Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script Review [2021]

by Jeremy Harrison | Last Updated: April 21, 2021

What Is The Perfect Webinar? Perhaps you’ve heard people talk about the Perfect Webinar, but you wonder what exactly it is and how you can use it in your business. 

Russell Brunson created it and explains it in detail in his book Expert Secrets as well as in an in-depth training he teaches about it. 

It is the blueprint for any presentation you make, a set structure that, if followed correctly, will get you the most conversions.

You can use the Perfect Webinar for every presentation you do, whether that be a webinar, a video sales letter, an email sequence, or any other type of presentation.

The Perfect Webinar has one goal: to get your audience to believe one thing and that’s the key to your presentation being successful.

What is the Perfect Webinar Template?

perfect webinar script and review

There are four major parts of the Perfect Webinar:

  1. The Introduction/ Building Rapport
  2. The One Thing
  3. The Three Secrets, and
  4. The Stack

The Introduction and Building Rapport

First, the introduction and building rapport is the core foundation of persuasion. You do this by welcoming them and then using one or more of the five main ways to persuade your audience. 

The ways of persuading people as taught by Blair Warren in his book The One Sentence Persuasion are to encourage dreams, justify failures, allay fears, throw rocks at their enemies, and confirm suspicions. 

From the minute you start talking, you should be using persuasion.

The One Thing…

Second, the one thing is where you provide curiosity to get your audience to stay with you and want more; to get people excited about the one thing: and to tell your origin story using the epiphany bridge in a way to help them experience the same epiphany you did.

There are several steps to the Perfect Webinar that the one thing covers.

  1. Title Slide 
  2. Intro/ Rapport 
  3. The Ruler: Goal #1 – The New Opportunity
  4. The Ruler: Goal #2 – The Big Domino
  5. Qualify Yourself
  6. Epiphany Bridge Story #1
  7. Liken Your Story to Them
  8. Case Study/ Proof 
  9. Transition to the 3 Secrets

The Three Secrets

This is where you break and rebuild the belief patterns of your audience through the content you share. You do this through epiphany bridge stories.

What are the false beliefs they have about the 3 secrets?

  1. The Vehicle or new opportunity
  2. Their internal belief about their ability to use the vehicle
  3. Their external belief that is the #1 belief keeping them from starting 

There are various steps to use in your Perfect Webinar to present the three secrets.

  1. State the Secret
  2. Share Your Epiphany Bridge
  3. Show Other People’s Results
  4. Break the Related Beliefs
  5. Restate the New Belief as an Undeniable Truth
  6. Rinse and Repeat for Secrets #2 and #3
  7. The Transition to Selling
  8. The Question

The Stack

Lastly, the stack is one of the most powerful parts of the Perfect Webinar.

This is where you lay everything they’re going to get on the table. The stack increases the perceived value of what you’re selling so the price is more acceptable.

There are many steps to the stack within the Perfect Webinar.

  1. What You’re Going to Get
  2. Quick High-Level Recap of Deliverables
  3. Show 3 Case Studies
  4. Who This Works For
  5. Destroy the #1 Reason People Don’t Get Started
  6. Stack Slide #1
  7. Introduce Element #2: The Tools
  8. You’ll Be Able to…/ You’ll Be Able to Get Rid of…
  9. The Problem This Tool Solved for You 
  10. How Much Time/ Money This Tool Will Save Them
  11. Break Related Beliefs About the Tools
  12. Stack Slide #2
  13.  Introduce Tangible By-Product #1
  14. Pain and Cost
  15. Ease and Speed for Them
  16. Break Related Beliefs
  17. Stack Slide #3
  18. Introduce Your Other Two Tangible By-Products
  19. Stack Slide #5
  20. If/ All Statements
  21. I Had Two Choices
  22. What Would the End Result Be Worth? 
  23. Price Drop
  24. Price Reveal
  25. Price Justification
  26. You’ve Got Two Choices
  27. Guarantee
  28. The Real Question
  29. Stack Slide
  30. Urgency/ Scarcity Bonus
  31. Closing Call to Action/ Q&A Slide

Does it Actually Work?

Yes! But Just like anything else, the Perfect Webinar takes practice. You’re not going to do it perfectly on the first try, or the second, and maybe not even on the fiftieth try. 

But the more you do it, the better you’ll get. That’s why it’s recommended you do not automate your webinars and other presentations at first. 

There are so many success stories and people who have tried it and it’s helped their business grow.

Once you master the Perfect Webinar, it will work wonders for your business. Even before you master it you’ll see the tides turning. 

The massive results from it will come after you consistently use it and master it.

How to Get the Perfect Webinar Free?

I’ve only scratched the surface in this article. Though it’s simple, there is so much more to it, with many moving parts. 

That’s why getting a copy of the script is so helpful, you can also get it for free here:

Get your FREE copy of the Perfect Webinar Script

What are the Upsells?

When you order the free script, there are two upsells you’ll see. 

Perfect Webinar Slides

The first upsell you’ll see is the Perfect Webinar Slides. These slides cost $47 and walk you through the Perfect Webinar step-by-step. You can customize these slides for your own webinar for your product or service.

Perfect Webinar Secrets Training

The second upsell is the Perfect Webinar Secrets Training. This training costs $297 and goes in-depth on how to apply the script in your business for any presentation you give. It’s the ultimate training on it.

What other People are Saying about It

There have been countless entrepreneurs apply the Perfect Webinar in their presentations since Russell Brunson introduced it to the marketing world. But what are these entrepreneurs saying about it? 

Tucker F. in the ClickFunnels Avengers Facebook group said, “Same day we had a perfect webinar launch was the same day to hit $10,000!”

Another person said, “9k on a webinar today – it’s like playing a video game with the cheat codes”.

Natasha, as quoted on the sales page, was one person who applied it and said, “I literally just learned this perfect webinar thing 2 freaking weeks ago. Already made $11k in sales from it”. 

Sebastian G. learned this golden nugget: “If you sell Clickfunnels by telling people how many features it has and how revolutionary it is, they will think it’s just another software or expense. I learned this from Russell’s Perfect Webinar teachings and also from Expert Secrets itself.

When people understand that sales funnels are the solution they were looking for, then you just position Clickfunnels as the vehicle or tool to build them. 80% of your focus should be on pre-educating people and 20% of your focus should be on positioning Clickfunnels as the vehicle.”

Many more speak very highly of it as well. Why? Because it works.

When you use the Perfect Webinar as outlined by Russell Brunson, it brings massive results.


If you want to attract more buyers, make more sales, and increase your success, no matter what industry you’re in, the Perfect Webinar is key. 

The Perfect Webinar will walk you through exactly what to say and when in any presentation you give. By following the template, you’ll massively increase your conversions.

Learn more about Perfect Webinar here
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