Best Amazon FBA Courses That WORK + Buyers Guide [2020]

Looking for the best Amazon FBA courses on the market RIGHT NOW? I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars and give you the top 3 so you can SAVE YOUR money!


Best all in one training course



/one time

  • Very unique training focused on international markets
  • Designed to help create a low-stress lifestyle business
  • Gives you custom designed tools to help you select and sell products
Proven amazon course

Best lowest cost, high-quality training course



/one time

  • Great training for the price
  • Constantly updated to reflect rapid changes in the marketplace
  • Good support and community

Are you looking to jump into Amazon FBA and want to get the best training available?

Sure, there is a ton of information out there on Youtube, but if you are anything like me - you want the best and most up to date information out there and that kind of stuff just isn't given away for free.

Trust me, I know because I tried doing it on my own - and it just didn't work.

Right now is an AWESOME time to get into Amazon FBA. Not only because there is TONS of money to be made – but also because there is some great training out there that DOESN’T rip you off!

Unfortunately, there are still TONNES of Amazon FBA courses courses that are nothing more than a money grab that is either recycled trash, or is filled with outdated info that you could find for free on Youtube.

Back in 2016 when I first started researching side hustles that I could start online, one of my very first attempts was trying to sell on Amazon.

I got my started as most people do, I typed in "how to sell on Amazon" on Youtube, read a few blog posts and sat through an hour and a half video that taught you "step by step" how to sell using Amazon FBA.

So I went to Amazon, signed up for an Amazon FBA account and started contacting suppliers from Alibaba and looking for the cheapest items that I could sell for the biggest profit.

I had no idea what I was doing, I didn't have any tools or systems in place for knowing if something was going to be profitable or not.

I just knew it had to be something simple, and something that light weight so that it could be shipped cheaply.

I purchased a bunch of small sample items (steel ice cubes, athletic tape, and instant heating pads) and was ready to start selling!

From the in-depth videos I watched on Youtube it all made it sound so easy.

Just buy things cheap from China and sell them on Amazon. How easy is that - right??

WRONG. When I started getting to the point where I was ready to actually sell things, I realized that there were a TON of small details that I didn't think of before and quickly became frustrated at the entire experience and gave up completely.

amazon fba man freedom

Best 3 Amazon FBA Courses in 2020

Fast forward to 2020, after giving up my Amazon FBA dreams I knew that the biggest mistake was that I tried to learn an entire system by myself and I just wasn't smart, or motivated enough to wade through all the B.S and figure it it all out on my own.

Over the years, I grew successful businesses in Kindle Publishing and Affiliate Marketing. Part of the reason for my success was not because I was super smart, or had a ton of experience.

I just needed a system to guide me and take out all of the guess work.

So I started researching and getting the very best Amazon FBA courses to give it another shot.

This list is a compilation of HUNDREDS of hours going through Amazon FBA training courses and thousands of dollars spent so that YOU don't have to waste your money finding the best Amazon FBA course for your budget.

Please note that there are affiliate links on this page, and I may make a commission if you purchase.

#1 Best Amazon FBA Course for Beginners: The Amazing Selling Machine

amazing selling machine review

Amazing Selling Machine is the most comprehensive Amazon FBA training course out there. It’s been developed by the industry’s leading experts, and with the information shared in the program, you can leverage the power of Amazon, creating a fast-growing and profitable business right from your home’s comfort.

According to a recent survey, the existing members of ASM have been able to create a comfortable source of revenue with the numbers standing at over $8.6 billion.And unlike most of the online courses, ASM regularly updates its course constantly to reflect any changes related to selling on Amazon. Their content also incorporates all the essential information on Amazon selling.ASM features eight modules that focus mainly on how to grow a six figure business on Amazon.

ASM is ideal for a wide range of people. If you haven't even set up a seller central account you will learn it all with ASM. Even if you have taken another course, and want to make sure you have all the latest strategies - ASM is for you.

What makes this course my favourite is that the content is so engaging, it just makes things super interesting while you learn how to be a successful Amazon FBA seller.

What else do you get in Amazing Selling Machine?

