Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course Review [2019]: The Ultimate Affiliate Course?

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course Review: Want the ULTIMATE lowdown on Jim Cockrum’s  amazon fba course? We break down EVERYTHING you need to know...


PAC gives you everything you need to succeed coaching, easy to under training and very active forum


NOT a cheap program but still cheaper than a college education

Ease Of Use

Great members area, training is straight forward and not difficult to implement


Lots of support available from coaches and other PAC members.

What I Like

  • This course is priced just right and at an incredible bargain
  • Updates to the course and new training are incorporated into this course all the time for free
  • The content is perfect for use by beginners and intermediate FBA sellers
  • Detailed modules 
  • In-depth sourcing strategies for different product categories
  • This course was built by a genuine/ reputable Amazon FBA expert
  • Active forums that are very informational and they are run honestly
  • Course content is delivered through different formats, including videos, webinars, and PDFs.

What I Don't Like

  • Although PAC is one of the most affordable Amazon FBA courses around, the training doesn’t involve one-on-one coaching or even group coaching. 
  • Some of the available content is outdated and too long
  • The course content is wider than it is deep
  • The content can be overwhelming

Would you like to earn a living by selling on Amazon? Keep reading as we show you how.

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce site in the world, and recent statistics show that this eCommerce giant holds a huge market share and is on the lead, in terms of market share capitalization, ahead of eBay and Apple.

By tapping into the flourishing smartphone market, offering everything you’d want to buy in seconds from the comfort of your home, and offering the best customer, shipping and order fulfilment services, Amazon has cemented its position as the eCommerce giant you want to work with.

But Amazon’s growth is not just fueled by its massive customer base. To diversify and increase its revenue streams, Amazon set up a marketplace that allows sellers from all over the world to sell their products on the platform.

Not only is the marketplace a huge earner for the online store, but it’s also becoming one of the best sources of revenue (passive and active) for the entrepreneurs. Anyone can sell on Amazon; you just need to know how to sell, what to sell, and how to maximize your profits.

Note, however, that as more people learn about the selling and earning opportunities on Amazon, the rules of the game change and become stricter. So, your only in will involve having the skills and knowledge necessary to make sure that you set up an Amazon selling business and profit from it.

Many ‘experts’ have tapped into the Amazon selling niche and are now offering different courses to guide you. Of course, some of the courses don’t touch the surface or offer the intimate details you need to master selling on Amazon which is why we are shedding light on some Amazon FBA courses you could trust.

Today, our focus is on the Proven Amazon Course created by Jim Cockrum. 

If you wish to learn more about the Amazon FBA process, Jim Cockrum is one of the best guys to learn from. Jim has been on the online selling field for some time now (since 2009) and thanks to his first-hand experiences selling on Amazon, he’s guided many into running successful online businesses, selling on Amazon. 

In this Proven Amazon Course review, we’ll focus on everything you need to know about the course, as well as what to expect. So, if you have been thinking of signing up for this course, you are in the right place.

About Proven Amazon Course (PAC)

screenshot of proven amazon course

As mentioned above, Jim Cockrum boasts an excellent track record in the digital space, and he’s not only running his own Amazon FBA business (which is quite successful), but he’s developed this course based on his strategies and understanding of the business.

Jim Cockrum is one of the top 10 sellers on Amazon FBA today, and he’s also regarded as one of the most reputable internet marketers worldwide. 

Through his course founded in 2009, PAC, Jim will teach you how to run a successful Amazon FBA business, and the best part is that you get to replicate his moves. It’s also worth noting that Jim doesn’t work alone. The success of his online business is also attributed to his partnerships with Nathan Bailey and Brett Bartlett (his business partners).

The PAC program features a wide array of detailed and well-curated learning resources, including video tutorials, PDFs, and webinar recordings. In addition to these resources, there is a Proven Amazon Course group on Facebook, as well as a traditional forum where you get to interact with other sellers on Amazon FBA.

These online communities give you a platform to grow, and you can always ask questions if you feel stuck. 

Reasons for Selling on Amazon

  • Wondering why you should sell on Amazon and not eBay or any other online marketplace? Take a look at these numbers.
  • As many as 16.7% of sellers on Amazon earn more than $1million, each year, with only 9% of the Amazon sellers earning less than $10,000 annually.
  • A comparison of eBay and Amazon sellers shows that there are about 4X as many Amazon sellers earning more than one million, from online sales only.
  • More than 50% of Amazon sellers report high-profit margins of more than 20%.
  • Amazon is a massive marketplace that sells at least 12 million in products in different categories.
  • FBA gives its sellers the promise of a 30-50% increase in total product sales
  • In 2019, Amazon shipped more than 10 billion items throughout the globe

The other reasons why you should sell on Amazon include:

  • You get to choose the products you wish to sell
  • Amazon ensures that you have good inventory at all times
  • Shipping and logistics matters are effortless since FBA makes it easy for you to outsource these processes
  • Amazon offers shipping discounts
  • Reliable customer service management offers by Amazon. For example, you can enjoy 24/7 chat, phone, and email support.
  • You don’t have to worry about storage space for your products.

