Marketplace Superheroes Review: Can It Give You Amazon FBA Superpowers?

Marketplace Superheroes Review: Can it give you the power to leave your job? Or is it a "super" waste of money?

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Marketplace Superheroes is an all-in-one Amazon FBA training solution that gives you both the training and tools needed to run a successful business 


Gives you the tools and training you need to make it


At $997 it gives you everything (including freight) without needing 3rd party tools

Ease Of Use

The training is detailed, but it could be layed out better


MPSH has a dedicated team to assist you with any help you need

Marketplace Superheroes Pros

  • Great for beginners
  • "Superhero" Freight included
  • No unethical tricks
  • Awesome step by step blueprint
  • No third-party tools required

Marketplace Superheroes Cons

  • Course is not laid out in a straightforward way
  • Videos can run long

In a report published in 2018 by TechCrunch, Amazon has a huge share of the US e-commerce market holding it down at 49% and controlling 5% of the total retail spend, both online and offline.

These numbers indicated that Amazon’s share value is well above that of its top competitors, combined. According to the report, eBay’s share value stood at 6.6%, Apple’s was 3.9%, while Walmart had a share value of 3.7%. 

Going by these values, it’s clear that Amazon has set the pace for online sales in the eCommerce world. Amazon seemes unstoppable. 

That is why I have become interested in starting my own Amazon FBA business. Starting and growing affiliate marketing sites is great, but I always believed in diversifying my sources of income.

In the past couple of years there have been an explosion of Amazon FBA courses over the past couple of years. 

I have taken a number of these courses, ranging from the pricey Amazing Selling Machine to the $10 courses offered on Udemy. So I have a good idea on

Marketplace Superheroes is one of the courses that caught my attention during my research for best Amazon FBA courses.

I enjoyed watching their Youtube videos, in an era of flashy youtubers showing off their facy watches and screenshots, Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) Youtube channel is the opposite.

They seem like straightforward guys interested in creating a great product and they don't try to lure you in with the usual gimmicks.

But how about their courses? Is costs less than some of their competitors, but it is also not exactly cheap either.

I will dive deep into it all in this Marketplace Superheroes review so you can make the most informed choice for yourself.

What is Marketplace Superheroes?

picture of marketplace superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) is a step-by-step course designed to teach you all you need to identify simple, low-competition products on Amazon and sell them for a high profit margin. 

The cool thing about MPSH is that it is actually more than a course, it is a whole integrated system of teaching and tools designed to help you succeed and minimize your chances of failure.​​

Making all this possible are Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers.

Robert Ricky is a digital brainchild with at least 20 years of experience in the industry. While the experienced gained over the years make Robert the best at what he does, he lauds his mistakes and failures for being where he is today. 

Robert also employs a different approach unlike other digital experts, and focuses on giving your a very systematized way of researching products to sell on Amazon to take the guess work out of things. 

With his process, experiences, and lessons, Robert’s been able to generate high cumulative sales on Amazon ranging from $10-$20, and an average profit of between 20% and 30%.

Stephen Somers, on the other hand, is a bit newer to the online selling scene (at least compared to Robert lol), and has been selling online for the past 7 years. 

Things turned for the better for Stephen when he met Robert, who mentored him and became his business partner.

Before Robert, Stephen struggled to find ways of building a successful online business, and invested thousands trying to figure things out.

Working with Robert changed the playbook for him, and he was able to leave his soul-crushing employment to venture into the online business world.

This partnership not only exposed Stephen to the intricacies of creating and running an online business., but it also allowed him to build an empire thanks to the millions of dollars generated in revenue selling on Amazon.

Today, Stephen is a prolific serial entrepreneur with multiple partners and online businesses that generate multiple 7-figure earnings.

The other members of the Marketplace Superheroes team include Will Esterhuyse, Lisa Somers, and Michael Elliot. 

If your looking to start your own Amazon FBA business, this course will guide you through all the steps you need to take to make things work.

