Amazing Selling Machine vs Proven Amazon Course: Which One is Best?

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‘We’re going to give you a high-traffic platform to sell from. We’ll also throw in a warehouse for product storage, we’ll package those goods, and when a customer wants to buy your product, we’ll package, ship to them, and handle any and all customer complaints, refunds, and returns.

All we expect from you is that you find and source the products you wish to sell.’ “Sounds good?” Excellent!

Well, in our minds, this is exactly what Amazon had in mind. The interesting bit is that they totally nailed it. An idea as simple as allowing third-party sellers to create product listings on the Amazon platform is now a billion-dollar revenue earner that’s driven Amazon sales off the roof.

Today, Amazon holds the biggest eCommerce market share ahead of eBay, Etsy, and Apple, and from the looks of things, this eCommerce giant is not about to hit on those brakes.

In a bid to expand its reach (and income streams), Amazon’s opened its marketplace to sellers from different parts of the world. At the same time, customer loyalty is on the incline, and Amazon is banking on this.

So, if you are interested in selling a certain product (s) because you believe that you can meet a specific overlooked or undermined market gap, all you have to do is source the products from the manufacturer or make it and your shipping orders will be fulfilled by Amazon.

This is Amazon FBA in a nutshell. It’s also worth noting that the Amazon FBA system is not just about creating a platform for third-party sellers to sell from. The Amazon FBA system has discovered the flaws and constraints that have, for the longest time, held eCommerce entrepreneurs back – product deliveries and the management of orders, as well as customer management.

These are tough spots for most eCommerce entrepreneurs, and Amazon FBA is filling this gap.

But there’s a catch: the process of selling on the Amazon platform is not very easy since there are rules that you must abide by and you also need to work on your Amazon account to ensure that it doesn’t get suspended or banned.

So, even as the idea of selling on Amazon excites you, we have to be honest and admit that we all need a guiding hand to navigate the Amazon FBA system effortlessly. To meet these needs and bridge the informational gaps in launching a successful Amazon FBA business. These days there are numerous Amazon FBA courses you could sign up for, but there are only a few that are actually worth it.

Today, we look at two of these worthwhile courses, Amazing Selling Machine, and Proven Amazon Course. 

Amazing Selling Machine and the Proven Amazon Course are reputable Amazon FBA courses created by also reputable digital and eCommerce gurus. These courses do, however, bear some subtle differences with the biggest difference between the two is the cost. 

So, how do these two courses compare?

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Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)

Amazing Selling Machine review

ASM represents one of the most comprehensive online training programs that’s been developed by industry experts to give you the power you need to leverage all that Amazon has to offer. This course promises to help you grow a profitable business that is fast growing, as long as you are willing to put in the work. And at its price tag, you must be willing and ready to put in the work.

Created by Matt Clark and partner, Jason Katzenback, this course promises great value for money.

Besides the detailed coursework, the creators of ASM are regularly updating this course to ensure that you get everything you need, and is relevant today. You don’t pay for the content upgrades. The recently upgraded version of the course is ASM 11, and it offers everything you need to get started on the right track.

What do you get from ASM Course?

The creators of this course understand that when it comes to Amazon FBA, your success not only depends on the products you choose to sell, it lies in understanding what makes that product a potential big seller – it’s more than settling for cheap products. You must tap into your niche and know their exact needs.

And even after product research, you also need to find the best (most reputable) suppliers of the product, while learning the best and most ethical sourcing approaches to employ. 

When buying in wholesale, you must also understand the freighting processes, as well as the marketability of the products and whether you need to bundle those products or not. At the end of the day, succeeding in the Amazon FBA business comes down to selecting and listing products that you can resell successfully. ASM will help you through all these steps.

Amazing Selling Machine 11 – Course Contents

Amazing Selling Machine X Dashboard

The latest version of this course, Amazing Selling Machine’s 11th edition, is bigger and better than the previous versions as it’s been revamped and redesigned with new features intended to drive up your sales. 

The course boasts more than 120 lessons. These lessons have been designed to help you launch and profit from selling on Amazon while sitting at home comfortably. 

Amazing Selling Machine Training Platform

This platform comes with an ASM Dashboard which has all the ingredients you need to run a successful online business. 

  • There is a keyword research tool that will boost your product search strategy
  • A brand launch page with all the tools you need to grow sales
  • Email automation tools are also available in the Manage by Stats Toolset.

The Course Contents

  • Comprehensive 8-week training
  • Mentorship and access to training mentorship material
  • Private group coaching calls
  • Expert-guided product listings
  • Lifetime membership access to the ASM online communities and forums
  • Targeted promotions (traffic)

Note that this intense 8-week training course will teach you the theoretical aspects of selling via Amazon FBA, and you not only have to dig deep but also work super hard on your dreams to achieve success – sell your first product on Amazon.