Features and Benefits of Proven Amazon Course

With the explosion of the Amazon FBA businesses and the market for Amazon FBA courses, you want to make sure that the course you are paying for is worth your money. To determine whether PAC is a worthy investment or not, here’s a look at what the course offers/ entails.

Inside Proven Amazon Course

PAC promises a wealth of information about Amazon FBA, how it works, which products to sell, where to source the products from, how to sell more, and how you could use it to run a 6 or 7-figure online business. So, whether you are new to Amazon FBA or you’ve been trying this business venture for some time, this course will equip you with all the knowledge you need.

What you will learn from PAC

  • Wholesale
  • Retail arbitrage
  • Secondhand
  • Online arbitrage
  • Private labeling

Besides these topics, you will also learn about the Amazon Seller Central works, scan power, Amazon search engine, as well as the strategies you must apply to have best-selling products in your portfolio.

Even though this course has been curated to cater to the needs of both beginners and Amazon sellers with some experience, the course is generally non-linear, and you could jump from one area of the course to another for information that interests you.

Proven Amazon Course – Member’s Area

This course features a Members Area which has several content categories you could learn from. 

The categories include:

  • Start Here – In this category, the course takes you through the basics. It features an introductory/ welcome video by Jim Cockrum and also a video that gives you an overview of Amazon FBA. This module also features the Amazon Seller Central tour, how to open an Amazon account, a quick start guide (in PDF), as well as content on understanding your Amazon Customer, also in PDF. You will also be introduced to the PAC Facebook group and the Map program.
  • Private Label – The Private Label teaches you how to discover best-selling Amazon products, where to source the products from, and how to launch the private label products. This part of the course is further broken down into five other categories: 
  • Proven Private Label 2.0 which has 10 videos in addition to a 6-module mentorship program. 
  • Proven Growth Mentorship
  • Webinar on the Marriage of PPI and PPL
  • PPL Training webinar
  • Coffee Master Class. 

Multiple sourcing strategies – The success of your Amazon FBA business largely depends on your product sourcing strategies. Unfortunately, if you are new to this gig, you might end up making costly sourcing mistakes.

To save you the trouble and potential losses, this course has an entire course module that covers everything you need to know about single and multiple sourcing of products.

Thanks to these strategies, you will get to source the most profitable products. Here, you learn all about online and retail arbitrage sourcing. The module is broken down into bite-sized topics for you to get things right the first time. The sections include:

PAC Monthly webinar on advanced retail and online arbitrage

  • The basics of retail arbitrage
  • Amazon BOLO Guide
  • Proven strategies for online sourcing of products
  • How to find products with the most potential and product bundles you could sell on Amazon.
  • Guide on advanced retail arbitrage
  • Sourcing, expansion, and automation
  • Proven Q4 sourcing and selling plan
  • Guide for eBay to Amazon arbitrage
  • The Proven Q4 plan

Book Sourcing 

If you are planning to sell books on Amazon, the sourcing strategies module also has you covered in its Book Sourcing Module.

The book sourcing module offers comprehensive guides on book sourcing in courses dubbed: ProvenBookSourcing.com, The Sourcers’ Apprentice Book, Craigslist book ad, and the tips for cleaning used books for resale.

Wholesale Sourcing

If it makes more sense for you to order your products in wholesale, this section of the Proven Amazon Course offers step-by-step and detailed tips on how to source products in wholesale. Like the other course modules, this module is broken down into different categories, such as:

  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing 2.0
  • Series of videos on wholesale sourcing
  • Conference for wholesale sourcing
  • How to find real wholesale sources
  • How to import from China (and other countries)
  • Trade shows
  • Additional Sourcing Categories

Jim Cockrum notes that the information above might not cover everything you need or that the information might not be specific to your needs. In this section, you will learn more sourcing strategies, tips, and tricks. Some of the topics covered here include:

  • Promotional company sourcing
  • How to source on a budget
  • How to buy locally and sell to the rest of the world
  • How to source products from Garage Sales (Webinar)
  • How to source using a shopper’s checklist
  • How to source for games, toys, and cleaning products
  • Tips for sourcing beauty and health products for maximum profits
  • How to source products at auctions
  • Tips for sourcing for gift cards
  • Coupon engineering

Proven Performance inventory

Besides multiple sourcing, the other subject covered in detail in the PAC program is the Proven Performance Inventory. This module will teach you the basics and essentials of Amazon Keyword Research Strategies. 

Promotional Company Sourcing

If you’d like to venture into the business of selling private label products and product bundles, you will like how this course also features a newly launched module covering these. 