When I first tried my hand with Amazon FBA back in 2016, I watched a bunch of Youtube videos and thought I had everything I needed to get started.

However it is a lot more complicated than people on Youtube makes it seem.

From choosing products, competition analysis, to supplier selection - the devil really is in the details.

Unfortunately there are some courses out there that teach unethical ways to sell on Amazon FBA such as selling risky products and buying fake reviews. 

In fact, in a recent Adweek article, there was a call for more policing of the Amazon Marketplace following reports of unsafe products being sold on the site.

Thankfully you don't have to worry about this with Marketplace Superheroes because everything they teach you is ethical, white hat and made for the long run - not shortcuts that may risk your account.

Marketplace Superheroes Pricing?

Marketplace Superheroes retails for a one-time fee of $997.  You also have the option of paying for the course on a monthly basis at $97/month, for 12 months. 

What Makes Marketplace Superheroes Different?

superhero university

Marketplace Superheroes is very different than other Amazon FBA courses in many different ways.

The first way is that it emphasizes that it is not about building a big business. It is about building a lifestyle business that gives you a comfortable amount of income that you can use to live the life you want - NOT saddling you down with a complex system of employees and processes.

So it is all about finding simple, profitable, unsexy products to sell so that you are not jumping on trends and competing with big brands.

The goal with MPSH is to give you a system where you can earn $300,000 per year selling small items that won't be a headache to manage.

I don't know about you, but $300,000 per year is enough for me to quit my job and have enough left over to travel the world and explore new things.

So let's take a look how the course is laid out.

A Look Inside The Course

inside the marketplace members area

Marketplace Superheroes comes as a 12-module online course with comprehensive and concise instructions on how you can use their online selling tools to run a successful FBA (Amazon) business. 

These training modules are part of the MPSH flagship course, Core 2.0 program. This is a comprehensive online video course that is very detailed but gives you easy to follow steps.

The Members’ Area

The Members’ Area, is a little overwhelming at first. There are 9 different areas - each with its own training section.

For example to get started you will click on Marketplace Superheroes Core V2 phase1:

core training v2

This will take you into the first stage of the main training area and has 6 modules. Then each module will contain 4-5 training videos

Marketplace Superheroes is an absolutely HUGE training course, they really touch on each subject in great detail so that you feel like you are an expert at the end of each session.

The content is also available in audio, video, as well as written transcripts, meaning that you don’t have to worry about missing important information and you can consume it in any way you want.

Let's take a look at what each part of the program gives you.

MPSH Core 2.0 Program

The Marketplace Superheroes Core 2.0 program gives you 9 different training sections.

Each one these can be training programs in themselves because of their size and scope!

Let's take a look at each:

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 1 or the Mindset and Research Phase

picture of module 1 book

The Mindset and Research phase is a 6-module phase that will teach you different things, all listed below. The six modules in phase one are spread throughout 45 highly informative videos. 

Module 1 – This module is dubbed the Marketplace Mindset module. It features 7 videos that offer a comprehensive overview of what to expect from the whole MPSH course, and how to maximize the knowledge gained from the course

Module 2 – Dubbed the Search Phase, it comes with 9 videos that talk on your product research strategy. It also teaches how to use MPSH’s tools for product analysis, as well as the most effective strategies for product research

Module 3 – The Shortlist Phase is the next module, with 6 videos. After the research and search phase above, this module will illuminate you on how to filter products and to find the highest-converting products.

Module 4 – This is the Select Phase I. It features 5 videos, and this module teaches more about the best product selection opportunities

Module 5 – This next module is called Select Phase II. It’s broken down into 7 videos on The Supplier Search, as well as the search for the best-selling product opportunities. In this module, you dig deeper into the market, and by basing your search on the products selected, you look for the best suppliers of the products you are interested in.

Module 6 – Also called the Source Phase, this module offers more details on product sourcing in a series of 11 videos. You will still learn how to find great suppliers, while also gaining insights and direction into how to place your sample orders, deal with branding, and packaging. You also learn negotiation strategies here.

