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WallySmarter - Is it the Best Walmart Seller Tool?

by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: November 6, 2023
WallySmarter - Is it the Best Walmart Seller Tool?

WallySmarter has been developed for Walmart 3rd Party sellers and is set to punch above its weight. In this post, we find out how does WallySmarter work and if WallySmarter can help Walmart sellers make more money on

What I Liked...
Easy to Use
Specific tool for Walmart sellers using data from products and listings
Competitively priced
An algorithm that gives you best sellers rank to find winning products to sell
What I Didn't Like...
Newly released software with limited user feedback or testimonials - Got to start somewhere!
Currently, private members-only Facebook group is only small but growing.
Software is limited to product and keyword research.


In my recent Helium 10 article,  I promised to do a review on the new Walmart marketplace tools. It's taken a little longer than expected because I've been waiting for the release of WallySmarter. A brand-new Walmart seller software tool that was released on 30th May 2022.

Although WallySmarter is the new kid on the block, it's already turning heads, so I think it's worth giving it some airtime. In this review, you will find out:

What is WallySmarter?
How does WallySmarter work?
How can WallySmarter help 3rd party sellers make money on
What Walmart seller tools are included in WallySmarter?
What is the cost of WallySmarter?
How does WallySmarter compare to Helium 10?
Final Comments

What is WallySmarter? is targeted at Walmart sellers who want more transparency to compete successfully and grow their business on the Walmart marketplace.

The developers of the software claim that WallySmarter is the No.1 Walmart Software for sellers.

'All-In-One Platform Makes it Easy For You To Make Money on' - WallySmarter

We talked to one of the founders of WallySmarter, Lewis Civin, and he explained that WallySmarter doesn't just give you a bunch of data. WallySmarter is the only Walmart software tool to use a complex algorithm to reverse engineer the Walmart keyword data to help sellers identify hot selling products.

WallySmarter comes to us after 3 years of software development. It is the first all-in-one software suite specifically designed for Walmart sellers and includes:

Walmart Sales Estimator
Walmart Product Database
Walmart Keyword Tool
API For Walmart sellers
wallysmarter free trial

How does WallySmarter work?

The WallySmarter team has built an integrated set of tools that can query over 200 million Walmart products using a database of over 20 million Walmart seller keywords.

For those interested, when we pull back the curtain, we uncover a powerful workhorse. The software works by running MILLIONS of searches to poke at the database. Using the results that come back from these search queries, the proprietary WallySmarter algorithm calculates which of the keywords are high ranking AND which of the 150 million products are best sellers.

How can WallySmarter help 3rd party sellers make money on

walmart net sales

Image from Walmart Corporate – Media release FY22 Q4

Walmart's eCommerce sales continue to grow. In particular, their third-party fulfillment arm grew by 170% gross merchandise volume in 2021 and 500% in 2020! That's some solid growth and great news for anyone looking to expand into the Walmart marketplace.

If your not currently selling on Walmart and are thinking about it, then read our post "how to start selling on Walmart Marketplace" for a head start.

'Rank easier to Page 1 and make more profit on' – Lewis Civin, Founder of

Like Amazon FBA, the successful Walmart third-party sellers need accurate data to help them make the best decisions about what to sell and what keywords to use to promote their products. But, unlike Amazon, does not provide a best sellers rank.

Up to now, there hasn't been a complete software solution to support Walmart sellers with their product and keyword research. To solve this problem, WallySmarter has developed a huge database of 150 million products and 20 million Walmart keywords. With WallySmarter, it's a 'simple' case of some reverse engineering of the search results, and voila, you're hit with a list of Walmart's top-selling items and hottest products.

So, using WallySmarter is like panning for gold. Urm. Actually, NO, scratch that. WallySmarter is like using a metal detector to locate a potential gold mine.

What tools are included in WallySmarter

WallySmarter is a suite of nine tools to help Walmart sellers find niches or products to sell, target high-ranking Walmart keywords, and keep an eye on the competition. In this next section, I'll break down each tool and how it can help you make more money on

In 2023 WallySmarter was acquired by Carbon6 who have continued to roll out new tools. Our latest WallySmarter Review article will address these new additions.

wallysmarter logo
wallysmarter tools

1. Walmart Chrome Extension

The google chrome extension is an easy-to-use, nifty tool that uses real-time Walmart data to validate your product ideas and gives you sales estimates. In one click, the extension populates based on the product page or search results page you're browsing, giving you sales estimates.

The WallySmarter Chrome Extension is so good that we have a whole separate in-depth post showing you how you can find top-selling Walmart items, profitable niches, keyword research and so much more.

I also like that the developers have included analytics that tells you if the same product is selling on Amazon.

2. Related Keywords

walmart keyword research tool

If you want to do Ads or PPC campaigns, then you'll need a high Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) in order to make money. The best way to improve ROAS is to target high-ranking keywords for your products.

The Related Keyword tool does just that. It's a specific Walmart keyword research tool and will provide you with a complete list of the keywords that are in high demand. The tool also identifies keywords that have less competition, so you can be more visible to your customers.  

The results are all based on hard data that can't be disputed and will set your ad campaigns apart from the sellers who are trying to guess what customers are thinking.

