Is Unbounce the sales funnel software you have been waiting for, or a complete disaster?  They have made lots of improvements, but is it enough?

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Unbounce great about helping small businesses and agency owners seeking to make sure our page is known on all search engines and looks great no matter how our clientele views it. It’s fast to learn and you can master it in about an hour.


It increases conversions.


 It's competitively priced.

Ease Of Use

You don’t need to know code.  


Plenty of support. 

Unbounce Pros

  • Plenty of great support  
  • Easy to use    
  • Integrates with all our apps  

Unbounce Cons

  • No Facebook ad tracking with AMP  
  • Templates do not look as clean as some competitors
  • Page analytics could be a little more detailed

Unbounce - Is it the best landing page builder? Let's find out...

My name is Jeremy Harrison and I am glad to be sharing this Unbounce Review with you today.

I did not know about this product until a couple of weeks ago, but I wish I had known about it sooner!

At least I know about it now it is just the kind of product we like to feature at HustleLife.

I struggled hard in my first few years doing affiliate marketing, talking to so-called “gurus” who were just money grabbers.

While I don’t think this is a magic cure for any of that, this can help newcomers greatly.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce Logo

Unbounce bills itself as a way to design sharp landing pages that will increase your conversions. The program itself is very easy to use.

This is for agencies, SaaS, and e-commerce. If you don’t fall into those categories, Unbounce is probably not the strongest choice for you.

This is a program that is young-it has only been around for ten years as of this writing-but shows great promise when it comes to e-commerce in how it has evolved since its inception.

You can now try out all the latest trends in business-oriented websites, such as designs, messaging options, and even forms you make yourself that shows what makes more conversions happen for you.

Compared to the market leader, Instapage, this measures up. It comes in at a great price and has all the same features as Instapage.

Everything is drag and drop just like Instapage, features over a hundred ready-made templates like Instapage, and you can integrate with other tools for analytics and emails like WordPress and Mailchimp.

Unbounce Review: Features & Benefits

features and benefits

Now comes the most exciting part of this particular article, where I get to show off the features of this product.

Unbounce Tutorials

Unbounce has mountains of helpful information for people involved in all aspects of online marketing. This info is great stuff, especially for beginners.

For instance, take a look at their PPC Solutions page and you are treated already to a strategy to help turn things around for your site.

One error I think we have all made is sending paid traffic to a site with content that simply doesn’t match what your ads indicated.

Tons of irrelevant links and no clear path to conversion later, and you have a visitor who has left yet again.

But sending paid traffic to a landing page in which content matches the ads to a tee, coupled with minimal distractions leads you to many conversions and better Google scores, plus a lesser CPC.

Says Josh G.

Unbounce User

Unbounce Features

Unbounce offers plenty of great features to look forward to which you'll find below. I've also included some videos so you can get a better understanding of how it works.

Page analytics

Google analytics, and other programs like Pardot, go well with Unbounce.

You can also add and manage another tracking via Facebook Pixels, for instance. You will have a breeze of time making use of them when you go with Unbounce.

Integration is pretty easy and you will be able to see what your site needs more of to grow and succeed, and it works with just about any CRM or market automation tool out there to get you the data you need to make conversions consistent.

Over 100 landing page templates

We all know that having a relevant landing page is critical when it comes to landing your leads, making those sales and generating sign-ups.

Give the people what they want and tailor your landing page to suit your traffic’s needs.

After all, you can’t afford to delay a campaign-literally!

Software devs charge a bundle to do what they do, and while we love our friendly local software developer, it’s sometimes much easier to do it yourself and that is true with Unbounce. It just takes a few hours to make the landing pages you desire.

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping what you want, where you want it. And I don’t know much about writing code, but that’s okay with Unbounce-even if you know NO code, you can still make a cool and slick landing page with ease.

You can add custom coding

If you need to add in custom scripts to make your business stand out, it is very easy to do so. Just click the button in the bottom left side of the editor called Javascripts.

From there you get a dialogue box where you can paste the custom code.