This module teaches all about sourcing for promotional companies, as well as the launch of exclusive private label products/ bundles, in only 4 weeks.

This training module features 12 videos that cover different aspects of promotional company sourcing. In this program, you will learn about: 

  • What promotional companies are
  • The expected costs and benefits of promotional companies
  • How to navigate a promotional website effortlessly (there’s a self-service portal)
  • How to navigate the limited promotional websites
  • How to search for the best promotional companies
  • How to effectively communicate with the promotional companies
  • The winning promotional formula
  • 6 tips/ ways of generating new ideas
  • WPF roadmap
  • How to employ a brand
  • Developing a material mindset
  • Examples – breaking into the promotional company sourcing side of things is rather complex, and you might not get it the first time. So, Jim Cockrum’s course aims to break things down as much as possible, and it does this with examples. In this training module, you will come across many examples from different angles.

Proven Product Partnering

In this module, Jim Cockrum teaches effective strategies for business growth, as well as tips on how to reduce and eliminate risks in your eCommerce business.

Essentially, this module teaches you how to find best-selling products and how to stop searching for new inventory all the time. The interesting bit is that while this is a detailed module in the $499 training program, some Amazon FBA experts you find could charge you up to $5,000 for this knowledge.

Some of the lessons learned in this course include:

  • Navigating customs and avoiding rip off during freighting
  • How to sell products without having to see or touch those products
  • Deciding the best products to source from China 

Other Modules

  • Proven Audience Formula
  • International FBA
  • Creative Partnerships
  • Taxes, legal, and Accounting
  • Support
  • Bonus content
  • Next Steps
  • Proven Performance inventory
  • Merch
  • Resources
  • Build your team
  • Archived content
  • Live events

While the Member’s area has all the content you may need to get a headstart in Amazon FBA, it is not the only part of the course that you can learn from. This program has a bundling course too; the Proven Bundling Course. 

Proven Bundling Course

This course is all about the creation of the smartest, best-selling product bundles that cannot be replicated by your competitors easily. If you wish to compete with the low-priced sellers, this is a strategy you’ll like.

The Proven Bundling Course features a series of 14 videos that cover different topics. The videos include:

  • Course introduction video
  • Examples of Bundles
  • Bundle Images
  • What Makes a good bundle
  • Create listings
  • Replenishing
  • Reviews
  • Bundling basics 
  • Bundling guidelines
  • Calculating profitability
  • Product research
  • What to do when you still aren’t selling
  • How to run ads for Amazon products
  • Clarification (eBook)

Your Product Sourcing Masterclass

As mentioned above, this course is one of the most detailed programs about Amazon FBA. In addition to the lists and course modules above, there also is a product sourcing masterclass.

This masterclass has been developed by David Espino, and it’s made up of 3 videos that run for about three hours. Each video covers different elements of the product sourcing process.

Video 1 – This video covers antique mall buyout offers, flea market finds, exclusive arrangements for dropshipping, product advertising, tradeshow buyouts, events buying, examples of Excedrin, how to sell cars on eBay Motors, ads for your consignment deals, Craigslist arbitrage, and postcard/ business card.

Video 2 – This video will take you through how to search creatively, how to use StuffAlert.com, how to search for mis-listed products, and how to find Wholesale lots. You also learn about searching for Misspellings on eBay, Buy it Now Sniping, and wholesale/ dropshipping tips, among others.

Video 3 – This video also shares more about product search.

Other Features

No Up-Sells

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to sign up for a course, but before you finish the first sign up, you receive other training offers and materials? Well, Proven Amazon Course doesn’t have any of these upsell strategies.

And even though you’d have to buy or sign up for other courses, webinars or training after the initial training signup, they are not the annoying kind that is there to get your money. Speaking of money, how much is this course?

The cost of Proven Amazon Course

PAC is one of the most affordable Amazon FBA courses that offer great value. This course has two pricing plans – the fixed and the installment payment plans. If you choose to pay for the course once, you will only pay $499 for the entire course.

But if you want to try it out first or pay according to your budget needs, the course goes for $549, and you could pay for the course in three monthly installments for $183 per month (payment to be done in three months).

Regarding the one-off payment structure, you will be happy to note that you can make the payment using PayPal credit, and you won’t be required to make any payments upfront. The credit terms also boast a 0% interest rate for the first 6 months. This is only applicable to US residents. 

How does PAC compare to other Amazon FBA courses?

Well, looking at courses that offer great value for money, the Proven Amazon Course is the lowest priced at $499. A course like Amazing Selling Machine might be the course overall, but it’s also the most expensive and it will set you back $4,999. Marketplace Superheroes is also pricey at $997.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good Amazon FBA course on a budget, the Proven Amazon Course is your preferred option.

