Amazing Selling Machine X Review [2019]

Does this popular course live up to the hype?

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Looking for a real Amazing Selling Machine X review? Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a ton of money, so don't trust other FAKE reviews, get ALL you need to know in this in-depth ASM review.


ASM gives you everything you need to succeed coaching, easy to under training and very active forum


NOT a cheap program but still cheaper than a college education

Ease Of Use

Great members area, training is straight forward and not difficult to implement


Lots of support available from coaches and other ASM members.

What I Like

  • REAL actionable advice to start an actual business on Amazon
  • Training is constantly updated and members are SUPER active
  • Great NEW strategies for driving traffic from Facebook and Google
  • New product launch blueprint is KEY to being successful in Amazon FBA in 2019

What I Don't Like

  • Course price

Updated: May 11, 2019 Warren Buffet just made a big investment in Amazon. This is big news because Warren Buffet is notorious for avoiding big tech stocks. So why did he invest in Amazon? Because it keeps growing at epic proportions, and the trend is only going to continue. 

May 11 Update: ASM has great Webinar available where they will be giving a dead simple strategy you can follow to make big sales on Amazon without ads, giveaways or sponsorships. Sign-up for it here

Just look around you. Physical stores are closing all across the country. More and more people know and trust Amazon to buy things online. So selling things on Amazon is a huge opportunity that most people don’t even know aboout. That’s why Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback created the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). The program has been around since 2012, and it’s currently in it’s tenth edition addition was released in late 2018.

If you are someone who is on the hunt for a program to help launch your own work from home business, or more specifically, is looking for an Amazon drop shipping opportunity, you may have heard of ASM and its success stories.

With dozens of programs out there promising to help you get rich quick by selling on Amazon, it is easy to be skeptical. However, all you need to do is take a look at some of ASM’s success stories to understand why this program stands out from the rest.

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amazing selling machine review

What is the Amazing Selling Machine? 

The Amazing Selling Machine, or ASM, is essentially a comprehensive training program developed by industry experts that helps you leverage the power of Amazon to create a profitable and fast-growing business from the comfort of your own home.

The program is not cheap. In fact, the price tag to participate in this training is $4997 for those who make a one-time payment, and $997 per month for six months for those paying in installments.

With this hefty price tag, you should expect to receive some pretty intense training and life-changing knowledge. And that is exactly what you get!

Included with the ASMX program is:

  • An 8-week training program available through the online course
  • Access to the training mentorship program
  • Lifetime membership to ASM’s community and forum
  • A series of private group coaching calls
  • Expert product listings
  • Targeted traffic promotions by the ASM team to your new products
  • Private resource vault

The training provides everything you need to develop the skills and knowledge that are required to start and maintain a successful online business. You can literally have zero experience in online marketing and still be hugely successful with this program.

Amazing Selling Machine Success Stories

One of the most compelling reasons to sign up for and pay for this course is its overwhelming amount of success stories.

There are over 27,000 members in the program from over 120 countries, which says something in and of itself. There are hundreds of testimonials from people who have changed their lives by implementing this program and launching their business.

Take Anica Kath, a hotel director who, after having two children, was forced to choose between her career and her family.

She chose her family and while looking for a way to make money, she stumbled upon ASM. She realized this program could allow her to have both a career and a family.

She now works her business on her own time and makes more money than she could have ever dreamed of from her own home while spending time with her children each and every day.

Look at Denys Thomson, a former police officer who was working 12-hour days, 6 days a week. He was burned out.

Some of his friends and acquaintances were already participating in ASM and shared their success with him. He soon realized that ASM’s training was the real deal and quit his job to focus on selling on Amazon after completing the training.

Denys is now free from the daily grind he dreaded. He works for himself on his schedule and makes more money than he ever dreamed would be possible thanks to the step by step training he received from ASM.

There are hundreds of stories just like those of Anica and Denys that will amaze and excite you. You too can achieve the time and money freedom these people now enjoy by making the commitment to ASM’s proven program.

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Recent Success Stories

I love a good success story, and ASM is filled with them.

The forum inside the Amazing Selling Machine course is loaded with NEW success stories every week.

Here are just a few recent Amazing Selling Machine success stories from May, 2019:

I see how motivating these posts are, so I felt compelled to share my story.

I just hit my $5k badge and have nearly $6k in sales in the last 15 days. It feels so rewarding!

Just wrapping up my LBR now, and I am on page 1 for my target keyword in the 14th position and boy has it bounced all over the place. Hopefully I can stay there, but if not, I am in the works of plan B.

Drewhoward, ASM Member

Drew passed a big milestone recently, but for me, it’s the small success stories that really motivate me:

Hi Amazing family, I’m pleased to announce I just claimed my first 1K badge, all this within one month after my product went live on Amazon and a day before LBR. wooo hooo I’m doing the happy dance right now.

Gherrerarosas, ASM Member

How Amazing Selling Machine Works

ASMX is a complete training guide that teaches you how to effectively drop-ship items using the biggest selling platform out there, Amazon. Not only does the program teach you how to effectively sell on Amazon, but they also show you how to earn life-changing amounts of money while doing it.

Here’s how it works:

In order to be successful and make a profit with drop-shipping, you need to keep the cost of the product you are selling way down. You buy a product for dirt cheap and then mark it way up and resell it through Amazon.

Where do you get the dirt cheap products? ASM advises you to reach out to product manufactures in China, where the costs to buy products is extremely low.

