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Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script Review 2024

by Matthew Carter | Last Updated: January 11, 2024
Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script Review 2024

What is The Perfect Webinar Script? This is a Russell Brunson course that teaches you how to build out a perfect webinar to help you sell your products and services.

You can use the Perfect Webinar secrets for every presentation you do, whether that be a webinar, a video sales letter, or any other type of sales pitch. The blueprint follows a set structure that, if followed correctly, will help you make more conversions.

In this review I’m going to cover the following topics:

The Perfect Webinar Script course content
Who can use the Perfect Webinar Secrets
Whether I think the Perfect Webinar works!
What I liked and didn’t like about the course
What other people say
And more…….

So, let’s dive right in!

What is the Perfect Webinar Template?

clickfunnels webinar template

The course teaches you a Perfect Webinar template. This is the structure that you can use to sell. There are five major parts to the Perfect Webinar:

The Introduction / Building Rapport
The One Thing
The Three Secrets, and
The Stack (This is the secret sauce to working up to the close, so you get more conversions)
The Close

If you go through the course, you’ll recognize the techniques to be aligned with ClickFunnels funnel-building principles.


1. The Introduction and Building Rapport

The Introduction teaches you about building rapport and being persuasive.

You do this by creating enthusiasm and getting your audience pumped.  You also need to find ways for your audience to feel confident in you and that they are going to get something useful out of the webinar.

webinar introduction script

The introduction also has to include ways of persuading people (as taught by Blair Warren in his book The One Sentence Persuasion). There are 5 types of persuasion techniques:

  • encourage dreams,
  • justify failures,
  • allay fears,
  • throw rocks at their enemies,
  • and confirm suspicions.

The course explains how to do this and how to position yourself (and your funnel) in a way to engage your customers from the start of your webinar AND to keep them hooked through to the end!

Watch this video where Russell Brunson talks about the script.

2. The ONE Thing…

“The ONE thing” is a concept to help you structure your webinar content.

Here is where you need to think about what you’re selling and what is the one thing that you can distil everything down to?

the one thing script for webinar

As an example, The ONE Thing might be:

  • I’ll show you how to drop a dress size in 30 days.

Then you need to consider why people might not believe in your ONE Thing. These are false belief patterns that are referred to as the 3 Secrets:

Secret 1: To lose weight I need to count calories and eat salad.

Secret 2: To lose weight I need to stop eating carbs.

Secret 3: To lose weight I need to do a ton of cardio.

The main content of your presentation dives into each false belief in more detail. The idea is that you have slides, videos, imagery, and real facts and stories to help you smash those beliefs.

Russell Brunson does an excellent job of expanding on this and how to work through this concept.

He also shares his secrets on how to transition from The ONE Thing into asking your customers for money. 

A slick transition into The Stack is an important step that will make or break your conversions. The transition taught in the course is to Ask a Question.

russell brunson the perfect webinar transition secret

This little psychological trick makes the customer feel like they’ve given you permission to sell to them. The Perfect Webinar Secrets course shares how to do this in a way that seems natural and works like a charm.


3. The Stack

The Stack is the part of the Perfect Webinar where you start selling your product or service. Russell Brunson speaks about how he considers The Stack as the most important part of the presentation.

The Stack increases the perceived value of what you’re selling so the price can be framed in a way that is a good deal.

The idea of the Perfect Webinar Stack is to layer everything, so the customer gets to see the value of the offer for themselves.

clickfunnels webinars stack example

The key steps to the stack within the Perfect Webinar are:

Show them one thing that’s included in the offer.
Talk about this thing and why it’s so awesome and why it’s important.
Loop back to bullet point number 1 and then add the next thing included in the offer.
Once you’ve broken it all down, you’ll end up with a slide that shows your audience everything in the total offer and a total price.
The next step is to reinforce why everything is worth the total price.
Now you show them the offer. “Instead of paying $11,252 for everything, I’m offering this to you for a crazy discount of $997”.

During the course, the lesson goes into in-depth detail about how to build the stack and how to loop around in a way that keeps your audience with you as you build the stack.

The stacking steps then help you naturally work up to The Close!

4. The Close

There are 16+ different closes that the course teaches. One closing strategy I quite liked looks like this:

  1. Put together a slide that includes:
    1. Recap of the offer
    2. Link (URL) to show customers how they can sign up.
    3. How they can get support
    4. 30-minute Count Down Clock!
  2. For 30 minutes go through all the possible Q&As that anyone could have lingering in their mind.
  3. Keep the energy high. Keep the momentum going. During the 30 minutes, you will start to get conversions and your enthusiasm will encourage more customers to make a buying decision.
webinar scripts close

The Close is what you’ve been working up to during your entire presentation, and the strategies being taught are genuine techniques to get the best conversions.

Using the Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar slides as a template, you can replicate a winning high-converting close.

If you want to run a webinar specifically to increase subscribers to your paid membership program, then read our blog post to discover more of Russell Brunson's webinar secrets.

Does it Actually Work?

Russell Brunson is living proof that The Perfect Webinar works. In this course and associated materials, he is basically sharing the blueprint for his own rags-to-riches story.