PAC Community

You can learn more about PAC and the Amazon selling business from the online forums and the PAC Facebook group. Besides Jim Cockrum, you will also learn from other Amazon FBA experts.

Things to Consider Before Buying Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course 

Regarded as one of the best Amazon FBA courses and in the same rank as Amazing Selling Machine and Marketplace Superheroes, PAC offers more or less the same features that are offered by the other courses.

There are subtle differences between these courses, but they are equally good for different users. However, before you settle on PAC, here are some of the considerations you need to keep under consideration:

1. Content

Check the comprehensiveness of the course modules and whether they will tackle the different areas of Amazon FBA you need to learn. After the introduction, PAC delves into different areas of FBA, such as multiple strategies for sourcing for the most profitable product inventory.

You also learn how to set up your account, business automation tools, and how to list your products. Generally, PAC’s content is quite comprehensive, but not as deep as you’d prefer.

2. Access to an online community

Besides the course modules, the best FBA courses give you access to Facebook and traditional online forums through which you can learn from other peers, as well as the course creator. PAC gives you lifetime access to its private Facebook group, and the best part is that Jim Cockrum is quite an active member of the group.

3. Price

Before signing up for any online course, you need to be sure that the course will give you value for your money. You also need to ensure that you can afford the course. PAC is one of the affordable yet comprehensive and valuable online FBA courses. If you are looking for the most affordable FBA course, PAC will teach you loads without breaking the bank.

4. The reputation of the course creator

Jim Cockrum boasts a solid reputation in the digital world, and he’s known as one of the pioneers of Amazon FBA business. Cockrum notes that he earns a good living from a business. As an individual who’s had experience with the Amazon selling processes over the year, you don’t have to worry about his reputation.

5. Upsells

Before buying a course, you want to be sure that the course doesn’t feature annoying upsells. You will be happy to note that this course has no upsells. You buy and pay once, and you won’t be required to pay for future content upgrades.

6. Support

Ensure that the course you are signing up for offers reliable customer support. You can access PAC 24/7. 

7. Social Proof

Wondering what other users have to say about this course?

PAC is a great course worth 10X it’s quoted price. This course offers everything you need to know about setting up a successful Amazon business, but you have to be willing to put in the work.

Tasha P

Enrolled in Course

The best part of PAC is access to course updates and content at no extra cost. If you are ready to put in the work, this course will pay for itself. The Facebook group and the members teach you, and they will support you throughout the journey.

Maridith A

Enrolled in Course

I am happy with my PAC purchase. If you are looking for an edge in the Amazon selling a business or just something to push the sales, PAC’s got you.

John V

Enrolled in Course

PAC has been a life-changer for me!


Enrolled in Course

Proven Amazon Course Alternatives

1. Amazing Selling Machine 11

screenshot of amazing selling machine

Amazing Selling Machine is the grand-daddy of Amazon FBA courses. The course is easy to follow and gives you an up to date complete guide on the best strategies for running an Amazon FBA business in 2020.

Proven Amazon Course also teaches you many of the same strategies, but it is available for a fraction of the price.

Amazing Selling Machine comes in with a hefty price tag ($4,997 or 6 monthly instalments of $997), so if you are looking to get started and don't have a big budget, then PAC is a good choice.

2. Marketplace Superheroes

homepage screenshot

Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) is another great Amazon FBA course that I recommend. It is a little more expensive than Proven Amazon Course with a total cost of $997, but it teaches you how to sell on Amazon in a much different way than most courses.

MPSH focuses on selling on international markets, and not just on selling on the main Amazon.com marketplace. This allows you sell in lower competition marketplaces and spread your streams of income.

This course is also more expensive than PAC, but in addition to the comprehensive course you also get access to their freight forwarding service as well as useful software that helps you find profitable low competition products that you can sell in multiple countries.

The other alternatives are Amazon Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David and the Amazon Bootcamp v4.0 by the Selling Family.

Conclusion – Is PACWorth It?

Proven Amazon Course is one of the top-rated Amazon FBA courses. It’s well-thought-out, and the content shared covers everything you need to know about selling on Amazon and doing so successfully.

This course is quite literally packed to the rafters with important and well-structured content on Amazon FBA.

The content features several actionable strategies for selling, product selection, product selection, and overall running of your online business on Amazon. 

The lively and informative online forum and the Facebook group communities ensure that you have someone to guide you in case you feel confused or stuck. Like any business, setting up and running a business on Amazon is difficult, and you might feel like giving up at some point.

However, thanks to these online communities, you get going as you learn how to overcome different challenges. It’s also worth noting that this course scores extra points with us since it’s created by a renowned Amazon selling expert who’s been in this industry for decades. The information shared is credible and actionable.

So, if you are looking for an affordable Amazon FBA course that will teach you all you must know about selling on Amazon, Proven Amazon Course is a good pick.

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