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How to Create a Kartra Website: A Quick Start Guide

by Matthew Carter | Last Updated: October 30, 2023
How to Create a Kartra Website: A Quick Start Guide


Can you build a website in Kartra? Yes, you can!

With the easy-to-use Kartra website builder and a wide range of pre-made Kartra website templates, you can create a professional and customized website in no time.

Whether you're a freelancer, or coach, trainer or therapist, this tutorial will walk you through the process of how to create a website with Kartra. If you need a more general help with your Kartra setup then take a look at our Kartra Beginners Tutorial.

Follow this quick start guide in the order it’s written to make your personal branded website come alive as quickly as possible.

1. Select a Template and Make Minimal Changes

Once selected, the idea is that the hard work has been done for you and you need to only make minimal changes to the layout and design.

Pro Tip: Plan your home page in advance. Look at other competitor pages and take a note of the elements that you like. Select a Kartra website template that best matches your needs. You can then customize and recreate elements on your own page.
Find out more about Kartra

2. Edit Text and Images

To start with play around to see how the editor works and what you can do.

You can personalize the Kartra website template by editing the sections, text, and images. It’s easy to do. Just click on the elements and make changes using the front-end visual page editor. No need to learn any coding or access the HTML or CSS files!

When you hover over any element there are buttons that appear, giving you options to edit the various components of that element.

  • Drag and drop elements onto the page to customize for your needs.
  • Delete elements to avoid clutter.
  • Add and clone elements for quicker results.
  • Resize elements.
  • Change pictures and icons to fit your brand.
  • Add buttons (linking to other content) for easier navigation.
Pro Tip: Ensure that the language, font, colors, and visual design of your website remain consistent throughout. This will start to reinforce your brand identity with your customers.

3. Customize Your Navigation Bar

Your website's navigation bar links are crucial for easy navigation and user experience.

hustlelife important symbol
Logo (linking to Home Page)
hustlelife important symbol
About Me
hustlelife important symbol
hustlelife important symbol
hustlelife important symbol
Pro Tip: You will need to create the respective pages as you create the navigation links. You can create the pages using Kartra page templates to speed up the process. You can focus on your home page build and then go back and customize the page templates later.

4. Start Building Your Home Page

Using the page editor feature. Start modifying the Home Page.

Introduce Yourself

Creating a strong branded image through your website is essential for attracting clients, increasing visibility, and building credibility.

Introduce yourself in a compelling way, highlight your skills and experience, and showcase your previous work.

Here is an example Kartra website with strong personal branding:

kartra website example about page

Your personal branding website should clearly communicate the benefits of your services or products.

Identify the unique value you bring to the table and highlight it throughout your website. Use persuasive language and visuals to demonstrate how your offerings can solve your audience's problems or fulfill their needs.

Choose Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the face of your personal branding website. Select a professional and friendly photo that reflects your personality and aligns with your brand.

Make sure the image is clear and recognizable. A great profile picture helps establish rapport and build trust with your website visitors.

Remember visuals play a significant role in capturing the attention of your audience.

Here is an example Kartra website example with a profile picture that captures all the key elements.

kartra example profile page showing key elements

Add a Call-to-Action Button

Your website needs to have a purpose! You need to drive your visitors to take an action:

Book an appointment or consult.
Give you a call.
Buy a product.
Sign up for a trial.
Subscribe to your mailing list.
Join your Kartra membership site

See this example Kartra site using a CTA button asking customers to sign up to their membership site. It’s positioned centrally and clearly explains what action needs to be taken.

example of kartra website CTA

To encourage conversions, include a prominent call-to-action (CTA) button (or buttons) on your website. This button can direct visitors to contact you, book a consultation, or make a purchase.

Place it strategically, such as at the end of your service or product description, to maximize its visibility and effectiveness.

Showcase Your Skills and Work

It’s also important to have sections that demonstrate your expertise and build credibility.

You can include a section on your services and what you do. This should be very top level because you want to keep your home page free from clutter. Instead, you can briefly introduce your services and link through to other pages on your site containing more detail.

Here is another Kartra website example showcasing what this site has to offer. It’s clear from the images what services or products are being offered.

kartra website example of a clear offering

Also include sections like 'Portfolio,' 'Testimonials,' 'Case Studies,' or 'Success Stories' to demonstrate your expertise and build credibility.

Provide compelling examples that showcase the results you've achieved for your clients or customers.

5. Create Category and Product Pages

Using the same principles as I’ve discussed for the Home Page, you can start adding additional pages and content.

basic website structure diagram

What is your product or service? Is it a course? Then add details of the course. Think about what a buyer needs to know:

hustlelife think about it symbol

The length of the course,

hustlelife think about it symbol

What will they learn,

hustlelife think about it symbol

What topic areas are covered,

hustlelife think about it symbol

What is the goal and how will this be achieved,

hustlelife think about it symbol

In what format is the course delivered,

hustlelife think about it symbol

How much does it cost,

hustlelife think about it symbol

How can they pay.

Build out the rest of your site with this content.

It’s important not to just dump pages in a random way. Organize your products and pages into categories. If you organize your website in a way that makes sense, then users can navigate through your site with ease.

6. Create Plain Legal Pages

You also need to ensure your personal branding website is compliant with legal requirements by creating plain legal pages like privacy policy and terms of service.

Like with the Kartra website templates, you can also use Kartra page templates, making it easy for you to generate the necessary legal content.

Normally links to these pages sit on your website footer so that users can access this content easily. Ensuring accessibility and transparency.

kartra pages templates

7. Check, Save and Publish Your Progress

Save your work regularly and use the preview feature to view how the page looks on various devices. This helps you to tweak and make changes as you go to create a site optimized for mobile and desktop.

Once you've customized your personal branding website to perfection, you can publish your site!


Building a personal branding website with Kartra is a seamless process that empowers you to showcase your expertise, offerings, and personality.

In this quick start guide I’ve shown you how to create a website with Kartra in just 7 steps. Get started with Kartra today and take your personal brand to new heights!

Find out more about Kartra

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Matt Carter

Matthew Carter is our Hustle Life funnel building go-to-guy. His expertise across Kartra, ClickFunnels, and Leadpages has proven to be an invaluable resource!


Can I build an eCommerce website in Kartra

Kartra is useful for all kinds of online businesses including eCommerce, course creators, and for anyone promoting or selling their expertise (therapists, trainers, influencers, coaches, etc).

You can add physical and digital products and create Kartra membership sites. There’s a built-in shopping cart and checkout. And you can integrate payment gateways.

If you’re planning on drop shipping then a better option might be  Salehoo and Shopify.

Is Kartra worth it?

When you purchase Kartra you buy an all-in-one system. For a new starter, the Kartra pricing is steep, but it includes pretty much everything you need to run and manage your online business.

For example, if you need tools like a website builder (and host), CRM with email marketing, membership sites, webinar funnels, analytics, and dynamic checkout, then Kartra Growth Plan includes all these things and is cheaper (and easier) than bolting together several solutions. So, in the long run, using Kartra as your only solution will save you money.

How to change Kartra logo on the website

It’s important to brand your website and make it personal to your business. You can add your logo in the Kartra dashboard under ‘Your Profile Data’. This is also the same place you can add the URL for your website and social media pages.

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