  • Latest advertising and product launch strategies (this is key)
  • 8-Week training program 
  • Private group coaching calls
  • Lifetime membership to the ASM forums and community
  • Expert help on product listings
  • A private resource vault
  • Targeted traffic promotions for new products

Amazing Selling Machine gives you everything you need to succeed in your online selling business. 

Note, however, that despite the access to all these resources, you still have to do a lot of work. Access to the essential resources is not everything, and it doesn’t guarantee your success.

So, as you read the content and plow through the provided videos, make use of the action steps as much as possible to gain actionable insights into the selling process.

ASM Pricing

Besides offering the most comprehensive modules succinctly explaining what you need to do and how ASM also makes it to the top of our best Amazon FBA courses because of its pricing structure. Besides the one-off payment of $4,997.00, there’s also a 6-month payment plan that costs $997/monthly. 

This price might be steep, which is why ASM comes with a 100% risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Coaching calls
  • The badge system is quite motivating
  • The lessons are broken down into many sections that are quite manageable
  • The course is updated regularly to ensure that you have all the right/ latest information on Amazon FBA.
  • Access to social media community and forums
  • Autoresponder system for email marketing/ automation
  • Access to great discounts on helpful tools like JungleScout and ManageByStats
  • Interactive forum offering great support and networking opportunities
  • The cost

#2 Best Value Amazon FBA Course: Marketplace Superheroes 2.0

Marketplace Super Heroes Amazon course

Next on our list of the best Amazon FBA courses is Marketplace Superheroes 2.0 (MPSH). MPSH is another comprehensive course that shares comprehensive and up to date information about everything you need to create and run a successful Amazon business.

Developed by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers, MPSH is a dedicated program that teaches you how to build a large online business 5-7-figure Amazon FBA business from scratch. This online course is ideal for anyone, whether you have sold online before, or not.

One of the features that stands out from the MPSH course is that the program provides rock-solid guides through its product selection strategy. This strategy not only guides and shows you which products to sell but also holds your hand as you look for the products. This strategy also makes use of the MPSH software, which helps in filtering your results, leaving you with only the best of product selling opportunities.

On top of the product selection strategy, MPSH also features an international expansion strategy that allows you to build a business that’s ripe for international expansion.

Even with these strategies, you might be wondering whether the program is ideal for you and worth the investment or not. To help you determine this, here’s a look at the features and benefits of MPSH.

What Do You Get With MPSH?

In addition to an information-packed program and bonuses, the MPSH program also boasts a proprietary software application that enhances the MPSH product strategy. This software is based on four elements of product search and selling – Search, Shortlist, Select, and Source. These four elements are on a dashboard, and you can use them with ease. 

Superhero Freight

Recently, MPSH introduced this feature called the Superhero Freight. Essentially, this is a plan that’s been designed to simplify the sourcing and freighting processes, which means that you no longer have to struggle with high freighting costs.

MPSH Pricing 

The course is considerably priced, and it comes with two payment options. You can either pay for the course in a one-off plan going for $997 or in the 12-month monthly plan going for $97/month. 

  • Interesting ways to find untapped products
  • Content is created to match the needs of beginners and experienced Amazon FBA entrepreneurs
  • Exclusive freight forwarding discounts
  • Great online community
  • Focus on international markets
  • Proprietary software enhances product searches
  • Relatively affordable
  • Designed for "lifestyle" business owners 
  • Course is extremely long
  • Not for people who want 7-figure businesses

#3 Best Price Amazon FBA Course: Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Last on our list of the best Amazon FBA courses is the Proven Amazon Course (PAC). This course promises to give you essential nuggets on how to sell on Amazon and most importantly, how to make a living off Amazon FBA. 

Like the other courses reviewed above, this course allows you to learn how to tap into the massive retail market, and you won’t have to struggle with being another startup on the internet.

PAC prides itself on being one of the top courses that employ actual working strategies that are current and up to date.

This course is designed to guide you on important things like online arbitrage, the sale of retail items, as well as private label selling. Thanks to this breakdown of information, this course boasts a high level of flexibility as it guides you on the best path to a successful Amazon selling business.

Developed by Jim Cockrum, this course features a wide array of actionable and well-curated resources including webinars, video tutorials, and even PDFs. Jim Cockrum founded this course back in 2009, and he’s since been helping interested online entrepreneurs from all over the world. 