You can choose where you would like to place the custom Javascript. CSS is also easily included. In the bottom left side of the editor, click on StyleSheets and put it in there.

Any CSS that you would do on a normal web page can be done right there in Unbounce.

You can integrate with MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, and more

There are over 60 apps you can instantly hook up with when using Unbounce.

The direct integrating with Zapier means there are 900 more you can link to without even leaving the platform to do it.

You can also connect with Google Analytics or embed tracker pixels as well as your scripts using Script Manager.

A/B Testing

There is unlimited A/B testing available on every platform, and this is a huge feature that will draw many of you in and get you interested.

This is sometimes called split testing and helps you make many versions of the same page and test them out against one another to see which one works the best.

The traffic is divided up among each version and you use the Unbounce dashboard as a means of tracking the progress of these pages.

This works very, very well and the process is very simple.

Much like the building of landing pages, no technical expertise is needed and my whole team could create variations and run tests on pages with no need to contact a dev to get some input.  

Much like other landing page programs, you can’t apply this to landing pages you have made outside of Unbounce.

Unbounce Support

Unbounce has great support, especially compared to its rivals.

You can take advantage of their great community where people like you are running their businesses and sharing ideas, or you can check out their phone, live chat, and email responses every weekday from 1 am to 8 pm PST.

On weekends, emails may be sent from 9 am to 9 pm.

Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce's Pricing Plan is broken down into three tiers when you shop with Unbounce. The pricing is billed on an annual basis, but the site breaks it down into a monthly cost.

The Enterprise package is $399 a month and is custom-built for your business. You will be paired with a Dedicated Launch Specialist as well as a Customer Success Manager to ensure your ROI is on point.

You get access to over 375 landing pages and over 40 sticky bars when choosing this plan.

The Premium plan is $159 per month, and you get 150 landing pages and 16 popups and sticky bars. There are also client sub-accounts and AMP landing pages to look forward to, not to mention premium integrations.

Lastly, the Enterprise program is $79 per month and is just what every newcomer need.

It’s got all a person needs to get started and is great when resources are slim as the program is very easy to learn. You can build, test and get everything optimized so conversions will always be high.

This program gives you 75 landing pages and 8 popups and sticky bars.

What Other People Think

Whenever we read about these products on the Internet, it always becomes a bit of an exercise in scepticism.

Does this product work?” we inquire. I have scoured the Internet and it was not hard to find reviews of Unbounce that painted it in a positive light.

Check out what other people have to say.

Hristian had nothing but great things to say:


Now see what Yoav had to say:

Yoav Testimonial

Indeed, people are generally pretty happy when they use Unbounce:

It’s easy to use lots of features to your landing page awesome. The A/B testing functionality helps is testing out different variations of the landing pages.

Subash B

Unbounce User

It is easy to use. You can set up your pages effortless and without coding knowledge.

Elisa P

Unbounce User

Things to Consider Before Buying A Sales Page Builder

What Can This Do for Me? 

You can solve a lot of problems when you pick up a sales page builder as good as this one. What exactly do you solve with it, anyway?

For starters, you buy this because you are trying to increase your presence in the online marketing world. It solves the conundrum of having an inappropriate or incomplete online storefront.

This is a product that you pick up because you are relatively new to page-building, and because your business cannot constantly call a web developer for your website needs.

This is ideal for people who demand a high level of customization and cleanliness in their site without compromising on quality.

This is for any agency, no matter your line of business: SEO, affiliate marketing, even small business ventures like photography studios, party planners and everybody in between can find something useful and exciting about Unbounce.

I think the most exciting part of the entire program, and the reason that most people would seek to buy a product like this is how it so easily integrates with other apps.

MailChimp is popular the world around, and I was pleased to see it integrate so seamlessly with this platform. Of course, that’s just one example out of hundreds.

Who is Unbounce for? 

If you run a business, you should take a good hard look at Unbounce. It is an easy way to make your landing pages stand out and you don’t need to know ANY code.

