs, and overall expectations.

This module also offers additional methods for running the most effective product research to ensure that you have the best products for your market.

Like Module 1, module 2 also comes in three parts:

  • Part 1 – This is an informative section that covers everything you should know before you contact your supplier and kick off shipping. It covers things like how to get the attention of a manufacturer (Manufacturer’s template), determining the number of units you should buy, payment procedures, as well as Fnsku and UPC.
  • Part 2 – This section outlines the things you should consider doing to find the best suppliers and shipping companies.
  • Part 3 – Getting everything else right and getting the products’ inspection done the right way.

Module 3 – Product Listing, Product Ranking, and Site Optimization

Having promising products is not enough. You need to learn how to market those products and to enhance their visibility on Amazon. Once your products are listed on Amazon, you have to work on product optimization for those products to show up on the Amazon search engine.

The interesting bit, as you will learn from this course, is that many people are not benefiting from the Amazon FBA system and their products don’t sell as much because of simple mistakes.

Spelling mistakes, for example, will mean that your products are not in the product search results even when you have a genuinely good product. Besides spelling, other problems are SEO mistakes. You need SEO in your product listings, but you should also avoid keyword stuffing and product over optimization.

In short, you need clear and concise product descriptions that are subtle, to the point, but still appealing to your audience. Also, on optimization, this module teaches you how to uncover the keywords your products are indexed for and how to create automated PPC campaigns that yield the highest returns.

In this module, you will learn how to avoid all these pitfalls to boost the profitability of your Amazon selling a business.

Module 3 is also broken down into three parts:

  • Part 1 – Things you should know before you create new product listings
  • Part 2 – How to create the best product listing for Amazon and to rank your products high
  • Part 3 – The continuous process of iterating, protecting, and optimizing keywords and product listings.

Module 4 – Your Product Launch Strategy

In addition to optimizing your site and product listings on Amazon, module 4 takes things a notch higher. Here, you will have a comprehensive tour of the product launch process. This tour is easy to follow, and it ensures that your product launch takes place in the right way.

In addition to the practical tour, you will also learn guidelines to follow for the best organic keywords and rankings. Kevin understands that the success of your online selling business on Amazon depends on how well you optimize your products.

So, he shares essential information about enhancing your sales through organic keyword ranking. At the end of the day, you want your products to sell themselves, and that is only possible if your products are perfectly marketed (optimized). Kevin also teaches you how you can use Facebook Ads and ClickFunnels landing pages to boost your sales and product visibility.

Module 4 is broken down into 2 parts:

  • Part 1 covers everything you should know before launching your product
  • Part 2 of this module is all about how to launch your products the right way. Here, you should look forward to content on how to advertise, create deals, use email marketing, and generally how to drive traffic to your products site.

Module 5 – Email follow-ups and Reviews

One of the biggest selling points for products on Amazon (or any other site) is the reviews. People want to know what others are saying about that product before they spend their money. Online shoppers are smart, and they learn from the experiences of others.

So, if people are happy with your products, they will say it, and this will boost more sales; but if they are dissatisfied, your sales will plummet. With this in mind, this module educates you on everything you need to know about selling products and collecting legitimate and honest reviews at the same time.

If you’ve been wondering how people get to collect hundreds of reviews for their products, this right here is the best course for you. To address email follow-ups and reviews, this module is also broken into two parts.

In the first part, you will get insights on the things you must do and know before you run an email campaign. Next, this course will outline tips and tricks for creating successful email campaigns; particularly the campaigns that will get you to rave reviews.

In essence, this part of the course teaches a lot about mastering email marketing and email automation not only to increase your conversion rates but also to increase positive reviews.

Module 6 –AMS and Amazon PPC

To succeed in the Amazon FBA business, you need to incorporate several strategies. One of these strategies involves the use of PPC advertising. PPC advertising is one of the most important marketing/ advertising strategies for anyone running a business on Amazon.

Therefore, learning how it works and how to employ this strategy is critical. In this module, Kevin teaches you everything you should about the use of PPC on Amazon. You will learn how to identify the long-tail keyword phrases ideal for your listed product. At the end of this module, you should be able to run your campaigns effortlessly.

There are three parts to this module:

  • Part 1 – Things you should know before you set up your Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Part 2 – Tips for creating profitable PPC campaigns
  • Part 3 – Optimization of the Amazon PPC campaigns

Module 7 – Facebook Marketing

It’s not enough to know Amazon PPC marketing, especially if you wish to widen your market. To this end, this course also covers social media marketing which will ensure that your Amazon listed products are purchased from social media, besides being bought directly from Amazon.

This masterclass offers insights into the strategies you could employ to run successful social media campaigns. You will learn how to generate targeted audiences on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

This module is also broken down into three parts:

  • Part 1 of the module covers how to build a qualified product following. It covers tips on influencer marketing (Instagram) and advertising to the target audience. 
  • Part 2 covers the creation of Facebook ads that drive traffic and sales for your listings on Amazon. You will also learn how to use ClickFunnels to drive up sales.
  • Part 3 offers marketing resources and tips on scaling your business, as well as email automation.

