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WallySmarter Pricing Plans – Features and Free Trial

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: November 9, 2023
WallySmarter Pricing Plans – Features and Free Trial

In this article we look at the WallySmarter pricing plans, the inclusions and pros & cons. This article details:

What is WallySmarter?
The different WallySmarter pricing plans.
The pros and cons of each plan.
How to choose the plan that’s right for your business.
How to save money on a WallySmarter subscription.

WallySmarter: A Suite of Walmart Seller Tools

What is WallySmarter? WallySmarter is set of tools to help Walmart 3rd party sellers beat the competition. The suite of tools can help with:

Finding best-selling Walmart products
Targeting profitable products
Walmart keyword analytics
Optimizing listings
Tracking products
Alerting to issues
And more!

If you want to sell online as a Walmart 3rd party seller, then this is the tool that uses a groundbreaking algorithm and has THE most accurate data.

walmart reseller statistics and numbers

Carbon6 has recently acquired WallySmarter, and they claim that WallySmarter is unbeatable and has the most comprehensive and accurate data and insights for selling on

Want to understand what does WallySmarter do and what is WallySmarter used for? Then read my WallySmarter review article.

Why Use WallySmarter?

Is WallySmarter good for selling on Walmart? The simple answer is yes! To understand if WallySmarter is going to be worth it for you, then you need to answer these questions:

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Do you want to sell on
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Do you need to find profitable, best selling Walmart products?
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Do you want access to a Walmart sales estimator to estimate your future sales?
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Do you have fierce competitors that you need to beat?

If these are the type of problems you’re facing, then WallySmarter offers the tools to solve these issues.

wallysmarter free trial

WallySmarter Pricing – How Much is WallySmarter Per Month?

There are 2 WallySmarter pricing plans.

  • Basic Plan at $19/month or $13/month when billed annually.
  • Professional Plan at $99/month or $66/month when billed annually.
wallysmarter pricing plans
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WallySmarter Starter Plan

WallySmarter Starter Plan is it worth it?

The first of the WallySmarter plans is the Basic Plan at $19 per month.

The WallySmarter Basic Plan is great for getting started. If you’re new to selling on then this is the plan that will get you up and running.

The important WallySmarter features included in the Basic Plan are:

WallySmarter Basic Plan Inclusions

Limited to 10 Searches Per Day Using:
Product Database
Niche Finder
Reverse Ranking
Related Keywords
Rank Tracker
Walmart Sales Estimator
Walmart/Amazon Arbitrage
wallysmarter free trial

The features that are missing from the WallySmarter Basic Plan are:

  • Walmart Chrome Extension
  • Listing Creator
  • Wholesale Helper

Main Pros of WallySmarter Basic Plan

Excellent Value: Reliable product and keyword research for just $19/month is almost too good to be true. The quality of the data is not comparable to any other tool currently available. Couple that with the ease of use and quick results, I just don’t think you could ask for better value.  

Arbitrage Tool Included: For anyone with zero eCommerce experience, arbitrage is a good entry-level business model. Learn more about the Amazon/Walmart arbitrage tool in Jess' blog post.

All the Inclusions for a Beginner Walmart Seller: Even though there are restrictions to the number of search queries per day, the inclusions are sufficient for someone just starting out.

wallysmarter walmart niche finder tool presets

Main Cons of WallySmarter Basic Plan

Zero Access to the Walmart Chrome Extension: The Walmart Chrome Extension is an excellent tool for finding top-selling products on Walmart. It’s the WallySmarter flagship tool and Carbon6 has chosen to limit access to their Professional Plan users.

It’s a letdown they haven’t included a restricted or sample version of this feature in the Basic Plan. But, having tested the software I can see that a beginner user can still do effective product research using the Product Database and Reverse Ranking tools without the need for the Walmart Chrome Extension.

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WallySmarter Professional Plan

WallySmarter Professional Plan is it worth it?

The top tier plan is the Professional Plan which is $99 per month. This is the fully loaded plan with no restrictions.

WallySmarter Professional Plan Features

WallySmarter Professional Plan Inclusions

Product Database
Niche Finder
Reverse Ranking
Related Keywords
Rank Tracker
Walmart Sales Estimator
Walmart/Amazon Arbitrage
Walmart Chrome Extension
Listing Creator
Wholesale Helper
LIMITED Access (10 SKUs)
Walmart Alerts
Walmart Repricer

Main Pros of WallySmarter Professional Plan

Good Value: For $99 per month, ALL the WallySmarter features have been included. This gives you the power to search for products and keywords and to automate the ongoing management of a large number of products.