MPSH Core System v2 Phase 2 – Importation and Logistics

MPSH core phase 2 training course

Phase two of the training program gives you everything you need to master for importing and logistics, in 6 modules and in 51 videos. 

Module 7 – Also called the Product Structure & Seller Central Phase, this module has 68 detailed videos. Once you get through the basics in module 6; finding products, suppliers, branding, packaging, sampling, negotiation, importation and logistical procedures, module 7 will introduce you to the specifics of running your online business. Here, you learn to create your seller account and how to restructure (structure) your business.

Module 8 – This module is dubbed the Purchasing and Importation module, and it features 7 videos. Here, you will be introduced to and taught everything you need to know about full product purchase, and the importation processes.

Module 9 – This module is the FBA Roadmap, and it’s broken down into 5 videos. Now that you have the products you wish to sell, this module will take a deeper plunge into the whole FBA process. The process also includes understanding the labeling requirements, as well as the rules and conditional requirements offered and to be met at the Amazon Seller Central, and any other related information.

Module 10 – The Listing Optimization Phase with 9 videos on How to create the best (high-converting) product listings.

Module 11 – Account Management Module with 13 videos on the management of your Amazon business, on a daily basis. 

Module 12 – International Expansion. This module features 7 videos that cover all the essentials of expanding your Amazon business on the international scale. 

These 12, two-phase modules offered under the MPSH Core Program/ System are (and cover), in essence, everything online sellers need to know about Amazon’s seller training program. 

By following all the steps and instructions offered in the 12 modules above, you increase your chances of becoming a successful Amazon seller.

Bonus Modules

As mentioned above, the course also offers bonus resources for everyone who signs up.

The bonus features include everything you need to establish yourself as one of the successful Amazon sellers.

The bonus material also teaches you more about the complexities associated with running FBA businesses on Amazon.

They include:

  1. Fuel Your Empire – This bonus package will teach you what you need to know about searching for the best product listings on Amazon. But instead of doing the hard work without much guidance, this bonus feature allows you to follow Stephen and Robert as they run product searches or look for product opportunities on Amazon.
  2. Fuel Your Empire – God Series A – This package features a series of 3 videos all focused on speeding up and streamlining your product research process. 
  3. Fuel Your Empire – God Series M – This package is a series 3 videos that focus on Amazon’s market analysis. 
  4. Invincible Importing – With this package, you will master the art of product importation with ease.
  5. $1K/Day Roadmap – This bonus feature teaches and challenges you to grow your business up to $1,000 sales per day.
  6. 30-Min Legendary Listings – This is an auto-selling strategy that will teach you how to create high-converting and auto-selling listings on Amazon.
  7. Superhero Sprint – This package contains all the pre-recorded materials from the all-encompassing boot camps. It also comes with sub-sessions. The Superhero sprint is an up-sell feature offered by Marketplace Superheroes. Unlike other online courses that bombard you with upsell ads after signing up, the Superhero Sprint gets into effect after you have been a member for at least one month. This feature allows you the MPSH heroes/ team to follow up wot you, albeit virtually as you learn more about how to fuel your Amazon selling business. The extra training/ Superhero coaching nudges you to take on massive, more meaningful, and productive action in your Amazon business to propel you to greater success.
  8. Long-term Thinking – besides learning what you need to do today to attract buyers next week, you also learn how to grow on your online selling business to boost your growth in the future.

Marketplace Superheroes Strategies

The MPSH course is based on two strategies for selling: The Product Selection and the International Expansion strategies.

Product Selection 

For this strategy, MPSH employs a solid strategy for product selection in which you learn about the types of products you could sell, how to identify those products, and even how to filter the products for a list of the products that only offer the best selling opportunities.

International Expansion 

If your focus is on the US market alone, then this International Expansion strategy might work well for you.

