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What is ClickFunnels Project Next Thrive Edition?

by Matthew Carter | Last Updated: March 1, 2024
What is ClickFunnels Project Next Thrive Edition?

What Is Project NEXT?

Project NEXT Thrive Edition is a course/event/coaching program that elite entrepreneurs and business coaches Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have created. The primary aim is to teach intending and existing online business owners how to launch AND scale a digital product or business to achieve high-yield success.

Brought to you by ClickFunnels, Project NEXT aims to build a new generation of entrepreneurs willing to take the bull by the horns and take control of their lives. The Thrive Edition is not the first PROJECT NEXT program run by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. But what’s different this time is that the Thrive Edition is targeted at people recovering from the COVID pandemic.

“By the end of the program, you will not only feel motivated, but you will also know exactly what to do." - Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins

Project NEXT Thrive Edition is dedicated to the course content, e-learning and self-teaching industry. Based on the premise that everyone knows something another person wants to know. It is designed to hold people by the hand and walk them through the process of launching and scaling their digital businesses. 


Who Are Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi?

This is probably the most important question anyone considering paying for Project Next can ask. If someone offers to teach you something for a fee, at least you should know if they are at all qualified.

So, here's brief information on Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. Of course, if you are familiar with ClickFunnels, you know who Russell Brunson is. Otherwise, you can read about ClickFunnels here and learn all about one of Clickfunels creators Russell Brunson here.

Anthony Jay Robbins

Anthony Robbins Clickfunnels

Anthony Robbins often referred to simply as Tony Robbins, is an American author, executive coach, philanthropist, and speaker known mainly for his seminars, self-help books, and infomercials.

Tony Robbins had a rough childhood and left home at the age of 17, never to return. His entrepreneurial career also started around that same time as he began promoting seminars for motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn. You can get the full rundown of what Tony Robbins has to offer directly from his site.

He is the author of Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within and has been a successful speaker since 1997.

Dean Graziosi

Clickfunnels Dean Graziosi

Like his co-host, Dean also had a rather difficult childhood, witnessing over 20 relocations of his family before he was 19.

Dean has been part of over 14 successful businesses. Some, he started from the ground up. In others, he played a major role in their growth and success.

He is now a multiple-time New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and educator as he teaches his knowledge of starting and scaling businesses.

What's in Project NEXT Thrive Edition?

Project Next Package

There's a truckload of offers in the Project NEXT Thrive Edition, and all the offers have been condensed into 6 sections:

Project next 5 milestones to success diagram

Immersion will take you through a 6-step journey to launch and scale your digital product. The lessons here will focus on changing your mindset and providing you with tools and strategies to confidently sell your products.

Repetition is an 8-week-long live master class series in which Dean and selected guests will hold your hand to overcome hurdles and render help when needed.

project next world summit

For Mastery, you get a VIP ticket to the 3-Day Mastermind World Summit, where Tony, Dean, and other guest speakers will teach you how to overcome imposter syndrome and ignite your next level.

Then comes the Implementation which gives you 3 months of access to the brand-new Mastermind platform. The platform provides you with all the tools you will need to launch a course, workshop, or coaching program online.

When you register for Project NEXT Thrive Edition, you will gain access to a private Community of experts, business owners, and fresh bloods who will be your support system till you succeed. There will also be live weekly training and collaboration in the community.

project next mastermind inclusions

For the Bonus, you will get unlimited access to Dean's entire library of marketing, mindset, and momentum coaching that you can always revisit to refresh your knowledge, get new ideas, or seek motivation.


How Much Does Project NEXT Cost?

Project NEXT Thrive Edition is offered in two packages: one-time payment and installment payments.

For one-time pay, Project NEXT costs $997 and comes with a secret interview with Tony and Dean. But for installments, you can pay $199 six times to make a total of $1,194. However, you will forfeit the secret interview that comes with a one-time full payment.

Is Project NEXT Thrive Edition Right for You?

While the program is mainly for those just starting their online businesses, it is also suitable for existing online business owners who feel they haven’t reached their potential.

The hosts are confident in what they have to offer and Project NEXT Thrive Edition may help make your path clearer and your journey faster. So confident in fact they offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

project next guarantee

But, even so, to be successful every participant will need to dig deep and do the work. If you are willing and ready to commit to your goals and get your product out into the world, then you would be hard-pushed to find two more qualified mentors to help you get there.

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