Walmart Chrome Extension: This tool is easy to use and gives excellent data for product and keyword research. It’s a great way to find top selling Walmart products, validate your ideas and see what your competitors are doing.

steps to become marketplace seller walmartLearn More About WallySmarter 

Main Cons of WallySmarter Professional Plan

Walmart Alerts and Repricer Restrictions: These two tools are useful in automating your ongoing management of your products.

If you have a small product catalogue then the restrictions won’t affect you, but if you have a large product list (more than 10 SKUs) then this will be restrictive.

If you need to track more SKUs then this is a bolt-on feature. Continue reading below.

WallySmarter Additional Features

In addition to the features within the Basic and Professional plans, WallySmarter offers advanced features that can be purchased as bolt-ons:

Walmart Alerts

Walmart Repricer

Walmart API

The pricing depends on usage. For example, if you need to setup alerts for more than 10 SKUs, then you pay $1.35 per SKU per month. So for example. To track 15 SKUs you get 10 free SKUs and pay for 5 SKUs. So, the additional cost is $1.35 x 5 = $6.75.

All bolt-on pricing can be found in the WallySmarter portal.

wallysmarter free trial

How to Get a WallySmarter Discount

There are a few ways to get a good deal on WallySmarter.

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1. WallySmarter FREE Trial

WallySmarter is available as a 7 day free trial with no credit card required.  

It’s easy to sign up.

  • Go to the WallySmarter website
  • Click on ‘Get Started For Free’ or ‘Sign up For Free’
  • Fill in your email address and a password to create your account.
  • An email will be sent to verify your email address. Remember to check your spam folder.
  • Confirm your email and login to your WallySmarter
  • You can start using the tools right away!

NOTE: After the 7-day trial is finished your access will be restricted. If you want to continue using the tools, then you need to go to ‘Account Settings’ and enter your billing details.

wallysmarter portal
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2. Pay for an Annual Subscription

The best way to get even bigger discounts is to pay for an annual membership upfront.

WallySmarter Pricing Plans

Billed Monthly

Billed Annually

WallySmarter Basic Plan
$13* /month 

(SAVE $72 /year)
WallySmarter Proffesional Plan
$66* /month

(SAVE $396 /year)
*Equivalent Monthly Cost
Try WallySmarter Todaywallysmarter pricing annual

If you opt to pay annually, the discounts are significant:

The Basic Plan works out at only $152 for the whole year. A great deal for a product and keyword research tool.

Get 4 months free on the Professional Plan if pay annually!

Pro Tip: Only pay annually if you are confident that the product is going to give ongoing value for the next 12 months. However tempting it might be to grab a discount, it’s only good value if you need it!

WallySmarter Pricing Plans: What’s the Best Deal?

wallysmarter plan options

The two WallySmarter plans offer different tools and access levels.

If you’re a new Walmart seller or have only a couple of products, then the Basic Plan is a great option. You can try it for free and cancel anytime (no contracts).

If the Basic Plan is too limiting and you’re a Walmart seller with more products, then the Professional Plan is a better choice.

Wrap Up

In this article, we've reviewed the WallySmarter prices and plans including features and pros & cons. Now it’s easy for you to decide which WallySmarter plan is best for your Walmart business!

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Does WallySmarter Offer A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

Carbon6 offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on the WallySmarter software.

How Can I Try WallySmarter Free for Longer Than 7 Days?

Occasionally we see WallySmarter Free 14-day trial offers, but right now we’re only aware of the 7-day trial. Technically you can extend the trial by making use of the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

How Do I Upgrade Starter WallySmarter to WallySmarter Pro?

If you want to upgrade your WallySmarter account, it’s simple. WallySmarter offers a monthly subscription model so you can change your subscription at any time.

The same applies if you want to downgrade your WallySmarter account. Moving back to the basic plan is also possible.

Can Anyone Sell on Walmart?

Anyone meeting the Walmart requirements can start selling on Walmart. A good first step is to read our ‘How To Start Selling On Walmart’ guide.

Typically, Walmart third-party sellers need to be experienced eCommerce sellers. However, times are changing. Walmart is focussing on growing its online business and their rules are more open to accepting new eCommerce sellers.

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