PAC features two payment structures: the front-end fee structure (one-time) that costs $499 or the instalment plan which costs $549, payable in three instalments of $183 per month (for three months).

  • The Members’ area has more training materials 
  • Bundling Course has more materials on how to sell on the Amazon platform
  • Proven strategies are taught
  • The creating company is BBB-accredited
  • The information taught applies to international sales
  • Active and informative Facebook group
  • Different training formats to match your learning needs
  • Proven business models
  • Affordable
  • Some content is a bit dated
  • The modules are not organized well

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the three FBA courses above, we’ll briefly look at two of the other courses you might consider. 

Despite reviewing three of the best courses for you to learn from, we realize that they might not be the perfect courses for everyone, hence our decision to look at these two courses. So, let’s jump right into it.

1. The Selling Family Amazon Bootcamp v4.0

Developed by Jessica Larrew and her husband, the Selling Family Amazon Bootcamp v4.0 (SFAB) is one of the top FBA courses for anyone who wishes to learn the intricacies of online selling.

Thanks to recent updates, the course is currently running v4.0 of the Bootcamp. One of the most important things you will learn from this course is called retail arbitrage (there’s also a section on online arbitrage). Retail arbitrage is all about learning how to shop retail while still making huge profits on Amazon. 

You will also learn about the sourcing processes, especially when sourcing products from China. This Bootcamp will also open your world to product creation opportunities and strategies you could adopt to make your Amazon FBA venture even more profitable.


This Bootcamp will cost you $347 if you choose to pay for the course at once. But the one-off payment module is not your only option: if your finances are spread thin and you wish to pay in instalments, you’ll get to pay $99 in three instalments. The cost of the course is unchanged, regardless of the payment option you choose, and this is a big win for us.

  • This course boasts snackable and high-quality presentations and tutorials. The course features numerous videos; some with texts, others in PowerPoint-style presentation, and the other videos have images with voice overs done by Jessica. There also are over-the-shoulder tutorials that feature comprehensive coverage of the processes involved in product selection, form filling out, as well as a walk-through of the Amazon site.
  • Comprehensive Amazon FBA coverage; This course leaves no stone unturned, literally. You learn about the FBA process (and what it means) product and supplier selection, expected margins/ ROI, and how to set up your business for success. You also learn the essential accounting elements, as well as tax and legal matters.
  • You are in contact with the course creators; Besides learning from your peers, you get to ask Jessica and her husband the tough questions, and they always answer. The online community is, therefore, quite reliable.
  • Poor Question Management. One caveat to this Bootcamp course is that you cannot ask direct questions about specific modules, and you have to go to the Facebook group or the online forum to pose your questions. This setup means that you could forget to ask an important question in the course of a module.

2. Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja Course

screenshot of amazon fba ninja landing page

Another popular but controversial course is Kevin David's Amazon FBA Course. You probably know him from his popular Youtube channel and mostly likely have seen his ads before.

Kevin David's FBA Ninja Course represents an 8-module comprehensive course that teaches you how to create and grow one of the most successful amazon business through the FBA model. The course involves data-driven strategies and methods to get you ahead of your competition.


  • Step-by-step tips on how to become a successful Amazon FBA Seller
  • Comprehensive modules on product search and selection, finding the right suppliers, and how to source for your products from international markets.
  • PPC strategies to lower advertising costs and increase profit margins
  • You learn how to leverage free traffic to drive traffic and rank products high


Like any other course reviewed above, you should expect to spend money on any of these top-rated courses. Unfortunately, this course by Kevin David is one of the pricier courses, and you have to cough up $997 to access the Amazon Ninja Masterclass. Looking at the high price of this masterclass, we are a little skeptical about the course. 

  • This course is super-affordable
  • The video tutorials are easy to follow 
  • You not only learn how to find the best products, but you also acquire knowledge on how to make your products marketable through smart marketing and advertising strategies. You learn how to keep your expenditure on ads to a minimum
  • You get access to the active private Facebook group which offers more insights, tips, and tricks
  • The content is updated regularly. 
  • This course requires a lot of persistence and grit for you to complete and later earn from it
  • You have to invest money to earn from this course

What is the Amazon FBA Program?

