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Top Websites Like Alibaba - The Best Alternatives in 2022

by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: October 27, 2023
Top Websites Like Alibaba - The Best Alternatives in 2022

When it comes to ordering products to an overseas private label company, Alibaba will always pop to business owners’ minds.

But as a business owner, you will always look for options because you might scout companies that offer the same service but you get more from it. Or, simply because a repetitive bad experience with Alibaba ultimately made you look for options.

Price wars between you and tons of competitors buying from the same suppliers. You will also hear stories about overnight middlemen; once the payment is processed for the product order, they’re gone the next day.

It’s like your favorite restaurant replacing your favorite dish on the menu but did not live up to your expectation so you go look for another. What if there are sites like Alibaba that are more reliable? Alibaba alternatives that are more flexible when it comes to pricing?Sites like Alibaba that are more suitable for your business structure?

Worry no more because we got your back.

In this article, we present to you our top 7 companies that are similar to Alibaba.

The Best Sites like Alibaba

Global Sources


They’ve been around for 50 years now. That’s really saying something in this game!

What you will initially notice between Alibaba and Global Sources is the quality of their suppliers. They have much higher quality suppliers and products versus the ones you find in Alibaba (for the most part).

Alibaba has a lot of listed suppliers, and that’s an understatement. It is good and bad at the same time. There are a lot of suppliers and sometimes middlemen that you have to deal with. That’s why you’ll hear a lot of stories of other eCommerce businessmen getting scammed.

So what about Global Sources? They don’t have as many suppliers listed as Alibaba, because they are strict and stringent when it comes to quality control.

They cater to large trading companies only, who just like them, have a proven track record of quality. That’s why a lot of big-box stores prefer Global Sources as a business partner.

You can be assured that when you deal with them, you get your money’s worth. Global Sources is also famous for organizing trade shows in Asia.

Global Sources Pros:
  • Higher quality suppliers and less hidden middlemen. You can also find their suppliers attending and exhibiting in their international trade shows. That adds confidence and builds trust. Finding quality suppliers is easy with Global Sources.
  • If you want to sell mobile electronics, fashion accessories, home, and gift items – this is their strong suit.
  • Better user experience because they have both online and offline support. That’s why they attract more Western buyers.

In conclusion, if you’re a medium to large eCommerce business, Global Sources can be a good alternative.

Made In China

Don’t smirk, that’s the actual tongue to cheek name of the company. Not the most creative, but at least straight to the point.

Established in 1998 with the aim to be the best facilitator between Chinese manufacturers and the rest of the world. They only accept Chinese companies as suppliers.

They provide transparent information when it comes to their suppliers. Aside from the USA, they have a lot of customers coming from Europe.

Suppliers here also sell branded products, but you need to be careful when buying because you don’t want to be caught in a legal case regarding intellectual property rights.

So don’t be afraid to ask for certifications or authorization documents.

Made In China Pros:
  • Consumer-centric, they will provide as much information they can when it comes to the suppliers.
  • Audit Profile – this section of their website makes verifying the credibility of your chosen supplier easy.
  • You can directly talk with the suppliers.
  • Fast shipping
  • They have specialist manufacturers for products like apparel & accessories, handicrafts, transportation, and industrial supplies like electronics and machinery.
  • Multi-lingual website, up to 10 languages.
Made In China Cons:
  • Not too many suppliers listed.
  • Requires minimum order quantity.

In conclusion, if you own a small business, or want to start one, Made-In-China can be a good alternative because it offers a lower minimum order quantity compared to Alibaba.

A good source to introduce products from China to Western countries.



DHGate is both a B2B and a B2C platform, either for wholesale or retail.

Founded in 2004 and the current boss, Mrs. Wang Shutong, was the first CEO of Amazon China.

So you’re already assured that the company knows what it is doing. The company gathers small and medium-sized suppliers from China to provide its services for small and medium-sized buyers.

They provide authentic information about the suppliers and their products.

DHGate’s Pros:
  • They are famous for selling wedding dresses.
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Displays different prices for different quantities.
  • No need to communicate with suppliers, you can buy directly
  • Established the Department of Integrity and Security and established a sound risk control system
  • Cooperated with more than 30 logistics providers around the world, providing multiple overseas lines
  • Supported multiple payment channels around the world to achieve localized real-time online acquiring
  • Cooperated with banks to launch Internet financial services for SMEs
DHGate’s Cons:
  • The quality of the suppliers on board is not impressive.So you have to take your time looking for the right supplier. So you have to prepare yourself when it comes to the product quality you might receive if you don’t do your research.

In conclusion, just like Made-In-China, DHGate is made for a small business looking to scale its operation.

DHGate stands out above all others when it comes to selling wedding dresses. So if that’s your niche, consider dealing with them.


The sister company of Alibaba, so it is a good Alibaba alternative already. Introduced in 2010 as a B2C platform. If you live in China, you cannot purchase products from this platform. If you dig around the website, you may see that Aliexpress and Alibaba have the same suppliers listed. You can compare Aliexpress to eBay because they ship their products all over the world, that’s why it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It has a wide range of products to your delight. Plus, it opened the largest IPO in New York last 2014.