Once you determine what kind of product or niche you are looking to pursue, you can reach out to Chinese manufacturers and have them send you product samples. Once you are satisfied with a manufacturer and their product, you order it in mass quantities for resale.

Be aware that you need to do extensive research into your niche prior to making deals with manufacturers and ordering bulk quantities. Some products ordered in bulk can cost you thousands, so you will definitely need to make sure that it is something that you can successfully resell.

ASM helps guide you through all of this, so don’t worry if you don’t have experience researching products and niches.

Once you order your product, you sign up for Fulfillment By Amazon and ship your product to them. From there, Amazon not only stores your inventory for you, but they also market, sell, and ship it for you too.

Sound easy? It is! You don’t have to worry about storing your products and shipping it out to those who order from you; Amazon does all the work for you making them the actual drop-shipper.

Is the ASM Program Worth the High Price Tag?

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At almost $5000 to buy into the Amazing Selling Machine, it’s understandable why some people hesitate. It’s a lot of money–money well spent if you ask the hundreds of successful ASM participants who are now making millions thanks to the program.

The cost of the program reflects the value you receive. You get training from industry experts; they show you exactly how to be successful, and that comes at a price.

For those who are on the fence about the cost, the program offers a full money-back guarantee for 30 days.

If you purchase the program and do not make money by following their methods, they will refund you the cost of the program and any money spent on inventory, up to $10,000. This is unheard of.

ASM’s Buy Back Promise is impressive, to say the least, and certainly makes this program stand out among the crowd. You really have nothing to lose by purchasing this program.

If your business doesn’t work out and become profitable after 6 months, all you lose is the time you invested.

With a money-back guarantee as solid as ASM’s, it shows that they are extremely confident in their training which is reassuring for anyone who hesitates to drop that kind of money on a training program.

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What’s New with the Launch of Amazing Selling Machine X?

While ASM has been around for years, the launch of the new and improved ASMX has had a lot of hype surrounding it and for good reason.

The creators of ASM continually update and improve their training to keep up with the changing world of Amazon.

ASMX is the tenth update to the program, making it better than ever. Essentially, the program has been redesigned and revamped with new and better features.

ASMX has over 120 training lessons that guide you through getting your business up and running from home.

In addition to the features you receive with the core version of the Amazing Selling Machine Program, you also get:

  • The Manage By Stats Toolset, which is one year of free access to email automation programs that send custom emails to all your Amazon customers.
  • The Brand Launchpage which is 6 months of ASM’s specifically designed tools that help you to get sales immediately and continue the trend.
  • Product and Keyword Research Toolset that allows you to find the best products and learn how to promote and sell them as fast as possible.
  • ASM’s Business Dashboard which provides everything you need to run your business successfully.

Amazing Selling Machine X Review – What I Like

First, the training itself is broken down into an 8-week, easy to follow training that allows you to navigate through it on your own time from the comfort of your home.

The modules are extremely informative, easy to follow, and really keep you interested and excited to move forward.

At the end of each module, they offer a coaching call where Rick Henderson and Mike McClary answer any questions that members of that module have. This was a great way to recap that module, pick up information that you may have missed, and ask any questions.

Additionally, you have access to the Amazing Selling Machine forum and the Facebook group which has hundreds of other participants in it. This is one of the best features of this program because of the support and networking aspect.

If you have any questions whatsoever, you can ask them and get them answered promptly and thoroughly by someone who has already been successful with the program.

The program really makes learning the content easy and fun. If you find yourself lost, stuck, or in need of additional information, you can easily get the help you need from people who have walked the path before you.

Matt and his team truly give you the confidence to feel like you, or anyone else, can be highly successful using their methods.

There is no experience required to begin this program. Anyone, with any background, can be successful if they have the drive and motivation to do so.

What I Don’t Like About Amazing Selling Machine

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The biggest drawback or objection to this program is the cost.

At nearly $5000 to enroll, that is a big chunk of change that many people don’t have lying around or aren’t comfortable investing in a program that they aren’t sure will work.

There are plenty of other alternatives available for drop-shipping training that cost much less; however, ASM is hands down the best.

In addition to the cost of the program, Matt and his team urge you to purchase your product in bulk, which can be very costly depending on the product that you choose to sell.

This program is certainly an investment, but the cost of the program is justified by the training and support it provides you. This program was designed to get you results, and in order to achieve them, it takes an investment in high-quality training up front.

ASM’s training is specific to Amazon only, which makes sense considering they are the largest online seller and continue to grow at epic proportions.

However, there are other ways to make money drop-shipping. While Amazon may be the easiest and most convenient platform to use, if you were thinking of using another avenue for drop-shipping, you will only find Amazon specific information in this course.

Final Thoughts on Amazing Selling Machine X

ASM is a highly-comprehensive, easy-to-follow program that really aims to make anyone successful at creating a drop-shipping business.

If you are a motivated and driven individual who is ready to make a change in your life for the better, you can and WILL be successful with this program.

While many people make objections regarding the price of the program, it will pay for itself a hundred times over if you follow it closely and invest the time.

As with any program, in order for it to be successful, you need to be committed to making it work and following the process step by step.

This is not the program for the lazy or uncommitted!

One of the features that makes this program so great is its support, but this is only useful if the participants use it.

If you are someone who has questions but are afraid or too lazy to ask, you aren’t getting the most out of ASM.

Anyone anywhere can be highly successful using this program, and it has proven itself again and again through hundreds of real success stories available.

If you are looking to achieve time and money freedom while working for yourself, you can achieve it through ASMX.

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