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon, boils down to the ‘You Sell and Amazon Ships’ strategy.

For this system, you get to send your products out to Amazon who will keep the items in their warehouses. So, if a customer places an order for the product, they will collect the item, pack, ship, and then track the shipping order to the customer on your behalf. They will also deal with returns, as well as refunds. 

Of course, Amazon does all these at a price by charging you storage and fulfillment fees. 

Considering Amazon's track record, its remarkable customer services, as well as its perfect fulfillment rates, it makes sense to run your online store with Amazon as your fulfillment partner. In turn, you will get paid after every two weeks after Amazon totals your sales and deducts fees before depositing your profits in your bank account, directly.

Besides the efficiency and the promise of payment after sales, the other advantages of the FBA business includes:

  • Effortless shipping and logistics
  • You enjoy super low shipping rates
  • Easy management of your returns
  • Reliable customer service management system
  • Fast delivery
  • You never have to worry about storage space for products since there is no inventory requirement minimum
  • The Multi-Channel Fulfillment, MCF, allows the sale of products on different channels, and the orders are still fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Sellers get a 30%-50% increase in their sales since the FBA system optimizes conversion rates and boosts sales. 
  • So, even though the FBA system costs money, that you might end up paying more for long-term storage, and the fact that you will have to deal with problems when it comes to tracking inventory, the FBA program seems like the best thing on the internet today.

How Do I Start Amazon FBA?

As Amazon looks at hitting the $1 Trillion revenue mark, you might want to be one of the people who profit from selling on the platform.  But there’s one catch: selling on Amazon is not as easy as it sounds. There are many technical components of the selling process.

For starters, you need to know what to sell, where to source the products from, and how to handle freighting and logistics, among others. With the increased demand for Fulfillment by Amazon, there are courses being made every week, with most of them being trash.

While many people take on the high and tough road that involves learning the Amazon selling process on their own, the time it takes for you to learn the ropes of the game is too long, and often costs more than the time and money you’d use if you asked for help. 

So, if you wish to learn from the best, learn about the mistakes you should avoid and the steps you need to take to succeed in running an Amazon online business, take a look at these three courses.

Why Buy An Amazon FBA Course?

  • You get to research all the competitors on the same market you are interested in, and you also learn how to identify and sell the most profitable and low-competition products. 
  • The courses for Amazon FBA are tailored with tools and strategies that will guide you on how to identify the best products you should sell. 
  • You also learn how to recognize and work with reliable product suppliers.
  • You might get help with the freighting and logistical processes.
  • The courses teach you more about the use of the best SEO practices.
  • Now that you know what you’ll get from signing up for an Amazon FBA course let’s look at some of the courses you might want to invest in.

1. In-Depth knowledge of Amazon FBA (The Basics of FBA)

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon refers to the profitable paid service that’s offered by Amazon to interested third-party sellers interested in streamlining their product sales process with Amazon. An interested seller finds the best products and sources then, and then Amazon does the rest of the work – storage in an Amazon warehouse, shipping, delivery, returns, refunds, and customer services management.

Therefore, by allowing Amazon to fulfill your customers’ orders, the operational efficiency of your business increases as you save time and earn from the prospects.

But for the third-party seller bit of things to turn profitable, you need to have the knowledge and tools necessary to push you ahead of your competition, especially now that more people are looking at Amazon businesses running on the FBA model as the best money-maker. 

Online courses are great at pushing you ahead of the competition since they lay out the basics of the business, as well as what you need to do to run a profitable venture.


Choosing to sell on Amazon could be one of the best decision you ever make. But before you reap the benefits, you first need to learn how to sell. The courses reviewed in this article offer most of the information you require to tap into and earn from the rapidly growing Amazon traffic.

While the prices vary significantly, the courses offer something unique for everyone. While these courses will help you start your own business, they are not get rich quick schemes and starting your own store will be hard work.

So if your not ready to work hard and learn, I would save your money and keep working your day job. However, if your eager to start to start a side hustle, selling on Amazon can be one of the best ways to earn money online.

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