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WallySmarter Chrome Extension – How to Find Walmart Top Selling Items

by Jessica Clark | Last Updated: April 27, 2023
WallySmarter Chrome Extension – How to Find Walmart Top Selling Items

Walmart Product Research Intro

Walmart is continuing to focus on growing online sales through the Walmart marketplace. Any serious Walmart marketplace seller should consider this great news that lays a path to further opportunities to make money online.

In this article, we'll look at how to find Walmart top selling items using the WallySmarter Chrome Extension to do Walmart product research. We will cover the following:

  • What is WallySmarter
  • How to get the WallySmarter Chrome extension
  • How to use the WallySmarter Walmart product research tool
  • How to find Walmart best selling items

If you haven't previously sold on Walmart and want to get the inside track, read our 'How to sell on Walmart' post.

What is WallySmarter

wallysmarter tools

WallySmarter is software specifically developed to support Walmart third-party sellers to do Walmart product research. The tool queries the Walmart database to help with the following:

  • find profitable niches,
  • product research to find Walmart best sellers
  • keyword research that targets customers' searches
  • product optimization using competitor data
  • estimate potential sales
  • and more……

Learn more about WallySmarter in our review article.

What is the WallySmarter Chrome Extension

WallySmarter considers the Chrome Extension their flagship tool for doing Walmart product research.

The WallySmarter Chrome Extension helps you to do intelligent product research and Walmart keyword research using data derived directly from Walmart.

what the wallysmarter chrome extension does

The product research tool takes away the guesswork, and in a few quick clicks, you can dig into the data and quickly decide if a product is worth selling and if it has the potential to make you money. 

How to use the WallySmarter Chrome Extension

As you browse, you can activate the WallySmarter Chrome Extension to gather your product data. For a given product or keyword search, the WallySmarter extension will tell you:

Search volume
Average monthly revenue
Average monthly units sold
Average unit price
Average reviews
how to find walmart best selling items

You can quickly identify top sellers and find the Walmart best selling items. If a product looks viable, the Chrome Extension also helps you to do Walmart keyword research, and it will even link you through to suppliers (listed on Alibaba) of the exact product.

how to find suppliers for top products selling on walmart

If you like what you've been searching for and want to reference the data in the future, you can even download the results as a CSV file.

wallysmarter chrome extension features

Products selling on Walmart vs Amazon

The WallySmarter Chrome Extension has a neat feature to show if a product is listed on the Walmart marketplace and Amazon. The data shows up inside the Chrome Extension dashboard and can give important insights into what and how to sell on the Walmart marketplace.

I'm oversimplifying because product research can take time and maybe a bit of imagination, but I guess you get the idea. If a product has a high volume (100s or even 1000s) of Amazon sales, it strongly indicates buyer interest. The sweet spot is where you find demand but low-seller competition.

There are also marketplace sellers who take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Read our article that covers Walmart Amazon Arbitrage, or Watch this video:

How to get the WallySmarter Chrome Extension

wallysmarter chrome extension download

WallySmarter is a monthly or annual subscription software. But you can try WallySmarter for FREE on a 7-day trial.

wallysmarter discount coupon

Once you've created your free account, you can download the Chrome Extension and start your Walmart product research!

wallysmarter chrome extension installed

How to use the WallySmarter Chrome Extension

The WallySmarter Walmart product research tool is activated from your Google Chrome browser.

Here are the steps to launching the Chrome extension:

Search in the Walmart browser for a product of interest
Click on the Chrome extension tool and select the WallySmater Extension
how to open the wallysmarter chrome extension
You'll be asked to sign in with the free account you created earlier.
The Chrome extension will now get to work, and a new window will open showing the WallySmarter data. The data gives access to product and seller insights to help you make important decisions about your own products.

How much does WallySmarter Cost?

If you like the software, then there are two paid plans:

  • Basic Plan $28.50/month
  • Professional Plan $48.50/month

If you are confident that WallySmarter can help your eCommerce business grow and help you make more money, consider paying for an annual plan to benefit from significant subscription discounts.

wallysmarter pricing plans

Final Thoughts:

Using the WallySmarter Chrome extension is a nifty way to do Walmart product research and leap ahead of your competition. With just a few quick mouse clicks, you can:

  • Find viable products
  • Find suppliers of those products
  • Gather data to compete against other Walmart sellers
  • Target Walmart keywords to get your products ranked and listings seen by customers

In this post, we've covered how to get the WallySmarter Chrome Extension for free and how it can help you with selling on Walmart. We've also covered how to do Walmart product research and how to find the top selling items in Walmart!


Does Walmart sell fake products?

Unlike other marketplaces, Walmart takes quality very seriously and is also VERY serious about protecting its brand identity. They encourage complaints against counterfeiting and infringement of IP. The company will remove the products of Walmart 3rd party sellers who sell fake products.

Does Walmart sell Amazon gift card

No. Walmart and Amazon are two separate and competing marketplaces. You can buy Amazon gift cards directly from Amazon.

Is WallySmarter suitable for a Walmart Canada seller?

It doesn't matter which Walmart marketplace you're using to sell. The WallySmarter tool still functions to provide you data-driven by Walmart. You can use the data just the same to decide what to sell, what keywords to use, and how to compete against other Walmart sellers.

Is there a Walmart seller app?

Yes, there is! Look or search for Walmart Marketplace on your device's app store.

What is a Walmart Pro Seller?

A Walmart Pro Seller Badge is a status allocated to the best Walmart Marketplace sellers

Eligibility for the Pro Seller Badge is assessed on a number of criteria:

  • Seller-accountable On-Time Delivery: ≥ 90% in the last 90 days
  • Seller-accountable Cancellations: ≤ 2% in the last 90 days
  • Listing Quality Score: 70% of a seller's trending catalog must be ≥ 60%
  • Orders: more than 100 in the last 90 days
  • No Trust & Safety or Performance Standards violations
  • Seller is active for at least 90 days
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