My Top 5 Authority Hacker Podcast Episodes

April 8, 2020

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I remember about 5 years ago I hated always listening to the same thing on the radio and I found myself listening to talk radio.

It wasn’t very interesting, but it was just a nice break from hearing music all the time.

Then I discovered the Joe Rogan Podcast, and now I barely listen to the radio anymore.

It was around that time that I heard about the Keto diet, and I fell into the work of online marketing.

To me, Podcasts were a way to be entertained but also to get good information. One of my favourite Podcasts these days is the Authority Hacker Podcast. I didn’t actually start listening to the podcast, until after I took their excellent Authority Site System course.

The Authority Hacker podcast both entertaining, and it has given me a great deal of insight on what is going on in the affiliate marketing world. It also helped remind me of little tips that they teach in their course.

So today I am going to do a roundup on my all-time favourite Authority Hacker podcast episodes that anyone in affiliate marketing needs to listen to. 

#1 - How Much Does It REALLY Cost To Build A Successful Website? #153

One of the most common questions people have when it comes to affiliate marketing is how much will it actually cost to build a successful site?

In this Podcast Gael and Mark go quite in-depth on some realistic projections on how much money it can cost to start a website based on how much you can invest.

This covers the range of people who have very little money to invest, to more professional investors who have a lot of working capital they can operate with.

My biggest takeaway from this episode is that just about anyone can start building a website if they are willing to put the time and effort into it.

This episode is definitely a must listen-to for anyone that is starting or thinking of starting a niche affiliate website.


#2 - 7 Tips To Write Better Affiliate Reviews #145

One of the biggest mistakes I made when launching my first affiliate sites was writing pretty shitty affiliate reviews.

In fact, if you look at most typical Amazon affiliate sites – you will see most of it is outsourced garbage that is just ranking well due to the authority of the domain.

In this podcast, Gael and Mark go over 7 really powerful tips to not only make a review convert better, but actually giving VALUE to the customer reading the review so that they get something out of it as well.

This is something that is taught in their course, but it can easily be forgotten – especially if you are outsourcing your reviews to other people. I have listened to this podcast several times, because it really expands on WHY you should be writing reviews and how it will affect your bottom line.

This episode is jammed packed with useful tips and one that just about any affiliate marketer needs to listen to.

#3 - How You Can Boost Your Website’s Value In 2020 #188

In terms of pure entertainment, this is by far the best Authority Hacker podcast. In this episode, Gael interviews Greg Elfrink from Empire Flippers and they jam pack a full hour of jokes and awesome stories about website flipping.

Greg gives practical tips you can do today to start making your site more valuable and easier to sell when it comes time. He really gets into the mindset of different buyers and what they are looking for, so you know what you can expect when it comes time to sell.

After listening to this episode, it really gave me the courage to sell one of my stagnated website for $5k.

If you want to know the true value of building affiliate websites in 2020, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast and see just how profitable it can be.

#4 - 7 Successful Authority Sites You Can Model After #136

The way Authority Hacker’s builds affiliate sites is by making them “Authority Sites”. This is a lot different that making just a normal affiliate site.

For one thing, Authority Sites can take longer to build and are more expensive to make due to the quality of the site you are making. But in the long run, they can be much more sustainable to maintain as they are powerful websites in the eyes of Google but also in the eyes of people.

Also, once your site is an “Authority Site” – it is MUCH easier to rank for terms that are in your niche. That means that once you reach a certain point, you don’t need to build as many links to your site as it has enough authority to rank posts on it’s own.

Very powerful stuff.

In this episode, Gael and Mark break down 7 different authority sites and they tell you how they started out, and what they did to become 6 to 7 figure authority sites today:

  • The Points Guy
  • Fit Small Business
  • PC Part Picker
  • Safewise
  • Selfhacked
  • Roasty Coffee
  • Runnerclick


The big takeaway from this episode is that it while it is not easy to become an authority site, there is definitely a replicable process you can do on your own site to become one in your niche.

#5 - How We Get Free DR90+ Links From Large Publications #170

One of the biggest takeaways I got from the Authority Hacker Pro course is how to get powerful editorial links from major publications.

Now this is not something that a lot of niche sites will do, just because it is time consuming for one person to do.

But if you have a team, or a budget it is something that you can definitely add to your linkbuilding repertoire.

In this episode Gael and Mark go over how they were able to get links from huge sites like American Express and how you can start as well. 


Authority Hacker has one of the best internet marketing podcasts right now that is filled with valuable information. These are just some of my favourite, but I could of easily made the list go much longer.

Even if you haven’t taken their course, they release a ton of information that could easily be in a course on its own. So it’s always interesting to hear what they have to say if you are thinking about building an affiliate site or are already in the affiliate marketing space.

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