3. Reverse Ranking

You've heard the saying 'if you can't beat them, join them'. The Reverse Ranking tool is based on that idiom.

wallysmarter ranking tool

Find a competitor with a great product that's selling like hot cakes and copy them. It's really that simple when you have the technology to do the hard work. You can literally launch products overnight when you have robust competitor intelligence and the keywords to instantly help rank your products.

4. Product Database

If you don't have a starting point or a product to sell, then you can use Product Database to find a great opportunity. There are over 150 million products in the WallySmarter database, and you can use the filters and searches to help rank them highest to lowest in terms of profitability.

5. Niche Finder

walmart niche finder tool

The Niche Finder helps you discover profitable niches. The basic idea is to target products with decent volume but with a lower number of reviews. These are the spaces where there's still plenty of opportunity and competition is low.

6. Walmart Hot Products Finder

If you want to know what is Walmart's number one selling item, or you want to jump on board early with a trending product, then the Walmart Hot Products Finder is the tool you need. Hot Products finder specifically targets new products with sales that are on a strong upward trajectory.

wallysmarter hot product finder

This isn't a space for rookie sellers, but if you have a well-organized manufacturing and supply chain, then these opportunities can be highly lucrative.

7. Walmart Sales Estimator

The Sales Estimator is useful for estimating a product's monthly sales. The tool calculates this by comparing the actual sales of similar products. All you need is a Walmart product ID or Walmart URL, and the tool will provide a monthly sales estimate.

wallysmarter sales estimator

8. Walmart Wholesale

The Walmart Wholesale tool makes it easy to upload your supplier's entire product list for a breakdown of useful competitor information, like sale price, units sold, and number of competing sellers.

9. Walmart API

WallySmarter offers this API to Amazon businesses wanting to get better insights into the operations. It's a specialized 'tool' and not available on the Basic or Pro Plan.

wallysmarter free trial

How does WallySmarter compare to Helium 10?

wallysmarter vs helium 10

In a direct head-to-head of WallySmarter Vs Helium 10, both platforms offer solid and reliable keyword research and product research tools. But there are some differences worth considering:

Helium 10 discount
Helium 10 has a vast library of supporting materials in the form of Walmart marketplace blog posts and videos to help you succeed in the Walmart marketplace

Helium 10 Platinum and Diamond Plans come with Freedom Ticket (Amazon Course) included. Many concepts and strategies applicable to Amazon 3rd party selling are also relevant to the Walmart marketplace.

If you're an experienced Amazon seller looking to move into Walmart marketplace, then access to the full Helium 10 suite makes sense. You can run your entire Amazon AND Walmart business using one integrated software suite

wallysmarter logo
WallySmarter is under $50/month (about a quarter of the price of Helium 10). This is great value for money, especially for newer or smaller sellers.

Walmart doesn't provide best sellers rank, but WallySmarter has a proprietary algorithm that reverse engineers the search results and identifies top selling products.

WallySmarter also has a Reverse Ranking tool to help you target relevant keywords to increase PPC ROAS.
wallysmarter logo

What is the cost of WallySmarter?

WallySmarter is available on a monthly or annual subscription. There are two WallySmarter pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan $19.00/month (if paid annually)
  • Professional Plan $99.00/month (if paid annually)

The annual plans offer a hefty discount (around 30%), but you have to commit to the annual Plan and be willing to spend your money upfront.

wallysmarter pricing plans

If you're an existing Walmart seller with a business that needs supercharging, then the annual Plan could be a good choice. Especially if you consider that WallySmarter has a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee.

Basic Plan Vs Professional Plan

Like with most eCommerce software tools, the Basic Plan is a good way to sample the product and test if the functionality, speed, and results live up to your expectations. I'm confident that most Walmart 3rd party sellers will find the Basic Plan too restrictive for long-term use, given the limitations that have been set:

wallysmarter pricing plan inclusions

Compared to other eCommerce tools, the Professional Plan is competitively priced and includes the tools without any restrictions on the number of searches.

wallysmarter free trial

Can you get WallySmarter for Free?

You can get WallySmarter totally for FREE on a 7-day free trial. You can sign up without a credit card and will only be asked for a form of payment if you decide to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.

WallySmarter Review – Final Comments

If I want to be critical, then my main concern is that the software is new, and there is very little out there to validate the product in the way of user testimonials. But, the 30-day money-back guarantee should give any new users enough confidence to sign up and use the refund guarantee as a 30-day trial period.

In this article, we've reviewed WallySmarter. Is WallySmarter the best Walmart software? Time will tell. In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed the content and found the information useful to help you decide if WallySmarter is the right set of tools for you. Good luck with growing and making a success of your Walmart business.

wallysmarter logo

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Can I cancel my WallySmarter subscription?

Monthly plans can be canceled anytime and will not renew at the next billing cycle. Annual plans can only be canceled and refunded within the first 30 days.

Can you do retail arbitrage on Walmart like you can on Amazon?

Online arbitrage is a simple concept of buying products online and reselling them on a different marketplace or store.

For example, I buy a product on an Amazon Black Friday sale and resell that discounted product a week or three later for a significantly higher price on Walmart.

It sounds easy, but finding the right products to resell requires a lot of research (or a lot of luck). According to our inside man at WallySmarter, we hear that they will soon be releasing  Walmart Amazon arbitrage software to exploit lucrative reselling opportunities between these two giant marketplaces. So, watch this space!

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