Get Your Perfect Webinar Script Template

Can it work for anyone? In my opinion, the simple answer is probably. BUT I think it depends on a few things and you should check in with yourself and answer these questions:

Is what you’re trying to sell useful or desirable?

If not, then The Perfect Webinar script template isn’t going to be the magic bullet that you’re after. You might need to go back to the drawing board.

Are you willing to put yourself out there and sell sell sell!

The Perfect webinar script is a tried and tested methodology. But it only works it you have the confidence and enthusiasm to put yourself in front of your customers. Russell Brunson didn’t get so rich by hiding in the shadows. He’s the face of his brand!

How much effort and time are you willing to put in to master the techniques?

The Perfect webinar template isn’t a quick fix. Even with a Russell Brunson perfect webinar script you’ll still need to practice and find a style that works for you and resonates with your customers.

Do you have a lead magnet funnel or a way to get leads to join your webinar?

Selling anything is a numbers game. Not everyone is going to say yes. To get enough registrants/attendees, you absolutely need a lead magnet funnel. See below for how you can do this.

I can’t say for sure that the Perfect Webinar Script will work for you. But I can say with confidence that you’ll have the chance to learn some great sales strategies that will benefit you or your business in some way.

Another thing I’ll add is that there are so many success stories from people who used the Perfect Webinar Secrets that it’s hard to ignore.


What is a Lead Magnet Funnel for Webinars?

The lead magnet funnel is what attracts people to your webinar, and you cannot run a successful webinar without enough attendees! Do your numbers and work off a 5-10% conversion. Even Russell Brunson claims to only convert 15% of his webinar attendees.

One of the best lead magnet funnel builders available is ClickFunnels. The Your First Funnel Course is currently free and comes with a ClickFunnels 2.0 30-Day free trial! The Your First Funnel 5-Day course and free ClickFunnels software are the ultimate launchpad for building a lead magnet and ClickFunnels webinar funnel.

clickfunnels  30 days free

If you don’t already have a live webinar software, then you can also use ClickFunnels to setup your webinars by:

  1. Collecting and managing webinar registrations.
  2. Tracking registrations.
  3. Sending out confirmations, webinar links and login details

You can also integrate ClickFunnels with live webinar software like WebinarJam.

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

The thing I like most about this course is Russell Bruson’s teaching methods and his authenticity. In this Perfect Webinar review, I rate the course experience as overall very positive because:

The Perfect webinar script and templates come from a place of experience. These are tried and tested methods!
The content is useful and is practical based.
There are some great examples to make the information relevant.
The concepts might take time to master but are not hard to understand.
There are useful materials and tools that are shared to help accelerate the application process.
There are many priceless tips that are shared throughout the course. Even down to useful PowerPoint user tips.
What I really don’t like is the relentless after purchase upselling. Once you sign up be prepared to receive regular automated emails trying to convince you to buy other ClickFunnels or related products! It’s easy enough to unsubscribe, but it’s still annoying.

How to Get the Perfect Webinar Free

I’ve only scratched the surface in this article. Though the concepts are simple, there is so much to learn and master. 

Want a copy of The Perfect webinar script and training? Occasionally you can get the Perfect Webinar free.  However, the current (limited time) deal costs just $7 but also includes:

Instant Access to The Perfect Webinar Script
Full Access to The Perfect Webinar Training - This training goes in-depth on how to apply the script for any presentation you give. It’s the ultimate training to help you master The Perfect Webinar Secrets
Instant Access to The Funnel Frameworks Training
Access To Russell Brunsons #1 Closing Technique Called "The Stack”
The Webinar Funnel (Training AND 'Share Funnels')

What are the Upsells?

If you purchase The Perfect Webinar Secrets for $7, then you’ll usually see a couple of upsells. 

Perfect Webinar Slides

The first upsell you’ll see is the Perfect Webinar Slides. These come in PowerPoint and Keynote formats.

These slides walk you through the Perfect Webinar step-by-step. You can also customize the template Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar slides for your own products or services.

The Perfect Webinar Slides upgrade costs $47.

What other People are Saying about It?

I’ve given the Perfect Webinar a good wrap. But, out of interest, I’ve looked up some other user reviews:


Super! I have digested it spending nearly 5-6 Hrs framing my "One Thing" 03 Secrets, Stacks, Closes with 16 pointers. A very high value video. Thank you so much.


This video just saved me 1 month of filling in an outline for a boring webinar and taught me how to sell the product without selling the product!


Russell, you did a great job it’s worth thousands of dollars. so much of value you have given. God bless.

Get Your Perfect Webinar Script Template

Wrap Up

The Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar template and script is the blueprint with proven success.

If you want to attract more buyers, make more sales, and increase your success, no matter what industry you’re in, the Perfect Webinar offers excellent training that is tried and tested to get more webinar sales conversions. 

In this blog post I’ve shared my Perfect Webinar Secrets review, including a summary of the main content. And to recap, my honest opinion is YES…. With this limited time offer, priced at only $7, The Perfect Webinar is worth it!

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