Module 8 – The Millionaire-Seller hack

The last module in this course is dubbed the Millionaire Seller Hack. This module focuses on all the tiny bits of information that you require to increase the efficiency of your online business. Here, Kevin allows you to travel and explore the worlds of other successful Amazon FBA sellers from whom you will learn several important things.

Again, this module comes in bite-sized sections:

  • Part 1 of this module is all about the Amazon Seller Central Hacks. Here, you will learn how to run your account best to secure it from hackers, and how to enhance your brand’s image.
  • Part 2 covers the Amazon Ninja tactics, which will help you run a successful business.
  • Part 3 offers advice on what you should do in the event of an account suspension by Amazon. 

Bonus Modules

On top of the 8 detailed modules above, Kevin also offers three bonus modules in this masterclass. 

Amazon FBA Ninja Price

Currently, Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass is available for $997, a fair price, considering the value you get from the course. It’s priced fairly in comparison to other top-rated Amazon FBA courses. 

Note that despite the total cost of the course at $997, you don’t have to pay the entire amount once. In addition to the one-off payment option, you could pay for the course in instalments too. 

The other impressive feature of this course has to be the comprehensive test-drive of the masterclass in the form of a free webinar. The webinar is designed to give you a deep understanding of the course, therefore helping you gauge whether the course is ideal for you or not.

There’s also a money-back guarantee on the table if you are dissatisfied after signing up for the course. The refund is not, however, applicable if you’ve used up more than 50% of the course content.

What Other People Think

You can learn a lot about a product by checking out reviews of the product online. As one of the courses marketed as a great fit for anyone interested in learning Amazon FBA.

We’ve taken a closer look at the sentiments of past course subscribers to determine whether the course is worth your money or not. Here is what some of the users have to say about the course.

Amazon FBA Ninja course features in-depth but simple course content on everything FBA. The course modules have been created to answer questions about the confusing and hard bits of Amazon FBA. Unfortunately, the course doesn’t offer anything new or too different from what other courses offer. It’s affordable and worth your money though.



Kevin David’s knowledge of the Amazon business is satisfactory. The course modules offer incredible tips on how to get your Amazon business off the ground. You also learn quite a lot from online/ Facebook communities.

Dave Woodward

Funnelhacker Radio

Alternatives to Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja Course

As I mentioned before, there are a bunch of Amazon FBA courses that are out there that claim to offer you an easy way to create a profitable FBA business. I have tried a bunch of them, and most of them truly fail to deliver what they promise.

Many of them are out of date, or provide such vague training that it is essentially useless. However, the following courses give Kevin David's Amazon FBA Ninja a run for it's money

Amazing Selling Machine vs Amazon FBA Ninja

Amazing Selling Machine is the grand-daddy of all Amazon FBA coursesIt has been around for a long time, and has some of the best testimonials in the game.

Going through the entire course is easy to do because it is so engaging and informative. You come across "ah-ha' moments every few videos.

However, it is much more Expensive than Kevin David's Zon Ninja course, costing an eye-watering $4997. So if you are looking to get high quality training, but don't want to pay $5k - Amazon FBA Ninja is a good alternative. 

Amazon FBA Ninja vs Marketplace Superheroes

homepage screenshot

If you are unsure of Kevin David’s course, you might want to consider Marketplace Superheroes. It costs $997, just like Kevin’s course, but it offers free tools and really in-depth training.

Marketplace Superheroes will teach you all you need to know about building a profitable/ sustainable Amazon business. With a focus on Product Strategies and International expansion, this course is one of the best investments you could make.

If you have seen my list of top Amazon FBA courses, you will know that Marketplace Superheroes is one of the best courses around.

Proven Amazon Course vs Amazon FBA Ninja

screenshot of proven amazon course

Proven Amazon Course is another comprehensive course that is a good option if you're looking for a cheaper option to Kevin David's Amazon FBA course

Should You Buy?

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Course is an intensive and detailed online program that takes you through the Amazon FBA platform and how to build and grow a business on Amazon. 

The content shared is broken down into small sections that address the critical and often overlooked elements of the Amazon FBA business.

This course is, therefore, ideal for anyone interested in Amazon FBA, whether you have some experience or not. Unlike other courses that focus mainly on the process of setting up a third-party seller account on Amazon, this masterclass covers everything else you might need to know to run an actual, successful Amazon business.

Besides product, supplier, and shipping strategies, you also learn about the best marketing tactics you could employ to boost your sales, not to mention how to market your products via email, and how to garner honest reviews. 

Therefore, this course could be exactly what you need to run a successful online business, selling on Amazon.

And looking at everything that the course promises to teach you, we’ve got to admit that even with the controversy around the course’s author, it’s legit and worth your money.

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