Aliexpress Pros:
  • Getting the same products found on Alibaba, with a chance of buying it at a lower price.
  • Escrow service. So you are protected when processing online payments.
  • No MOQ.
  • Offers free shipping.
  • Can accommodate dropshipping.
  • No need to communicate with suppliers. Purchase directly from the platform.
Aliexpress Cons
  • Shipment delays. There are cases where it took more than 7 days before the order was received. Especially during the holiday season. There are buyers who get their products after 60 days, usually, this happens for products bought under free shipment.
  • Since you don’t need to communicate with suppliers, building a relationship with them is impossible.
  • Poor translation with other languages.


1688 is a B2B company dedicated to wholesale and dropshipping.

This company is more focused on the domestic market, hence the website being Chinese.

You can see that the range of products sold in 1688 is designed for the Chinese community but it doesn’t mean you can’t sell its products on Western countries.

There are a lot of amazing Chinese products as seen on uploaded videos on FB or YT.

1688 offers products with the cheapest prices compared to other sites similar to Alibaba, that’s why even suppliers who sell in Alibaba or AliExpress purchase from 1688.

1688 Pros:
  • Finding suppliers that are not listed in Alibaba.
  • Finding the lowest possible prices you can deal with.
  • Provides market intelligence on pricing.
  • Fast response and the suppliers are well trained.
1688 Cons:
  • Some suppliers do not have an export license. So you need to pay a third-party company to process the shipment to you.
  • Lower prices can mean low quality.
  • Language barrier – Chinese suppliers in 1688 do not speak English at all. You will not find even who understands English, so you can get lost in communication along the way.

There are workarounds with the language barrier when dealing with 1688. First use Google Translate or better yet, use Wechat to directly communicate with the suppliers. Wechat automatically translates English to Chinese.

Suppliers also prefer using Wechat as the mode of communication for their clients, even their promotions are broadcasted through the app.

The second option is to hire a 1688 agent. This will help you save a lot of time translating what you need to say.

These agents will help you negotiate with manufacturers and process payment for you. They will charge you a small service fee after the deal is closed.

In conclusion, is designed for small to medium businesses who want to introduce products from China to the rest of the world.

The cheap price it offers is very attractive, but you just have to set your expectation when it comes to quality.



It stands for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, this Alibaba alternative is operated by the Hong Kong government itself.

It was founded in 1996 to assist businesses in trading in the global market.

They keep their customers up to date by providing product information through research reports, trade publications, and digital news channels.

  • Services – with 50 offices globally, including 13 in Mainland China. Their experience in trading, it gives you confidence that dealing with HKDTC will be seamless.
  • Low taxes
  • Linguistics – though their website is in English, the language barrier is still an issue because you are going to speak with native Chinese speakers.

In conclusion, HKDTC will not let you down when it comes to their service because of its management.

If your online business is medium to large scale, then they can be a good choice for you.


leeline sourcing

It has been in the industry for a decade now, and it is noticeably popular for being a trustworthy sourcing agent.

Leeline removes the doubt of being scammed from its buyers. Its proven expertise will help you find the right suppliers that offer low-cost products.

  • Factory price – no middleman, so you get the best price.
  • Factory audit – so before your product is shipped, it is checked thoroughly.
  • You can find flexible shipping rates.
  • Free 30-day warehouse storage – once you find the product you want, the manufacturer can give you a free 30 days storage period if you don’t want your order shipped immediately.
  • They only deal with small and medium businesses.

In conclusion, Leeline will help your business grow, only if you’re a small to medium business.

These alternatives to Alibaba can be more reliable or maybe cost less compared to Alibaba.

In return, it will benefit you and your online business in the end.There’s no harm in trying. But what if you’re happy where you are now and want to stick with Alibaba.

The next thing you want to explore is if there’s Alibaba USA?

Is there an American Version of Alibaba?

Yes, there’s Alibaba in the USA.

Alibaba also opened its doors to US-based suppliers last 2019 and the website is called Alibaba US.

If you’re a US seller who only wants to transact business to US companies, then you’re in for a treat. Though if you rummage through the suppliers, you can also see that some suppliers are offshore companies. But the US-based suppliers are easily identifiable.

The great thing about Alibaba US? The transaction is easier, the shipment is faster because you’re in the same territory.

The downside? Expect higher prices compared to Chinese manufacturers.

If you’re just starting your eCommerce business and you have chosen Amazon as your selling platform, we have created a solid guide for you on how to sell on Amazon.


Alibaba is the biggest online marketplace if you need to source products from private label companies. But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring websites like Alibaba. Because one size does not fit all.

Alibaba may be popular but it may not be suitable for your company’s playbook. These online companies or websites similar to Alibaba pop up everywhere and that’s a good thing.

It creates a healthy competition between outsourcing companies and also benefiting you as a potential client in the end. eCommerce business takes a lot of dedication, amazing research skills, and most importantly, discipline.

That’s why having a proven and effective Amazon FBA training will definitely help you succeed.


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