Overview of the course modules

This course entails 8 learning modules broken down into a number of video lessons (hence the 200+ lessons). They include:

  • The Welcome module which introduces you to the course. And of course, there is a lot to be learned from this course, hence the 20-lesson introduction.
  • Building a product opportunity list – this module digs deeper into Amazon FBA as you learn about product research, competition analysis, good and bad product ideas, and tips for selecting the most profitable products.
  • Suppliers, Product Samples, and Profitability – module 2 is where things get more serious as you learn about supplier selection, approaching the suppliers, and doing the math. In other words, you get to calculate all the real costs of the business here.
  • Ordering Inventory & Brand Creation – This is module 3, and in 16 lessons, you learn about the product inventory sourcing processes, as well as the steps you should take to build a profitable brand.
  • Building Brand Assets – This is where you need to really get your sh*t together! Why? Well, you cannot sit around and expect Amazon to market and sell your listed products for you. So, in addition to creating and running your social media pages, you will also learn how to build email lists, and you’ll definitely need a blog.
  • Creating the perfect product page – this is also focused on boosting your sales.
  • Product Launch – this module offers great content on growing your brand organically, as you market and sell your products on Amazon.
  • Advanced Marketing and Traffic-driving tips
  • Next Level – this module guides you on what to do after you’ve launched your first product and are finally ready to spread your wings.
  • Bonus module – the last module offers nuggets about boosting your Amazon FBA business.

ASM Price

For all the content above, you need $4997. You can make this payment once, or you could opt for the 6-month installment payment structure for $997/month.

But is this course worth this high price tag? Well, looking at all you get from the course, and the fact that you also access free coaching from the founders of the course, it’s worth the high price tag.

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Proven Amazon Course

screenshot of proven amazon course

One of the biggest ASM competitors is Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course (PAC). One of the biggest differences between these courses, as we alluded to previously is their prices. While ASM goes for $4997 or $997/month for six months, PAC costs a fraction of ASM at $499 or $183/month for three monthly installments.

Developed by a very reputable online/ digital marketing expert, Jim Cockrum, the PAC course offers a lot, and it would be an excellent fit for you, especially if you are working with a tight budget. Though the course doesn’t offer any free private coaching sessions, it’s a comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know about selling on Amazon and Amazon FBA.

Beyond the pricing (and coaching), PAC boasts all the bells and whistles you’d look for in an Amazon FBA course. 

Inside Proven Amazon Course

This course has several modules which will offer all the knowledge you need to get started with the Amazon FBA business. The modules include:

  • Start Here
  • Next steps 
  • Private label
  • Multiple sourcing strategies
  • Merch
  • Proven Performance Inventory
  • International FBA
  • Build your team
  • Proven Audience Formula
  • Taxes, legal, and Accounting
  • Live events

There also are sections that cover creative partnerships, support, and you can also access the archived content.

The multiple sourcing strategies is the most comprehensive section of this course. It offers comprehensive guides on sourcing for different product categories, as well as online and retail arbitrage sourcing. 

Under the online/ retail arbitrage sourcing, for example, you will learn about basic retail arbitrage, advanced arbitrage, how to find the best products and product bundles to sell, Amazon’s BOLO guide, product sourcing, business expansion, as well as business automation.

The sourcing module also covers wholesale sourcing (from China or any other country), as well as sourcing strategies for private label and promotional company sourcing. You also get to learn about product sourcing on a budget.

Under the Proven Performance Inventory category, Jim Cockrum will teach you the best Amazon keyword research tricks and strategies.

Regarding promotional companies, sourcing, and the launch of private label products, Jim Cockrum introduces the concept of promotional companies and, the expectations, as well as costs. 

In a nutshell, this course offers insights into everything you need to know about selling the best products on Amazon, whether they are low or high-priced, as you build a brand.

Like Amazing Selling Machine, Proven Amazon Course also features an active online community of likeminded individuals. The PAC communities are available online (traditional setup) and on Facebook. The good news is that Jim Cockrum is quite active in these groups, and he will always answer your questions.

While this course offers a comprehensive guide into selling on Amazon FBA, it’s worth noting that the structure of the course, though essential, is very wide and you may have to spend a lot more time studying the course.

The layout could definitely be better. Also, there’s the fact that some of the content on the site is outdated, and there is no mentorship program or an exclusive private community. 

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Proven Amazon Course vs Amazing Selling Machine Conclusion 

So, which of these two courses should you sign up for?

Well, the course you settle for depends on different things, but on top of that list is your budget. While the Amazing Selling Machine is a behemoth of information about Amazon FBA and it honestly offers everything you would need to kick off their online selling business on Amazon, it’s exorbitantly priced.

Even the monthly payment option is steep for most people. Even so, the private coaching, information updates, active community, and basically the course’s structure make this course a worthy investment for any serious investor.

On the other hand, we have Proven Amazon Course which is ideal for anyone working with a tight budget but looking for a legit Amazon FBA training program. It might not have everything ASM offers, but PAC delivers great value, and we also consider it a great investment.

Regardless of the course, you settle for, keep in mind that Amazon is a huge platform, and if you are creative enough, you could be the next 7-figure online entrepreneur working from home.

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