Even though this is not the most common strategy that’s taught through the Amazon courses, it’s ideal for anyone interested in building their business in the international markets. 

The information shared is useful for anyone who has taken other Amazon FBA courses because it gives you a new way to find to find products that are typically overlooked because they aren't "Sexy". 

MPSH Software – 4S Product Gauntlet

mpsh 4s gauntlet product finder

On top of the course that comes with more than 90 videos, this Amazon Marketplace Superheroes course also offers a dedicated software application called the 4S Product Gauntlet.

This software is very easy to use browser extention that simplifies the filtration and the shortlisting products as you search for the best-selling/ high-converting products and selling opportunities.

4S Product Finder also allows you to cost your products accurately, once you collect the essential detail from your preferred (potential) suppliers.

This proprietary software gets its name from its three primary uses – Search, Shortlist, Select, and Source. The 4S’s are essential for product searches. 

The MPSH Community

MPSH community

Besides the very detailed course, Marketplace Superheroes boasts an impressively active Facebook community of over 4,000 members. So, whether you are new to online selling or not, you will immediately feel a sense of belonging.

This community is essential for many people who take the course, and it’s what will keep you on the road to success.

In as much as the course is challenging, the community gets you out of the can’t do mindset.

Note that on top of the pep talks, the MPSH online community gives you access to fast, genuine, and qualified feedback, as well as commentaries on all matters Online selling and MPSH. 

The administrators of the group are seasoned Amazon FBA sellers who know what they are talking about.

So, whether you are confused about content in a module or the whole course, these guys will help you wade through those waters.

On top of all that, the founders of MPSH, Robert and Stephen are always going out of their way to teach and organize boot camps worldwide.

In the past few years, they’ve hosted successful conferences in Ireland, Spain, as well as the United States.

These opportunities not only offer informational nuggets of wisdom but also allow beginners and advanced Amazon sellers to mingle and learn more from each other.

Superhero Freight

superhero freight

If you find suppliers in China and wish to move their goods home to you, you must be ready to pay to the high freight costs. The process is if you have tried before, is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful.

With this in mind, MPSH founders came up with an option:Superhero Freight which combines your shipping demands with its high purchasing power, hence better freight/ forwarding costs. T

The dedicated MPSH follows a process-driven, services, and fully-manned process that results in massive savings. This is just another big touch Marketplace Superheroes delivers to make your job easier.

Marketplace Superheroes Vs Amazing Selling Machine

When it comes to Amazon FBA courses, the biggest and most established course is Amazing Selling Machine.

In my opinion it is the best overall course with the simple, in-depth training and constant innovating marketing techniques that gets updated every year.

I have seen Amazing Selling Machine businesses get sold on marketplaces like Empire Flippers for 7-figures so their training is legit.

However, with this pedigree comes price. People know Amazing Selling Machine works, so they are able to sell it for $4,997.

For a lot of people, this makes the course simply out of their price range.

This is what make Marketplace Superheroes such an attractive alternative. The training might not be the same as Amazing Selling Machine, but for $997 it is a great deal and will definitely give you what you need to run a successful Amazon business

Is Marketplace Superheroes Worth Purchasing?

Marketplace Superheroes are for people who want to build a nice passive income business but don't have any experience selling online.

If you are looking to make a multi-million dollar business that you want to flip later on, then this might not be the right course for you and something like Amazing Selling Machine will fit the bill.

I have taken a bunch of Amazon FBA courses and I can easily say that if you only have a couple thousand of dollars to invest, Marketplace Superheroes is definitely one of best courses you can take for the price.


With third-party selling on Amazon Marketplace growing very profitable each year, it is my experience you need a solid Amazon FBA course in order to succeed.

Marketplace Superhero fits that bill perfectly by giving you in-depth training, software to help you choose products, a freight service to help save you costs and a community dedicated to helping you succeed.

So if building a comfortable lifestyle business is something that your looking for, I highly recommend checking out MPSH

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