You can make use of the hundred-plus ready-made templates that are just made for conversion increases.

These templates are famous for having a huge number of integrations with another widely used tool such as SalesForce, LiveChat and Constant Contact.

This is one of the world’s top five leaders in landing-page creation software. It’s just so easy to make a custom workflow, launch them at the speed of light, and make your business just explode! 

In Sum

Here are the main takeaways about what I think of when I shop for programs like this:

  • Does this program have a pricing tier that is appropriate for me? After all, pricing is really what it comes down to. We can only do what our budgets will allow. Make sure your sales page building software has a proven ability to provide ROI-otherwise you’re just wasting time and money.
  • What level of software knowledge do I have to have before I use it? Will you need to know ten different coding languages and have a degree in software engineering to use this, or can you drag and drop what you need and do a little coding on the side? Make sure the program has an ease of use relative to your skill sets to avoid having to outsource the work or pay a dev full time to make things happen.
  • Can this program integrate with my favourite apps that we use to run our site? -If you run Doppler, MailChimp, Zapier, or want to integrate with WordPress, can you do it? Make sure to verify the builder works with all your favourite apps so that your routine does not have to change when it comes to website management.
  • Can it optimize for mobile viewing? Over half of site views nowadays are on mobile. Make certain that your site can be viewed on a tablet or smartphone!

Unbounce Alternatives

There are several pretty good alternatives out there. We highly encourage you to check them out because they have lots of great features, just like Unbounce.

Instapage vs Unbounce


Let’s start with Instapage. Their page building software is perfect for the same people who might go for Unbounce. 

You can make use of 200 plus templates to make pages that are responsive to mobile users, reflect your brand, and look amazing. No code is needed to integrate your pages into your website-how cool is that.

Small business owners, bloggers, even major online agencies can get good mileage out of Instapage. Just drag and drop your way to what you want.

 It takes two minutes to set up and is so user-friendly. And, you will no doubt see an uptick in your conversion rates.

The ease of use for this particular platform is high. After all, users are very happy with it, and now, let’s make a comparison with Unbounce.

  • This interface is slightly easier to use than Unbounce
  • Analytics is easy to read, and list exports are also easy.
  • Mobile pages are even faster to make in this platform. It takes under one minute to create them.
  • Like Unbounce, it is truly drag and drops, and you can move anything around with such ease.
  • WordPress is also directly integrated just as it is with Unbounce.

Pricing is not as competitive as it is with Unbounce. $99 is the price for the core or basic plan. This has all you need to get up and running in 15 minutes.

You get A/B testing and Heatmaps. Team plans and Agency programs begin at $179 each month.

This is a great program and I encourage you to check this out. Click here to see if this is right for you.

GetResponse vs Unbounce


This is a high-converting and very mobile responsive landing page generator. I think this has a very high ease of use rating. 

The setup is easy, and it is pretty simple to move your content around. It takes only a few clicks to publish to your domain.

The features are a bit lesser than that of Unbounce, but I still think this is a great program especially for the people out there on tight budgets.

 I think small businesses and independent contractors like bloggers, writers, and photographers, etc. would get the biggest benefit out of this. Agencies would also benefit from the right plan.

Some great features include:

  • A/B testing, just like Unbounce
  • Creation of webinars, email marketing, and of course cool landing pages
  • Integration of many great platforms like Facebook and AdWords
  • Analytics is built right in

So, it’s not a terrible program at all and it will serve you well, but I think if you are seeking a great landing page program, I’d go with Unbounce or Instapaper. Landing pages seem to be a secondary offering from this operation.

Pricing is $15 per month for the email plan, $49 for Pro plan, $165 for Max and $1119 a month for the Enterprise program.

I encourage you to see what they can do for you.


This product is going to be a great solution to an under-performing landing page, and you can do it yourself.

This is a fine solution to this issue because

A) it is just so easy to use and you don’t need coding knowledge, and B) It works with all your favourite apps that you are already using.

So, go ahead and give it a look!

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